Walmart’s DVD Will Have Eclipse Footage!

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This press release just in from Walmart. That odd vibration you feel is the screaming of a million Twilighters.

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Ultimate fans of Twilight have a reason to howl with excitement: a sneak peek at The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Walmart announced today it will be the only retailer to carry The Twilight Saga: New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition on standard DVD, and Blu-ray, with never-before-seen footage from the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Walmart also will feature “Twilight Saga Shops” in stores – a dedicated shopping experience for Twilight fans to bite into a variety of Twilight­-themed clothing, jewelry, and merchandise, including new items to show their wolf- or vampire-fan pride.

Fans can pre-order The Twilight Saga: New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition on DVD or Blu-ray, as well as the national two-disc Special Edition DVD or Special Edition Blu-ray, today at With the new movie and 50 minutes of extra footage and interviews, The Twilight Saga: New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition also contains an exclusive, 7-minute sneak peek of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It begins with an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the production of the newest film. New interviews with stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, as well as with series-creator Stephenie Meyer, are integrated with revealing on-the-set footage of some of the key scenes and sets from the upcoming movie. This first-look at The Twilight Saga: Eclipse concludes with the world premiere of an actual scene from the upcoming film.

With the movie release scheduled for March 20, 12:01 am, fans can be among the first to own the DVD, joining friends nationwide at midnight release events in more than 2,600 24-hour Walmart stores. The midnight release last year of the first Twilight movie brought hundreds of thousands of fans together online and in stores, becoming the most pre-ordered movie and most successful DVD movie release event in Walmart history.

Walmart’s Twilight Saga Shops, designed for both the “fan-pire” and “wolf-lover,” will open in stores mid-March and will feature a variety of items themed around the Twilight series and favorite movie characters.
Among the items in Walmart Twilight Saga Shop are:

· Wolf and vampire lover tanks ($7)
· Twilight Saga themed tees ($9)
· Jacob Black and Edward Cullen tees ($9)
· Twilight Saga themed jewelry (bracelets, pins, key chains, earrings, necklaces) ($5 )
· Twilight Saga themed messenger bags ($12) and totes ($9)
· Twilight Saga books, including “The Twilight Saga: New Moon Official Illustrated Companion Book” – ($13.24)and “Life Story” magazine cover issue featuring Twilight ($8.95)
· The Twilight Saga New Moon Ultimate Fan Poster – exclusive DVD cover art ($5)
· Party snacks and beverages to prepare for DVD viewing parties
· New Moon Special Edition Two-Disc DVD and Blu-ray – available 12:01 am, Mar. 20)
· The Twilight Saga: New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition Two-Disc DVD ($24.96) and Blu-ray ($29.96) and The Twilight Saga: New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition with Forks documentary DVD ($29.96) – all available 12:01 am, Mar. 20

Customers can also find items such as character dolls Bella, Edward and Jacob ($24.88), movie soundtracks, as well as New Moon The Movie Board Game and SCENE IT? Twilight Movie Edition THE DVD GAME at select stores. Walmart will host its dedicated Twilight Saga Shops in its 3,500 stores through mid-April, and continue to carry Twilight merchandise through the year, although some items are for a limited period only.

As excitement builds for this upcoming DVD release, Walmart will announce additional special events and activities for fans in the coming weeks.

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10 Comments to “Walmart’s DVD Will Have Eclipse Footage!”

  1. Dabney says:

    oh. i felt a vibration but i just got a text. hehehe

  2. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    Yes I’m so happy
    Taylor Lautner Birthday Tomorrow
    He turns 18 just two years older than me

  3. Karen says:

    I looked on the website and didn’t find a dvd called the ultimate fan edition. Anyway have better luck?I don’t want to order the wrong version. This is exciting.

  4. Twilight9009 says:

    Karen, I just looked and couldn’t find it either, but this is definitely the edition I want now! I thought Target would have the best version again, but this one sounds pretty good!

  5. Krystal says:

    The DVD is supposed to be live on Walmart’s site tomorrow 🙂

  6. TimeStandStill says:

    But seriously how many hours will it take to leak the footage online, and like you wont buy Eclipse when it come out. I don’t know that this is the seal the deal info for me.

  7. Twilight9009 says:

    It is on the site now 😀 and the cover is the best cover available in the US in my opinion. I am very excited for this version!

  8. *SyLvIa* says:

    hello sorry my English is not very
    good but I would like to know if this
    dvd and the Walmart’s Twilight Saga Shops
    will also be at the wal mart in the city of mexico


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