What Would You Ask… On the RED CARPET?!?!?

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This week we have a lot to prepare for!  Thursday I (Kallie) will be on the red carpet of The Twilight Saga Eclipse Premiere!  We never know who will stop and talk to us, but wee have to be prepared to ask everyone and anyone, cast and crew,  questions.  We usually get 2-3 minutes of their time, so we like to have some great questions ready… How would you like to help?

Our Question of the Week is… What would you ask the celebs on the red carpet?

*Make sure to leave your questions below in the Comments Section!

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  1. Michelle De Freitas says:

    Maybee.. you should ask something simple because if I were an actress an it was my movie premiere.. I would be more nervous and wouldn’t like answering complicated questions.. is just my opinion 😉

  2. Paige B says:

    I have always wondered why Robert Pattinson hasn’t read Breaking Dawn?! I don’t know if that question has already been answered by Rob, but I am dying to know!
    Thanks,,, LOVE the podcast 🙂

  3. Ali says:

    Well for p fach I want to know if it’s weird that girls… Or maybe it’s just me… That r about his daughters age r in love with him. Haha jkjk

  4. Dolores Vacca says:

    I would ask Robert if he is now or in the near future planing on working on a new music album, and who are his musical influnces? I would ask Kristen what is the best part about being such a mega-star,and how does she feel about being such a positive influnce on her fans? I would ask Taylor what is his dream role?

  5. Dolores Vacca says:

    Robert is such a great musical talent! I would ask him if he has a music album in the works and I would ask who are his music inspirations? I would ask Kristen “How does it feel to have such a broad fan base (men, women of all ages)? and what is the best part of being such a huge mega-star?” I would ask Tayor “what is your dream role?” and any or all cast members if they have any future films in the making? what are they? or what role do they play in that film? and what other roles do they look forward to playing in the future?

  6. Nina says:

    I would ask Kellan Luntz What is your fav battle scence to shoot while filming Eclipse?

  7. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    Hi kallie and kassie love the podcast

    – Who would she choose Jacob or Edward ?

    – What is your favourite role you have played
    – Do you like playing Jacob?
    – If there is anything in the books (twilight saga) to change what would you change?
    – Do you hate it when people ask you about your six pack?
    – You are the best actor in the history of acting

  8. April says:

    i would ask any of the cast members if they will miss twilight after finishing all 4 movies and what will they miss the most

  9. Christy says:

    If they were in a movie who would they want to be their costar?and why and what songs and artists are they listening to right now? And what’s their opinion on Bella and Edward having a baby together in Breaking Dawn?

  10. Christy says:

    This question is for Dakota who is your favorite character and why?what team are you on and why? Hi Kristen what scene are you most looking foward to in Eclipse?What is your favorite book in the twilight series? Question for the whole cast:Are there any tv shows that you enjoy watching on your time off?

  11. Christy says:

    This question is for the whole cast What do you think of the fans?

  12. Christy says:

    This question is for Kristen and Rob have you had any thoughts about releasing an album soon?

  13. Chessie says:

    To all of the cast, What is your favourite book outside of the Twilight Saga and why.

    Love the podcasts! 🙂

  14. Kelly Smith says:

    Well def tell all of them CONGRATS

    Ask Rob
    Since he is originally from England does he plan on moving to the US (LA area) any time soon? Like buying a house so when he is here he has a place of his own instead of crashing at someone else’s couch or multiple HOTEL rooms??

  15. Christy says:

    This question is for the whole cast what were some of your favorite movies and tv shows when you were younger?

  16. Erlinda says:

    You should ask things about the movie like ‘Is Jacob’s part going to be in the Breaking Dawn movie’ and ‘Did they pick someone to play nessie’ and ‘How many nessie’s are there gonna be?’

  17. ylena says:

    ask rob: what will he miss most about the twilight saga when they wrap the films? is their something new he has learned about edward after 3 twilight movies with him? is their something that has really changed in his life for him since he has began the twilight saga movies?
    ask kristen: how does she deal with constant media attention and paparazzi intruding on her personal life? is their someone in the entertainment industry that she sees as a role model for her career? is there anyone she would be starstruck by to costar with in a movie?
    ask taylor: who is his biggest inspiration for his acting career? is their anyone he is especially looking forward to working with in a future movie he is doing? what is he looking forward to the most in filming breaking dawn?

  18. Carrie says:

    ummm, this was a question asked at one of the Harry Potter Premieres,
    To the whole cast
    What prop if any would they want to steal from the set?

  19. Karen Cipriano says:

    I would ask Stephanie Meyers if she could make me my own wolf pack and I would ask her if she can make me my own Edward, Carlisle, my own Emmet, Jasper, & James for my b-day which is June 30 which is the day of the midnight release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I’m so excited for a b-day gift from summit the movie will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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