YOUR New Moon Release

Mar 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles

We would love to not only hear about what you did last night, but also SEE what you did last night!  Email your pictures to kallieross@twilightseriestheories, and I will put them up HERE!

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3 Comments to “YOUR New Moon Release”

  1. Dabney says:

    i cannot drive, and my parents (being the twi-haters they are :[ ) did not drive me to a midnight release party. but wht i did notice in the mall today was an abnormally large amount of girls wearing twilight t’s.

  2. kaitlynne says:

    i went to the walmart relase and there was a lady who had been there waiting in line sence 2 in the afternoon! everyone says im a crazy fan girl, i dont think so. oh and like 10 min before it came out a bunch of people came. >:( i think that if ur not there at least an half and hour early you shouldnt get one. if some dont like that oh well. after i got my copy i went home and wached it. 🙂 i didnt get to bed till like 3:30 XD

  3. Elena says:

    well….I wasnt able to go to any of the midnight releases 🙁
    but i got the 3 disc target edition, and I still have yet to watch a few of the special features, but I have watched almost all of them, and I was pretty happy with it! I loved the 6 part documentary and parts of it were so funny! I loved how they all were noting that Chris W. wears his socks over his pants!! Hahaaaa…dont know why that stood out to me….
    And I was SO relieved after I watched the deleted scenes, because I was like “THANK GOD THEY DIDNT PUT THAT IN!!!!” hahaha
    Overall, I was really happy about it!!!

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