6 Days Till New Moon: A TST Countdown

Nov 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Merchandise, Site News

Only 6 days until New Moon is in theaters!  Today’s countdown features our favorite New Moon/Twilight items, along with the most random/weird items on store shelves.  Which merchandise is your favorite?  And which merchandise do you wish would go away?

Our Top 10 Favorite Items

Posters (because it’s the closest thing you’ll get to Twilight wallpaper)

T-shirts (so you can proudly sport your love)

Barbies (because Kassie asked Santa for the Jacob doll)

Key covers (so you can tell them apart from the boring, regular keys)

Calendars (For 365 days of eye candy)

Buttons (To add flair to your belongings)

Lunch Boxes (Because they remind you of being a kid.  You know you want one)

Bedding (Do I need to explain this one?)

Umbrellas (How can it be a rainy day with a pic like that over your head?)

Twilight Scene It? (What better way to get the slumber party started?)

Top Random/Weird Items

Packing tape (really???)


Slap Bracelet (my childhood is coming back!)

Lip Balm

Ipod Skins (Because they still don’t have them for the Classic!)

Bella’s crest ring (What is this?)

Edward poker chip

Christmas stocking

Edward’s license to bite

Twilight million dollar bill (uh…)

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9 Comments to “6 Days Till New Moon: A TST Countdown”

  1. Kallie says:

    That is awesome Krystal!!! I want all of them!

  2. Tale :) says:

    It’s crazy!!!

  3. kim says:

    the “packing tape” is by far a mystery to me…

  4. kim says:

    maybe it’s the wold “pack” thing? personally I think the development people where up to late drinking on this one…

  5. hannah says:

    oh and the twilight make up line does not work! dont buy it! it costs to much and works like crap! its gooey

  6. Sarah Katherine Cullen says:

    those are all awesum. i want allllll of them.

  7. Sarah Katherine Cullen says:

    hannah, i feel bad for you, then. But thanks for that advice because now i know not to get them.

  8. halle says:

    ok I love the first top ten. All i can say about the other top 10 is really? do we need packing tape to satisfy our twilight needs? I don’t think so. lol otherwise theres my christmas list right there basically

  9. Great article thank for sharing.

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