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This week we would love to know…

What do you love (or hate) about the NEW New Moon trailer?

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  1. AshleeCullen18 says:

    I thought the trailer was AMAZING! Rob looked sooo hot! Loved the volturi too! Can’t wati to see this movie!

  2. Heather D says:

    I felt like we were shown the entire movie in 2 minutes. I don’t think they left much of anything for us be surprised about. I liked it, of course. It was nice to see the Volturi. But what’s with Edward getting his butt kicked?

  3. valerie says:

    I love the new moon trailer!! the volturi looked amazing and edward and jacob looked so HOT!! But what I noticed is that edward’s car is BLACK!! IT NOT SILVER!! THEY MESSED IT UP THERE but besides that the trailer was amazing but they shouldn’t have shown so many awesome parts because I’m not going 2 be that surprised
    anyways the NEW MOON TRAILER WAS BAD ASS!!

  4. dali says:

    i love the whole trailer, i mean, you almost cant breathe about all the action that just happened in 2 minutes, i cant wait to see the movie, i love that the trailer transmits all that the book describes, all the panic, the sadness, the relationship between jacob and bella, the love, it make me fell, i love that!
    but i hate how the volturi kicked edward!!!

  5. Lina says:

    I loved the scene where Bella was laying in her bed, screaming. I thought it was so heart-wrenching. That scene kills me every time I watch the trailer.

    I do think that the trailer did give a lot away, though. But maybe that just means that there is a lot more great stuff it the movie that we have no idea about. =D

  6. Amanda says:

    i love it so much, except for the jump scene. i really wish they hadnt shown any of it. i mean, the part where jacob pulls her out and the edward illusion is broken was beautifully done and makes me want to see it oh-so-much more. but that was the only part that i wanted to be a suprise for me and its somewhat gone now.
    i think its totally cool that they added the fight scenes. i say that as long at they stick to the basic storyline, they can have creative licsensing. it makes it so much better when theres more action or a love scene is written to have more tension or more romance. its “based” on the book. and i think its gonna be great.

  7. Katrina says:

    Hey Callie & Cassie – I love, love, LOVED the trailer! I must have watched it at least 10 times now and everytime when it’s over all I can think is I want to see the movie NOW so to me that means the trailer did it’s job wonderfully! I loved seeing more of the Volturi and the fight scene with Edward and the Volturi looked great – Janes line at the end of the trailer sent shivers down my spine!! I was also thrilled to see more of the special effects from the movie with more werewolf shots (glad they look huge) and Edward when he’s in Bella’s mind (love that shot when shes drowning). What I love most about the trailer is I really think it appeals to everyone – regardless of whether you are a Twihard or even if you’ve never heard of the series you would see that trailer and be intrigued to see the movie – while it is still clearly a love story the action in this movie will surely help bring in the male viewers too :o)
    As for what I didn’t like about the trailer – the only thing that concerns me is I feel like I have almost seen the movie now and there will be no surprises left – although I highly doubt that they will have given everything away I still feel like there can’t be much left now that we haven’t at least seen part of in the various trailers. That being said I still can’t wait for November 19 (thats the release date in New Zealand where I live) so I can see the full movie in all it’s glory! 60 days to go and I am definitely counting down and I’m especially excited because we get to see it before most of the world when usually we are weeks/months behind everyone else – Yay for Summit not forgetting us poor Kiwi’s!!!

  8. bella says:

    three words


  9. kaitlynne says:

    i loved it!!! it makes me want to see it right now! ive seen it so many times ive lost cout lol and i have it on my ipod now so i can wach it anytime i want. they only got the little things worng like edwards car isnt sliver and bella’s bike isnt red but besides that. rob was so hot. *faning my self* jake was too but team edward all the way!! lol love your show love you guys! <3 it is the best part of my week =D keep it up!!


  10. lana says:

    it was so good so much in one trailer………november is so far away!

  11. Becca says:

    I think it showed way too much of the story. Granted it is an amazing trailer for the fans who have read the books… but for the ones who haven’t it gave too much away.

  12. Luna Eclipse says:

    I totally agree with everyone who says that it gave away too much of the story… it did! Sidenote: the first time I saw the “meet Jacob Black” trailer thing, I totally missed the bella/jacob kiss, and when I saw it the second time, I FREAKED OUT.

