Crazy vs. Cool

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This week we want to know what you think of your fellow Twilighters!  So here is our Question of the Week…

Do you think Twilight Fans are CRAZY or COOL?  And WHY?

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  1. switzerland says:

    so! i think there are some of both but probably alot of fans are cool!

    probably all fans are crazy at some point (come on were talking twilight here =D), but some are just a bit more than others, only difference!

    and then comes the really crazy fans, like the attack the cast or: fist fight because she’s not team edward/jacob fans….

    love the podcast!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hey Kassie & Kallie!
    Hmmm…….. interesting question! To be completely honest, I don’t think we can define all Twilighters as either crazy or cool, the fanbase is so huge at this stage that every characteristic is present. Twilight is already a phenomenon, and with every phenomenon comes its wide variety of fans. Yes, we have our fair share of crazies, those of us who queue patiently FIVE DAYS (!) before a premiere and who visibly hyperventilate at any mention of R-Pattz. However, there is also a large portion of fans who simply enjoy reading the books and watching the movies. Personally speaking, I think all Twilight fans are a little bit crazy….. I mean, lets face it: we’re obsessed with VAMPIRE ROMANCE novels! However, we are ultimately awesomely cool people with excellent taste!
    Love the podcast and the website, thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work! <3

  3. Laura Cullen says:

    I like TWIHARD better. And yes some can be pretty out-there ya. Someone got a tattoo

  4. Lily Alice Cullen says:

    I think that we are crazy and cool at the same time, because we are that good. haha. I my self am overly CRAZY! If you asked anyone in my school who the most obsessed with twilight they would all say me! Everyone (including some of my teachers) call me Alice. I have two Edward life size cardboard cut-outs, like 15 posters, twilight pins, two New Moon calendars, 5 shirts, ans more stuff I can’t even remember. So in the end, some fans are more cool, and some are VERY crazy (like me) love the podcast!

  5. Pamela V says:

    Hey girls!

    I think that Twilight fans can be more easily described as obsessed. When I first heard of the series, I was very skeptic about reading a vampire book, after all I though it was too goth for me. After a few weeks, my friend convinced me to read it. When I read the first three chapters, I was hooked. Obsessed. I still can’t get over the fact of how a story can do that and even after re-reading the books, I still feel like it’s the very first time.

    You guys are freaking hilarious, keep up the good work!

    -Pamela V.

  6. Sarah says:

    well, thats a funny question. I think on the whole (and i hate making assumptions but here i go) twilighters can be a bit CRAZY. i dont think we/they mean to be but it comes off as an obsession when really it isnt actually ruling our lifes, it is an interest or hobby. WE LOVE VAMPRIES ESPECIALLY EDWARD CULLEN. it is nothing to be ashamed about. I personally am a quiet twilight fan, not to say i havent bought the movies, soundtracks, and watched new moon illegaly on the interent before HAHA… i just dont wear the tacky shirts or buy the twilight themed valentines sweets. well i think i am digging myself into a hole because since there is such a wide range of readers and viewers, twilight has grown from more than just teenagers but parents, grandparents, and teachers. so we are a little crazy and a little cool but mostly just plain CRAZY for stephanie meyer’s writing!
    love you both kassie and kallie! your podcasts are amazing and never cease to amaze me! keep them coming!

  7. Tara P. says:

    Hi Kallie & Kassie,

    I think the Twilight Fans are Both, if not more cool. The Twilight fans are a great community made up of all different ages, sex, race, & personalities. I think it is fantastic. i get a little annoyed when people who don’t understand the fandom laugh or say “Your one of those crazy Twilight fans”. But I know it’s just because they have never read the books. And let’s face it there are a lot of people out there that are only going to see the movies and base their opinions on just the movies. I think that is unfair, but what am I gonna do? I am just gonna keep being the fan I am. In conclusion, I think the Twilight Fandom rocks no matter what, wether we’re Crazy or Cool!

    Love the podcast!

