Stephenie Meyer Talks Midnight Sun!

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We were amazed going through the interview with Stephenie Meyer, and wanted to bring you an answer to one of the MOST asked questions… The very first thing Stephenie addressed was Midnight Sun, and now you can hear it all straight from her!

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Midnight Sun Clip

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If for some reason you would rather read the interview…

Meghan: What we’ll do is just start here, you’ll do one question and keep going around…

Letters to Twilight: No pressure!


Meghan: So alright, go for it!

Stephenie: Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Do you all have your tape recorders on?

All: (Nodding and saying yes!)

Stephenie: First question, because we are going to deal with this right now, is Midnight Sun! Right? So we don’t have to…

All: (Lot’s of blabbering…)

Stephenie: I know that’s what everyone cares about.  I also know that the right answer would be for me to say “Oh yah, it’s done! And it’ll be out next month!”  But that’s not true.  It’s also not true that I’ve got a ton of work done on it, and that’s what I’m working on.  What’s true is that I’m really burned out on vampires.  And, I don’t want to write it badly.  So I want to wait until I’m excited about the material again, and I’m excited about Edward, and that it’s something that’s motivating.  You know, when a story is keeping me up at night, and I’m waking up at 4 am in the morning and thinking ‘Yes! That is what is what should happen in this moment!’  Then that is when I can write with happiness! So, right now it feels like homework… it really does.  And when things feel like homework they go very, very slowly for me.  So it’s still not a “It’s not gonna happen!” I want to do it when I can do it right.  You know, I have my share of human stubbornness, and I have to tell you, it’s a little bit hard when people are like “This is the only thing you can do, and it’s the only thing we care about!”  And, you’re kind of like a three year old, you want to be like “I’m gonna do what I wanna do!” Yah.  “You’re not the boss of me!”  So my mom has backed off a little bit.  Actually, I was at The Fray concert, and I was hanging out with the guys backstage.  They’re really cool, and I was talking to Isaac about it.  He was like, “I really want you to do that!”  And I was like “Oh my gosh!  Come on!”  You know I can’t get away from it anywhere.  And, we talked about stubbornness and reverse psychology.  I have this great thing he signed for me, it says “To Stephenie, Don’t work on that stupid book! Nobody wants it anyway!”  I have it by my computer.  That really is the right direction to go with me, because I’m like “Huh!  Maybe I should do it!  I’ll show you!”   Psychology!  Anyway, that’s Midnight Sun!  so, that should disappoint everyone!

Twilight Series Theories: I don’t think so!

Stephenie: Ok!  so now we’re done!  (Laughing) So, I’ll see you guys later!

All: (Laughing)

Letters to Twilight: That’s totally understandable.

Twilight Series Theories: I would rather wait.

Twilight Source: We’re not reading it until it’s done.

Twilight Series Theories: I haven’t read it!

Letters to Twilight: You haven’t!

Stephenie: The people I worry about are the haters. You know, that like to talk about what a horrible writer I am and all that stuff.  When I do write it they’re going to say “Oh, this was worse than the first half because now she did it badly!”  No matter what I do it’s going to be that way.  There’s a mental block there.  You know what people are going to say, so I have wait until it’s just me and the book again.  Then I can feel excited about it!  You know, sometimes I’ll sit and think about the car chase, that we don’t get to see from Bella’s perspective.  I have that one completely mapped out in my head.  That one wouldn’t be hard to get down. Stuff like that, it gets exciting. Cars.  Ya know!  The first car he steals I have picked out, and then the second one.  It get’s messy!  It’s gonna be great!  You have to get excited about things!  But, that’s Midnight Sun!

Twilight Series Theories: Check!

724 Comments to “Stephenie Meyer Talks Midnight Sun!”

  1. Rhonda says:

    Stephenie, I’m over twice your age and totally a My main objective is to stay healthy and alive to see BD-pt 2. I’m hoping to have Midnight Sun added to my library of Twilight books very soo as well. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed books more, I have the paperbacks as well as the hardbound and the Guide..Happy thoughts and keep up the good work.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Stephenie, Happy Birthday!!!!!My youngest son was born Christmas Eve for many yesrs felt he got cheated on Cheistmas because we let him open one present from under the tree on his b-day therefore he came up short on Christmas day

