Occupation Speculation?

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This week we are doing a show that will revolve around Supporter’s Speculations…

We want to know… What do you think the following character’s job would be if they worked?

Ex. Carlisle ~ Doctor

Esme ~ ?

Edward ~ ?

Bella ~ ?

Alice ~ ?

Jasper ~ ?

Rosalie ~ ?

Emmett ~ ?

Renesmee ~ ?

Jacob ~ ?

Leah ~ ?

Seth ~ ?

Mike ~ ?

Eric ~ ?

Angela ~ ?

Jessica ~ ?

Make sure to leave your Occupation Speculations below in the Comments!

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  1. Ivy Cullen says:

    rosalie is going to be a model or a celebrity,.
    alice will be a model, or a fashion designer.
    carlisle will be a world wide professional doctor.
    Esme will be an architect, or a therapist.
    edward will be a musician.
    jasper will be a person in a band called 100 monkeys.
    bella will be a girl that works at a bookstore.
    and emmett will be a professional sports player/.


  2. Jacki says:

    Sorry, I’m not really answering the QOW xD Just commenting to say that I saw the new poll and totally LOL’d at the job choice for Edward: a disco ball.

    ROFLLOLMAO !! That was an awesome answer choice. Kudos to whoever made that up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Love this – am going to post it at my blog too with link to your site. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Esme. Preacher. Founder of Motherism โ€“ a matriarchal religion based on the tenets of equality and social justice. Champion of female vampire rights and advocate for no-fault vampire divorce.

    Edward. Filmmaker. Latest film: Vampires and Masculinity, or, How To be a New Man when You are a Very Old Vampire.

    Bella. Author. Latest book: Surviving Vampire Culture, or, How I Learned to Balk the Patriarchy. Founder of Vampire Addicts Anonymous.

    Alice โ€“Buyer for Nordstromโ€™s of course, though she would nix the wolf shoes soon to be on offer at Nordstomโ€™s.

    Jasper-Bouncer. Heโ€™s got the right facial expressions for it. And he could lighten the mood when a barroom brawl is about to begin.

    Rosalie. Supermodel who also serves as host for โ€œAmericanโ€™s Next Vampire Model.โ€

    Emmett. Professional Football Player.

    Renesmee. Professor of Vampire Studies.

    Jacob. Owner of โ€œJakeโ€™s Motorcyles for Daring Girls.โ€

    Leah. Reproductive choice counselor. Active in the reproductive justice movement. Member of NARAL and regular speaker for e-campus: Feminists for Choice.

    Seth. Politician. Supports werewolf rights, same-sex marriage, and equal pay.

    Mike. Actor. Starring role in the remake of Fluke.

    Eric. Editorial cartoonist focusing in particular on critiquing Asian stereotypes and US racism.

    Angela. Psychologist. Works with individuals dangerously addicted to love and romance.

    Jessica. Vampire divorce lawyer.

  4. Kristine says:

    best question ever p.s. love the podcast

    Esme- a real estate salesperson

    Edward- a jones brother lol jk hmm…. maybe a lie detector

    Bella- unemployed house wife

    Alice- forchen cookie

    Jasper-historical reenactor

    Rosalie – she would end up on “The Hills”

    Emmett – bouncer

    Renesmee – an astronaut or a ballerina she can’t decide

    Jake- pedifile

    leah – Dr jeckel / mad scientest

    seth- investor

    mike – cowboy

    eric – a graphic novel artiest

    angela – a secretary

    jessica – she’d work at a dmv

  5. Casey says:

    Bella – chef/CEO
    Esme – Social Worker (because she is so comforting and understanding) or Real Estate Saleswoman/Renivator
    Edward – Musician
    Jessica – an office worker (you have to kiss up to you’re boss, no matter what)
    Jacob – Mechanic
    Rosalie – Mechanic
    Emment – Gambeling
    Alice – clothes designer
    Jasper – the guy you hire at family reunions so everyone talks to one another, lol. really idk.
    Seth – Doctor
    Leah – yoga instructor
    Eric – chemist
    Reneesme – Teacher
    Mike – minor league baseball
    Angela – secretary
    Carmen (Denali)- Spanish Teacher
    Benjamin (Egypt) – exterior designer (Can move the elements with mind)
    Amun (Egypt) – military (created benjamin to use as a weapon)
    Alec (Voltri) – Surgen (Can nock people out without drugs)

  6. Tamarra says:

    oh and kallie and kassie since were taalking about jobs what do you guys do for a living
    just curious???//??????????????

