Stephenie Meyer Talks Midnight Sun!

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We were amazed going through the interview with Stephenie Meyer, and wanted to bring you an answer to one of the MOST asked questions… The very first thing Stephenie addressed was Midnight Sun, and now you can hear it all straight from her!

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Midnight Sun Clip

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If for some reason you would rather read the interview…

Meghan: What we’ll do is just start here, you’ll do one question and keep going around…

Letters to Twilight: No pressure!


Meghan: So alright, go for it!

Stephenie: Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Do you all have your tape recorders on?

All: (Nodding and saying yes!)

Stephenie: First question, because we are going to deal with this right now, is Midnight Sun! Right? So we don’t have to…

All: (Lot’s of blabbering…)

Stephenie: I know that’s what everyone cares about.  I also know that the right answer would be for me to say “Oh yah, it’s done! And it’ll be out next month!”  But that’s not true.  It’s also not true that I’ve got a ton of work done on it, and that’s what I’m working on.  What’s true is that I’m really burned out on vampires.  And, I don’t want to write it badly.  So I want to wait until I’m excited about the material again, and I’m excited about Edward, and that it’s something that’s motivating.  You know, when a story is keeping me up at night, and I’m waking up at 4 am in the morning and thinking ‘Yes! That is what is what should happen in this moment!’  Then that is when I can write with happiness! So, right now it feels like homework… it really does.  And when things feel like homework they go very, very slowly for me.  So it’s still not a “It’s not gonna happen!” I want to do it when I can do it right.  You know, I have my share of human stubbornness, and I have to tell you, it’s a little bit hard when people are like “This is the only thing you can do, and it’s the only thing we care about!”  And, you’re kind of like a three year old, you want to be like “I’m gonna do what I wanna do!” Yah.  “You’re not the boss of me!”  So my mom has backed off a little bit.  Actually, I was at The Fray concert, and I was hanging out with the guys backstage.  They’re really cool, and I was talking to Isaac about it.  He was like, “I really want you to do that!”  And I was like “Oh my gosh!  Come on!”  You know I can’t get away from it anywhere.  And, we talked about stubbornness and reverse psychology.  I have this great thing he signed for me, it says “To Stephenie, Don’t work on that stupid book! Nobody wants it anyway!”  I have it by my computer.  That really is the right direction to go with me, because I’m like “Huh!  Maybe I should do it!  I’ll show you!”   Psychology!  Anyway, that’s Midnight Sun!  so, that should disappoint everyone!

Twilight Series Theories: I don’t think so!

Stephenie: Ok!  so now we’re done!  (Laughing) So, I’ll see you guys later!

All: (Laughing)

Letters to Twilight: That’s totally understandable.

Twilight Series Theories: I would rather wait.

Twilight Source: We’re not reading it until it’s done.

Twilight Series Theories: I haven’t read it!

Letters to Twilight: You haven’t!

Stephenie: The people I worry about are the haters. You know, that like to talk about what a horrible writer I am and all that stuff.  When I do write it they’re going to say “Oh, this was worse than the first half because now she did it badly!”  No matter what I do it’s going to be that way.  There’s a mental block there.  You know what people are going to say, so I have wait until it’s just me and the book again.  Then I can feel excited about it!  You know, sometimes I’ll sit and think about the car chase, that we don’t get to see from Bella’s perspective.  I have that one completely mapped out in my head.  That one wouldn’t be hard to get down. Stuff like that, it gets exciting. Cars.  Ya know!  The first car he steals I have picked out, and then the second one.  It get’s messy!  It’s gonna be great!  You have to get excited about things!  But, that’s Midnight Sun!

Twilight Series Theories: Check!

