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Okay, so Kassie and I didn’t discuss what our Question of the Week should be this week!  We need your help!  Use the comments section below to leave us some ideas and we may use your question/topic on the show!


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  1. Stephanie G says:

    have u hear, they are going to do breaking dawn into a movie?

  2. Karen says:

    Stephenie answered the monthly visit question. It was in the Q and A on the Twilight Lexicon (correspondence section), which basically answers any question you ever had. To paraphrase, it’s a little worse than usual, but the vampires aren’t attracted to that kind of blood because it’s “dirty”.

  3. Kimmy says:

    What left out scenes from the books do you really wish were shown on screen for Twilight/New Moon?

  4. Stephanie G says:

    here is another question, what is it that you find so attractive about vampires like edward cullan, erick night (from the house of nitgh), Stephan or Damon (vampire’s diaries) ,etc?

  5. ashlea says:

    Hey hey guys can’t wait for the next podcast and heres my question….
    If there was any more films/books do you think that anything serious would happen between renesme and jacob??
    also at the end of breaking dawn bella says that she notices that charlie and sue have been together alot and I was wondering if them two would get together..???
    would they get married???
    a joint wedding maybe????
    Love you and the podcast, from ashlea all the way from England!!!!

  6. fally wally says:

    I think the Question of the week should be…

    Let’s say that Taylor, or Kristen or Robert got themselves fired. Who would you chose to best replace them, and make it look like it was the same actor/actress all the way through???

    yeah, so, idk the answer to this in anyway, at all.

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