Reading Eclipse… Again!

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For our Question of the Week, we want to know which of these chapters is your fave? And why?

We will be reading and talking about a few chapters each week.  So make sure to stay tuned, and read along.  This week we will cover the first 6 chapters…







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30 Comments to “Reading Eclipse… Again!”

  1. Cherise says:

    I like “Switzerland”, because Bella stands her ground finally and stands up for herself. Although my favorite chapter in Eclipse of all if Fire and Ice cuz I love the Edward /Jacob insight.

  2. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    Eclipse is my fav book in the series.
    i love the part where jacob kisses her.
    I love the tent scene.
    And I absolutely love when Bella kisses my Jacob.
    I wish I could trade spots with
    her and kiss taylor\jacob

  3. Chloe says:

    Out of these 6 chapters I like ‘Switzerland’ the best. I agree with Cherise’s point but I also think that it was good that Bella fianlly hung out with someone besides Edward and Jacob. Even though I like reading about them it was nice for a little change and you also got a bit more depth to Angela. Another reason is that after reading that chapter us Twilight Saga fans made Team Switzerland. Even though I’m Team Jacob I love Team Switzerland because there are only a few in the world.

  4. Elena says:

    (Kassie, I have a feeling you’re going to like my answer)
    Well, I can tell you which chapter of those 6 I like the LEAST, which is Chapter 4, Nature. Because Jacob is in it and he’s being completely obnoxious!!!
    But, my favorite of the chapters you mentioned would probably be chapter 3, Motives, because I love the little exchange that there is going on between Bella and her mom. Its so sweet (awww). But I gotta add, my favorite chapter in Eclipse is definitely Fire and Ice (the Tent scene), but ohhhh myyyy does chapter 20 (compromise) come close! Lots of kissing and ohh….ohh wow! Haha! And don’t forget Edward’s proposal!!!
    Anyway, Thanks so much guys for doing the podcast it is so entertaining and fun and you guys are hilarious to listen to! Keep it up!!!

  5. Jane says:

    Simpely beacause of its title beacause:
    1. I live in switzerland
    2. For once switzerland appears somewhere
    3. It does not only appear somewhere but its for a good cause (gosh for once =D)
    4. I am team switzerland

    ok ill admit its stupid to go with the title and with the only part where she mentions Switzerland once. But I just can’t resist =D.

    • Mimi says:

      Hey, you’re totally right, I love that chapter, because I’m Swiss and it was so funny to find my country in one of my favorite books!!!
      Go team Switzerland!!!

  6. Katie says:

    I like Ultanium, because it has the letter to Bella from Jacob, and Charlie’s AWFULLLLL!!!! cooking skills,Charlie breaking the law by opening Bella’s letter, and Edward (my heart, my soul, my life) explaining to Bella (uh she had to ruin it for me?!!?!) about the monsters.
    I like Evasion because it has Alice, and Bella threatens to move out. – Wait and Edward pulling out cords in the truck. I thought it was funny when she shut and then slammed the window shut.
    I liked Motives because of Florida, Jake (my back-up plan), and writing in class, and the guys betting on who would win “the fight”
    I liked Nature because Bella was lonely (shyesss!!!!!! sccore for me), the flyers, the amazing bear hug, and yeah that’s it.
    I like Imprint because of funny Quil, Bella getting mad over not aging, and imprinting (Renesmee, pronouncenced RUH-nes-MAY).
    I like Switzerland because of Bella thinking Edward was following her, Angela’s house, slumber party, and the Porsche bribe, and Rosalie coming in.
    I really can’t make up my mind. More supporter speculation?????? And singing?????????
    Love the show,


  7. Lizzie says:

    Read Eclipse twice? More like ten times! (Actually, this is kinda funny to think about because I was just listening to your Read Twilight Twice podcast yesterday.)

    Anyway …. my favorite out of those chapters is probably 1. Ultimatum. I really love Jacob’s note, and how you can see how he tried so hard to get the right words, but then failed and eventually just wrote, “Yeah, I miss you too. A lot. Doesn’t change anything. Sorry. — Jacob.” The whole spaghetti thing with Charlie is really funny (“You’re supposed to take the lid off first, Dad!”), and I think it’s interesting how, at the end of the chapter, Edward and Jacob unconsciously agree on something. Shocker! Also, the first chapter of a book is always the best because it pulls you in to the story and makes you want to not put the book down until you finished. Which I know very well. The first time I read Eclipse, it took me about 2 and a half days.

    On a slightly random note, what did you girls think about the bonus chapter of The Host that just came out? I loved it! It inspired me to write a Host fan fiction: Then again, I’m a bigger Host fan than Twilight fan. Now I’m re-reading The Host …. again.

