New Moon Birthday Party Clip!

Oct 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Here is the clip shown on MTV’s Ulalume special tonight!

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21 Comments to “New Moon Birthday Party Clip!”

  1. olindaa!! says:

    wow!!.. awesome!!.. i REALLY CAN’T WAIT!..
    i love emmet!.. haha!.. “dating an older woman!”.. lol!!
    OH MY GOSH!.. i really can’t!!..

  2. 19 days till New Moon!!! says:

    That scene felt a little forced to me… I really hope the rest of the movie isn’t like this…

  3. ChenyaRain says:

    Oh wow Emmett! His face after Edward looks at him is hilarious!

  4. tale :) says:

    Well…. I’am actuallt a little bit disapointed.. I mean the whole scene was a bit akward, don’t you think?? I hope it’s not the final version of the scene…

  5. Judith Akufo says:

    I agree with tale it looked awkward, I didn’t like it.

  6. Judith Akufo says:

    To be honest it was just Bella and Edward who looked awkward, especially Edward

  7. Sarah Katherine Cullen says:

    “Your dating an older women. Hot.”

    OMG, Emmett is soooo halarius!

  8. valerie says:

    I loved the scene!!!!!!! but honestly I think they are showing alot of scenes from the movie……….they already showed the awesome parts……….and yea…this scene has to be all cheerful and not awkward!!!!!! they really don’t feel like family….but I still can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!!! I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!

  9. Elena says:

    i love this scene! emmat is soo hillarious! But i really think they should stop shoewing all these clips!!! Theyre giving away the entire movie! so stoppit summit i want to be surprised!!!!!

  10. Matt says:

    Great scene!

    I disagree about it feeling awkward and “forced”. It felt very natural, especially with Alice’s enthusiasm and Emmett’s charm. Geez, some fans will never be satisfied, but that applies to nearly everything in life.

  11. obsessedtwilighter says:

    rly ANOTHER clip what is this like the 5th clip thats been released?? i bet the whole movie will b released by nov 20

  12. gabrielle says:

    i love the sizzle.

    and the music in the background- i thought the sea wolf song would play then.

    and i agree- as much as i love seeing the movie clips- i do want a bit left for the movie!

  13. Erica says:

    This actually had a pretty natural feel.. especially compared to what was forced in twilight.

    And please stop releasing all these clips! If you are going to release clips, release ones that arent of crucial plot.

  14. Sarah Katherine Cullen says:

    It feels like I’ve bootlegged the whole movie and watched it– all these clips are being released!!!!!!!

  15. Jess S. says:

    So originally I thought this was a spoof lol!!!!!! Emmet is hilarious Kellan is spectacular dating an older woman and edward response omg i cannot stop laughing!!!! After watching this about 10 times now I have to say I like it!!! If this is the cheesiest it gets it will be 500 time better than Twilight!!!

  16. Lily says:

    “dating an older woman. hot” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Princess Ali says:

    awkward! I still dont know how good the movie will be 🙁 these clips are just proving my point.

  18. Isabel says:

    I’m super frustrated by this. Its like “cool, okay”, but I just know that Edward leaves so it makes it sad! And Rosalie! Rude. Its cool that we have been seeing these more often though. So a big thanks to Summit!

  19. Joey says:

    Crazy vibe!!
    And jasper face is unbeliveable!!!

  20. nikki c says:

    i’m loving it. i think it’s perfect. i also love the music in the background. perfect.

  21. stacyy says:

    what song is playing in the background? i love it.

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