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All of our heads are spinning, and our fingers are cramping, from posting all of the Twilight/New Moon news!  (Not to mention all of the news surrounding the individual actors and books!) 

This week we would love to know what you think about all of this publicity!?!?!?  What is your favorite news?  What is the news you could do without?  And, do you like spoilers?

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  1. Krystal says:

    Love the pic, Kallie!

  2. Dabney says:

    I have to have that camera. It is ah-mazing lolz

  3. Valenstar says:

    Personally, i love spoilers because i really don’t think i can wait without them. I’d go crazy impatient & i’d forget all about it. We could do without so much interviews, i think these guys have been interviewed by so many people- questions should be running out and if i were them i’d get annoyed and be like “one interview is enough people!” I think the publicity is outrageous and fun. My favorite news is… well, there are a lot of good news impowering ridiculous news, so that’s got to count for something… right?

  4. Katrina says:

    My fav news are the still pics being released – I especially love that Summit released the stills of the Volturi because we only had quick glimpes of them in the trailers – the stills let me have a good look at the details of the characters and their costumes and appearance while still keeping me intrigued about how they are being portrayed by the actors such as their voices and mannerisms etc. which really make the character complete. I also really love the twitters from the actors and David Slade – I really appreciate that they take the time to let us know what they are up to, what scenes they are filming etc as it makes me feel a little involved in whats happening since so much of eclispse filming is top secret – and I LOVE the pictures of Tyler that David tweeted – my word he sure looks like a man now!!
    What could I live without?? Nothing – I do sometimes wonder if they are overhyping the movie release and it makes me worried that critics etc may be sick of New Moon by the time we finally get to see it but as a fan I love every piece of information I can get my eyes on! I also want to be blown away when I see the movie so I don’t want too many spoilers – I want some surprises and scenes that keep me on the edge of my seat (even though I know the outcome) – but I think Summit has been very strategic about what they have released so far so I still think there is lots to come and I can’t wait for another trailer!

  5. laura h says:

    i love the mvie updates etc as well as the fan news of events and fan encounters cause they are always interesting stories. the updates are also up to date and kept current which is great!

    i don’t mind spoilers but think its a good idea to have a spoiler warning maybe like you sometimes have on the podcasts for those not wanting to be spoiled.

    you all do a fab job!!!!

  6. karo says:

    personally, i did not like the movie or the commotion about it. i love the podcasts where the books are just being discussed and theories made and stuff like that. I loved the books but the somehow i just don’t like the movies.
    however, I’m totally ok with spoilers because I’m going to see or hear of it anyway so what is the difference? 🙂

    love the podcast,

  7. Hilda says:

    I really love all of the movie pics/clips that are being released. I can’t wait until November or June to see the film and seeing just these small glimpses of scenes gets me excited. As far as all of the interviews with the cast, it does seem like it’s getting a little old. I mean how many times can they ask them the same questions over and over again! I never get tired of pictures especially ones of Rob!!! 🙂

  8. hannah says:

    Hi guys

    Love the podcast, it is like my twilight life line each week (nobody will talk about it with me)

    I think the amount of footage that it getting out is good because I don’t like going to the movie and having seen the whole thing chopped up. I do wish though the released more interviews on you tube wich is where watch most things


  9. Kristabelle says:

    Seeing as I have no one in my age group (I’m 31) that shares my obsession I hang onto every single bit of news. You guys are awesome and having you out there makes me feel like less of a looser for love love loving this series

  10. Bea (FanOfTheMonth-March/April/May) says:

    Hey kassie and kallie 🙂
    I’m really glad you asked this question!
    I think some of the twilight saga publicity is good and bad. I think it is good because it keeps the fandom excited and we find out what the cast and crew of the films are doing. But it is also bad because of the actors privacy. I’m sure there isn’t a week which goes by which doesn’t have ‘Rob and Kristen’s Steamy Date’, ‘Dumped!’ or a similar headline! They are constantly being followed by paparazzi or by crazy fan-girls who just go a little bit to far to show their love ;), for instance the story when Rob got chased into the road.
    You have to feel sorry for them because they do have their own private lives! Its good to know some about them but not their whole lives!