  3. Mark says:

    I feel for her it must suck to have put so much effort in something for it to get leaked. But on the other hand this is her life this is her profession this is why people love her. If it wasn’t for the people she wouldn’t have a job . And for her to throw a fit and say I’m writing it when I feel like it. Is messed up I’ve only read the 1st four pages and I loved it but I knew if I read the whole thing and when she finally felt like finishing the book I wouldn’t be interested. Because it took so long. And I get that writing is all about ur feelings and blah but it’s always about the fans it’s actually all about the fans if you think about just ur self I’ll never successful. It’s been 3 years!!! And still no book. And hurting the fans like this isn’t just gonna hurt the twilight saga series but anything she writes again people will look at her different. Just like if you spend 100 bucks on a ticket to see a concert or any sport and u go to see your fav player and they don’t play cuz they don’t feel like it or something that’s a slap in the face. Bc if people didn’t spend that 100 to see them they would be flipping burgers at burger king. But all in all I love stephenie I love the twilight I’m actually obsessed I can’t get enough it’s like OUR own brand of heroin

    • liz says:

      I totally agree with your sentiment. It is her job now. We have made her a multi-millionaire and that should not go to her head. I love her for the joy she has given me with this series, but I still believe in professionalism. She should behave professionally and maturely and respectfully towards the people who have made her so wealthy. So, please Stephanie, finish “Midnight Sun” before the actors are too old to play their parts. We made you rich and famous, you owe us at least that much.

  4. Nikita says:

    Stephanie, I like your writing. I really enjoyed the Twilight series and I loved the Host even more. I think that you should start a new series or new book. I can understand why your having a hard time writing more about vampires, I think the twilight series is complete as is and adding more would be overkill. I would love to see something new from you! You have an excellent imagination and your very creative.

  5. arunveer says:

    When will the book Midnight sun be published because i want to find out asap !!!????
    also when will the movie(if there is one) going to be out ?
    r u planning to do one?
    i Just wanted to now, are you from england?

  6. Tina says:


    I am one of your fans and you have heard this million times already but I would like to also mention, please continue writing Midnight Sun for your fans all over. We have gotten a taste from Edward’s perspective and it is even better than Twilight for me. I know that everyone has been forcing you to continue writing Midnight Sun and I am no better but still I can’t help but request you to finish the book; not just for yourself but also for your fans. We all are waiting in agony to read it.

  7. Rhonda Politte says:

    Please Stephanie finish Midnight Sun. I think it is only fair to have Edward’s version and feelings. The first chapter of Midnight Sun is so fascinating, you just have to finish it. No where else in any of the books have we gotten Edward’s feelings. I never want this to end and I think even a movie could be made of Edward’s version. But please at least give us the book……

  8. Madhu says:


    U don’t have fans only in U.S or U.K u also have tons n tons of fans in India as well.
    I’ve kinda become “Twilight” distributor/Advertiser :). i’ve given the books to all my friends and my colleagues, and keep telling bout the story to ppl i meet in the cab. most of the times they see me reading the same black wrapped books,if they ask me what i’m reading ,i start telling them bout the history of Twilight then and there. We’ve all lost hope on “Midnight sun” no expectations bout that book. even though we’re heartbroken, i’d rather you don finish it in a bad way. we’re lookin forward to any other new fantasy world u are planning to take us to. we’re at ur side wherever u take us :):)
    (i wonder if Stephenie ever reads this)

  9. Clara says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    As your fan, I don’t want to force you to continue Midnight Sun. You have to be in the mood of writing. Midnight Sun would not be the same, if you aren’t obsessed and completely anxious about it. I’ve read all twelve chapters, and I’m completely anxious to know Edward’s thoughts in the meadow with Bella. I want to know how it all will end up, although i already knows. Bella have already told her story. And Edward deserves to tell his to the very end. His reaction when he save Bella from James. His determination when he taste Bellas blood for the first time. I need to know…
    – But not if you aren’t anxious. It’s not the right thing to do. Wait until you need to continue Edward’s story.

  10. Froufrou says:

    I have not read the Midnight Sun book…I have seen it selling on ebay for 70 G.B.P but i really wanted to wait untill it was finished by S.Meyer.
    I really hope that is does get finished when she is ready to do so as it would be a perfect read..I adore the books all of them, they let your mind run wild with all the people and places from the romantic, I even cryed a little!
    These books are not just for teens im in my late 20s and adore them.
    I will be gutted it never gets done as i just want the story to go on and on…to see what nessy would be like in adult life would she marry jacob? could she have a child and be half wolf half vampire?

    Who knows…thats the great thing about how she writes..leaves so many possibillitys its talented..she got it all!!! A* from me xx

    • Ana says:

      If Midnight Sun was finished, I would go SQUEEEE must read now just like I’ve done with the rest of the Twilight books! I read them all in a few weeks my first go! I could not put them down! Another far-future suggestion that I would SQUEEEE at would be a continuation after Breaking Dawn, but in Jacob’s, Bella’s and/or Renesmee. Don’t feel too bad about critics; all the greatest writers had problems with malcontents. I LOVE your books!

