The Cast Talks Eclipse

Nov 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

With New Moon breaking records in theaters, the cast is already looking forward to the next installment by talking about Eclipse!  Here are some new interviews with the stars of New Moon:


Rob talks differences between Eclipse and New Moon

Cast reveals their favorite scene in Eclipse

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9 Comments to “The Cast Talks Eclipse”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Remember Me doesn’t look similar to Twilight at all. She obviously didn’t pay attention to the tralier. There are two people falling in love, but that happens in a lot of movies.
    I’m so excited for Eclipse! New Moon was wonderful and I’m sure Eclipse will be too!

  2. Lyncoln says:

    I’m actually kinda worried about Eclipse. New Moon the movie definitely showed more feelings between Bella and Jacob than the book did and hearing Kristen say that she’s always backed up Bella’s complete devotion to Edward, but in Eclipse..that falters….looks like it’s going to be painful to watch if you’re Team Edward all the way. Eclipse was hard enough to read at parts….but seeing it intensified onscreen will be even harder. Plus…a possible R-rating? oh boy…

    • tiffani says:

      really theres a possible R+ rating for eclipse that is a total shocker considering most of the fans are teens and most
      parents dont want to watch it that means trouble.

  3. Jess S. says:

    Did not like the ionterveiwer for the first 3 at all! Trying to talk about Rob in Kristen’s interview obviously, but in Rob’s saying Remember Me looked a lot like Twilight, how insulting! Good for Rob to sorta leave after that.

  4. Sable says:

    This whole series is too much to fathom in one sitting…i’m ready to see everything all over again….

  5. Tara P. says:

    It sounds like Melissa Rosenberg has got it together on writing the scripts. Now we have to just hope that it all makes the cutting room.

  6. Betty says:

    One problem I have with the movies is that while I read the books, I want the movies to play out EVERY scene. I know that’ not possible, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it. I can’t wait to see if they have the scene with Bella and Edward in Edward’s room when Bella pretty much jumps his bones. I’m glad to see that Jasper has more parts now. He has been down played too much in the first two movies. One thing I’m looking forward to in Breaking Dawn is the scenes when Edward and Bella are on Isle Esme. Those love scenes need to be played all the way out, and show Edward ripping the wood off the bed, and tearing the pillow up! How hot will that be! The whole birth scene and Edward changing her is next on my list. I know that director is a great director, so I hope he puts all the good juicy parts in! If Avatar, and all these other movies can be 3 hours long, Breaking Dawn needs to be that long! There is so much that needs to be told in that book, it would just be shame not to use it up.

  7. Serena says:

    OMG!!!!! Just got home from the theatre!!! Guess what I watched!!! THE THIRD MOVIE IN THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!! AKA: ECLIPSE!!! God, Kristen your bro is soooo hot!!! Taylor your an awesome actor!!!!! Loved this movie the best amongst all the other TWI-MOVIES!!!! AHHH!!!!

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