  7. Carolina G.B. says:

    Today September 10 is Renesmee’s Birthday. Haha, just wanted to post that.

  8. Susie says:

    Esme ~ would be a teacher, probably 4th grade.

    Edward ~ would be a sexy Professor of literature at a prestigeous college.

    Bella ~ would be Teachers Pet in Edwards class :o) ….AKA a full time student.

    Alice ~ would make a good Highschool Guidance Counseler …and be a clothing designer on the side

    Jasper ~ would be in Law Enforcement on a SWAT team

    Rosalie ~ would be a mechanic, European cars would be her specialty

    Emmett ~ would be a super hot Forest Ranger/Trail Guide

    Renesmee ~ would work with Autistic and other special needs children

    Jacob ~ would also be a mechanic, but would specialize in American cars and motorcycles….perhaps he and Rosalie open a garage together once they get over their pure hatred of eachother.

    Leah ~ would do something where she could boss people around…maybe work in a correctional facility

    Seth ~ would do oil changes and routine maintenance at Jacobs shop

    Mike ~ well lets face it…Mike will take over the family business with the outdoors supply store

    Eric ~ would be a journalist

    Angela ~ would be a full time Mom

    Jessica ~ would work for Mike (HA!)

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  10. sl989121 says:

    Carlisle :. Doctor
    Esme:.Interior Designer seeing as how she loves to decorate and has quite a knack for it
    Edward:. Either a professor of some sort as he loves to read or a musician since he loves music..possible both a professor of music?
    Bella:. Something more simple possibly teaching English or Lit or working in a library as she loves to read too
    Alice:. An event planner…she loves to plan any kind of part or event and she does a great job at it
    Jasper:. Possibly back in the military but I really see him as maybe a therapist or psychologist yet at the same time, maybe something more fun…hmmm…
    Rosalie:. hmm I would only say model because of her looks but personality wise perhaps a mechanic of some sort or working in a company as CEO
    Emmett:. Any kind of professional athlete!
    Renesmee:. ha ha umm no idea
    Jacob:. Mechanic hands down!
    Leah:. I’d see her as a lawyer or owner of her own company where she can be in charge
    Seth:. working in politics he’s a calm, neutral personality
    Mike:. He’s a jock type it seems so either some kind of coaching position or a business man
    Angela:. Working in family services or some kind of advocacy company?
    Jessica:. A cheerleading coach ha ha

  11. Shelby Whitlock says:

    Here’s my thoughts on what they’d all do…

    Rosalie: model
    Esme: elementary school teacher
    Emmett: wrestling coach
    Alice: fashion designer
    Jasper: psychologist
    Renesmee: actress (she’s young and is already good at acting a human…)
    Jacob: mechanic or car sales man
    Leah: cop or security guard (she’s tough!)
    Mike: gym teacher or coach
    Eric: news reporter, weather man
    Angela: guidance cournselor at a school
    Jessica: physical therapist

    Thanks! Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Shelby Whitlock says:

    Sorry! I forgot Seth…

    Seth: scientist

    Add this to the post above!

  13. Holly says:

    Esme ~ Care worker

    Edward ~ Musician

    Bella ~ Librarian

    Alice ~ Vogue, Editor in chief!!!

    Jasper ~ Therapist

    Rosalie ~ Model

    Emmett ~ Wrestler

    Renesmee ~ One of those dream people (Dream Decipherer?)

    Jacob ~ Mechanic

    Leah ~ Agony Aunt/Boxer

    Seth ~ School teacher

    Mike ~ Trend setter

    Eric ~ Journalist

    Angela ~ Photographer

    Jessica ~ Celeb gossip

  14. Sylvie says:

    I think I may be too late for the podcast but I’ll send it in anyway…

    Esme ~ Home decorator

    Edward ~ Musician/pianist

    Bella ~ Writer

    Alice ~ Fashion designer or party planner

    Jasper ~ Therapist obviously. (I’m a therapist and he would come in pretty handy in my office sometimes.)

