“Blood Is Thicker Than Water”-New Eclipse Scene

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Here is a new clip and on-set interview from Eclipse, thanks to The Insider!

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17 Comments to ““Blood Is Thicker Than Water”-New Eclipse Scene”

  1. Stephanie G Cullen says:

    omg!!! was she about to say Jacob?

  2. Lautner Lover says:

    What does she have?!?! =0

  3. Lautner Lover says:

    What does she have!?!? =0

  4. Lautner Lover says:

    What does she have?!

  5. Megan says:

    she was totally going to say Jacob!!!

  6. Ashley says:

    Jacob!!!!!!!! She has Jacob! Awww great scene

  7. Dabney says:

    uhm yesss people before me she was gonna say jake. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SOOOOOOOOOOO CAN’T WAIT 21days 2hrs 17min 10sec

  8. Stephanie says:

    She is going to say I have protection umm you know this he protects me when you cant edward. Then edward gets upset and says what that dog? lol I cant wait til it comes out also!

  9. Chloe says:

    She was going to say Jacob because it’s not like she is going to say ” I have a shotgun”

  10. ChenyaRain says:

    Well obviously she was going to say Jacob. There’s nothing else she could have said at that point and Eclipse is pretty much centered around the Edward/Bella/Jacob triangle. Boy, she caught herself just in time didn’t she, though it’s not as if Edward doesn’t know exactly what she was going to say. All the Cullens probably understand too, so that’s a pretty awkward little room right there…

  11. Ivy says:

    If you have read the book then you know what she is going to say. this one is going to be even better than the first and second! I hope edward has some hot come backs for jacob! edward always wins! mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  12. jody lynn says:

    Hey girls i am just looking at the clips and trailers of eclipse and i don’ t think the kiss happens in the tent i think if u notice what jacob is wearing when he and bella take of on the bike and the scene in the trailer where he is talking to her alone and the scene where jacob and edward fight jacob is wearing the same clothes. something tells me that that kiss happens when bella takes of with jacob on the bike and they go to talk if u notice in the clip in the trailer it looks like he leans in and goes to kiss her but it is cut off. Unless jacob wears the same black shirt in every scene of this film i really think that it doesn’t happen in the tent i think there is a tent scene but not the kiss what do u think ?

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