New Moon Cast On Jimmy Kimmel

Nov 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Kristen, Rob, and Taylor will be guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Friday, November 20.  In honor of the event, Kimmel’s website has posted a couple of teaser pics, which you can see above!  Love these pics!

Thanks to Lion & Lamb LJ for the heads up.

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5 Comments to “New Moon Cast On Jimmy Kimmel”

  1. Judith Akufo says:

    Rob and Kristen hand in hand once again!!!

  2. Stephany says:

    ^Finally, I hope to see more pics like this, I really hope they don’t let fame interfere with their relationship

  3. AshleeCullen18 says:

    Rob and Kris are sooo adorable. But of course I love Rob more!!!

  4. Dixie Kanas says:

    Taylor has a hard act ot follow but a great roll to play. I love Edward but Taylor will be taking over this movie “New Moon.”He will be our next big star. It will be great to see Eclipse where both will have the leads.
    Kristen what fun these movies have to be for you. Two great looking guys to love. I know all the hyp is on them right now but without you there would be no movies. You are soooooooo perfect for your part of Bella.
    Sorry I’m not a teenager. I’m 71 years old. mother of six, grandma of 12 and great-grandma of 6. I’ve watched Twilight seven times and read all the books six times.
    Thanks to stephany and the cast. You are all awesome..I love you all.

  5. Ava says:

    I thought Taylor L. was GREAT in this movie. He really held his own, and he’s only 17. I actually felt sad when he and Bella went their separate ways. The dialogue and the concept of this movie is not easy for any actor, because it’s so far fetched, but Taylor is a good actor and very handsome and he was able to pull it off. I think he has a great career ahead of him; and he will continue to get even better.

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