Top 10 Twilight MTV Moments

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MTV has a list of their top 10 moments dealing with Twilight!  Click here to read the entire list.  Which memories are your favorites?  (Aww, Spunk Ransom looks so young here.  Was that only last year?!)

Spunk Ransom Is Born
In one of his first interviews for the “Twilight” franchise, MTV News had nearly an hour alone with the soon-to-be A-lister on the set of the film. Among the many questions we brought him was: “What do you think of your nickname RPattz?” He responded in his usual charming, rambling manner, insisting that he wanted a new nickname: Spunk Ransom. The term has stuck, been officially defined, yielded some very cool “Twilight” merch and is reportedly the easiest way to get a smile out of Rob — er, Spunk — if you should ever meet him.

Name Those Fans
Once upon a time, an epic battle raged between Twilighters and Twi-Hards over which was the proper name for the fanbase. Since we’re peacemakers as well as journalists, we held an epic poll to settle the matter once and for all. Rob, Kristen and the other stars of the series announced the results — and it’s been Twilighters ever since.

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2 Comments to “Top 10 Twilight MTV Moments”

  1. hannah says:

    Spunk Ransom is definitly a keeper.

  2. Renata says:

    I almost died when he said that he was so cute about it. lol.
    I miss Twilight Tuesdays! They were great.

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