  8. Savanna says:

    Hey guys! Wow, this is a very hard question to answer! So, I had read the first three twilight books before they were popular, and I loved them. But, for some reason the crazy fans bothered me, so I declared to the world that I didn’t care for twilight, and made it known to all who asked. Just a few months ago, I cracked open my Breaking Dawn that had been gathering dust on my bookshelf to finish it. I had left off somewhere in the beginning because I really didn’t like the story. When I finished, I realized that I had become a Twilighter. I don’t know what happened…but I am OBSESSED. Although, I’m not Team Edward or Jacob, the main reason I love twilight is because of Jasper. There’s just something about that man… So, if you had asked me this question a few months ago…I would have said that twilight fans were crazy. But I can now proudly say we are not just cool, but AWESOMELY AMAZING. I know we can ALL be very obsessive about Twilight, but I think it’s cool to be passionate about something! Everyone needs to have something they love and something they can look forward to! Plus, I think it’s pretty cool to get lo look at all the hot guys when we watch the movies 20 times in a row! But alas, I love Harry Potter dearly as well, unlike many Twilight fans, so the ones that dislike Harry Potter are DEFINITELY crazy. 🙂

  9. Jessie says:

    Of course they are crazy. The twilight stars cant talk in front of an audience without screaming fans keeping them from starting. Especially Taylor and Rob. Its so crazy,

  10. Elena says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    Twilight fans are all very unique and I think that twilight fans can be grouped into 3 categories:
    The first group is NOT COOL AT ALL and you will see why.
    They 1st group is made up of mostly people who have read the books and they like them. They’ll go see the movies and things like that, but they will follow the crowd and change their opinion. THEY ARE HYPOCRITES. THEYRE NOT COOL, THEY’RE CRAZY FOR NOT BEING CRAZY AND THEY’RE ANNOYING.
    The 2nd group of twilight fans are cool and crazy, but not too crazy 😀
    They will NEVA deny their love for the series and they will follow all the news and see the movies over and over again and read the books over and over again. But *sigh*, they will eventually move on and they’ll look back at the twilight series, and remember them and maybe they’ll re read the books every now and then, but they wont be like they are now.
    And then, there is the 3rd group! They are absolutely CrAzYyY!!!!
    They’re the ones who break up with their boyfriends because they’re not Edward
    They’re the ones who will never ever marry any human, they HAVE TO MARRY either a Vampire, or a werewolf.
    They’re the ones who spend all their babysitting money on twilight apparel from Hot Topic
    They’re the ones who leave love notes for Rob at his trailer and stalk him
    They’re the ones who hate Kristen Stewart with all their heart and soul!
    They’re the ones with Taylor Lautner cutouts in their bedroom and Robert Pattinson comforters!!!
    You get the point.
    The 3rd group of twilight fans are absolutely insane!
    (no offense you 3rd group twilight fans)

    So, which group do you guys classify yourselves in??? That’s the question every twilighter should ask themselves… 😕
    Hahaha love the podcast you guys ROCK!!!

  11. Sara says:

    I think it’s cool to love something really passionately. It’s the crazy obsessions that people have that make life fun sometimes. It’s what makes us who we are. I think all Twilight fans are a little crazy. I mean, I must be crazy if since I don’t go a day without coming to this site and a few other Twilight sites. But I think some fans go a little over board. People are camping out for days for signings and the movies. They brand themselves with tattoos with quotes or pictures. People scream at the top of their lungs when they meet the actors and they hardly have a chance to say anything with all the screaming. And there’s just something different about the scream of a Twilight fan than any other scream.
    Anyway, some fans are a little crazier than others and I think the world is annoyed with us. Sometimes I’m actually embarrassed to call myself a Twilight fan because of how crazy some of the fans can be. Especially since I come from the quiet world of Twilight where not many people knew what it was. The days were I would wear my “I love Edward Cullen” shirt that I got from Twilight Tees and people would say “who’s Edward?”. Now I feel like people look at me when I wear that shirt with a “oh, she’s one of those people” expression. But I’ve been a fan since New Moon was just coming out and I only knew two or three people who had read it. Sometimes I really miss those days.
    Sometimes I just have to remind myself of why I love it so much and not let the fact that it’s so big keep me from liking it. I mean, in a lot of ways it’s really nice to be able to meet people through loving Twilight. I’ve meet some really good friends because of my Twilight t-shirts. It’s nice to have a good conversation starter for someone shy like me.
    So yes. I think Twilight fans are crazy in some way. Some more than others, but like I said, I think it’s cool to love something so passionately. Twilight makes life more fun!!!!!!!

