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Okay, so Kassie and I didn’t discuss what our Question of the Week should be this week!  We need your help!  Use the comments section below to leave us some ideas and we may use your question/topic on the show!


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  1. Lee says:

    Where should the Breaking Dawn movie part one end and part two begin?

    Love you goofy girls!

  2. switzerland says:

    Mine is similar to lee’s but:
    if breaking dawn should be in one or two parts, if two, where are they separated, and what should they do about Renesmee (cast?)?
    and… i know it’s a little early but What are you looking forward to see on the new moon dvd and in eclipse?
    Thank you for making such wonderful podcasts!

  3. Lina says:

    Not sure if you’ve ever done a question like this before or not, but how about a simple: “Who’s your favorite vampire besides Edward and why?” or “Who’s your favorite non-Cullen vampire and why?”

  4. Verónica says:

    How about…

    What would be the most important thing on the New Moon DVD (besides the movie)? Why?

    What parts (or scenes) do you think they will leave out in Eclipse? Would you get mad?

    Oh, this one’s for Kassie:
    Is there a quality about Taylor that you don’t like (besides that he’s 17)? 

    Awesome podcast, love it!!

    Team Edward till the end of my days!!!

  5. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    in my opinion new moon was a zillion times better than twilight (don’t get me wrong- I LOVED twilight). but now seeing chris weitz’s take on the series i would love to see his version of twilight. my question is would you like to have a remake of twilight if you could? if no why? if yes would you change anything big like the cast,director,scenery ect. ?

    p.s. I know this would never happen 😉

  6. kira says:

    In New Moon it confuses me. Why would Edward leave Bella in the forest? If he wants her safe why take her in a place where her clumsyness comes in. What place should he take her for her to be safe instead? And WHAT WAS HE THINKING WHEN HE TOOK HERE THERE!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. Lily says:

    “Should Breaking dawn be put in two movies, and if it is put into two movies where would part one stop and part to begin.” also “do you want Chris Weitz to direct Breaking Dawn?”

  8. Emma says:

    I think this week you two should do a twilight trivia and see who knows the most about the series .

  9. Brneyes says:

    If they split Breaking Dawn into two movies: what will they be called?
    Part one & part two
    Breaking & Dawn
    Isle Esmee & Breaking Dawn
    Breaking Dawn & Forever Dawn

  10. Stephanie says:

    If you guys aren`t doing a podcast til after xmas you could do how christmas would go down at the cullens house this year!

  11. Isabel says:

    I love Stephanie’s idea! Hahaha but since Edward is all “I don’t have a soul”, they probably don’t celebrate… Haha

    I think the next question should be more about Bella’s human friends, parents, and whatnot. Maybe how her friends would react if Bella went to college (as a Vampire), graduated, came back to Forks and saw all her little friends again as a vamp and what they would think of her. I dunno. Its just an idea 🙂

    You guys are fun.

  12. jane says:

    everybody has to find a vampire power for kassie and kallie! =D

  13. kiki cullen says:

    i think the question of the week should be……. “what was the most cheezyest scene in new moon and why you thought that” … i think this would bring up some funny thoughts!!!:):):):) love the podcast as always, 🙂

  14. Team Switzy says:

    Firstly, I luv you guys!
    I would have a response to the crazy fans of Twilight and if they are out of line or totally justified…..
    Or i would ask what the older and younger fans think about the intense relationship in Eclipes and Dreaking Dawn.
    ( Love you guys <3, Vampires ^o^, and Werewolves )

  15. Katie says:

    emm maybe if the characters were famous people who would they be. Not like who should play them or who looks like them but whose personalities are alike. My example would be
    Alice- Taylor Swift because shes pretty, funny and bubbly 🙂

  16. JenLouise0201 says:

    Okay, Stephanie has mentioned before (Oprah interview, if I recall correctly?) that she had other ideas for our beloved vampires but ended Breaking Dawn so if she decided not to continue, she would be happy with the ending. What
    storyline before Breaking Dawn, or maybe prequel, would you like to see Stephanie delve into if she were to ever expand the series? (Besides Midnight Sun of course! We all know we’re crossing our fingers for that one!)
    Love the podcast ladies!