  13. CAgirl says:

    I was soo hyperventalating during this trailer! I loved it… I did have some isues with it. I know you guys are going to hate me for saying this but am I the ONLY one who thought Bella sounded like a suckling pig when she had her nightmare? Listen to it at :38 and she sounds seriously swine-ish! Sorry just had to get that off my chest. On a lighter note THE VOLTURI LOOK AWESOME! I have to admit I was nervous when I first saw the cast but now Im convinced. I was about to poop my pants at the end when Dakota Fanning said “this might hurt just a little”. The new red contacts look amazing. Ok, one more thing I have to get off my chest, (and I know I’m gonna get it for this one). When Edward is about to step out into the sunlight in Italy I wanted to jump into the trailer and PULL His pants up! Was that an attempt at sagging? 118 year olds don’t sag! Sorry just needed to get that out here cuz if I told one of my friends I would walk away from that conversation with a bloody nose! Thanks Kallie and Kassie I LOVE the podcast!

  14. Erin says:

    I loved the scene after Bella has jumped off the cliff and is underwater and Edward is floating there, then Jacob grabs her arm and saves her and Edward’s face is sort of whisked away. It’s a beautifully done scene. I also love Jane at the end saying ‘this may hurt just a little’. She’s totally awesome and I love Dakota in the role. I am really excited for the scene where Bella has to go save Edward though. Taylor looks like he is doing an amazing job. Seeing the werewolves was also pretty cool, people can stop freaking out about the size of them now, Bella looked tiny in comparison in one of the scenes!

    There’s nothing in the trailer that I didn’t like (apart from Rob shirtless, ew) but I am a little disappointed that they revealed so much. Unlike most people, the car changing colour didn’t bother me at all. I actually prefer the black but it is a little weird that they changed it. Personally, I thought they were trying to make Edward seem ‘darker’ and so that’s why they gave him the darker car when Bella was seeing him but he wasn’t really there, if that makes sense?

    Overall, I think New Moon is going to be so much better than Twilight. It looks like a higher budget movie and everything has just gotten so much better! The acting is so much better – Kristen isn’t blinking or heavily breathing as much, the colours in the movie are better and overall, I think it’s a more interesting story. I personally liked the book New Moon better than Twilight so I’m really excited.

    TEAM JACOB. πŸ™‚

  15. 60 days till New Moon!!! says:

    There was NO “Bella/Jacob” kiss… there was an ALMOST kiss… just like in the book! Sheesh- and you call yourself a Twilight fan! lol

  16. Anne says:

    Hey kallie and kassie! I loved the trailer sooo much, in fact I pretty much hyperventilated during the whole thing. Jane is absolutely amazing in the trailer, I especially loved all the Italy scenes. I can tell already those as well as the break up scene are going to be SO SO gut wrenching and emotional…ad I can’t wait! The werewolves look fantastic and the Edward illusions are pretty dang impressive cinematography. I was surprised they used part of the twilight score in the trailer though! That was kind of strange. Although I did think maybe they gave too much away in the trailer, overall I adored it and it made me even more excited. Love the podcast!!

  17. Rosie says:

    I liked the new trailer, but I don’t feel like it showed much more than we’ve already seen. I was expecting something huge to be unveiled, but it felt like the same stuff we already had a glimpse of. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, and I’m sort of glad they didn’t show more than I expected so I will be more into the movie.

    I did love the scene where Bella was in the water drowning and that whole Edward mirage thing was scattered apart as Jacob pulled her up.

    ADORE your podcast!

  18. Elena says:

    It was amazing!!! The first time I saw it I was so shocked, I couldn’t even move. The second time I had a similar reaction, but the third I was able to cry…

  19. Josie says:

    I loved the trailer. Of course I do have some issues:
    1. The fact that Laurent and the wolves started fighting, whereas all he does is run away.
    2. They ‘updated’ Edward’s Volvo and it’s black.
    3. Edward is getting butt kicked! That should not happen.
    4. I don’t really like the fact that Bella sees Edward rather than hears him.
    5. I agree with all who have said that the trailer gives too much away. They should have left out when Alice comes back to tell Bella that Edward wants to kill himself after hearing that she died and the whole scene in Volterra. It’s too much of a climax to put in the trailer. It reveals too much, although I’m glad they’ve put it in the movie.

    But I love the drowning scene, the Volturi, Alice driving the Porsche and when Bella is running across the piazza to stop Edward going into the midday sun.

  20. Chloe says:

    I love it all from start to finsh. i Can’t wait to see the movie!

