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Don’t think I’ve posted this before (don’t hurt me if I have!) but Stephenie Meyer’s site has been updated with a new Q&A between Stephenie and fans.  Click here to check out all of her answers!

Hi Stephenie! Texas LOVES you!!! In staying true to the novel, I’d like to know if there were any scenes missing from the original screenplay that you insisted be in the movie?? Thank you SOOO much!!!! -Trinity in Fort Worth

Sort of. In the original screenplay, Jacob’s visit to Bella’s room that one night didn’t exist. The necessary information was still there, it was just scattered through a few other scenes. I really missed that scene, but change (and cutting!) is a part of the adaptation process—especially when you write really long books—so I was prepared to suck it up. And then Chris Weitz felt like we needed that scene, too, and he wrote up a beautiful version I love. And we all lived happily ever after.

Hi Stephenie – What is your favourite scene in New Moon the movie? – Laure

I can’t really choose just one. I love so many things. Bella’s and Edward’s first conversation in the parking lot…the painting…Jessica’s monologue…the scenes in Jacob’s garage…the first time you see the werewolves!!…Jacob in Bella’s room (thanks, Chris!)…the underwater moment…what you see while Thom Yorke’s amazing song is playing…everything in Italy…and I could go on. It’s all so good.

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  1. Wray says:

    Reading this made me remember the days when Stephenie was more active on fan sites. He voice is missed.

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  3. Jess S. says:

    She is so awesome and beautiful!

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