  11. Milla says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I just want to start of by saying (or writing I guess) that you are an amazing writer, and there is no reason to be worried that some people won’t like your book (they’re just angry Harry Potter fans anyway!). I have read the Twilight series more times than I can remember, and I have all of the books relating to Twilight as well, and they are brilliant. I know that when writing you need to feel inspired, I am sort of a writer-in-training so trust me, I know, and you shouldn’t write anything unless you’re inspired, but can I ask you a small favor? Please, please can you get inspired by something, or can you do something that will make you feel like writing again? I fear that I have become slightly addicted to Twilight and, well, I really wish that you would finish writing Midnight Sun… Do NOT doubt yourself, because there is a reason that millions, heck billions of people worldwide (just to prove a point I’m from Sweden, and I’m living in Bangkok and my Thai friends LOVE Twilight, so people EVERYWHERE love the books) have loved the books ever since they first came out.
    No pressure, write when you feel like it, but just know that you have forever made a Twilight fan out of me (as well as many others) and that I will be patiently waiting for Midnight Sun, for as long as it takes.
    Good luck,
    Milla from Sweden

  12. Kristen says:

    Heya Stephanie

    I am a massive fan and would like to know that if/when you finish midnight sun will you be doing other books on edwards thoughts in the other book because i would love to know, i thing it would be a brilliant idea and dont be put down i think midnight sun is going to be a real smasher like your others, so chin up and take your time but please not like another few years 😉 i’d like to read it all soon.

    from kris x x

  13. brenda webb says:

    i love u stephenie twilight are the best books ive read in my 54 years i love the movies too but my heart belongs to the books i hope someday to hold midnight sun in my hands twilight is my favorite of the series and ive read the online draft of MS a thousand times+ it makes me love the first one even more even before i knew there was a midnight sun i wanted to know What is Edward thinking what is he feeling thank you stephenie for these beautiful books

  14. twihard says:


    I’m not sure whether this comment will change your mind, but please write midnight sun, and as soon as possible, I’m sure you can do it, and that you can do it good! Love you xoxo

  15. Taylor says:


    Take your time writing Midnight Sun! I also think it would be cool to have a book that’s written from the perspective of Jacob or Reneesme. I couldn’t get enough of them in Breaking Dawn.

  16. erica says:

    I agree! I would love to just see the series continued from Renesme’s perspective!

  17. Patricia Watkins says:

    I’d like to say I have been dying for the completion of Midnight Sun along with so many others, I’d like to ask Stephanie to please find whatever incentive that is needed after the unfortunate theft and followed leakage of the book. I understand the anger and broken heart from that, but most of your real fans like myself never read any of it until we stumbled on it, within your own website. We are the fans who want, and ask again, for you to please finish it for us. We are all addicted like any other addict it just happens to be to the Twilight Saga, and not alcohol or drugs, but it feels like these books are our perfect brand of heroin and then during our withdraw, you gave us an even sweeter blend and even more tempting, then even let us touch it and see it and smell it, to be one with it only to later withdraw even worse, the craving is worse knowing that it just needs to be finished, and we could have it, we need this please we are the true fans who would never even peek, let alone steal from you.
    Also two I’d like to ask Stephanie if she has thought of or considered asking all the actor’s and actresses through this saga if instead of the big L.A premier and all of that, if they’d consider or want to finish the Saga in the place it all began, here in WA so that all of us, who didn’t know enough at the time Twilight began to be able to meet and greet and actually talk to them as they have been such an important part in our lives, as well as us in there’s. I think it would be the grand finale of finishes, unexpected, unrehearsed, everyone expects an L.A finish with all the camera’s and press, and possible mobbing, but what if they could relax at the finish, as well as be admired, being a little human like us. It would certainly become the talk of Hollywood for weeks after, As well as WA.
    I’d like to ask if any other fans have thought along these lines like I have thank you for everything A True Twi-hard fan.

    • Sydney says:

      I am a huge!!!!! FAN of all of your books. I have read all of them like a MILLION times. Please!!! Please!!! finish Midnight Sun. I’ve finally got to read it, and it’s ssssooo great. Please try to finish it soon. Can’t wait!!!!!

