New Moon Movie Review ~ Week 71

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This is a fun episode where Kassie and I discuss The Twilight Saga: New Moon! We also talk a lot about our trip to L.A., and all the fun we had at the New Moon Premiere! This week’s music is Mind Down by Dreaming in Stereo.

You can also see EXCLUSIVE photos we took on the red carpet below!

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11 Comments to “New Moon Movie Review ~ Week 71”

  1. switzerland says:

    Thanks alot, I can’t wait!
    love the podcast!!!!=D

  2. christina v says:

    Ok I just finised listening to the podcast. I agree with the sister about Rob nipple. My husband noticed the first time and I didn’t. So when i went to see the second time, I agree, it did look werid. Hard to describe.
    The scene where edward and bella are running in the wood, was very chessy.(very gay) Everyone laughed.
    Taylor playing jake is great, his acting skill are great, especailly the rain scene where he looks at bella and tell her he is no good for her, and that look in his eyes. phew!!

  3. obsessedtwilighter says:

    everything was great excpet for that quilette line….it could have been put in a different place…
    i also agree that the scene with bella and edward was a good idea but it could of been bella just standing with his skin sparkly….

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hear hear on a shirtless Rob!! I agree totally on all the points Kassie made!!! Made me cringe, cringe, cringe!!!! I am book Team Edward, but definitely Team Jacob for the movie!

  5. Natalie says:

    HAhahahaahha! Have just listened to your podcast and Cassie…. i thought the same thing about Rob’s nipple! I told my girlfriend during the movie and the 2nd time we saw it ( we saw it twice back to back) she couldn’t stop giggling and thinking about the nipple. There was something unusual about it! I’m a huge Edward fan just like you and was so very distracted by the ‘unusual’ nipple. I agree with Kallie though, i do believe it is a hair thing rather than a nipple thing… the hair pattern makes the nipple looks so weird! Anyhoo, enough about that… LOL!

    I have seen the movie four time in the first week of release and am absolutely smitten with the movie! I absolutely loved it and look forward to seeing it again very soon. I don’t think i will ever get sick of it! Thank you Chris Weitz, what a fantastic job he has done with the wolves. I particularly loved the scene with the wolves and Victoria in the chase to the cliff edge! So brillant! Gives me goosebumps each and everytime! Even the scene where Paul and Jacob fight as wolves… brillant! So very impressed and cannot wait now for the release of Eclipse!

    Thanks for another great discussion girls!

    Nat from Australia! Kiss, Kiss! Love, Love!


  6. christina V says:

    additional comment from jennifer I agreed with her as well, in the book i am team edward, but IN THIS MOVIE I WAS SOOO TEAM JAKE!!

  7. sarah says:

    loved the podcast! I think you guys are great and so funny! I was nearly laughing out loud on the bus!
    when you said about the screaming in the audience it made me think about the reaction in the cinema when I went to see it! there was a row of girls siting behind me and when the title -” new moon”- appeared they started crying. I found it hilarious and rediculous at the same time. in a huge fan bur omg! that’s pushing it to the limit! love your podcast and keep up the great great great work 🙂

  8. princess katie says:

    i think its funny that you judged the scenes on a “steamy scale” when jacob literally steams in the rain sccene…so he automatically wins! =]
    also, i completely agree with the comment about edward’s weird nipple and awkward chest hair.

    the cheesiest scene was easily alice’s future view. i laughed out loud. and i’m mad about bella’s dress in that scene because it was supposed to be hot…not pilgrim-ish

  9. V says:

    OMG! I was totally thinking the same thing about the nipple when I watched it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it. lol

  10. Roger says:

    Hey! Just a quick mention that “Mind Down” is actually by Ex Norwegian…not Dreaming In Stereo (though the bands are somewhat related) =] Twilight on!

  11. Debra says:

    I have seen New Moon 4 times just to try and scrape together what little intimate scene they gave us in New Moon between Edward and Bella. In this regard I was left TEASED and UNSATISFIED wanting more. Chris Weitz and Melissa so dropped the ball on this. Catherine Harwick might not have shot the most beautiful looking movie but she SOOO understood the importance of the love story and showing it on film. I LOVE the Twilight Saga as written by Stephenie Meyers. Twilight is a 21 century Love Story…please respect the character dynamics from the book and reflect it in the screen play and in the movie direction. IT’S BELLA AND EDWARD, NOT Bella and Jacob. You wouldn’t try and change Romeo and Juliet to Paris and Juliet, or Cathy and Heathcliff to Cathy and Edgar (Wuthering Heights), or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth and Mr. Fitzwilliam (Pride and Prejudice) great love stories. GIVE US THE EMOTIONAL connection between Bella and Edward again.

    We were cheated in New Moon. It was beautifully shot and grand but Bella and Edward’s reconciliation story was almost an after thought at the end of the movie; and in the book it was clearly one third of the story. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY. You gave us the BREAK-UP scene but you DIDN’T GIVE US THE MAKE-UP scene, (with all the beautiful dialogue between Bella and Edward 3 chapters), and you know what they say about MAKING UP AFTER BREAKING UP THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT. SUMMIT please pay attention.

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