    Rosalie ~ Lawyer or police officer (I don’t see her taking any crap from anybody!)

    Emmett ~ Bodyguard. (maybe he should be Rob’s… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Renesmee ~ Artist (she has too many pictures in her head it should be easy enough)

    Jacob ~ Mechanic… he already is!

    Leah ~ Opiniated enough to be a lawyer too.

    Seth ~ Family mediator.

    Mike ~ Some kind of sport’s coach.

    Eric ~ Newspaper editor

    Angela ~ Photographer (this is the movie Angela)

    Jessica ~ Gossip columnist

  15. Dabney :P says:

    Carlisle ~ Doctor

    Esme ~ Social Worker, Teacher

    Edward ~ chef, disco ball (great poll guys ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    Bella ~ Stay @ home mom, editor/publisher, something average/normal

    Alice ~ TV Psychic, Party Planner, Makeup Artist

    Jasper ~ Psychatrist, The Police people who talk down gunman in hostage situations.

    Rosalie ~ Abercrombie Model, Actress in a show about unnaturally pretty people, Mechanic

    Emmett ~ My Bodyguard ๐Ÿ˜€ <333

    Renesmee ~ The Police people who talk down gunman in hostage situations.

    Jacob ~ Mechanic, One of the drug dogs that goes through my school for tests (just so he’s near me ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    Eric ~ DJ, Music Producer

    Jessica ~ Professional Bitch, Massie Block Actress (in The Clique: the later yrs lolz), Trophey Wife

  16. Caroline says:

    Esme ~ Nurse (most likely for children) – She’s so lovable and friendly

    Edward – Male Model ๐Ÿ™‚ – He’s so HOT.

    Bella ~ Cook – Apparently, she’s pretty good at it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Alice ~ Professional Party Planner or an Interior Designer – She’s very happy and obviously loves to plan parties. She has great style, and could easily compromise with customers.

    Jasper ~ OBVIOUSLY, he would HAVE to be a therapist or physcologist. – He knows so much about peoples emotions.

    Rosalie ~ Defense Lawyer – She’s very tough and she likes to bring people down

    Emmett ~ Personal Trainer – STRONG.

    Renesmee ~ Child Star (Acting) – she’s likeable and bubbly.

    Jacob ~ Well, personally, I’d PAY him to be my boyfriend. So, he should be a hireable boyfriend :DD – Do I even have to explain?

    Leah ~ Private Investigator (she likes to be in other peoples business!) – Always involved with other people and pretty nosy. Also, can be pretty mean.

    Seth ~ Governor – he is always concerned with making everyone happy

    Mike ~ Baseball Player – athletic

    Eric ~ Writer/Journalist – likes to write

    Angela ~ Professor/Teacher – seems smart

    Jessica ~ Fashion Designer, Cheer Coach or Gossip Columnist – MEAN. I know, I’m being sereotypical.

    Love the podcast and hope you like my answers!

  17. charlie says:

    Esme-child minder
    Edward- piano teacher
    Alice- stylist
    Jasper- therapist
    Rosalie- hair and makeup person
    Emmett- wrestler
    Renesmee- child acter
    Jacob- guard dog
    Leah- police woman
    Seth- clown
    Mike- athlete
    Eric- author
    Angela- photographer
    Jessica- gossip magazine writer
    love the podcasts

  18. lydz says:

    Esme: because the Cullen home is beautifully furnished, I would have to say interior designer
    Edward: he should be a composer, or join an orchestra ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bella: I think Bella should be a book critic because she has really good taste in books
    Alice: wedding planner wedding planner wedding planner
    Jasper: ah, lovely Jasper. hmmmm. . . . ballerina? jk jk. um. . . professional model. That’s all I could come up with. I don’t know enough about him ๐Ÿ™ OOOOH! He could write a book on the Civil War!!!!!!!
    Rosalie: I remember hearing that Rosalie is really good at fixing cars, so Rosalie should be the person who pimps out cars haha ๐Ÿ™‚ that’d be funny. Or she could have a joint business with Jacob? Yes? No? Probably not, but it’d work.
    Emmett: I would say professional baseball player, but the steroid tests would probably show up freaky. . . He could write for late night talk shows, like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, or something.
    Renesmee: aw, Renesmee’s too young to work! But in the beginning she could work at the register in Embry’s mom’s shop. That’d be cute ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jacob: probably engineerm like I said with Rosalie.
    Leah: bodyguard. lol.
    Seth: oh wittle Seth <3 maybe a group therapist? Seth seems pretty good at helping people, and it’s what he likes to do so. . .
    Mike: Mike can go jump off a cliff for all I care. Okay, that’s a bit harsh, I admit. But he’ll probably end up owning his dad’s store.
    Eric: computer fixer thingy mabobber.
    Angela: I think Angela would be a really good homemaker. But maybe a kindergarten teacher? haha, and then Stephenie could start a whole new series with HER daughter meeting a vampire and falling in love lolz
    Jessica: well, I always thought she could work at the driving license agency. I don’t know why, I’ve just always thought that. . .

    luv the podcasts ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Lily says:

    Esme ~ teacher

    Edward ~ piano teacher

    Bella~ Cook

    Alice ~ Party Planner

    Jasper ~ Therapist

    Rosalie ~ Host of Pimp my Ride

    Emmett ~ Monster Truck Guy

    Renesmee ~ Artist

    Jacob ~ Mechanic

    Leah ~ Police/ Security Guard/ Body Guard

    Seth ~ Someone in politics

    Mike ~ Own his family’s store ( i really care less about him)

    Eric ~ Scientist

    Angela ~ Librarian

    Jessica ~ Fashion Designer

  20. princess katie says:

    Esme ~ elementary school teacher. she’s kind and patient and she would treat them as her own (since she wants to have kids)

    Alice ~ wedding planner, of course.

    Jasper ~ therapist

    Rosalie ~ super model

    Emmett ~ personal trainer

    Jacob ~ high school dean

    Mike ~ college sports coach

    Eric ~ chemist

    Angela ~interior designer

    Jessica ~ soccer mom

  21. Abigail says:

    Carlise – Doctor
    Esme – Interior Decorator
    Edward – College Professor
    Bella – English/Literature Teacher
    Alice – Designer/Stylist
    Jasper – Rancher or Military
    Rosalie – Musician/Model
    Emmett – Pro Sports of some kind
    Renesme – This is a hard one. Don’t really know enough about her to pick one.
    Jacob – Mechanic
    Leah – Park Ranger
    Seth – Mayor or Govenor
    Mike – High School Coach and working his parents store
    Eric – Reporter
    Angela – Teacher
    Jessica – Soap Opera Star or finds someone rich to marry and does nothing but spend money.

  22. Hanalee says:

    I think the Cullens would make the next Partrige family. JK. That would be a nightmare plus I think Jasper would have stage fright.
    Carlisle is a Dr. and if he wasn’t….idk. There is nothing else he could possibly be!
    Esme would be a children’s art teacher.
    Edward would be a concert pianist or write scores for films
    Bella would be a ……I don’t know.
    Alice would be a fashion designer (duh)
    Jasper would be a professor on either the Civil War or on philosophy
    Rosalie would be a trophy wife b/c really, what can she do that’s productive? Maybe she can help in Esme’s class room.
    Emmett would be a body builder or construction worker
    Renesmee would be a full time student!
    Jacob will just continue to be a creepy Renesmee stalker.
    Leah will go to therapy
    Seth will be someone in human relations b/c he’s so good with dealing with people in general
    Mike will own Newton’s Outfitters
    Eric will work for JPL
    Angela will run off with Eric to JPL and have SUPER CHILDREN
    Jessica will settle for Mike, just like in Twilight the Musical (which is AMAZING!!!)

    Love y’all’s accents! I’m Southern too but living out in Pasadena!

  23. Lina says:

    Esme – Is homemaking a job? Or maybe she could be a caterer of some sort? Or a nanny? I can just see Esme having a job that gives her a lot of free time at home. Maybe an interior designer. She’s seen enough fashion eras to be able to design modern and classic homes.