    I think my favourite news is the set news :)! Like when they’re all in Vancouver or other places :). And the soundtrack and DVD news! But I really think we could do without the hair news :S! Yes its nice to know what Kristen’s wig looks like or how they style everyones hair but does it really need a headline to itself? It could be put in a week worths of over all news 🙂

    Hmm… spoilers….. This is hard because I’m a MEGA Harry Potter fan and Warner Brothers ruined the Half Blood Prince for me with all their clips…. but I think that Summit has released the right amount 🙂 I don’t think they should publish 2/3 clips a day how WB’s did. I think a few more trailers or clips should be shown but we have to keep some for our imagination so when we see the movie we don’t know what is going to happen next :S!
    And if you’re worried about people who haven’t read the book being spoiled by the trailers then you should stop! If they were such big Twilight fans then they should read the books/ listen to them or look up the plots on wikipedia!

    Love the podcast 🙂

  11. Bea(FanOfTheMonth-March/April/May) says:

    oooops! sorry that its so long :S:S:S:S ^^

  12. Jeanette says:

    I think my favorite news is all the pictures being released. This includes on set and off, like Taylor Lautner’s Teen Vogue cover photoshoot! (Ahh!) I REALLY enjoyed the Volturri pics. And I love spoilers because without them, I think I would go crazy with impatience.
    And, finally, the news I could do without are all of the interviews. I think that you guys did well with them on set and asked different questions than the usually get, but I think in general, everything has been hounded to death. Such as, if I have to listen to one more interviewer ask about Taylor Lautner’s “maybe, supposed” dating with Selena, I’m going to scream. He’s said what he wants to say about it. Leave the poor dude alone!

  13. Jessica says:

    Hi ladies! Love the podcast, it sounds like when me and my sister discuss Twilight 🙂

    I’m definitely excited about the movie (and subsequent ones). On the one hand, I like a little tidbit here and there, and definitely get excited about trailers and such. However, I’ve actually started staying away from most of the major promotional clips. With Twilight (with it’s 21 TV commercials) and HP & the Order of the Phoenix (with all the “sneak peeks”), I felt like I’d already seen the whole movie before it came out, just out of order, and so seeing it was a little less exciting than it could have been. With Half-Blood Prince I stayed away from everything except the 3 or 4 official trailers, and ended up enjoying the movie much more because everything was fresh. So I’m excited to see maybe another trailer or two for New Moon, but hope that Summit doesn’t overdo it. That way everything’s a surprise for the midnight showing–already have plans for girls’ night with drinks, dinner, & show!

  14. IrishCatherine says:

    Hey! Loooooove the podcast, you gals have officially got me addicted to iTunes! Anyways here is my answer to your Question of the Week………….
    News I could do without- I’m absolutely sick and tired (to use an Irish expression!) of seeing all these POINTLESS pictures of the actors just walking around the streets being amazingly ORDINARY! Its like “wow these people actually need to put gas in their cars to make them run JUST LIKE I DO!” I mean, they’re just human beings at the end of the day and to be honest, those photos always seem kinda stalkerish to me. I feel sorry for the actors who must be craving privacy.
    I also can’t stand all of the speculations revolving around the actors relationships with each other. As fans of the Saga, our primary concern should be their performances in the movie, NOT their personal lives. I completely understand why people want to see Rob and Kristen together, but unfortunately Rob ISN’T Edward (even though we wish he was!) and Kristen ISN’T Bella so whatever relationship they have with each other just cannot be compared with Edward & Bella’s epic love. That’s just it.
    I feel like I’m being a bit too negative so I just want to add that I LOVE spoilers because I think that I would spontaneously combust without them!

  15. zoe says:

    personaly i love the spoilers because it makes me all the more exicted about the movie. The publicity i could do without is all the pictures of the actors walking- i do not need to see 50 pictures of every step they take while walking across the set. Half the pictures all look the same anyway until you look more closely and realise that someone has moved forward half a step or turned their head!!!!!!!!!!! But i do like pictures of the movie stills or the photo shoot. My favourite news…i don’t know i like reading all the news but the article that really made me laugh (and worry) was when i heard that rob almost got ran over by a taxi in new york while getting chased by a group of girls. 🙂

  16. Lexine says:

    Krystabelle – I’m 27 and my sister in law and her best friend (33 year olds) are totally into the book as well. You are not alone! 🙂 I PROMISE!

