Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision” Music Video

May 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News, Music

MTV has now posted the full music video for Muse’s song, “Neutron Star Collision,” which contains new footage from Eclipse!  Check out the video below!

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5 Comments to “Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision” Music Video”

  1. Kitkat says:

    OMG totally love Muse! Awesome video!
    Edward looks kinda funny with black eyes tho….weird.

  2. Connie says:

    If you loved the video please go over to Muselive and vote that you did. Let’s show Muse how much we love them.

  3. Megan says:

    June 29th needs to get here muchhhhh faster. All these clips and pictures are so teasing!!

  4. Eydie B says:

    Awesome! I love listening to them, it’s like poetry set to music. The first time I listened to “Black Holes and Revelations” Take a Bow, I flipped out. I can see why Stephenie lists them as her “muse”. Muse and Twilight were made for each other. Nice the way they added the clips, good editing.
    “You bring death and destruction to all that you touch”

    Supermassive Black Hole, MADE the baseball scene in Twilight. I think the scene might have been cheesy watching them running around playing baseball, but the music made it cool, exciting and sexy.
    “you set my soul alive”

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