    Edward – A genius lawyer.

    Bella – Bella would be a surgeon. Just kidding.

    Alice – Alice should totally work on Wall Street with the stock market and stuff. I can see her advising people with their stocks. Or Alice doesn’t even need a job. She should be that person that goes to casinos and horse races and stuff and just bets her life away. She’d definitely love dressing up in all sorts of disguises so that the authorities wouldn’t catch on.

    Jasper – Jasper could totally be a bouncer at a club or something. When people start to get aggressive, he’d know it and would be able to kick the instigators out or calm them down. OR Jasper is definitely the secret service type!! You know, silent but deadly? When the president’s among a large crowd of people, he could keep everyone calm and sedated to protect the president.

    Rosalie – I want to see model, but I can’t see her following the photographers’ directions. So she could work in a day care, taking care of kids because she can’t have any of her own. OR she could be a nurse that works with pregnant women. She sure took good care of Bella…

    Emmett – A model for training equipment. Slogan: “You could be like THIS GUY…if you use our product.”

    Renesmee – Renesmee would be a full-time student, thank you very much. But part-time, she should work in a intensive care unit in a hospital as a PCA (patient care assistant). She could send pleasing images to unconscious, bedridden patients.

    Jacob – Jacob could be a professional motocross racer who builds his own bikes.

    Leah – Don’t care.

    Seth – Professional urban photographer. Seth has a heart big enough to see the good in vampires, his mortal enemy, so I’m sure he has heart to see beauty in commonplace municipal things, like a subway or a stop sign.

    Mike – I can’t see Mike working any job than working at his parents sports shop.

    Eric – A webmaster.

    Angela – A college English professor and a published novelist.

    Jessica – Jessica would have her own late night talk show. She likes to gossip, right?

  24. melissa says:

    Esme ~ child care / nurse

    Edward ~ composer / classical musician / indy car driver :>

    Bella ~ english teacher (bc she likes to read so much)

    Alice ~ fashion designer

    Jasper ~ martial arts specialist

    Rosalie ~ model or composer / classical musician (she is suppose to be as good as Edward)

    Emmett ~ UFC fighter :>

    Renesmee ~ psychologist

    Jacob ~ forest ranger / or motor cross guy

    Leah ~ she is a free spirit so it’s hard to picture her being indoors – maybe a zoologist / biologist

    Seth ~ actor – he is so optimistic and sees things differently than others so i think he would do good as an actor (versitile)

    Mike ~ a business man somewhere – not sure what his strengths are

    Eric ~ newpaper columnist or tv personality

    Angela ~ photographer (she was always taking pictures)

    Jessica ~ talk show or in media bc she loves to talk and needs to latest gossip :>

  25. Amanda says:

    I don’t know about Jessica, Bella, and Renesmee

    Esme ~ Elementary school teacher

    Edward ~ lawyer

    Alice ~ psychic

    Jasper ~ social worker

    Rosalie ~ day care person

    Emmett ~ wrestler

    Jacob ~ dog trainer.

    Leah ~ dog trainer

    Seth ~ dog trainer

    Mike ~ still works for his parents

    Eric ~ works with Mike

    Angela ~ librarian

  26. Gina says:

    Alice – Event planner or professional Ballerina (but probably too short)
    Esme – Suicide hotline
    Rosalie – CEO of a car dealership
    Emmett – Forest Ranger or even better an owner of an EXTREME SPORTS company like sky diving!
    Jasper – Government agent
    Bella – Has a job in the first few books, store clerk, but after marrying Edward. Hmmmm……………….I just see her being a home maker for some reason and traveling around while Edward has his concerts.
    Edward – World renowned Concert pianist! Most famous ever!
    Jessica – Newspaper gossip columnist
    Jacob – Mechanic
    Okay, thats it. Woo Hoo, that was fun! lol Good topic sisters!