724 Comments to “Stephenie Meyer Talks Midnight Sun!”

  1. Trisha says:

    I understand what you are doing, but what exactly is the cutoff number for you of people BEGGING you to finish this book? it is not respectful of your fans to gauge interest in this way. if you are waiting for people to forget this book, you will be waiting a long time, and will probably lose some of your fan base in the process. it has been four years already since the “leak” why have we not heard of a law suit against the person who released it? you said you knew how it happened. a lot of your fans are teens ( who will by the way turn on you first) but an awful lot of us are adults as well. we know hype when we see it, and that’s ok, a little hype to gauge interest is fine, this however could come back to “bite” you. pun intended. if you are not as self involved as you just sounded in this clip, the least you can do is tell us when the book WILL come out or that you are not going to write it at all. if that is the case I will treasure the books I have of yours, which is every one as well as the films, but I can stop the anticipation of waiting for nothing.

  2. gabi says:

    all i want to know is will midnight sun ever come out or not. im so sick of waiting i mean its been years!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m also wondering what the deal is.
    I understand someone betrayed you and published something that you werent ready to show. But if you’re worried about people judging you the wrong way – what about all of us who are dying for this book to be finsihed and come out? I think the only judging that will be happening is how long we’ve waited in anticipation, how much we all LOVED even the rough cut but still – NOTHING!
    2012 is the fourth year since the leak…. I agree. Either the storey is coming or it’s not. I figure if you aren’t motivated by now to finish it, then you’ll never be moitvated. I have already read Twilight 3 times and I would love to be able to read a finished copy of Midnight Sun. Even anohter rough copy will do!!!! I honestly loved it so much and was so eager to read more.
    PLEASE – finish Midnight Sun……. Who cares about the haters. you dont write for the haters – you write for your fans. WE are the ones who want the story!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ylene says:

    stephenie meyer!! please finish midnight sun.. i haven’t read the book yet.. and i mean it.. yes i know that it’s already in your website but i don’t want to read it not until you finish the whole book. i want to respect your authority and so i’ll keep on waiting just as long as you tell us (your fans) that you are going to finish the book.

    please do.. i’ begging you!!!!!!!!

    • Christina Inman says:

      PLEASE Stephenie dont keep punishing us true Twilight fans for something an insensitive jerk did !! We true fans can understand how you feel about having your precious work leaked and used against your wishes !!! that really sucks !!!! But those of us who look to The cullens for our sense of a happy place to hide from reality are desperate for more…..I did NOT read the piece of midnight sun that was leaked not even the one on your website….I am willing to wait for you to release it in book form where I can curl up with it on my couch and read it happily !! but we really true fans those who LOVE the series need some assurance that we will at least at some point get midnight sun another piece to love !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *down on my knees begging* DONT GIVE UP on Edward and Bella and Jacob and all the rest of the family that we LOVE SOOOOOO MUCH !!!!! Or if you feel you cant be excited to do Edwards point of view anymore maybe a book from one of the other characters point of view or books telling the stories of the Cullens Each individually of their life before Bella…or a book of Renesmee”s life after she reaches full grown size…..something to keep Twilight alive for us the fans that LOVE AND NEED it sooooooooo much !!!!! I feel much the same way about the books that Chloe Cullen the last comment before mine does !! Twilight made me believe in magic and fantasy again…It got me reading again !!! It is a happy place on escaped to when real life was too much to handle and it made me feel better !!!! I have never loved ANY other book the way I love the Twilight series !!! And only something that goes with Twilight could I love as much. SOOOOO please cant you give us something something to hope for ?

  5. Faith Bolton says:

    I really love midnight sun, and I know what you mean about motivation, It’s so intriguing reading from Edward’s mind, he really makes things seem deeper, and it help us understand they didn’t fall in love too fast, and I love how you wrote Twilight because you dreamed about them in the meadow together, the way you described it all, I was able to imagine and that was before the movies, your writing is magic, and really showed me how to bring my own dreams alive through writing, I admire you so much, and I can’t wait to see the magic you do with Midnight sun, I know once you start it, it’ll be awesome, it shows in the work you’ve done already. Thank you for all the beautiful writing you have done, and please do continue.