    • marie says:

      I agree true fans wouldnt want to read the leaked version or even sneak a peek, it makes the anticapation for the FINISHED AND PUBLISHED VERSION more worthwhile xx

  18. marie says:

    I am a big twi fan, love all the books and the movies 🙂 i havent read the draft of midnight sun thats been leaked out, its not right, we should all wait until stephenie feels ready within herself to start writing again and finish it, If everyone trys to pressure her, she wont want to do it, shes only human after all..
    but I agree with other people, i thoroughly enjoyed reading bd and seieng from jacobs point of view..maybe she could expand on that..
    thankyou stephenie for writing amazing books and sharing them with us all x

  19. sweetkatexx says:

    hi stephenie
    would just like to say thanks for the twilight saga. i only got into it boxing day last year n already have ALL your books. like all your other fans i would love love love you too finish midnight sun i havent even read the chapter you have put on your site becaue i’d rather wait but i was wondering if you’d consider carrying on the saga with renesmee & jacob with others still a big part?? because even though i’ve only recently become obbessed i still think theres millions of people that would love more (not that you will read this but its worth ago) all my love anyway xxx

  20. nandia says:

    great i love all films im waiting 4 next film midnight sun , and book of alice

  21. nandia says:

    love u stephenie mayer thank u so much”

  22. Misty says:

    I have always been a slow reader but I have to say I started the Twilight series on my Kindle Fire after Christmas and had all of them completed within two weeks. I would have had them done sooner but I had to fit in a couple of hours of sleep in between. I have always been a slow reader but i loved these books so much I could not put them down. I cannot wait for Midnight Sun to come out and maybe one day even some more of the story about Jacob and Nessie. I really hope that we will all be able to read Midnight Sun soon becuase I agree with everyone else Edward’s point of view is different and it is like a different book all together. Awesome job Stephenie and just know you have way more people that love your writing than those that don’t.

  23. Lucy says:

    Dear Stephenie
    I want to tell you that you are my inspiration. Im 11 years old and when I grow up I want to be like you. Anyone that has made a bad comment about you is just jealous [i am] . I daydream aboout being Bella or a character from your books unfortunatly that means ive spent arount 9 hours in detension for not concentrating in class. iv read all youre books and enjoyed them all. I also cry when i finish them . I think that if/when you write midnight sun you could do a chapter on Esme or Carlisle point of veiw . you are an amazing writer so dont worry about what antone else thinks aslong as you think you’ve done a good job then go wjith what youre heart says not youre heas.

    from lucy

  24. Caitlin says:

    Dear Stephenie;

    Please, sometime at least, finish midnight sun, then end the Saga…even though we don’t want you too..
    I love the twilight series since forever! I am so obsessed! please.. now that we know you had another book… it’s not the same…. please!D:


  25. ~Kristen says:

    ^ditto ty caitlin is right i love the novels and i would love to feel as though the books are complete. I read the chapter on your web sit and ifelt so lost that couldnt keep reading i wanted to terriably. I read the others in three days i couldnt put them down. And ifeel that this one will be just as great.

  26. Heather says:

    Thank you for starting this site and allowing the rest of us fans to hear Stephanie Meyer’s comments. I did not find out about her posting the rough draft chapters of Midnight Sun until this past October and was shocked to learn about the theft in 2008. So if my comments may actually be viewed by Ms. Meyers, I’d like to say: Thank you Stephanie for posting the partial rough of Midnight Sun. (The theft must have felt like having a child kidnapped, and therefore it was very difficult to share afterward; but I’m glad you did.) It’s marvelous! I’m very surprised that I identify so much with Edward. I have found it most fun to read along with Bella’s perspective in Twilight – like being inside each of their heads. From your taped interview, I understand how you feel and respect your choices. This may sound odd to you, but I don’t view the story line as being about vampires…I actually see it as a group of people who have been given the most rotten lemons ever and have chosen to make the very best gourmet lemonade out of them! The underlying message I receive is that they are actually strong enough to do all the right things in life even though doing so goes against their most basic needs. It inspires me and lifts me up whenever life becomes too much. Thank you. I am hopeful this affect is widespread throughout this world. I also enjoy the romance and am hopeful for your renewed passion and excitment for continuing Midnight Sun; someday. I personally look forward to my favorite part of the outing to the meadow and their first kiss, from Edward’s perspective. I’m sure the humor will be wonderful. Oh, my favorite character is Alice, believe it or not. I think it’s because she does everything with such flare and can see future possible outcomes – I think I’d love to have that talent! Most of the choices I have to make as a care giver leave me with a lot of anxiety about the future…told you I relate to Edward! Thank you for all you do, I look forward to all your future work. Heather

  27. jaime says:

    keeep up the great work steph i cant wait for midnight sun. im a hard core twi mom and i cant wait for more.are you ever going to come out with a book about jacob and reneesme?i have seen videos on you tube about movie for them but guy really didnt look much like wouldnt be the same if tyler didnt play the role. i have read every one of your books and they are all great.dont let the haters get to you the only reason they hate your work is because they are mad they didnt come up with something like twilight first.all of your fans are anticapating new arrives to your twilight family. keep the faith and dont letthe a holes of the world get to you. god bless and keep the books coming