  12. Alex says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie!

    ok, befor i start, i have some things to say.
    i AM a boy, unlike many of the twilight awesome girl fans, so you’re gonna get an awesome boys perspective!! yay
    also, i’m english (Just like robert patinson hehehehehehehehe)
    last, i read the twilight series (all 4) in about 15 days, so i’ve got it fresh in ma mind!

    ok, so just before i answer i have to say i love you’re podcasts! i’ve only just got my ipod, and i downloaded you’re podcasts and loved guys are so enthusiastic. i love it. especially in the your fave. vamp and you said you love britain. and when you say SUPAH POWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, so the answer to the question!

    i think that twilight fans are both Craaaaaazy AND Coooool!!!

    so on the crazy side, i have many friends that are crazy, not only about twilight, but generally. my sister stares at the new moon movie poster at edwards pale face for about 15 mins a day, but she is nearly 20!!

    my friend vivian is Craaaazy about twilight. she has been to shows and went to the new moon premiere in the uk!

    my friend Ruth knows pretty much everything about the series, so i use her like a portable lexicon. hehe

    i think that the fans are also soooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool aswell!

    as mentioned before, Ruth knows loads. its so cool because she hinted towards things but didnt tell me fully whilie i was reading, which made me so confused but happy at the same time.

    i think that you guys are so cool aswell!!!!!!!! with you two’s use of awesome words, like SUPAH POWAH and Booyah. i love it!

    ALSO, YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL GIVING AWESOME NEWS AND THEN COMMENTING ON IT! i barely see this in other twilight podcasts, so it proves you guys are awesome.

    ok, thats my comment for the week, but just before i go, i have an idea for the next Question of the week. it is :

    If you were a vampire, whay SUPAH POWAH! Would you have?

    thanks,, Alex!

  13. Karen says:

    Hey guys. Love the podcast and I was beyond tickled when you discussed my comment on the Breaking Dawn film. Thanks for the “smart” comment. There are some really crazy fans of Twilight but then any cultural phenomenon has them. I was a crazy Duran Duran fan in the 80s and we did the same kinds of things teenager Twilight fans do today. I think it is awesomely cool to be a non-deranged fan: follow the news, read the books, see the movies multiple times, watch the DVDs as a mood picker upper, and listen to podcast discussions. Everyone needs something to feel passionate about. It’s a testament to the power of this book series that the fans are so dedicated. I just started a book club in the Bedouin school where I teach English in Israel, and my students (honestly without my prompting) chose to read Twilight. These are students for whom English is a third language, live extremely sheltered lives. They aren’t aware of a lot of Western pop culture, but they have seen Twilight, are fascinated by the story, follow the news on Facebook and chose the book as probably the first full length novel they have ever read in English. When a book’s fandom includes these kinds of people around the world, that’s incredible. It makes me proud to be a crazy fan.

  14. Jane says:

    It’s awsome were do I get like a wall decal
    Or a poster that is so cute I love the lighter
    Not to be crazy fan girl but I want a t shirt with that on it or like high tops I would love that sorry I’m crazy about twilight it drives my mom crazy but I’m a die hard fan so is my boy friend love your show -jane

  15. ashlea says:

    Hey girls!!!
    i think there is alot of obsessed fans out there but i think all fans of the twilight films/books can get a little crazy but some can cotrol that craziness more than others!! (not me)
    i think also some people might have obessive cullen dissorder!? (me)
    love you two and the podcast!!!

  16. Layla says:

    I think Twilight fans are a little of both. Of course I think Twilight is awesome. I was never a big reader but these books really turned that around and now I am excited about reading. As an adult I want to read for pleasure and not something that is draining and Twilight is perfect for that. Twilight fans are pretty hard core into the whole aura of the scene and can be a little crazy but I think it is cool to be a little crazy about something you like a lot. So all in all the fans are both. I love the podcast and wait each week for a new one. Keep up the awesome work girls!!!

  17. steph says:

    Cool… maybe, but defintely crazy too.