    Hey Kallie and Kassie! Love the podcast!
    OK so my little thing here is more of a supporter speculation/realization/question of the week i guess you could say. OK here we go. I remember realizing realizing a little while ago that(OK, this is gunna get a little complicted so bear with me here :D)
    In Breaking Dawn when Bella uses her special power on other people Alec, Jane, Aro and any of the other vampires with powers that affect your mind cant touch her or the others (obviously). Well, remember in eclipse when Alice explains to Bella that she, Jasper and the rest of other vampires that have physical powers(By physical i mean powers that actually work on Bella, and ones that have no affect on your mind) and the vamps with those types of powers can see her and have control over her.
    Well, Alice has a physical power, not a mind power, that’s why she can see Bella’s future.
    OK, well, remember back to New Moon, and Bella sees that Aro has a bodyguard who has a power like Bella’s and remember her name is Renata, except, she can only keep him safe physically, not in his mind, because she has a physical shield, not a mind shield. Well, if Alice can only see people on the outside and not in their mind, and Aro has a physical shield, how come she can see the volturi, since Renata has her special shield over them?
    Is this a mistake of Stephenie’s, or is there a reason for this? I really hope I’m making sense because i know this is all really complicated! Love the podcast you guys ROCK!!!!

  18. Eve says:

    hey kassie and kallie! so i have a question for you guys. i know its actually kinda gross (and i really dont expect this to be a question of the week, but it is a question that might have an answer im to stupid to see :p) and maybe i’m a really weird for even wondering but here it is. maybe you have a ‘theory’ on it…
    before bella becomes a vampire she was a human girl, right? so she must’ve had her monthly visit just like any other human girl. what did she do when it was that time of the month, did edward just stay away? did edward hunt during that time? or is there a difference between blood thats actually flowing inside you and… yeah. [yeah see this is pretty awkward to ask Xp] or did mrs. meyer ever specify (not that it would ever come up lol) but i just thought maybe you might have an answer for that and since both of you are women it might not be as weird… XD lol i know what the obvious answer would be, that he would just keep his distance, but what with bella and edward always wanting to be at each other’s side… i dont know. but anyways, thanks for everything 🙂

  19. LeeO64 says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie, I love the podcast.

    OK, thinking that maybe the question that I’d like to hear discussed and reviewed would be what comprises the additional 20 minutes of material on the NM DVD coming out (that has been reported) and whether or not there are scenes that should have been included in NM that you hope to see on the DVD and why. I know this has been asked by someone already.

    You rock,

    Lee from NJ

  20. Dyanna says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I thought the sexiest moment in New Moon was when they were in the truck. The tension was killer! I even got tingly ears the first time I saw it, just like in real life right before you kiss the cute boy you had a crush on for the first time…with the slooooow lean in…..oh! So good! The kitchen was great too and Kassie, the lip touch was acceptable. :-p That’s it! Love the show and keep it up!

  21. Juliana says:

    Haaa some of the comments are too much! I think the question of the week should be New Moon related. We can talk about Breaking Dawn after Eclipse people! One movie at a time. I loved the last podcast when Kassie and Kallie discussed their favorite scenes and cheezeball moments. I think it would be fun to see what the listeners thought about the movie and the scenes they think are the best and worst.

  22. Sarah says:

    ok, so the thing is, i just started listening to your podcast and loving it. I don’t know if this has been covered yer or not but I am really curious. You guys said in week 3 that their is going to be two more books in her series. I have been really thinking about Bella’s powers. Stephanie Meyer says in her books that for th firsl year of becoming a vampire they are really strong and powerful, almost undefeatable. I know that Bella can deflect Jane, edward and everyone else from her mind and let Edward in when she wants to. Iwas wondering, do you think that Stephanie Meyer will make the strength part of her powers to as she is normally clumsy as a human??? This question has been eating me up.

  23. Cayla says:

    First of all, I want to see that I LOVE your podcast!!!!! The question of the week should be: If you could choose any perspective of Breaking Dawn to change, which one would it be and what would you change it to?

  24. Chris says:

    I just started listening to your podcasts and you guys are a riot! I really enjoy listening to you. I really liked the New Moon movie, but I felt kind of cheated that they rushed through Edward and Bella’s reunion from Chapters 22, 23 & 24 of the book. They had some real heartfelt dialogue there that needed to be said (“Before you Bella, my life was like a moonless night…”)! DId anyone else feel the same way? Could we hope these will be some of the scenes we see as extras when the dvd is released?

