Only 1 Day Left!!!

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There is now only 1 day left until New Moon hits store shelves!  Can we get a collective scream?  Ahhhh!!!

Today’s question is:

Who is your favorite character/actor casting in New Moon and why?

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10 Comments to “Only 1 Day Left!!!”

  1. samantha says:

    EDWARD/ROB b/c he is an awesome vampire and actor. Also I love guys who sparkle “)

  2. AshleeCullen18 says:

    Edward/Rob because he is so hot and I think he is a great actor!! I am so excited for the movie!! Going at midnight to get it!!!!!

  3. Chen says:

    I think Taylor/jacob. He has that sort of baby face for the human Jake, and he also does an amazing change over to werewolf Jacob. Taylor’s a very talented actor and I think he played our favorite werewolf very well.

    I live in Germany and New Moon is already out in rental stores since Wednesday… don’t now what that’s all about. Usually we get movies a good two weeks after you guys in the US. Not that I’m complaining or anything…

  4. Erin (Team Jake/Emmett) says:

    i think the actor that has best captured their character is taylor. i think he’s the perfect jacob.

    kellan is an awesome emmett, ashley plays annoying alice perfectly, jackson is totally jasper, peter is the perfect carlisle, dakota was the perfect jane (despite all the initial hate at first), RACHELLE WAS THE BEST VICTORIA and of course, rob is a great edward. the one that i love that was most surprising for me was billy burke as charlie. he’s not how i pictured charlie in my head whilst reading the books but movie!Charlie is one of my favourite characters. i love the dry humour about him.

    but.. i’m most thankful for kristen being cast as bella. i might never have realised her awesomeness otherwise.

  5. Katie B says:

    I hate repeat what everyone has been saying, but Taylor Lautner was an excellent casting choice. Except for the fact that book Jacob is about 7 feet tall, which can’t be helped and isn’t a problem at all, Taylor fits Jacob to a T. His face is happy and his smile is sweet. His playful side and his sarcastic side work so well. I’m Team Edward all the way, but towards the end of the movie, I was really wanting Bella to stay with Jacob. Taylor got me that twisted around. Hey, I’d pick him!!

    I have to say that I did not like Kristen Stewart being cast in Twilight, but in New Moon she was fantastic. Rob Pattinson is definitely not the vampire I see in my mind, but he is better as Edward this time around too, except he’s so self-loathing that I do get tired of that. Yes, he’s moody and broody in the books, but movie Edward looks like no amount of time with Bella will ever make him happy. Book Edward does smile and laugh, but movie Edward…not so much. However, Rob’s still a good choice.

  6. Casey says:

    my favorite character/actress has to be Alice/Ashley Greene – She is exactly like I imagined her in the books.
    my favorite actor has to be Taylor. He is nothing like i imagined Jacob, in a good way. watching Taylor in Twilight and New Moon helped me understand that Jacob is really innocent. I was a Jacob hater just like Kassie. Taylor has opened my eyes to who Jacob really is. I now understand Bella’s struggle. Edward and Jacob are both great guys.

    P.S. Unlike what many of you might think, I’m not just saying Taylor is my favorite Actor be cause he has his shirt off for most of the movie, although I can’t say I mind that.

  7. twilightfan says:

    Edward and bella because when they are toghter they rock so they are super cool

  8. Stephanie G says:

    my favorite character is Emmet because funny and he is always ready for the fight.
    i don’t have a favorite actor in this movie/ movies because i think that all the actos in this movies are great for their characters, well some are not what a picture than to be when a read the books but they have grow in me. for examplo Billy Burke as Charlie looks better then what i picture Charlie to look like. and one that is how i picture is Peter Facinelli as Calisle, besides Peter Facinelli is hot (in my opinion) with blond and his regular hair. ( when his hair is blond he look like a different person) Did any body see him in Lopez Tonight this week?

    P.S love the podcast u girls are funny. last week i download/put in ipod the podcats, and every time i listen to it and lol my sister give a look and ask why i’m laugh.

  9. Holly says:

    I love Aro in the film. He totally cracks me up but is super creepy at the same time. Very entertaining!

  10. Elena says:


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