  18. Emma . aka most likly to steal alice's porche. says:

    Hey grilles hope you guys aren’t freezing too much. Well I think that some of the fan are more” passionate ” then others. But I would say those some fans are obsessed. I myself have been accused of this, but I’m not like one of those crazy stalker fans I just love to talk about the books and movies. I do feel bad for the cast some times because they have to deal with all the crazy stalker fans. I think that when these fans get too involved in the casts lives and make it hard for them to just go out, that is when fans have gone to far. Also when a fan lives, breaths, dies twilight that it is too extreme. Sorry to any one who disagrees with me. Any way, I had a thought for you guys. Since Kassie has a hard time some times finishing the books of the month (don’t worry Kassie your not the only one) that you guys should do a movie of the month. This way kassie can get through it in an hour or two and be done. Lol. Also this would give you guys and the rest of us listeners something to talk about and maybe a way for us to get to see and talk more about some of the casts other projects. I also would like to know what you gals want to see in an eclipse trailer, and when do you think they will put it out there? I hope you all are doing well. Love the podcast you guys make doing my home work a lot more fun.

  19. Brittany says:

    holla ladies, love the question.
    i think most twilight fans aren’t crazy, but when you tell people that you read the twilight books and liked them they look at you weird and walk away slowly. i myself am not a crazy twi-whatever, but i know plentey of them and yes they are scare the crap out of me crazy, but also know people who are like ya i read the books and they were good, but if you call edward a homo i’m not going to rip your head off. Most people don’t realize that the crazy fans are 12 year old girls who have never read the books and have just seen the movie, like my little sister who is a rip your head off to defend edward kinda person.

    love ya’ll ~brittany

  20. Alicia C. says:

    No one knows how entranced with the Twilight Saga I am until they make the mistake of asking “have you read those twilight books before?” Then it’s all over. But I try to keep a low profile.

    Though I choose not to flaunt it, I adore Twihards! They are the heart and soul of the fandom, so there’s always a place for them. People shouldn’t criticize them. We’ve all got our obsessions. Without them, there wouldn’t be Twilight Saga Movies, or even the many podcasts that we enjoy. I’ll take the chaos if it means I get to enjoy Twilight for just a little bit longer.

    Alicia C.

  21. jessikah s says:

    Hellooo Kallie and Kassie,
    so i think twilighters are totally crazy ! but whats wrong with that , im sure people would agree it’s great to be crazy, so us twilighters are also way cool 😀 so really there boths great things, and even if we get extra crazy sometimes, we are just showing our dedication to twilight, which you have to admit is pretty cool 😀
    love the podcast, you bring some happiness when im stuck in doors doing homework 🙂
    love love
    jessikah S


  22. andrea says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie!
    I think that with anything you are passionate about there are many many levels. Most Twi-hards (myself included) are fanatical. My brother called me a Twi-tard and made fun of me harshly for listening to any podcast that discusses books in general and even harder after I said that your page was almost entirely dedicated to Twilight. He pretty much thinks I am a dork, but I am ok with it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight and all things related! I am a die hard fanatic, and yes I am crazy about it!

  23. Isabel says:

    We crazed fans are absolutely INSANE! But only because of two reasons: there is an actual place that we can base everything on (ex. Forks), and its the biggest love story for our teen generation. Its also the closest thing most of us have to a real romance. I am a high schooler, so I know firsthand what its like to dream about meeting the perfect guy; beautiful and amazingly gorgeous in high school. But it doesn’t happen and that’s why we all love it, because it is “real” to Bella and Edward. Its such a screwy subject. A lot of my friends have read it and love it, but they’re not crazy-obsessed as most girls. I think, overall, Twilight fans are just abnormal and crazy. Its great to be one of them. Most of the hype will die down in a few years, once all the movies are made and the actors start doing other projects. But any die hard fan will love the series forever. No doubt about it 🙂

  24. Vicky says:

    Love the Podcast
    I’m gonna keep my answer short and sweet…
    All twilight fans are crazy and cool in their own way
    If they want to scream til they can’t anymore then its their choice if they don’t thats cool aswell!
    Keep up the good work

  25. Carmen says:

    Well as a Twilight fan I have been called crazy. Only ones who have called me cool are other Twilight Fans. I don’t really think we are crazy just very passionate about the Series. I for one when I become a fan of something I go all out. I guess I can say it get crazy when it affects you personal life, work life and family. Otherwise it all COOL.