  17. joelle-marie says:

    The whole merchandise news like Twilight Beauty thingy I can live without. They seem so ridiculous!

    But news about Taylor Lautner being in Vogue [or Teen Vogue] & other cast members being the cover of magazines are my type of news. Not only do they talk about Twilight or New Moon, there are other stuff included in the interviews. I love seeing the cast in their “character form” too because HELLLLO excitement arousing more [especally the Volturri pictures & sexytastic Taylor!].

    Spoilers or ANYTHINGG about the Twilight Saga I’m always ready to read about! But honestly, the spoilers are pretty bogus most of the times (:

  18. Jessica says:

    Hey Ladies! First love the podcast! I really enjoy seeing pictures and updates from the sets. I really enjoy all the movie news, but I’m not that big into the actors’ personal lives. For one, who cares because they are just people like the rest of us. Okay, they do make a lot more money than we do, but other than that they are just people. And two, it ruins the persona of the characters for me. I just like to think of Rob Pattinson as Edward. (I’m 100% Team Edward) I think we have seen a ton of interviews, but they are all starting to sound the same. Even though I get sick of reading the same thing over and over again I can’t help myself when something “new” is posted on the sites. I still have to read it to see if there is anything that is really new in the post. 🙂 I love the tweets from the actors and David Slade. This was the only reason I signed-up for Twitter. 🙂 My husband thinks I have a sickness. I do. It’s O.E.D (Obsessive Edward Disorder). LOL! Thanks! -Jessica

  19. Lily says:

    Well I LOVE THEM AND WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friend on the other hand REFUSES to watch ANY clips or trailers because she wants it to be a surprise. if i were her i would KILL myself. I love the all the twilight news! so thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lauren G says:

    I think is a stroke of genius to do the publicity as Summit has done it. Although I enjoyed Twilight the movie, it wasn’t what many people expected. I believe that part of the publicity is to change how many people felt about Twilight the movie. I like that the film pallet is warmer and there is difference in skin color between Bella and the vampires. I like how the teasers are showing how something from the book will be done and entice the readers to rethink how book to movie adaptations can be good quality while being entertaining.

    Over all it is nice to see the changes in directors can bring to the writing of one person.

  21. Isabel says:

    I like most of the publicity, but the random things are really lame. I like seeing pictures of the cast, but little things that could be done without are boring me. I appreciate everything you guys have put up though. Its good to tell my Twinerd friends about it. Just the weird things are pointless.

  22. TwilightGeekSam says:

    im sorry but all this publicity is getting me mad. i think twilight has become too big. not to be miss negitivity but who wants to sit at there computer seeing picture after picture of people taking a step and all the merchindice is sooo un nescisary. i also think thathe fandom has become really watered down before if you met another twilight fan it was somthing special and most of the people that did read it back then where BIG fans now everyother person has read it and that that they have “OCD” but im sure that once the hype goes down they will move on to the next big thing and that dosent make a very good fan in my opinion.another thing thatthe publicity has brought is the “haters”. most of who hate the book because its too big or some one forced it their face. over all i think twilight has become too big and im worried the same thing is going to be the same way sorry to be so negitive

  23. Maria says:

    I love all the news coming up. On new moon and all the other movies coming after. I could def do without the Edward/Bella gossip. Cause that’s what it is. People want the characters together so badly they are putting the actors thru hell for no reason. It can’t be easy and they are not together. And if they are it’s none of us business. Other than that, the pics and make up and interviews and all the goodies coming out of the movies is great. I’m glad they are focusing on other actors. Thanks for having the webpage and podcast. You girls are hilarious and keep people entertained.

  24. Ali says:

    I love spoilers and I think I would go insane if they were none!!! I love seeing new photos so I can interpret what’s going on and see what everybody looks like. I love spoilers but not interviews as much because it’s basically the same questions and the same answers so it’s not nessasary unless they give something away I can do without them 🙂 Ah bviously I love seeing clips and trailers!!!! I lve seeing what scenes and people look like so I know if it’s how I pictured them. I never pictured the volturi like that! Bella, Edward and Jacob are so different from how I pictured them!!! Jasper, Emmett, Alice and carlise are how I pictured them though. Pictures help you see if their who u think they should