  28. jennifer says:

    i do agree with alot of these people saying that adding a new book would be an overkiill. Honestly, Breaking Dawn ends so well! It leaves you on a really big high note, one that just makes you want to read it all over again and i think its great that way. if people are getting annoyed, let them. its better to take a long time and get a new book right then spoil the rest of the series by being rushed. My favourite character of all time is definatly Reneesme, you portray her as an amazing child and i just want to sweep her up in my arms and hug her. Your writing is truely amazing. thankyou so so so much for a great reading experience. God bless and dont let thhose haters get to you

  29. Cynthia says:

    I am a 29 year old Wife and Mother of 2 small children- and the biggest TWILIGHT fan whenever i have a breif moment to myself. I own all the movies, and all the books, including Bree Tanner. Working on he Illustration Guide as my next pruchase, and the Breaking dawn Releases just next week.. And my husband is trying to keep me calm.

    I am online searching for more… of the story, orther possible endinds and spinoffs, explanations from cast adn crew, and Stephanie. I am glad to hear that the MIDNIGHT SUN will come to completion after all. I am in love with this story. as other middle aged women who rarely see self sacrifcing love now a days.
    It penetrates to your soul and you cant but fall in love with everyone- for thier desire, strength, committment to eachother, and faith in the human race.its remarkable.

    This story may be about vampires,but it has given me a new view on LIFE and LOVE and sacrifice.
    Love hopes all things. Bears all things.

    I feel God when i see their union inside the Cullen family.
    Amazing JOb stephanie! Please dont hold out on us.
    you truly have a WIDE range of fans who follow your writing. Your an amazing writer.
    I am always wanting more.
    What a blessing and skill!


  30. Cynthia says:

    Let me add that I never watched a film or movie until my husband rented the 3 (twilight, New Moon, eclispe) ….from blobkbuster. Then when Breaking Dawn came out… i was so caught up. I went directly to the store and purchase the entire collection- adn read them in two weeks. and breaking dawn i read 2x. STEPHANIE- your work is amazing…. and i am looking forward to future endeavors. I am an Official FAN. Your mind… I get it.


  31. Vicki says:

    I’m loving the Twilight Series, Stephenie, and am looking forward in a great way to the day when you are once again in love with the story of Edward discovering love with Bella,,,but that can wait until the day / or night 🙂 / when they once more come to life for You.

    Now, I also loved your HOST, and highly recommend it to friends and family. I am enjoying living vicariously through your new worlds; it is like becoming a part of your creations, and I consider your contributions invaluable in expanding our “life” experiences.

    I Thank You fo Ssharing your Innermost Dreams,

  32. Ana says:

    Omg! I an just an average reader at 12 years old and i finished Twilight AND New Moon in 4 days! I cant wait to check out Eclipse! 🙂
    For me, it can be very challenging to find a book that I will even bother to read, but once I picked up your book, I got dragged right into the story, and I feel like I am right there in the story with Bella! I love your choice of words, characters, and how you express thier emotions! Oh its just great! Omg, I dont think I could thank you enough for making those books! You brought out the Imigination in me, that I thought I’d lost forever!

    Thanks Stephenie! I willalways be a true follower of your work!
    Ana Marie <3
    (Team Edward!)

  33. Stefanie says:

    Hallo Stephenie,

    ich bin auch jetzt erst auf Midnight sun gestoßen und war auf Anhieb total begeistert. So begeistert, dass ich die ganze Twilight Saga nochmals gelesen habe. Und mir dabei gewünscht habe, sie dieses Mal aus Edwards Sicht lesen zu können. Natürlich mache ich mir eigene Gedanken über das, was hinter seinen Worten und Reaktionen steht. Es jedoch so lesen zu können wie in Midnight sun ist unglaublich. Ich bin so begeistert und auch ergriffen davon, dass mir die Saga nochmal kaufen würde, käme sie denn mit Edwards Sicht heraus. Egal, ob das jemals verfilmt werden könnte oder nicht. Alleine die Bücher würden schon reichen. Falls Du das also jemals in Erwägung ziehen würdest, ich wäre schon mal ein potentieller Käufer und mit Sicherheit nicht nur ich.
    Im Übrigen möchte ich Dir danken für die schönste Liebesgeschichte, die ich in den letzten 40 Jahren gelesen habe. Und ich habe viel gelesen. So wunderbar gezeichnete Charaktäre….