  6. Megan says:

    Please, and I mean, PLEASE, continue writing Midnight Sun and publish it. It’s killing me, literally, because all these sites are saying that it’s supposed to come out in May, and that was almost 4 years ago. So just please, write Midnight Sun and publish it, for the sake of all us Twihards out there

  7. Amanda says:

    I cannot wait for the Midnight Sun. I have just read the whole series (Yes, I know the books have been out forever already and I am just reading them now) and absolutely LOVE them all. I was so excited to see that you was going to write from Edward’s perspective as i just about immediately started thinking, “what is Edward actually thinking?” throughout all the books. We seen it through Bella’s eyes and Jacob’s but not Edwards which, like I said, I was thinking what it was like for him. So when I seen the rough draft, I was soooo excited! And read them both! (If I would have paid more attention and not gotten so excited I would have noticed that it was “leaked”!) I do have to apologize for reading them before they were finished. I was alittle confused with the mistakes and why it ended so…well not finished-that was when I went back and read about the “leak”. So like I said, I am sorry for reading before you were finished. I was actually looking for more books that you have written because I really really like your style of writing. I think it is unfair of us, as readers and fans, to expect you to just write it and get it over with. I know I haven’t been waiting as long as others (since I just finished all the books) but as someone who has been betrayed (not at all in the same way), the expectations I faced were unfair and only made it harder for myself to move on. As much as I want the book to be finished I respect that it will get done when it is ready to be finished. If that makes any sense? This is not a cheap shot either, but I do really hope it gets done sometime soon, I am in need to escape my own crazy world for a while;) You are a wonderful writer and it is truely sad that someone betrayed your trust in such a disgracful manner. Just remember, the draft you wrote was wonderful-mistakes and all! And your fans cannot wait to see the finished product-hopefully soon:)

  8. Amy Hadlock says:

    The first thing I red from Stephanie Meyer was the posting of Midnight Sun from her website…… Way before I ever saw any of the movies, way before I read any of the other books. I was determined to not “be into” Twilight (I’ve never been into much fantasy writing) but once I read Midnight Sun I was over-the-moon for Edward! So facinated by the intensity and intrique……..I couldn’t get enough. I read it in just over an hour…. and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Stephanie, if you ever read this, please understand………. I GET that you need to be excited about finishing it, to be inspired to write original thoughts, to be so lost in it that you forget all about the unauthorized released, so I don’t want to be pushy. But I have to say that I’m CRAVING Edward’s perspective. I’ve never craved anything about a character before. All I can say is that I hope, beyond all hope, that somehow, you’ll haulucinate Edward’s soft, velvet voice in your ear, telling you to finish. One would hope you wouldn’t have to ride a motorcycle or jump off cliffs to hear his voice =) Thank you for all 4 books, they are mesmerizing. As a fan of non-fiction, you have made me want my own personal vampire/werewolf family to spend eternity with…… Thank you for Bella, for Esme and especially for Alice.

  9. Aimee says:

    I would love an entire series of backstories……The entire Cullen Clan …..An entire book set like Breaking Dawn ….a book for each character…..imagine that! Nowing the life Edward lived in the 20’s and 30’s how he grew up….his relationship with his mother…how that love transferred to Bella…..I too CRAVE MORE…’s so stupid to be so “involved” with a family like this! I am a grown woman! But I seriuously have read the entire series 4 times and still I want more. I want to know ABOUT them…..I want to know if their love endures…how Renesmee turns out….does she grow up and fall in love with Jacob….does she grow up at all… do they have children……I could go on and on and on……Please Stephanie….consider MORE….even if it’s not “Midnight Sun” …….we all just want MORE!!!

  10. Srishti says:

    I honsetly don’t know what the whole big issue is. Sure, you’re hurt. Anyone would be. But if you know, the Deathly Hallows was leaked a few days before its release too. J K Rowling never let all of it come in the way of giving her fans what they deserved – the book. Why is it SUCH a big deal for you? You hoonestly care more about what your haters think than your fans? Says a lot about the insecurity in you. I don’t mean to be rude, I’d want to read the book as much as any other fan, and I respect the storyteller in you. But this way, you’re losing all the respect you had as a person. Why did you get the twilight sequels published if you were so insecure? And if you weren’t then, why are you now?
    Dont you think your readers deserve an answer?