  25. bella says:


    they go a bit OTT with the actors, and i rarely believe it…. damn paparazzi!
    but anything to do with the movies/books, I’M IN!

    love the podcast

    lovelove 🙂

  26. Tashia Vachon says:

    Hey girls,
    With the publicy around the Twilight saga i have a love/hate relationship. I love the Movie stills that summit releases and Everything involved in the Saga. But what i hate about the publicity is the paparazi photos. The reason for this is because they always are stalking the cast, I’m sure that they feel very uncomfortable and trapped, and the stories that they always come out with. Seriously do we need to know that Kristen Or Rob were at a resturant on ” this day and this time”. I feel that its getting out of hand and that the media is trying to milk every penny out of us Twilight Obsessed? people.
    On a more positive note Love the podcast keep up the amazing work GO TEAM EDWARD 😛

  27. Carly says:

    I love the publicity!! I sometimes think that it is crazy, but the more the better. I also like to see what is going on with the filming. I just saw one that says that Rob and Kristen are engaged. I think it is crazy, but I am sadly obsessed.

  28. Stephanie says:

    I must say I love the publicity but only to a certain point. I remember when there where rumors of kristen stuart having rob`s baby and I didn`t really like hearing that because why lie about certain things that aren`t true! I hate seeing all the paparazi pics because it`s rude to just post a picture of the cast randomly. I mean if I was photographed or taped where ever I went I would not be happy. I do like seeing all the spoilers that summit releases because I would love to see every second of the movie now(Im sure every one does!), but that isn`t going to happen. I would just love to see the world in a different prospective and see just the spoilers and NOT the paparazi`s point of view!

  29. RochelleMyBelle says:

    I think they are in serious risk of over-exsposure. Spoilers in the form of trailers and some interviews is one thing, but I can live without knowing the intimate details of each actor’s private life. I actually could care less if Rob and Kristen are dating or not and it has no bearing on whether on not the movie is good. As much of a fan as I am of the book series and the movies, there are days when I am simply sick of seeing twilight stuff everywhere. I’m all for promoting the films, but they ought to give the actors a break, and I wouldn’t mind a little less marketing either. The dolls and the standees are creeping me out!

  30. Kelly says:

    You guys rock! Another 30ish mom here. I’m really loving fansite fridays on all the different sites, so I think that’s probably my favorite piece of news, although the timing of them starting Eclipse filming (which was my favorite book) has really gotten things exciting at a very good time for Summit. All the gossip (good or bad) about things on and off set in Vancouver right now really helps to draw more attention and interest into the upcoming movie of New Moon. Even though New Moon was my least favorite book (Team Edward 200%), I think I’m looking forward to this movie more because I believe it has the right director and there is so much happening that is pivotal to the remainder of the series.

    I could definitely do without the weird ‘trailer’/’preview’/’interview’ that was released with Bandslam. I thought it was an interesting decision to do this new look at New Moon as a way to introduce Jacob Black because in the Twilight movie world there wasn’t as much Jacob vs the book. I understand that reasoning. However, I think it still could have been done without the interviews with Taylor Lautner. What bothers me about it is that for the average viewer (not those of us who are megafans following most media the actors are doing), they might link Taylor to what Jacob’s character is like instead of seeing Jacob as related to the movie and the story. Because, let’s face it – Taylor Lautner in interviews and in real life is definitely more ‘Disney’ than werewolf/vampire world.

    As far as spoilers – well, considering I typically start a book by reading the last page first (I know, it’s an illness) I am a sucker for spoilers. However, I think there’s such a thing as just enough and too much. Just enough gets you electric with energy and causes you to make a countdown calendar out of paper chains like you do for your kids for Christmas. 🙂 It still leaves something left to see and enjoy that’s new and surprising. And too much gets you annoyed when you finally see the movie and it’s not like you pictured based on the onslaught of information.