  27. Brinean (Bruh-Neen) :) says:

    Esme ~ Child Care
    Edward ~ Piano Teacher
    Bella ~ Stay at home mom
    Alice ~ Party/Wedding Planner
    Jasper ~Drill Sargent
    Rosalie ~ Mechanic
    Emmett ~ UFC fighter or a cook
    Renesmee ~ psychiatrist
    Jacob ~ Anger Management Coach
    Leah ~ A positive lifestyle coach
    Seth ~ Principal at the school on the rez
    Mike ~ Working for his parents
    Eric ~ News paper reporter
    Angela ~ photographer
    Jessica ~ The next Perez Hilton

  28. Sia says:

    Esme ~ Working at daycare

    Edward ~ Music teacher

    Bella ~ Owning her own bookstore or an author of a book

    Alice ~ Designer or party instructor

    Jasper ~ Martial arts instructor

    Rosalie ~ model

    Emmett ~ sports coach or professional athlete.

    Renesmee ~ Nurse

    Jacob ~ Firemen

    Leah ~ Police Officer

    Seth ~ Motivational speaker

    Mike ~ CEO of a outdoor company

    Eric ~ Newspaper Columnist

    Angela ~ Photographer

    Jessica ~ Soap Opera star on t.v

  29. Cecilia and Paola says:

    Carlisle- a docter
    Esme- therapist
    Edward- Calvin Klein Underwear Model
    Bella- Author
    Alice- fashion designer or a wedding planner or party planner
    Jasper- Defense teacher

  30. Corinne Cullen says:

    Ok so first of all I know exaclty all of this because I did this a while a go for fun…. I have no Life
    Carlisle- Doctor or Real estate Agent
    Edward- I agree with the Kalvin Klein underwear model but I was thinking Cars Salesman or Stunt driver cus he can’t die…
    Bella- I always saw her as a stay at home mum or somewhere where she can’t injure herself…
    Alice and Esme- Definately owning their own Bridal and Party Planning business, the wedding in the book was to die for!!!
    Jasper- Counsellor because of his powers he would be the best in the biz!!!
    Rosalie- Drama Teacher b ecause she is SOOOOOO dramtic, or an actress, but the fact that she can’t would be a bit intiomidating when she has been in movies for years and years and hasn’t aged at all…
    Emmett- I see him as a fitness instructo but he may break all t he equipment so that wouldn’t work.
    Renesmee- I would think of her as a beautiful author because she has a beautiful imagination
    Thanks you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Caleigh(Kallie) Rae says:

    Hey laddies, I love love love this question! First off, I think that Bella would have to be an english teacher because of her love of Shakespeare.

    I think that Edward would be a famous pianist, but, if I was going to say what I thought he would be when he was human, I think he would either be like one of those people playing music on the street, if he didn’t go to the war( like he said he would do if he hadn’t gotten sick)

    I think that Alice would have either been a party/wedding planner, or own her own little clothing store because of her love of party planning, and her love of fashion. I think that if she had to work, she should do something that she loves.

    I think that Emmett would be a pro boxer or a comedian because of how funny he is in Breaking Dawn:P

    I think that Jasper would be a therapist because of all the hard times he’s had, I think that he would be able to help others with their problems.

    I think that Esme should be an interior designer because she loved designing Edward and Bella’s cottage in breaking dawn, or something to do with working with children because she loves children so much.

    I think Rosalie should be a mechanic because she loves that type of stuff and I think it would be s funny to see someone go to get their car fixed , and they would be expecting I middle aged guy, but instead they would find the hottest girl in the world:P

    I think that all the Jobs would have to do with their intrests and hobbie. Hope you like my answer.
    ~Love love, Caleigh Rae

  32. emma oj says:

    ESME~ a day care teacher
    EDWARD~ a music critic
    BELLA~ a reading teacher
    ALICE~ a dancer
    JASPER~ A therapist
    ROSALIE~ a fashion desiginer/critic
    EMMETT~ a RAW champion
    RENEESMEE~ a NCIS agent
    JACOB~ a pet store owner
    LEAH~ a scuba diver reacher
    SETH~ a homeless kid adoption guy he addopts the sick kids at orffanages and then he works there
    MIKE~ a contracter
    ERICK~ a computer geek maybe part of the geek squd at best buy
    ANGELA~ a witch
    JESSICIA~ a model

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