  21. Celine says:

    I really liked all the stuff in there! But something that bothered me was that Edward was thrown into the stairs by Demetri, and that Bella cries so hard it’s fake. They have to do things like it’s written. I feel like they try to hard to please everyone, that it’ll be too much action, to much shirtless sexy-stuff, and too much real crying from Bella. Well, still think the movie will be great though. πŸ™‚

  22. Siobhan D. says:

    AHH! I love this trailer so much, but I do feel like it gave too much away for people who haven’t read the book. It gives away almost all of the big secrets in New Moon… but it looks like Chris Weitz did an amazing job with the wolves and everything. The Volturi looks AWESOME they’re gonna be unreal in the movie, i can already tell :). Taylor Lautner is a baabbee! so is rob of course, but oh my that taylor lautner <3 Honestly i was about to cry when edward was leaving bella. so so sad, i’m gonna be weeping in the theaters haha. So much emotion and action was packed into this trailer and i don’t think i can wait till november 20th to actually see the whole movie. 60 DAYS! I’M DYING!

    ps i’m in love with the twilight series theories podcast! couldn’t live without it :)<3

  23. gabrielle says:

    i adored the trailer! the volturi freaked me out, like they should have. bella looked like she was in physical pain when edward left (especially the screaming in bed part, wow), which is exactly how i imagined in the book. i enjoyed how they added a fight scene with the volturi. i think that because, in the book, all the tension is created by bella’s thoughts and her anxiety about the situation, it would have been difficult to portray in film, without including a cheezy constant voice over or intenal monologue. also the fight of laurent V wearwolves, so darn cool! overall a wicked trailer (although it has not left much up to the imagination, i am pretty sure that we would have seen parts of every scene by the time the movie come out, ha, oh well) thanks for the awesome podcast Kallie and Kassie! you girls rock.

    P.S how do you think the movie will open? with bella in the freaky future dream, where she is old? that would be a bit odd, i just cant imagine Kristen Stewart as an elderly women.

  24. Lily says:

    OVER ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT

    (sorry about the caps. just so excited.)

  25. Bella says:

    What i love about the NEW New moon trailer was that, Dah, it were New Moon πŸ˜‰
    What i dont love so much about it were that it gave out too much,I mean to those who hasn’t read the books.:)

    Love Bella

  26. zoe says:

    i loved it all!! i cannot wait til november it is so far away
    i especially liked the volturi they have done a good job with making them look so…. vampire and pale with dark eyes it’s kinda scary !!!!!!!!

  27. Jenn says:

    trailer was AMAZING… how amazing was the part where Jacob was pulling Bella out of the water and “ghost” Edward was under water with her.. as she’s being pulled her hand just trys to grasp him 1 more time… it gave me chills!!! πŸ™‚ ahhh… vLOVE Chris Weitz!

  28. Brinean (Bruh-Neen) :) says:

    OMIGOSH!!! It was amazing i was hyperventilating i even filmed my reaction which was quite hilarious.
    The showed just enough Voulturi to balance out the Quileutes but not to much to give away the whole movie I loved loved loved seeing more Alice and Jane especially Jane’s line at the end “this might hurt a little”.

    Although I have to admit I was a bit put off by Demetri and Edward fighting in Volterra but i’m sure that they will pull it off but all in all I thought it was an amazing trailer and can’t wait to see New Moon in theaters . Wouldn’t it be cool if they played all of the New Moon trailers before the movie to hype it up even more!!

    P.S. I think Kassie and I need more shirtless Jacob in these trailers!!!

  29. Judith Akufo says:

    I didn’t like that they used the same music from Twilight in the first half of the trailer, but I loved the drowning scene where Edward appeared in the water, because in that moment the music changed to this amazingly beautiful composition that just tied it all together and then the scene where Bella hit Sam and he shape shifted was great, but the whole Voulturi fight scene was overdone, Edward looked pathetic and it just killed any masculine perception of him that I had, and also I think they should of waxed his chest because that did not look like marble.

  30. Holly says:

    My favourite parts from the trailer are the two scenes in which Edward dissapears:
    1. When he’s walking towards Bella from his volvo, the two students walk in font of him and both he and his car disapear.
    2.When Bella is drowning and she sees Edward with her in the water but when Jacob drags her out of the water, she flicks her wrist through the hallucinaton and Edward disapears.
    I think that these are examples of two very good bits of filming and although i love the first film, it shows what a step up New Moon is going to be from Twilight!