    I love the podcast since I found you girls I haven’t missed an episode. Keep up the good, cool work.

  26. Lila Mary Stacy Maher says:

    Well i guess there is no real answer for this question….
    There are pretty much 4 groups of twilight fans.

    1st there is the crazy-die-heart fans who truly believe in vamps and wolves. They are addicted to the series because of the books, NOT THE STARS AND ACTORS!!!!! They began to read from the start and re-read the books ALL THE TIME!!!! They are cool about the fandom and are normal and calm when it comes to their love for twilight. They adore Stephanie Meyer and love her as an author. They like anything in the twilight series but get anxious when the producers go too far. They get nervous in the movie theaters at the midnight premiere and hope the movie is exactly like the book. The still wish Edward was in their own heads and not translated onto screen although Rob Pattinson is VERY good Edward.

    2nd there is the actors/actresses fanactics. They fell in love with the series from apperances (aka gorgeous Rob Pattinson and ripped Taylor Lautner.) They truly dont love the books from the beginning but from the beginning of the movie stardom. They read the books after the first movie came out and they had the actors playing the characters as they read along.

    3rd there is the tag-along followers. They love the series because their friends do. They didn’t like the series last year when nobody was too crazy about it, but now all of a sudden, they are obessed, or pretend to be. They never took the time to fully read the books and are FAKE READERS. There are many girls like this at my school.

    4th there is the absolutely CRAZY and balistic fans who are over-the-top. They stand outside the actor/actresses’ hotels and read all the gossip magazines about them. They are attackers and do ANYTHING they can to get near Rob or Taylor. They dont give actors any personal space, and hang creepy posters of them around their house. They spend a fortune on crap from Hot Topic and other stores and when people are stereotypical about this series, its their faults. I’m not saying its bad or anything, its adorable but maybe a little over board…haha idk.

    So overall twifans are controlled and collected and also really cool….but just like any other fandom, there will be fanatics and out of control screaming fans!!!

  27. Lila Mary Stacy Maher says:

    sorry i got a little carried away…i ont think crazy fans are bad, but i sometimes feel bad for the actors, they need lives too
    haha :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    Love yo gals so much
    Yo are the BESTEST PODCAST out there!!!
    You make me laugh…make more episodes. I need to hear a new one haha

  28. Katie says:

    A- Actors/ actresses- people stalk them! Bad and good though- Like I mean they need fans don’t they?
    B- Boys- I think they are a little crazy for bieng boys and die hard twilighters
    C- Crazy- Like injuring yourself to meet an actor/ actress? Really dude?
    D- Death threats- Okay I know this is really extreme, but I know some people who have threatened to commit suicide if they don’t meet an actor/actress in X amount of time- and are still planning on it
    E- Edward Cullen- This is cool because he isn’t real, but he still has human charistaristics to him so he doesn’t seem fake
    F- Fans- Yes crazy but cool. Like were just over passsionate right?
    G- Girls- Yes much crazier about it than girls- But who can help it???!?!?!??!?!?
    H- Hackers- Really?!??! Like that’s hacking the prisidents account (okay maybe I’m a little obssessed too!)
    I- Intruders- They’re technically intruding they’re personal space- like do you want people following you around? That’s why I like you (Callie and Cassie) because you don’t
    J-Jasper- It’s just crazy to be walking around pertending you are Jasper…..
    K- Kristen Stewart- Okay, I love her. No comments crazy can be made.
    L- Love- Is it really okay to fall in love with a fictiojnal character that no one will end up getting?
    M- Madly in Love With Edward Cullen Diasese (MLWECD)- People diagnosed themselves with a diasese?!?!?!
    N- Nikki Reed- Somebody cut off part of her hair?!?! (this was a fan)
    O- Oprah- Why Justin Bieber no Twilight?
    P- Parties- Okay Twilight parties are cool.
    Q- Quiddish Matches- Voultori vs. Cullens & Soectators suddenly became the new Quiddish
    R- ROBERT PATTINSON- Okay we all can be really crazy
    S- Series- Like the series is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    T- Twilighters- I think it’s crazy when people think they are Twilight ffans when they haven’t read the books
    U- Ugoslovia- I just think it’s crazy they sell copies there
    V- Vans- People go and buy vans and reinact the scene where Bella was almost killed? Like my friend did
    W- Wet- People move to the WET town of Forks because of the books and movie!?!?!?!
    X- Xylopohone- Only thing I could think of… they should make Twilight Xylophones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Y- Y r people obsesses- Im running out of creativerness- been at this 2 hours
    Z- inZanly awesome fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- okay I am Switzerland half and half no sides.
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CALLIE AND CASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LISTEN TO IT EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD DO A VIDEO PODCAST SOMETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Marissa Cullen says:

    Hello gals, i would love to say i L-O-V-E your podcast ^ _^. well this is my take on this situation. I would say some are cool but just as well some are insane. So with twilight fans there is basically no middle with these people. I mean the cool ones are the ones that love twilight but are not all gaga over rob pattionson and taylor launther (*cough* *cough* Kassie*cough*) hahaha the cool ones are the people that enjoy twilight at an acceptable level and don’t shriek whenever they are hear rob’s name or taylors name. Now on to the extreme to the max die hard twilight fans, these are the people that when someone says i would my heart’s bleed for edward, they take it as, Taking a tube of blood from the body and then giving it to edward so then he could accept them. Hahaha : ) also these are the people that follow the acturess 24/7 there is just no end to this creepy stalker ish acts. I mean i bet you the crazy twilight fans know EVERYONE thing about the actresses. They know everything from thier relationships to what they are eating that night for dinner.Hahaha. But seriously whatever the fans may be , they are twilight fans which are pretty cool people : )

    I would just like to say i heart you guys kallie and kassie from the bottom of my heart : D

  30. Ivy says:

    haha this is a good question. i think everyone is different, but for the most part probably cool. if you like the series you’re cool hehe. no but seriously i think twilight fandom can sometimes be extreme but at the same time its a good thing. i cant tell you how many times i have bonded with people just over twilight. i took a trip last summer with a bunch kids from different schools that i didnt know and the girls i was grouped with and i bonded in the beginning over twilight. thats pretty powerful, when you can go anywhere or be with anyone you dont know – or maybe not even like – and still bond over it and discuss and have fun with it. its supposed to be fun, being a “twilighter” is meant for fun. thats why we buy the merchandise and watch the movies and read the books especially and get particularly close with the characters because its all fun. but thats what i like about twilight, is that it brings people together. strangers and enemies and friends.

  31. Shizzy says:

    Ooooh Twilight fans are crazy for sure!

  32. Shizzy says:

    Oh I forgot!
    I LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your podcast! You two are hilarious, and you remind me so much of my sister and myself.

  33. Dominique Nicole says:

    I think devout Twilight fans (like myself) are a bit crazy. But it’s crazy in a cool way. I mean we devote a great portion of our lives to obsessing over a completely fictional world that does not have anything to do with our actual reality. But being our crazed fans-selves, we try to relate all things Twilight into every portion of our lives. I’d like to think that I’m a mild form of Twilight-crazy; I would never break up with a boyfriend because he wasn’t enough like Edward. And then, there are some people who get sad when they see that there is a sunny day in Forks because the Cullens can’t go to school that day. To further back up my claim, just take some time to read …Twilight fans are truly crazy, but in a pleasant kind of way! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  34. Eva says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie love the show :D.
    Now I just think that a great deal of twilight fans are just absolutely hardcore crazy. When Rob and Kristen can’t even go for a walk without getting mauled by fans and paparazzi something is definitely wrong. Dont get me wrong I love twilight but some girls and boys??? just go too far. Leave the fan girls at home in front of the tv and computer.