  11. Sheila says:

    Ok… I too have recently finished reading the Twilight series & was totally absorbed. Even my nine yr. Old son is obsessed. The shameful yet magnificent thing about it (& I really am embarrassed to admit this…) is that my husband pointed out to me that I have never finished a book since we’ve been together. In seventeen years, I never finished one. One of which I was about 5 pages from the end. These books brought me back to reading. I have read the whole series back to back, then Midnight Sun, which I loved even more than Twilight & even though I knew I would be left hanging. Now I am re-reading Twilight to compare the two. I sympathize with Stephanie Meyer & how betrayed she must have felt. I myself would like to physically hurt the person who ruined it for the rest of us. She know the fans are dying for Midnight Sun & I believe she’ll finish it, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  12. Emily says:

    I am among the many adults that love the Twilight books. I have my favorites, but I have to say what I have read of Midnight Sun trumps them all a million times over. I loved the sneak peek I was able to get of it so far and like many other fans I have been waiting patiently for 4 years for it to be finished. I understand lacking motivation, and it’s one thing to just not have plans for something even if the fans want it (for example a 5th Twilight book). But this was started by you, it was dangled in front of your fans eyes and then yanked away as if you’re toying with us.

    There are always going to be people that criticize your work and that is true of all authors. However you have TONS of fans telling you they loved what they have read so far and they are dying for more. Don’t punish your loyal fans because of critical people and your own laziness. Sorry to be so frank but it is true. Your success depends on your fans, if you continue to make them wait and dissapoint them, you will begin to lose them. We all have jobs that we aren’t always motivated to do, but we have to find some way to get it done and get it done well because we have a boss to answer to. Well your boss is us and we are telling you we’re tired of waiting. Go do whatever it is you have to do to get yourself excited about this project again….lock yourself in a room, go re-read what you’ve written, do some brainstorming exercises…just do something so your fans know you care about this project. Or, put us out of our misery and just decide not to finish it. In the infamous words of my grandfather, sh*t or get off the pot 🙂

  13. Kirsten says:

    I Love the Twilight Saga and I under stand that she wants to be excited about writing Midnight Sun. I am a writer and when I’m not excited about writing my writing is horrible so ya. Hope she will finish but I am not pushing her

  14. Tiffany says:

    Please Stephanie, I am begging you! You have amazing writing and I would love to read everything from Edward’s point of view. I want to know everything he was thinking and yeah, I’ll take anything at this point. I seriously want to read some awesome book and if you finished this one….. I would totally have this. Ignore the people who are rude… They’re mean because they just don’t want to actually tell you they love it. We love you! We’re your crazed Twilight fans waiting for you to publish the book! Please! When you think about what all of the haters say, just think, ‘There are millions of others who love me and just want to see me accomplish in making this book. They’re out there…. and they want me to finish.’ There are more people loving you out there than the haters…. And you should know that. So again, please finish this book. There are a lot of others waiting for you, just like I am.
    🙂 (trying to patiently wait)

  15. Tiffany says:

    You really make your characters come to life. When I read other books, there are few good characters and just so many! Many wind up being flat and underdeveloped. I hope one day, I’ll magnificently write as you do…. I keep hoping for that day I publish a book. So please, use your wonderful gift! Ignore all of those dishonest people and do what you’re well at! WRITE!!!!
    My family and I love you Stephanie, you are an incredible writer.