  31. emma says:

    i LOVE spoilers!!! i love pic of SHIRTLESS TAYLOR LAUTNER!!! i could marry me some of him in a heartbeat!!!! LOLZ!!! not kiddin’!!!!!!!!!! also pic of shirtless kellan lutz!!!!! man he’s got some muscle! one thing i hate is that he SMOKES!!!!!! suckish!!!!!!
    taylor’s my home boy!!! i wish he lved at my house!! idk what id do if that were true!!!! but one things 4 shure i would ttly pee in my pants and go through a ton of shorts daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE TAYLOR !!!MARRY ME??????!!!!!!!!!! i culd do without pic of a old shirtless rpatz!!!!!!! not kiddin he is so NOT hot at allllllllllllll he is something i culsd do without!!!!!! also i hate pic of him PEROID!!!!!! he is just so not inttresting i mean they airbrushed abs on him b/c he felt outof shape and u kno what he TTLY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thout that Edward was suposed to be hot not BUTT ugly! (yes, offence is implied to rob fans everywhere) edward is my plan Z if notin else works out im mean seriously i would almost rather date my grandpa and hes like 80 yrs old!!!!! NOT KIDDIN!!!!!! but Jacob is my plan A wait but i dont kno if there is another higher numbero i would so ttly rate it as high as the stupid letter thing will go!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER JACOB FANS!!!!!! DONT LET HIM DOW HE SUPER HOT IN A DIRTY HOLEY TSHIRTS AND A BATHINGSUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD GO SWIMMIN WITH HIM ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Rosie says:

    I like the previews and spoilers being released, but at the same time I don’t want to see them. I want to be surprised when the movie comes out. But it’s hard to stay away from them! Especially the Jacob pictures…
    I used to sway more toward Team Edward, but since those pictures of Taylor Lautner were revealed–you know the ones I’m talking about–where he’s all hunky and shirtless….I think I might be turning borderline Team Jacob. I know he’s still a kid…but dang that boy is cute. If I had a movie star crush, it would probably be him and Ryan Reynolds (swoon) lol.

    I really love the posters too. I’m so tempted to buy one, but is it weird for a 20-something year old mom to buy one? I could say it’s for my 16 month old baby girl, but I don’t know if anyone would buy that! 😉

    Absolutely ADORE your podcast.

  33. laCullensCantante says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures of the movie set and i love to know about the actual making of the movie and actors feelings about movie but i hate hearing about actors love life or personal live its not that i don’t care its just that i want people to respect their privacy. and i swear if i get a spoiler on the break up scene or the back together scene someones head is coming off lolz and for that matter if i don’t cry during the break up scene i’m walking out and asking for a refund haha sorry Taylor and your 12-pack!

  34. hope says:

    i love all the news its keeping everyone excited for the long wait untill november 20 but its okay beacuse they keep giving us more to look forwid to but they need to lay of about kristen and robs relation ship there is alot more to talk about like replacing the old victoria, and i want to here more about the wolfpack and volturi now thats exciting!!! love the podacst keep doing what you do ! hugs hugs hope!

  35. hope says:

    i love spoliers casue if you are truw twi hard you know what is coiming up in the series and were just exicted how they protared are ideas love the podcast!!!

  36. Corinne Cullen says:

    Hey Guys!!!
    Well I don’t know about anybody else but I have had an earful of all the publicity about Rob being a player and dating all these girls!!!l! he may be a player and he may get with all these girls but if he smells as bad as they say he does, HOW!!!!! Any way I am just sick of the on set hooks ups that are *apparently* happening, just give more of the movie baby!!!!!!! I don’t mind spiolers but I do as well, its hard to say….
    Anyway you guys all do such awesome things on this website, you rekindle my obsession every time I go on here.
    Thanks guys….

  37. Tori says:

    Okay,so,I am loving all of the publicity for New Moon. And to people that don’t like it, they can suck it !
    I wanted to see it as soon as i walked out of the theater after seeing Twilight. So, they better be giving us all of the news we want, to hold us over till New Moon comes out ! My favorite has been the Meet Jacob video. I think that’s what it’s called.Not sure, but, every time I watch it my heart like stops ! I also love any spoiler possible cuz a girls gotta get her twilight fix.

    well that’s all.Can’t wait till November 20th !!!! 😀

    Love the pod casts ! You guys rock ! 🙂

  38. PhotoMagz says:

    My favorite publicity is all the new posters and interveiws

  39. Britney says:

    Okay. It’s so over publicized. Barbie dolls? I got Twlight news during the Breaking News on the town news channel. I think that it’s not the same. It’s so publicized that someone stole the draft of Midnight Sun. That’s not supposed to happen. I love your show. Kassie, in New Moon, Edward went to me, not you. Go Team Bella!

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