  35. Luna Eclipse says:

    Sadly, I am a has-been twilight fan. I grew out of it 🙁
    I thought I would re-visit the site just to see how it’s doing, I’m so glad y’all are thriving.
    Looking back, I think that twilight fans are absolutely insane, slightly obnoxious, and totally amazing. You guys are so dedicated to your books, your author, and your movies, it’s astounding. I think that there comes a time for everyone when twilight fizzles out (I know, I know. It’s hard to believe until it happens) but I know how amazing it feels to be so connected with it. You guys are incredible. <3

  36. Charlie says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie

    I love the podcasts!
    Twilight fans are either crazy or cool… but if we are known for being crazy then why can’t we just live up to the reputation. I am one of the crazy fans and preach to my friends at school about twilight, so i am proud to say i am one of those crazy twilight fans who are amazing!!!

  37. sarah cullen says:

    I think my fellow twilighters are cool. Others say we are crazy, but they don’t understand us. They say we’re obsessed with twilight, but i say that they are obsessed with being normal 🙂

  38. oliindaa says:

    hi kallie and kassie!..
    well i think it depends what type of fan we’re talking about.
    In my opininion, there are 3 types of fans..
    1. Just fans: they are the ones that read the book and saw the movie and that’s it. They are cool.

    2. More than just fans! (i’m in this one): they are the fans that read the book, saw the movie, have posters and some t-shirts, see everyday a web page and are in touch on what the autor and the actors are doing. we are pretty cool too 😀

    3. The ultimate fans!: they read the book, saw the movie (maybe the premier), they have posters, A LOT of stuff that has to do with it, maybe they just think about it, they want to know EVERY detail that has to do with the book and the actors, they know everything that was ever knew about it, and they maybe super stalkers. They maybe a pain to the actros and to their friends.

    And i put all this not in a bad way, not to make fun or point out or say that ultimate fans aren’t cool, is just that i have a friend that is really the super ultimate fan and sometimes she annoys. She already knows i’m writing this.. so its ok. lol. 🙂
    well.. thanks, kallie and kassie, for doing the podcast!.. keep doing it 😀
    -more than just fan 🙂

  39. Carly "Renesmee" Cullen says:

    Hey Ladies!!!

    Thanks for reading my Question of the Week last week.

    I think fans are both. We are cool because we all have passion in the same thing. We are also crazy because we do some crazy stuff. We can’t be passionate without doing some crazy stuff. I haven’t done anything crazy, but I am sure I would if I got the opportunity.

    Thanks for the podcast!


  40. elizaveta says:

    plz read mine 🙂
    i think twilight fans are a little of both, but as my English teacher says, you have to choose one, so im going with CRAZY. here are my reasons:
    1) anyone who likes a vampire-werewolf romance saga is definetly a little crazy.
    2) just LOOK at the picture of the twilight stuff contest winner (and the comments under it)!! if that isn’t crazy i don’t know what is.
    3) there is so much twilight stuff available — t-shirts, posters, pins, calendars, games, bookmarks, backpacks, chests, and that’s not even a tenth of it. and not only that, people actually buy it – for no other reason than that it has Edward’s face on it (or something along those lines ..).
    4) there are people who have seen the twilight and new moon movies over 5 times, for the sake of it being twilight. crazy obsession much?
    5) there is just so much crazy webtwilightness!!! drawings, fan fiction, poetry, podcasts, music videos, dubs, websites …. and on goes the list ….. all made by crazily obsessed twilight fanatics.

    so i rest my case … twilighters must be crazy. although there is a little coolness factor in there, probably from the fact that twilight is so popular that crazytwilightness has become cool.

    anyway, thanks for reading my SUPER-LOOOOONG entry. i love the podcast (except for the fact that i am a sworn edward hater and you people are exactly the opposite … grrrr ….).

    team jacob!!!

  41. Rose says:

    Haha this week’s question is one of the best that I have seen in a while. I think that all Twilighters have their moments of both crazy and cool (but for some reason I think mostly crazy) If anyone went to the Peter Facinelli/Robert DeFranco bikini dance in Hollywood, im sure they were extremely jealous of me, because Peter came to sit in the audience and accidentaly (I think not) sat on my lap. For a second i thought about just holding onto him but. I let my rational side take over and just sat there in shock. I wish I woulda held on tight and never let go… he smelled really good. Anyways, love the show an love you guys!