  25. Katrina says:

    Hmm my questions for you!

    1) whose style on the New Moon red carpet did you most dig since you got to see them up close?!
    2) If Breaking Dawn gets made (fingers crossed) who would be your choice for director and why?
    3) Was there any scene in the book that you wish had made it into the movie? Personally I thought they covered the book really well – the only thing I wished they could’ve kept was the part on the airplane when Bella and Edward are returning from Italy and she refuses to sleep because she thinks he will just leave again – I thought that was really touching in the book when she finally gets that he was lying to her and has been suffering as much as she was.

    And finally this is more a speculation question as well but what do you guys think would’ve happened to Bella if Alice never saw her jump off the cliff and therefore never thought she died and so Edward didn’t need to go the Volturi? Do you think she and Jacob would’ve ended up together and had children as seemed to be indicated in Eclipse when Bella sees the vision before the big battle or do you think Edward would’ve eventually come back regardless?

    Love your work Kallie and Kassie – hope you have a great Christmas with your families :o)

  26. Tale :) says:

    when comes the new podcast, girls??

  27. Layla says:

    I think a good topic to discuss, if this has not been already, is how New Moon was much closer to the book than Twilight was. My little sister hated the first movie because it was so off in so many aspects but she loved New Moon. I have a different outlook on the movies in comparison to the books so I was not mad just objective on the director’s version of it. I loved New Moon and how actuate it was but they left out scenes like the airplane rides and the car ride from the airport. Just a thought and topic I have discussed with my siblings and friends.

  28. Shamika says:

    My question is why hasn’t Breaking Dawn been green lit New Moon has made more than enough and Wyck Godfrey said they were in talks but what do you think is the hold up? Here are my ideas.

    1) They’re debating on 1 or 2 movies? I think it could go either way it all depends on the story they want to tell and what they feel they can’t cut.

    2) The Honeymoon? How much do you show. In the book Stephenie doesn’t write any sex but there might me a riot in theaters if the movie follows the book here. Then there’s the possible domestic abuse issue with the bruises Bella receives. It’s gonna be tricky.

    3) The pregnancy. Bella has to look like she’ll die at any moment. (I think they’ll play this down otherwise Kristen would have to lose a lot of weight to pull this off) And let us not forget the actual birth.

    4) Renesmee? Need I say more

    5) The ending. There’s a huge build up to a conflict between the Volturi and the Cullen’s with no real pay off, they talk and walk away with no fight. But much like they did with the end of New Moon I can’t see Summit or the producers agreeing to make this movie without some battle at the end. This is the main reason I think for the delay.

    Sorry that was so long, hope BD is green lit soon, love the show.

  29. Sarah 1245 says:

    Ok,so i have multiple questions related to twilight so bare with me.
    1) so the thing is what is with the ending with Breaking Dawn? Personally I thought it was disappointing, heaps of suspence but no action. I was ready for action which just never came. which leads to my next question
    2) will Stephanie meyer be making those next to books? The way i see it Breaking Dawn has too many loose holes. to me the way it ends impys that there will be another.
    and finally 3) this one to me is the most important and if it doesnt go on the the podcast can u please email me. ok, so i am very interested in how she planned these books? they are way to good to have been not planned. I hear how you talk to her, and it would be great to hear. i, myself love writing but all my writing lacks depth and real feeling.
    thanks for reading all this really greatful 🙂

  30. Alyssandra Black says:

    1) If they make Breaking Daen into 2 movies, where will the first 1 end?
    2) How will they show the honeymoon/birth scene?
    3) Things that bother you about Taylor Lautner(i know this 1 will be hard since he is obviously FLAWLESS!im team Jacob by the way!)
    4)Which actor/actress is most like their character and why?
    these are just a few. Love the podcast!

  31. laura leticia says:

    Hey Chickas!!!!

    Pick me, Pick Me!!!
    Naw… my question is probably the most non original but I always answer the question of the week so here it goes…

    Maybe your question could be “What are you doing to make time go by till Twilight: Eclipse comes out????” Like I’m actually starting some online classes to get my mind focus on something else so I’m not pulling my hair out in anticipation for Eclipse (not really but you get the picture) plus I’m also doing some side reading on books you recommend on your website, who knows maybe it will be enough to keep me busy till June but I highly doubt it cuz nothing can keep my zeal tamed. Although maybe some people’s answers will spark up some new ideas to make time go by.