    LG, Stefanie

  34. unknown super fan says:

    I’ve always loved reading and watching movies but when i was looking for a movie and i decided to watch Twilight to see how it was i was like i absolutely love this movie. I watched New Moon and Eclipse right after, i was obsessed. Then i decided that i would read the books and they were sooooooo good. i read Twilight 3 times and Breaking Dawn 2 times. I cant wait for Breaking Dawn part 2 to come out. I first saw Midnight Sun on your website and i absolutly, positivitely loved it. I am dying to read the other part of it. Please, please, please write the other part soon.

  35. Kyra says:

    Dear Stephenie I am 11 years old and have read all your books and seen all the movies, they are me favorite! I wasn’t into vampires before but then my best friend who is a huge reader told my that I have to read the books, that they are fantastic and a “must read” so I did as she said and read twilight and breaking dawn and then I was hooked! They are the best ever! No pressure. But get round to it when you can. Maybe take a vacation and brainstorm ideas. And then maybe when you get home that will be all that you want to do! Anyway, I can’t wait to read midnight sun, if it ever comes out! Good luck!!! Bye!

  36. Sarah-Lou says:

    Hey Stephenie, i first entered the magical world of twilight when i saw the movies,i then read the books which just blew me away i adore them! i read the chapter of midnight sun and i think its very interesting to finally find out what was going on in Edwards head when he first met Bella and i BEG you to please find it in your amazing mind to finish that book!:D. Breaking dawn is by far my favorite of the saga, i read the book and the film just brought it all to life i can’t wait for part 2 to come out in cinemas!!! i just want to say well done and good luck in the other projects you have chosen to persure X

  37. Kathrine says:

    Hi Stephenie 😀

    I’m a 12 year old girl from Denmark!
    I can’t get enough of Twilight! You did a great job!
    I used to hate Twilight when people spoke about it.
    But know i have read all the books and I LOVED IT!
    Thanks Stephenie, love you, your books and the way you write!

    From Kathrine 🙂

  38. Renesmee says:

    I love twilight! I read the first twelve chapters of midnight sun on her website and. They. Were. AMAZING!!!! If she doesn’t finish it soon I think I’m gonna die!!!

  39. Carol says:

    Love your books, the “Twilight” Series as well as “The Host”. You have a way of writing relationships that makes your feel so much for the characters. I would love to read more from you, rather it be a continuation of something you’ve already done or something completely new. Love your writing.

  40. Maddie says:

    I agree with stephine!! I love her so much and I think the idea of Edwards point of view is an awesome idea!!and I do think she should wait to do it it’s best that way. You don’t want a book that horrible! And if she gets bad reviews on it Ill bet thatll make her sad! But If stephine is reading this (1 and a million chance) then I say your amazing and that every book you have written is amazing and I’m not just saying that to get her hopes up which I think that’s what she’ll think but I truly love her books and when they end I’ll throw the book at the wall and cry! Just like any overly obsessed twiheart Would:)

  41. Maddie says:

    Okay I know I just did one up there but still:))
    Okay so first of all ( giving you my complete truth and not just saying these things so you’ll finish the midnight sun book:)) at first I looked at the book and was like h*ll no I ain’t reading that look at the SIZE of it! And one night I seen it sitting all alone on a book shelf… So of course since I loved the movie I figured this should be good! I read the first chapter and was like wtf why is this so good? Because I I get hooked to a book I REALLY GET HOOKED and freaking love it! And I’m like no wonder so many people have this every time I go to my school library I’m 12 btw I hear hey where is the twilight books located? And I finished the first 12 chapters of midnight sun that I’m completely ignoring my other books( it kinda makes me sad to think that I’m a little… Okay a lot in love with your books. I hear that your not exited about the book and your getting hate messages from gay people who are Probablly all fags that want you to hit depression but if you didn’t realize stephine your like now my life all the free time I had I spent on midnight sun every second I even got into trouble a LOT of times like at dinner I would bein my iPod with me so I could read it and I finished it in 2 days. And steph remember this is a rough copy and people already love it! This may be the longest letter here but Probablly the most truthfull letter to every thing I put was he truth and the Truth only. Love you stephine and I hope you get that spark of happiness when you decide to start midnight sun , your truley maddie T.

