Kellan To Play Greek God Alongside Henry Cavill

Mar 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

According to MTV, Kellan Lutz has joined the cast of “War of the Gods,” where he will play Poseidon, ruler of the seas!  Rounding out the cast are Henry Cavill (sigh) and Frida Pinto, who play Theseus and Phaedra, respectively.  You may remember that Henry was Stephenie Meyer’s first choice to play Edward Cullen, so it might be kind of cool to see him and Kellan together on screen!

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8 Comments to “Kellan To Play Greek God Alongside Henry Cavill”

  1. Lina says:

    So we have Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Clash of the Titans, and now War of the Gods? Awesomesauce. =D

  2. KallieRoss says:

    I agree with Lina… AWESOMESAUCE!

  3. Dabney says:

    Playing a god? Exactly where Kellan should be. ;D

  4. Stephanie G says:

    i agree with Dadney, becuase Kellan already have the looks.

  5. Katie B says:

    Wouldn’t that be a fun casting call? Which of you hopeful young actors has the best abs for the next Greek god movie?

  6. Jeremy says:

    Frida Pinto is the weakest link. She’s a skinny, ugly gold digger.

  7. shannon says:

    Henry is so sweet and I am THRILLED to hear that I can see him on the big screen again. (Sigh 🙂 so happy) I am not one of those who wants autographs but he would be m exception.

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