    Love you <3 Mental Hug thrown at cha
    bye bye

  32. amanda h. says:

    i was just wondering the other day, becuase i heard it from one of my friends, if they were going to be able to keep breaking dawn into a PG13 movie? i know that it will be kind of hard since they have to consume renesme and when bella gives birth to renesme. i’ve heard a lot of humors and was wondering what you guys thought and what other people who are teens and LOVE the twilight saga, if it’s R a lot of people will be upset because there are soooo many teens who LOVE the movies. i was just wondering what you guys thought about it thanks and i love the podcasts.

    team jacob/taylor in movie team edward in book 🙂

  33. amanda h. says:

    also, i would like to know which one of the characters do you represent the most? i thought that would be kind of cool for you guys to talk about!!!!!! thanks

    team jacob/taylor in movie team edward in books

  34. Carrie says:

    Would you date a vampire? (other than edward because we all would date him!) Its kind of risky…

  35. Natalie says:

    Hey guys….
    In response to Shamika, #28…. her point #5 about the breaking dawn ending… Stephanie Meyer had explained that the lack of a battle at the end was the only way she could end the series. If a battle had ensued, very few Vampires would have been left standing due to the nature of a vampire battle and the super strengths of so many of the characters in the battle (or lack there of) scene.. I for one was never disappointed in this ending as i loved how Bella saved the day and that Aro and the Volturi were so intimidated and shocked by her ability to close down Jane and Alec! I seriously love when Jane was having a near break down because her powers were rendered useless due to Bella’s sheilding ability! I love when Bella is able to smugly tease Jane with a large grin!

    But Shamila has a valid point, Summit would be wanting a big battle scene with plenty of action ( as they creted at in the Volturi scene in New Moon, which was never part of the book)… How would this happen, because as i mentiuoned, Stephanie never created a physical battle, settling for a intellectual battle because so many would have to perish!!

    Perhaps the hold up is the disageement between Stephanie and Summit on an appropriate ending with a battle that they are both happy with! So perhaps your question can be… Can a physical battle occur without large casualities to the Cullens and they ‘witnesses’ against the ever powerful Volturi??? Because i pretty sure that die hard Twi Fans would not be happy with an ending where any Cullens die or their vampire friends and wolves who too want to defend Renesme… 🙂

  36. Casey says:

    I am new to the whole fanfiction arcives and I don’t know any really good stories. The question of the week could be about the different ways fans express their love for the seires. I love the wolfpack fanfictions, although I’m team edward all the way!!! Merry Christmas.

  37. Hannah :) says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie me and my friends from England love your podcast here are ideas for question of the week
    How would you react to Edward leaving?
    Would you choose Edward or Jacob if you were in love with both of them? like werewolf vs vampire, (I would choose Jacob)
    Do you think Jacob’s teeth are too white? (I dont think they are)
    Team Edward or Team Jacob? (not sure on this one maybe edward…)
    Team Rob or Team Taylor? (team taylor)
    Who would you like for christmas? (Taylor, Kellan or Jackson)
    Which twilight character would you like to be? (probably alice)
    Which twilight character would you date? (Jacob)
    which actor/actress would you date? (taylor he is only 4 years older than me)
    which actor/actress would you be? (hmmm hard one I like ashley)
    Which twilight book is your favourite? ( I wasnt too keen on twilight I liked the others but I thought breaking dawn was a bit too long even though i finished it in a day because I couldnt put it down)

    again I love your podcasts and I can’t wait for the next one, Merry christmas to Kallie, Kassie and their families and have a good new year!
    love Hannah xxxx

  38. neha says:

    Hey guys,
    I love your podcast and i wanted to know if you will be making another podcast soon.Anyway here is what your question of the week should be:If Breaking Dawn will become two parts as a movie how will the transitions be from Jacobs point of view to Bella’s perspective when she is becoming a vampire?I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
    An Awesome Listener,
    Neha 🙂

  39. marissa says:

    how bout this question…

    If you could be any chracter… Human, werewolf or vampire who would you be and why?
    I hope every one has a great holidays!