  42. ciara says:

    Hey Steph,

    I don’t know if you ever read these but it doesn’t matter 🙂 I just need to say i have been reading books all my life i get totally engrossed . I’ve always loved books of magical and mysterious nature.vampires have always been my favourite though. Ann Rice books brought me great entertainment, Kelly armstrong too is great but i have never been as obsessed with anything like i am with the twilight series.I can’t remember how many times i have read them all .i keep the books on my bedside locker in pride of place and can pick anyone of them up open on a random page and read til the end.They are what i call a ‘feel good’ read because i’m always left with a sense of contentment when i’m finished,although i always want to read more 🙂 which brings me to the point i wanted to make(at last).i have been checking the web site every few weeks for an update on Midnight sun and i live in hope that you will get the inspiration you need to finish the book,almost four years is a long time to wait but i know it will be well worth it in the end.
    Ignore the critics as best you can most of them are probably closet fans anyway 🙂 after all how can your books bring so much happiness to millions of people if they are not a genuine work of art. these people need to get themselves heard because they don’t have enough talent for anything else .
    You are my favourite author of all time that won’t change whether we get to see Midnight Sun finished or not.
    Thank you for sharing . x x

  43. Anne says:

    Hey! I think that you should write all the Twilight books in Edward’s point of view. When you feel up to it, of course! Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what Edward did with his time when he left Bella in detail? Or what he was thinking when the vampire army in Seattle was coming to Forks? Or what he thought when Bella got pregnant in Breaking Dawn? That would be amazing!!!! But like I said, not until you feel like writing it. It would be a nice twist to have a major book series rewritten in someone else’s point of view!

  44. Marie says:

    I would love to see a book written from Edwards point of view of New Moon. I’m 69 years old and have read the books at least 9 times. Such an escape and believe it or not an enjoyable connection with my granddaughter. She is only 9 and can watch the movies with grammie. Breaking Dawn is an exception after the wedding, but even her little brother loves the wolves. I have often thought about Leah and her story and not imprinting. Perhaps Nahuel would be the one??? Anyway, thanks for so much fun and for seemingly bringing together a great couple in Rob and Kristen.

  45. saruchi says:

    Hi! I am 15 and i love reading the twilight books. i didn’t know that a partial draft of the midnight sun was available for study. i heard about it yesterday and i have completed it today. i just want to say that i really enjoyed reading from Edward’s perspective because it gave me more view to the real story. i literally enjoyed every sentence, word that was in there. i know that it must be hard for you and i don’t want to irritate you further more. i was really glad that you wrote it and i hope that i get to read the further story as soon as possible. keep up your good works.

  46. Lynda says:

    #5 To the wanted rewerse psycology… That car chase probably sucks… you write lovestories… not fast and furious… so you can probably not get that right… no need to even try… (is this helping yeyt, I fell my fingers goind black from all the lieing)… You know what? I don’t belive you can pull it of to the end of that shit novel… writing out of a male perspectiv… what where you thinking? Yeah, you managed with Jake, but that was pure luck. (Ok, now, I can’t lie any more…. maybee I should put this first…. so people get mad at me and read the rest as well…).

    So, this will probably not reach here… I’ve thought about it for a loooooong time now, since the news about the draft leaking out and Mrs Meyer being all pissed about it, that long… And what to somehow do a pepp-talk or whatever… And Now I think that, maybe it won’t reach the athour of this not-yet-finnised-but-to-be-awesome book, but maybe someone elese who thinks that what they write is shit and not worth showing. Or maybe it’ll be good for the haters to get a mental fist to their faces… or groins, depending on how mentaly, vorbaly, voilent I become…

    I am a teacher candidate, I will be a licensed teacher in Sweden when I’m done with teacher training at Göteborgs, I’ve got like 2,5 semesters left, at Göteborgs Universitet. On of my subject is Litterature, another Lingustics. So I know some about how to define good in both of those.

    And now to the part where I but my right hand over my heart and svere that what I’m saying is true and also admit to have read the draft…. like 20 times…. wich is nothing compared to the about 50 times I’ve read the actualy published books… I know it sound rather pathetic, but I work last summer as a janitor driving around Sweden inspecting and doing service work at trainstations. A lot of driving, and I happen to have Twilight as audio-books and they where on repeat for 12 weeks, and I was listening like 10 houers a day 5 days a week. You do the math. But don’t let that fool you, I have read them for my self a fue times as well, both in swedish and english dou to a lot of talk about their being a lot of difrenties in them, and ther is…. And now I see that I’ve writen half an essa already… why are you still reading this?

    Back to what I think about the draft… and (not) upcoming Midnight sun…

    #1 I belive it’s good for readers to se (possably) get to see the diferens in frasing and stuff that might change after lots of profreading and error-checking… One would check for spelling and find other things… and then check for grammatical errors and find a fue other things to change, and it’s a lot of work behind it. It’s not jost to write it down.

    #2 I bet ther is a lot of people out ther that’s got their own little storrys hidden on their harddrives but are to afraid to show it because they are afraid of judgment about the linguistic “errors” that they might have missed. Now, a bestselling ather have shown work in progress and people kan see that a story can be readable, and unstopably read even with thos typeoes.