    And another thing: about Percy Jackson: I really hated the movie. My reaction was to steal Zeus’s lightning bolt and shoot it down onto the people who made it (well, I pretended to, anyway). There were just so many differences, and the producers killed any possibilities of making another movie by leaving out Kronos and pretty much killing Luke. The movie was a completely different story from the book. By the way, Kallie, how is reading the rest of the series going?

    So, now that I’ve finished my off-topic rambling .. love your show, you guys are great! Bye!

  8. heeeeeeeellllllooooooooooo girlies,
    i defanatly think that my chapter out of the ones you have chosen is “IMPRINT” i think it give the readers the first hint that imprinting will be a BIG thing in this book. i also love love love when jacob tells bella that embry or quil is it? i forget (my bad) imprinted on claire!!! soo funny. i was shocked much like bella. and even when jacob tells her that the bond is like a brother and a sister i still think it is wrong!! but still verry funny.
    great job with the podcast keep it up!!

  9. Emma( aka alice stole my porche! says:

    Hey Chicas ,before I answer the question I just had to tell you that my aunt and uncle just had a baby and neither of them have anything to do with the twilight world, and get this his name is Cullen. Also m y new brother was named Percy Jackson only back word Jason and Pearcy which is out last name. Lol. But back to the question, I really can’t pick one because I love them all! I do have to say that the face punch scene with Bella and Jacob and then that scene carrying over to Edward. I was just wondering if you guys thought that this scene is where the face punch movie in New moon came from. I thought when I was seeing the movie that whole scene was kind of a Edward and Jacob i guess overly dramatized thing with them. Hope all is well with you guys.
    Ps I just stared the host ok maybe like 5 months ago and I’m not even 200 pages in so Kassie don’t feel bad! It will probably take me a year as well.

    • Stephanie G says:

      i just start the host too, but i got it March and i’m Chapter 3 it will take me more then a year, lol!

    • Katie D says:

      As far as the host goes, I started it a while back and only got like 200 pages in and felt like i was never going to finish and put it down for a couple months. well when i finally picked it back up i read it in two nights. so my advice keep reading and after a certain point it becomes totally addictive.

  10. Lora says:

    Of those 6 chapters, my favorite is Switzerland. I like that Bella gets some girl time with Angela. I like that Bella and Edward get in a little tiff. I like that Bella stands her ground here. Soon Edward will begin to grow and compromise. Possessive Edward is not attractive, although I understand he sees his job as keeping Bella safe. I think it would have been courteous of Bella to call Alice once she was at la Push to let her know everything was fine so that she would not panic and call Edward. I love Edward, but road-rage Edward scares me.

    • reply to Lora
      What road rage? I don’t think Edward is nearly as scary as Jacob. I can’t stand some one who would forces themselves on any girl. Plus Jacob is the one who is constantly threatening everyone and throwing snoty names and insults about .

  11. Chris says:

    Hey ladies! Switzerland is my favorite of these 6 chapters. I like that Bella stood her ground with Edward. She kind of shows him she’s going to give him a run for his money in their relationship.

    I also have a suggestion for Kassie since she doesn’t have the time to actually sit down and read: audiobooks! I like to read, but with school activities and work and keeping the house, it is hard to find time to dedicate to just reading. I listened to all 4 Twilight books on audio and it was wonderful. I listen in my car, while I’m cleaning or doing laundry or while my husband and son are watching something on tv (sports!). You can rent, buy or download the audiobooks.

    Love the podcast, ladies! Thanks!

  12. Mary says:

    Chapter 5 Imprint was a the pivotal point in the series. To me it reveals why imprinting is inevitable and unavoidable force for all in the werewolf pack, including Jacob….it’s just a matter of when and with whom. Bella & Jacob would never have their ‘Happily ever-after’… Jacob would of imprinted to her from the get-go, once he became part of the “pack” if this was the case…..And, If they did hook-up through the traditional route…date, engage, & married, Jacob would of broke Bella’s heart in the end once he imprinted to some other girl. (just like Sam did to Leah when he imprinted to Emily)

    If we were to apply “imprinting” concept to the Cullen’s Family, and the Vampire World, then in a sense Bella & Edward “imprinted” to one another when they first laid eyes on each other in the Cafeteria……an unstoppable force brought them together and when apart (felt a piece was missing, existence no longer matter) Hence, why I’m team Edward……there’s no point in being for team Jacob nor Team Switzerland. Gotta love Stephanie for writing a Twisting-Your-Heart-in-Knots Series.

  13. JenLouise0201 says:

    Hey ladies, hope all is well on the Theories front! I am already underway planning my June Eclipse kickoff par-tay at my house for my fellow Twilight nutty-buddies. So that’s going to be exciting! Oh on the question of the week front, I am just starting to re-read Eclipse again, so I can’t really comment on a chapter quite yet. But, I am doing something completely ridiculous. I am avoiding the last Eclipse trailer that just came out. You read that right. I really felt that the New Moon trailers gave way too much away, so I have decided to avoid this last Eclipse trailer (since the first one didn’t really give us much of anything), as to keep myself surprised at the premier. 58 days and counting….
    So help my sanity….

