Twilight Saga Holloween Guide

Oct 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles

With Halloween less than a month away, Novel Novice Twilight has put together a comprehensive costume guide to help you and your friends dress up like your favorite characters from The Twilight Saga. We have tips and links on how you can get the perfect look for Bella, Edward, Jacob, the Cullens, the Wolf Pack, the Volturi and the Nomad vampires. To see the complete guide, go here!

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5 Comments to “Twilight Saga Holloween Guide”

  1. This is great, thanks! My daughter has already said we’re going as vampires (her, vampire princess; me, vampire something… she seems to be having trouble settling on a vampiric subgenre for me).

  2. Shteff says:

    there are clearly going to be so many as a vampire :’ )

    Hence me going as a jester!


  3. Brinean says:

    ROFL I have no idea what I’m going as!

  4. maureen says:

    Twilight is simply the best movie and i am so much addicted to it. Kirsten Stewart is very pretty and Robery Pattinson is so handsome.

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