    #3 I am ver exited abput seing the finished thing. I hope it will happen sooner rather than later, but it doesn’t matter when it’s done because I will wait as long as it takes. Right now I’m like “What car chase?! Wich mess? I wanna read it soo bad…” And I doubt that feeling is going awy any time soon… So if, when, it’s done, the haters can just go fuck them selvs cause noone else will care what they think. The frasings like “Here existens alone was excuse enoufh to jusitfy the creation of the entier world” justifyes the rest of midnight sun. The way Meyer mix short and simler sentenses with frasing that is pure guinius! I would probably gag a little on the inside if I happend to wittnes something like that quat in reality, but reading how Edward views Bella I kind of melt to a guie pudle out of NAAWWW-ness. It kind of rare to read that out of the prespektiv of a male main caracter and narrator.

    #4 If it doens’t get finnished, some fan-fiktion-versions are boud to come out… they might (probably) suck in comparison… but for thos with poor imaginathin ther will probably be an ending… sortof… so um… don’t wory… um..?

    #5 To the wanted rewerse psycology… That car chase probably sucks… you write lovestories… not fast and furious… so you can probably not get that right… no need to even try… (is this helping yeyt, I fell my fingers goind black from all the lieing)… You know what? I don’t belive you can pull it of to the end of that shit novel… writing out of a male perspectiv… what where you thinking? Yeah, you managed with Jake, but that was pure luck. (Ok, now, I can’t lie any more…. maybee I should put this first…. so people get mad at me and read the rest as well…).

    I bet noone is still reading this, so I’ll shut up about now…Only two things left to say… I’ve been comparing Twilight to Hush hush-series (B. Fitzpatrick) and Fallen-series (L. Kate) (both of wich are due with their fourth novel this year) and I’ve reread alot of Shakespear and other classics of the Twilight alitterations to look at what “good” epice lovestories are… And Twilight is absolutley in running with those classics, while Fitzpatrick and Kate have a long way to go…

    And then the last thing… Good luck with what ever you’re working on, I look foreward to reading something more in a fue years or whatever…

    Now I’m shuting up.

  47. Michelle Monty says:

    Mrs. Meyer,

    I wish that you would finish your series. It’s almost as if you are the popular girl at the party and whining about everyone liking you and copying your style. These fans have followed you loyally and you have let them down completely by taking years to finish Midnight Sun. You own these characters and you brought them to life. It was your words that made them into something real for us. You feeling drained makes me think that the money really did change you and your fans deserve to love new characters, because you can’t be trusted to write faithfully anymore. If you aren’t going to release Midnight Sun, please just make an honest announcement about it, providing closure for your fan base. “The Host” series has nothing of the originality and love that was evident with your Twilight characters, I am sorry to say.

    Unfortunately your work was distributed, but its been years. Again, it’s almost as if you’ve become the child you talked about in your interview, whining and stamping your feet about how popular Twilight is.

    I am a true and honest fan that read your work that followed you faithfully throughout your tours and experiences. However I can say that I now no longer am due to your lack of professionalism in handling this manner. Money changes people, and its obvious that your creativity was better when no one knew your perfectly written world.


    An Ex Fan

  48. theron chasse says:

    Honesty no ones forcing you to do anything , most of the comments are people begging you to finish it. i love you and i love twilight , excuse me for saying but your actually being light weight selfish, yes your rights were infringed upon but cmon its been four years you need to get over it if you don’t wanna write the book then SAY that dont keep everyone hanging its annoying

  49. Meg says:

    Dear Stephine Meyer,
    My name is Meg Targett, I am 13 years old and have read the Twilight Series three times. I love the books every time I read them and plan on reading them again. Twilight is my favorite series and you are my favorite author. Whenever I think about Midnight Sun I get giddy. I can not wait to start the book when it comes out. I respect the fact that you are “burned out on vampires” and are waiting until writing the newest edition to Twilight comes easily to you again. You are an amazing author and I will wait as long as it takes to read Midnight Sun because Twilight will never become boring to me and I am empathetic to the disappointment you experienced when Midnight Sun was leaked. Personally, I think you are the most talented writer to have ever lived and disagree with any negative comments above. I just wanted to say, keep going, take your time, and enjoy writing the rest of Midnight Sun because writing is a gift and I am sure you of all people know this and respect this. If you read this then thank you for your time and all that you have contributed to the writing world, if not then I understand, you are a very busy person. I do not know for a fact that I am your biggest fan on earth, however, I am definitely one of in the running. – Good luck, Meg Targett

  50. Katie says:

    Please finish it?? I want you to take your time but please??? I love all the books so much!!! And I have to admit I read the copy online of midnight sun all the way to the end and was like “no! It can’t end right here!! It’s just getting good!!!” so pretty please finish?!??? I nEEd more twilight!!!! 😀

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