  14. Stephanie G says:

    mmm that is a difficult question to answer being Eclipse my fave book of the saga, but of the 6 chapter is Chapter 1 Ultimatum, i like is funny when Bells go to the kitchen and find her dad try to make dinner and bells said “So what’s all this about?” and Charlie tells her that she is not grounded any more but that she have to balance her live and see her other friends and no just the Cullens. Other part i like is when Charlie try to have the sex talk with bella, other part i like but i don‘t remenber the chapter is because i don‘t have my book with me, in when Jacod go to the school to talk to Edward, and when bella escape to see jabod takeíng advantage that Edward was hunting but when she gets to Angela’s house (on the end of that part) when Bella get out of Angela’s and find Edward waiting for her. Well the only thing i don’t like is the Rene part and how Edward is with bella not letting her see Jacod.

  15. Boston says:

    What is up ladies? When will you give us another podcast? I miss you! I am also going to take this time to shamelessly plug my own blog The Beta Friend Blog: A couple weeks ago I did a review of New Moon that y’all should read. Come back Kallie and Kassie!

  16. Carmen says:

    Out of these first 6 chapters I think I would say Switzerland is my favorite. Bella lays her point of view on the table. She she them for who they are not what they are. I am (ultimately a TEAM EDWARD, because I do believe Edward is with whom she should be with) but I agree with the TEAM SWITZERLAND idea. We can love two people at once and for very different reasons and in very different ways. I love the phone call Bella makes to both Jacob and Edward. I can so see the scene in my head. Hope it’s the movie as well. The conversation Bella has with Angela I feel is important because it goes to prove that no matter what type of magic, supernatural is going on, Edward and Jacob are men and they behave as men. Jealousy plays a big role in the triangle relationship. In the Tent scene it’s even said. Maybe Edward isn’t jealous that Bella with end up with Jacob but is jealous that Bella can do certain things with Jacob that she can’t with him.

    • Hazel says:

      I commptely agree with you! I’m so glad someone else has the same thing as me !!!! you are a cool person

  17. stacey says:

    My favorite of these chapters in my second favorite book of the series is Nature. I loved this quote and its sticks with you “I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart-I’ve left it with you.” I cannot get enough of the intense love that these two characters have for one another…..

  18. Hazel says:

    I like Switzerland best “I am a nutral country. I am Switzerland. I refus to be effected by the teritorial disputs between mythical creatures. I don’t care who’s a werewolf and who’s a vampire.”

    Team Switzernd is just the best <3

  19. My favorite chapter of the six is #2 partly because honestly there is not a lot of Jacob in it. And I am nothing but TEAM EDWARD, and I think he is best for Bella. When he left her the note Look after my heart I’ve left it with you: was cpmpletely romantic. BUT obviously she didn’t take such good care of it, and it really was so tender and sweet it made me cry.

  20. Shimi says:

    I really love the chapter Switzerland because of the end. I really love chapter seven because It starts where Rosalie comes in the room and tells bella her story. I love reading about Rosalie’s life because it finally tells you what her problem is..sometimes I just wanna slap her. Its really sad what happens and you begin to sympathize with her. We finally get to see what made her so jaded.

  21. Ashlea says:

    to be honest, i like any chapter were its not all ’bout jacob, because it drives me crazy reading bout him and this is not because im team EDWARD, i just think thats hes winey big-headed and pushy, just not nice qualities. but i think i would have to say that ‘switzerland’ is the best chapter.
    love you and the podcast.

  22. Amber says:

    Eclipse is my favorite book of the saga andI really liked Switzerland. I think that that is where Bella finally finds where she truely fits in between Edward and Jacob (:

  23. Stevie Lynn says:

    Ultimatum for sure.

  24. Ivy Cullen says:

    eclipse is my favorite one, i like chapter 3 the best out of these. a couple reasons are because of the way Edward is so protective of Bella in the parking lot, and shes just like, what the heck?! its just Jake! and how Jacob says he misses her. another thing i really like about this chapter is that Edward and Bella are writing notes to each other in class, just like high school kids do. its a nice change, because i think, throughout all the books they’re really mature. that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but every now and then its good to have a little childish events going on. and then this part:
    “Jacob’s little smirk became a full- blown grin, and i know he was picturing Charlie showing up to arrest him.”

    😀 thats good stuff>;)

  25. Cassidy Galloway says:

    I think Switzerland is hilarious!!!! Bella really thinks a lot in that chapter about being neutral to the vampires and werewolfs natural enemies theory. “I am Switzerland!” LOL.

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