  42. vicky says:

    hey guys! love the podcast!!! i personally have to agree with what every1 else has commented, i heart my fellow Twihards ha ha, i love the twilight fandom its one of the things that makes the whole twilight experience sooo much fun e.g. going2 fan events and stuff , as wer all soooo passionate about the series!! i do however think that there is a slight divide theres the people that LOVE the books and the films and then the ones who just love the films and havent really read the books and are therefore maybe a little more obsessed with the stars of the films than the actual plotlines or the author etc. That said i think we all have our twi-spazzs lol my mate and i went to the u.k. premiere/fan party+had said that wed try2act all cool, yeah as soon as the guys came on stage we were screaming just like every1 else ha ha.
    so in conclusion twihards crazy/cool? crazy but in a good way lol

  43. Brinean (Bruh-Neen) :) says:

    Well if you were to ask my parents this they would say crazy (I wonder why?? 😉 ) but I would have to say that yes some twilight fans are a bit crazy for instance when they ask the cast to bite them! But I think most Twilight fans are pretty cool they show support for their fandom and defend it against “haters” which is something you would see in any fandom so I think most (not all) Twilight fans a relatively cool! 🙂

  44. Stephanie G says:

    of course twilight fans are cool and crazy. i mean who isn’t crazy about something we like. fans are cool because they have all this kind of thing, from posters, T-shirts or any piece clothing, jewelry, etc. and they have all the books, and the movies they re-read and watch it. Well, they are locos(CRAZY) for the same reasons.
    but there are some realy CRAZY i mean they follow the stars, when the movie cames out the wait in lines to see it for no matter what long, they buy the movie no matter the cost.
    they are locos and cool because they wacth and read all the news about the actors and the movies.

    love the popcast, bye

  45. Ashly Lynn says:

    I think were a little bit a both.. Amongst ourselves were cool but to others we may be viewed as crazy…

  46. Linzie says:

    No of course not. considering that I am one and that I am obsess but not totally anymore. I think that the merch people are over board i see alot of girls at school with new moon twilight stuff…kinda freaking me out 🙂 but still twi fans are awesome

  47. sally says:

    i respecI respect the fan’s love for twilight and i respect they are crazy over everything Twilight. I love twilight as much as the next girl but i think there is a line of how crazy you can get about anything. Fans have gone overboard with it. I’ve heard many stories of fans got wild but like i said their has to be limit. It’s probablly me and other people wouldnt think the same but i dont understand why would anyone cry for someone who they dont know. They’ve seen them play as the characters from the movie but its not so much as to cry for meeting them…. I can understand somesone getting nervous or really excited they have to scream but crying (i think) is overboard. That’s just me…. Crying is just one of those things that i think fans have gone crazy. This doesnt just apply to twilight it applies to everything else other people like (from my point of view)

  48. Britney says:

    I am obsessed with Twilight, let’s face it, but not as obsessed as others. One of my friends, let’s just called her Jamie, is obsessed with anything pop culture, so she loves Twilight, but if I like Twilight, she hates it. Obviously we aren’t the best of friends. She wore her twilight hat, her Jacob shirt, and her “I Shine Brighter Than Edward” hoodie to school one time and the skin on her iPod, Phone, and laptop is Twilight. I have a couple posters on my wall, along with Paramore (I was a fan before Twilight) and my own artwork, but I go in her room and it’s Twilight this and Twilight that. I think Twilight is awesome and all that, but it’s just a book (a movie, in her case)

  49. indra says:

    I think that all real twilight fans are crazy! after all if you like something so much how could you not be! they are so passionate about twilight that maybe sometimes they go overboard and do things only other real twihards would understand L) they are of course very cool because just the fact that htye love twilight makes them cool! love the podcast!

  50. Karen says:

    Hi Girls,

    Good question. I am a new lover of everything twilight. I finished the books in December and have seen the movies. The books are riveting and movies are fantastic. Are the twilight fans cool or crazy? Mmmmmm, I would say both. It is very hard not to get wrapped up in the twilight phenomenon be it crazy or cool. I think as long as we can keep our obsession in check and not become a twilight stalker it is cool and crazy at the same time. I like the fact that there is something else I can think about besides, kids, lunches, pets, work and teletoon. Twilight time is my time and allows me to escape all the other crap out there.

    Thanks for the entertaining podcasts, lots of laughs.


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