    Love the podcast , keep up the good work! =D

  31. Roxanne says:

    I of course loved seeing the trailer. It did touch on a lot of pieces of the story, but I loved how it gave us quick glimpses. The Volturi was even more scary and intimidating than I pictured them when reading the books. I love it when a movie can take it that step further than what I can imagine it myself. Did they give too much away, maybe, but boy did it leave me wanting more. I absolutely love the look of this movie so much more than Twilight. The vampires look amazing. Edward is incredible looking, but just a bit scary and somehow not quite human. The wolves are exactly as Stephenie describes them in the books and the action at the end will make it just that much more intense. It would be hard for the movie to portray the sense of danger with the Volturi that the books do if they didn’t action it up a bit. Can’t wait for the movie.

    I love the Podcast, and thanks for being that fun outlet for our guilty pleasure!

  32. bella says:

    hey ppl who use bella as their name to comment, and its not their original name,like me, or short for isabella…

    BE ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Casey says:

    I loved the trailer. Although it showed alot, it was just quick glimpses of it. When I first saw it, I screamed my head off. wow. I watched each over and over again and picked up alot that i didn’t in the first time. It was awesome. i can’t wait until Nov. 20! only 61days left!

  34. Peri says:

    Honestly, i didnt hate ONE THING about the trailer. it was amazing!!!!!!

  35. princess katie says:

    i love the trailer. the special effects we’ve seen are SOOO much better than the twiligt ones. even though its a little corny when jake jumps out of her window, its much better than the jumps edward does in twilight.
    from what i’ve seen i’ve converted to jacobism. with the books i was all for edward, but all of the scenes with rob and kristen look painfully awkward. when i see the movie i will probably be patiently waiting for edward to leave!

  36. JenLouise0201 says:

    Hey ladies! I am absolutely new to podcasts, and came across yours, and absolutely LOVED it! As a 29 yr old Twilight fan, I was ecstatic to listen in on yours and hear how down to earth you are! I’m having so much fun listening to you, so you have found a new follower. Whoot!
    Anywho…okay, now about the trailer. Loved it. Period. I’m not a big Jacob fan, but every aspect of the trailer was amazing, including Jacob. The only thing that perpurbed me was the ‘little’ details that seem to get overlooked. A charcol colored Volvo, what is that?! You just want to smack whoever looks past these things. Seriously, that stupid Volvo is a major piece of Twilight, the least they can do is get us a SILVER FOUR DOOR VOLVO. *rant over*
    So in case you guys want to know more about your newest fan, you can find my bio over at twilightarchives.com

  37. Carly says:

    I just re-watched all three trailers. I KNOW the this new one is my favorite. It gets my heart racing, puts a BIG smile on my face, and makes me more excited to see the movie no matter how many times I have watched it. I don’t really have a problem with the little things they changed (color of Edward’s car, Edward getting beaten up by the Voulturi, etc.) I do however want to see where certain clips will happen. A major on is when we see Victoria jump out of a tree behind Charlie. I also really like that they added more action to the scene in Volterra. I really like how they are going to show some of her time between when Edward left and when she goes to see Jacob. If you haven’t seen it, some put all 3 trailers together into one. Here is the website fore it: http://www.newmoonmovie.org/2009/09/new-moon-trailer-all-three-mixed-into-one/

    I really hope Summit comes out with more trailers and clips. I am hoping it will make the time between November 20th and now go a lot faster. I just don’t want them to go overboard too much like the Harry Potter stuff. By the way, did you know that you can download all 3 trailers off of iTunes!!!!!!!! I have sadly done this!!!!

  38. Sally says:

    I think they gave away every crucial point in the movie to those who havent read the books. I did love how much better the make-up seems it makes them all look very scary and i know they are suppose to look that way but never did i expect they would be like that. For some insane reason my favorite part was when Jane from the volturi says “This might just hurt a little” i find that so funny lol. Cant wait for New Moon to come out!!

  39. Audreanna says:


  40. Victoria says:

    I thought it was absolutely AMAZING!!! Especially the parts when Jacob has no shirt on!

  41. Stephanie says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie, hope this is read in the podcast, but anyway I really love all the trailers! It gives me and probably alot of other twilight fans know the directors are doing a good job and we are going to very happy when the movie comes around because I am REALLY excited to see it!! I`m just a little scared that they aren`t using a silver volvo. In twilght i know they used the c30 but in one of the trailers they have edward walking by a black volvo that`s totally different from the one used in twilight. I also though that dakota fanning was not going to be good for the part of jane but in the trailer it looks like she makes a perfect fit!