    Love you kassie and kallie ! =)
    i heart you both 😉

  40. Rachel says:

    I like the question about dating a vampire… I just read an article on about how Edward and Bella’s relationship is “abusive” because he threatens to kill her and she doesn’t want to have a regular human future once they meet. I think that’s jumping over the biggest issue that HE’S A VAMPIRE! I think you both have mentioned that you have a daughter; would you want your daughter to date a vampire?
    Merry Twilight and Happy New Moon!

  41. Stephanie G says:

    well my question would be like #40. would you let your kids to date a vampire, werewolf, or any otrer supernatural creature?

  42. Debra says:


    Why was NEW MOON pulled out of the theatres already? It is STILL NO. 5 in box office sales. They hyped the movies for months. I know many people who wanted to see it for the first time and people who wanted to see it again over holiday break. Old Dogs and 2012 is still playing, which is 8 and 9 in box office. I was very dissappointed.

  43. elizaveta says:

    happy chrismahanakwanzaka!!
    (a.k.a. happy holidays)

    how about comparing Twilight to other books? Twilight v.s. Harry Potter, for example. or this other new book series called The Hunger Games has a Twilight-ish romance, have you heard of it?

  44. Karen says:

    Hey guys. Love the podcast and have been listening to nothing else (except both Twilight soundtracks) since being introduced to the film and books about 2 weeks ago. I thought I had heard that the principal actors had been signed to a 4 film deal so I assumed Breaking Dawn was a done deal, though not so sure now. It has to be done. You can’t leave the series hanging after doing 3 films. And financially I don’t think the studios can resist. I think it is possible to hold the rating to PG13 (maybe release a non rated DVD version) with fancy camera angles. There are no truly explicit scenes in the book so I think you can do some very artistically lit scenes and back shots. You don’t need nudity. The bruising and furniture destruction would be more tricky and there probably will be controversy no matter what because some organization will decide to make an issue of it, though it is hardly abuse as pictured in the book. They don’t have to go into every disgusting detail of Renesmee’s birth. And the famous battle that isn’t. Well is it so bad to not follow stereotype Hollywood expectations? There is a battle: it’s mental and there is the opportunity for some fantastic CGI effects with Bella’s shield as well as the Volturi attempts. And the emotional impact of the final 3 pages could make up for the lack of fight. At least it did when I read the book. The publicity could play up the relationship angle more for the girls, and the blood and guts of the birth for the boys

  45. Karen says:

    Here’s a question that may have been asked but didn’t find it scrolling.
    What kind of parents will Bella and Edward be? Or does Renesmee not even need to be parented she is so perfect?

  46. Chanelle says:

    Happy New Years!!!!!

    I was wondering what people would’ve wanted different in the Twilight Series.

    Love the podcast!

  47. ashlea says:

    love your podcast by the way,(obessed would describe it better)!!
    i was wondering if stephanie will be doing another book becasue i really want her to and if she would i really would like to see if she would put more about jacob and renesmees relationship with jacob also in the last part of breaking dawn bella says that she has noticed that her dad has been with sue, leah and seths mum, have been spending alot of time together and maybe we would see that develope me even into a wedding?

    Happy new year

  48. team riley says:

    Just wanted to start off by saying a big hello from Australia, we don’t get as much twilight hype over here so I love listening to your podcasts 🙂 I know that new moon just came out but the only thing that is currently occupying my (and many other twilight fans’) minds, is eclipse. It was my favourite book in the series and I am super super excited to see the movie later this year. So I was wondering about your opinions on the following things:
    Which scene/character are you most looking forward to seeing in eclipse? (Riley, Leah and the sleeping bag scene for me)
    What do you think about this theory that David Slade has ‘darkened’ the movie, and focused a lot more on the action sequences? (I personally don’t mind, so long as the main theme of the book [Edward and Bella’s love] is the prominent feature)
    And do you think that they will sex up the movie a little more than the book? (I totally respect Stephenie’s beliefs, and I think the messages she got across in the books are important, but I wouldn’t mind if they sexed up the movies a little bit)

    Thanks and keep up the good work! 😀

  49. Abby(: says:

    If breaking dawn is made into two movies where should it be split?

    What scenes are you excited to see in Eclipse?

    What scenes will you be mad if they leave out?

    I think it would be interesting (for lack of a better word) to hear how it worked out will Bella and Edward during her time of the month? Did it even bother Edward?

  50. Chloe says:

    Who would be your ideal actress in breaking dawn for the Denali sisters?

    Happy new year.

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