Stephenie Meyer Talks Bree Tanner

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The Twilight Saga site has a new interview with Stephenie Meyer herself, who talks about Bree Tanner, Eclipse, and the official Twilight guide!  You can read the full interview here (you may have to sign onto their site first).

Over the course of the Twilight Saga, we are introduced to a rich hierarchy of vampires. Is Bree the only vampire outside of the core Twilight cast you’ve established such a firm story for? Is there any other character you would enjoy exploring in a similarly involved way?

Given all the time in the world and no distractions, I could write a short story for every one of my characters; some would turn into novellas and some would turn into novels and some would turn into series. Some of the stories are pretty firm—Aro’s early days for example, Marcus and Didyme, Jane and Alec, Charlotte and Peter, Alistair, the Denalis—and some I haven’t given as much thought to. Most of these stories don’t feel as necessary as Bree’s, because Bree’s story affects the central story so directly. I don’t know that I’ll ever do a companion story like this again. It was a lot of fun, though.

Was it easier or more difficult to write about the Twilight universe after seeing it brought to life in a movie?

All of the core Twilight story was written before the first movie came out, so I can’t really say. The movies are a fun and interesting supplement to the books, but they’ve never affected the look of the story in my head.

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  1. Valeria says:

    Hello Dear Stephenie Meyer.Write you from distant Russia, well can be not quite such distant.) Beforehand I beg pardon for my can be not quite well-knit English.Here you will not answer my questions probably, but on those sites which you presented I was not able to understand how to mail you a letter.Therefore and thought to write here.I will be thankful you if you will read even.Questions will be to you, but before I would like to express you the gratitude for that you created.To say Thank you for that in a the same day when sleep (as you told) dreamed you about the pair of falling in love sittings on to the meadow: fellow-vampire and girl outage death you did not cast aside this sleep as most usual and did not forget about him as about any other sleep and began to develop a coming in sleep idea, idea, what was overmaster millions of hearts all over the world.You created the world, and he interesting that in him am and the known facts about vampires and world supernatural (as far as they can be named facts), and cardinal differences. All of it attracts, interest and carries away! I watched movie before, than read books, but it in any way did not prevent me to enjoy reading.Vice versa, combination of appearances from a film and detailer, complete literary work – created the unusual world under the name «Twilights»! And now my questions: Saw in free access in the internet a book ” after 100 years ” allegedly showing by itself continuation of your saga.Say it has what that attitude toward you? and that do you think on this occasion? Is it necessary to expect from you further development of events of saga after your fifth book a “Sun of midnight”?

    With love to you and to your work
    Your reader Valeria

  2. Lira says:

    Hello, Stephenie! Somehow oddish we all begin this letter.In Russia there is a site, devoted your creation, and we decided you to write a letter, hoping that you will read him, and can even and will send an answer! ) At first, we want to say of you large gratitude! We read your books without stops, and some of us read them not once! Thank you…Books true delightful, all senses and emotions are described, what Bella thinks about, and from it small ants on the back of bezhat. A heart goes away to the heels, and when it forgets to breathe.. We to itself talk: «not forget to breathe!» and simultaneously with a heroine begin again to breathe in air.Thank you,Stephenie Meyer ! Enormous! For those emotions which we get from your books, for that love with which you write books.. Thank you!
    Probably, very much such letters come you, but here not simply words of gratitude, but also request, entreaty. All like a «Sun of midnight» and we all with pleasure wait continuation. We hope that it will go out soon, and similarly we want to ask you to write all saga on behalf of Edward.In fact it so keenly, to look at identical situations by stranger eyes.Bella thought one, Edward other, it very keenly, to remember as Bella thought at this juncture, and reaction of Edward and his ideas. Here in any way it is other impossible to describe! We all understand perfectly. That very offensively it was you, when took away on an universal review 5 book, as early as an unready variant, but they are chic!
    We all with impatience wait continuation of history, more precisely than history by the eyes of Edward.

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