  42. Tamarra says:

    ok the make up was amazing the volturi looked really scary. ashley greene as alice looked amazing as well . when bella jumped off the cliff omg it looked like they took the picture from my brain and put it on the screen!!! i no that sounds stupid but i couldnt put it any other way. i liked it when they showed the other wolves and im glad to see when bella hit paul he went into a werewolve. edward shirtless was… not as great as i was hoping for im sorry but when he did that he just didnt look rite to me. now taylor was so hott as usuall. jane was so scary as usuall but what the heck did she say at the end !!!!!! i do not remember a fight between edward and whoever that was in the trailer i might be wrong i might be right but who cares cause it was suspensful and awseome. WHAT WAS WITH BELLA SCREAMING IN THE BED!!!! IT FREAKED ME OUT I WAS LIKE WHAT IS SHE DOING BUT im over it .
    over all did i think they showed to much part of me thinks so . the other part says who cares it was awsome. I DO NOT REAPEAT DO NOT THINK SUMMIT SHOULD ALLOW ANY MORE NEW CLIPS OR TRAILERS TO BE REALEASED UNTIL WE ARE REALLY REALLY CLOSE BECAUSE THERE GIVING TO MUCH AWAY I WANNA STILL BE SUPRISED AT SOME PARTS. ( even though i read the book )
    THIS TRAILER WAS EXCITING THE TRAILERS COMBINED FOR THIS MOVIE IS ALREADY BETTER THAN THE TWILIGHT MOVIE sorry catherine. any way thanks for asking this questions youu guys are really entertaing
    luv the podcast
    byyee : )

  43. Linzie says:

    I really Liked the volturi fight and when jacob got bella out of the water…This trailers like on my youtube…I love this…It make me want to watch it more…it looks kinda better than twilight

  44. Emmiley says:

    kristen stewart is a horrible actress. and i’m not saying this because i’m jealous that she gets to makeout with rob pattinson. i’m saying this because it’s true. the screaming thing? no. that.was.hideous.

  45. Emmiley says:

    ps- jamie campbell-bower? yes please.

  46. Jessica says:

    Hey Kallie & Kassie! I’ll start with the fact that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this trailer!!! I think it is the best one yet! I think the colors are amazing, the camera angles are amazing, and Chris Wietz’s take on the book seems to be really well done. As other people have pointed out there are some things I have a problem with. I HATE that Edward is driving a black Volvo SUV! What is that about?!? I could never picture him in a SUV. The Cullens like fast, sporty cars. I feel like that is a little detail they should be able to get right. The other problems I have are all the extra fight scenes they have added. 1) Laurent fighting the wolves 2) Bella punching Sam in the face (I really don’t like that part) and 3) the fight scene with the Volturi. If they were to fight in the book then Edward, Bella, and Alice would have been killed. However, I think the fight scene looks amazing I’ll let it slide. πŸ™‚ I hate to see Edward getting his butt kicked, but I love when Felix flips him over his head. It adds a lot visually to the movie. I still can’t wait to see the movie. November can’t get here fast enough!!!

  47. Misty says:

    All I can say is that I “LOVED” the new trailer now I am anxiously counting down the days until the midnight showing! Keep up the great work ladies πŸ™‚

    Hope you two get to make another visit to the Eclipse set so we can all live vicariously through you!

  48. Dexter Cullen says:

    There is about nothing that hasn’t been said in regard to this trailer. So I’ll just mention my favorite bits.

    1. I am looking forward to all the new fights. I mean, who doesn’t like a couple a good ole fight scenes.

    2. Another fav part was the ghost Edwards. I thought that was a good idea since i heard about them, and the trailer just cemented that. They’re so creepy.

    3.Edi Gathegi looks extremely creepy as Laurent. The Volturi are freakin scary as well.

    4. I love the fact that music from Twilight was in the trailer. That really tied the movies together for me… Then again i’m one of the few who loved the original score… :]

    5.I’m a big Alice fan so i’m glad she had a big part in the trailer… I hope that doesn’t have to do with the fact that I’m a guy.

    Oh, and in case you made the podcast after the soundtrack news, I can’t wait on the New Moon score song.

  49. Camille says:

    Overall, it was fine; however, the Volturi were made out to be these really violent bloodthirsty people. Although they are not as civil as they pretend to be, Aro, Caius, and Marcus, as well as the guard are always calm and their facade is the epitomy of civilty. Somehow, having them be so blatently barbaric is much less scary than the controlled, inevitable Volturi the readers know from the books.

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