  16. Tiffany H. says:

    You are without a doubt my all time favorite writer! People dont just read your books, they want to live them. I read the “Midnight Sun leakage” and I must say that I think it will be your best book ever! I really hope you could find it in your heart to finish it for your fans soon! <3

  17. S.T. says:

    Twilight (and sequels) are without any doubt in my top ten list of books. I love the style, the characters, the topic… You are a great writer, so please don’t listen to all the people who don’t like your books. Some people just don’t know what good books are. Besides, for every hater you get ten fans back! And if you think about it, if they don’t like the books, why do they keep talking about it, even if it’s in a negative way? There are lots of books that are really bad, and you don’t hear anyone complain about those. Something in your books must have gotten their attention? And if they didn’t like it, why did they even read it? You would think people would stop reading if they don’t like a book. So maybe they do like your book, maybe they are just afraid to tell it! 🙂
    I totally understand you can’t write when you’re not motivated. A good story comes from the heart, not from the head. So if you’re not inspired, you can’t write. I’m sure all the fans will do anything to help you get motivated. So maybe you can tell us what does, and then we can all help!
    We all love your books, and hope one day (and the sooner the better) we will put Midnight Sun in our bookcase and think: ‘I’m glad she got to finish that book!’

  18. Nancy says:


    I think you are right! You should forget about this idea of Edwards view point. I mean really, enough is enough and you don’t want to drag out and taint the original story. Besides, prove to everyone else that they don’t control you and your work belongs to you. You write when you want, you write what you want, and you release it when you want. Don’t let anyone steal your joy in your writing. You and your writing belong to no one but yourself. Punish them for stealing from your mind. All my best wishes to your future, where ever that takes you.

  19. ASMG says:


  20. Diana says:

    Stephanie, I am not a teenager, I am 55 but have always loved vampires. When the movies came out I couldn’t wait to see them, but I know books always have more details so my son got the 1st book twilight for me as a gift. I couldn’t put it down! As soon as I was finished I went straight to the book store and purchased the remaining 3. I read thru them in 2 weeks. I usually am not a reader, but wow! You are amazing! I’m hoping you will continue with Midnight Sun and publish it along with possibly the views of the rest of the Cullen Family. Please since I am actually getting back to reading, keep me informed or if you have in the past wrote any other books regarding vampire love stories, please give me a list so I have something to do. I actually felt empty after finishing the breaking dawn, so I am starting all over again with eclipse, lol. Please don’t let your fans down.

  21. Kerri says:

    Stephanie, Your killing me over here! I don’t mean it in a rude way hun…. I’m just dieing to read Edwards thoughts VERY BADLY! I’m pretty much inlove with him and his family is so wonderful! I love all the books, i’ve read them 8 times, two times for Midnight Sun. I have to say its way better then any other books i’ve read in my life! I NEVER read any book out there more then once, except Twilight. I’ll finish reading all four of them one day and after two or three weeks or so pass, i’ll start missing Edward and everybody, to the point I end up reading it again. My boyfriend thinks i’m a freak and he’s jealous of Edward like most males are and i can understand why, because he’s different then mornal males, He’s a vampire which I LOVE, and he’s very smart and talented, he reads minds, He romentic all the time and he treats ladies ( like Bella) very well and he does and says things that make you want to drool and pounce on him right away! Men in real life don’t say most of these things or do in a beutiful way to us. Don’t get me wrong some do, but do they do it all the time? no! nor do they read minds. lol! And His eyes with the hair and the pale skin?! And the smile that he does?! And He’s sweet smell?! Yeah! Please stick a fork in me i’m well done… prob. drop to the floor and pass out. lol! Yeah, us girls can’t really help it! He’s just make believe so chill out guys. Thats what I tell My bf is to chill out when i read. Yeah i day dream all the time about Edward but My Bf is the real deal and he is my Edward in a lot of ways. He’s just not a vampire and he not romantic all the time which is fine cuz i know how he feel about me anyways. He doesn’t read minds but he can read me like a book which is funny. 🙂

    With Midnight Sun, you have endless and endless of opportunity here Steph. I’ll wait and i’m very patient then most people. I will always be your fan no matter how long I wait because its worth waiting for! You can finish MS and then keep going with the other 3 on Edwards view. Then you can write about Renesmee’s point of veiw with a sepret novel to twilight and how Edward and Bella (Parents) are doing and the rest of the Cullen family. What about Jacob and Renesmee? How is they’re imprinting relationship going? Did they get married and have a little wolf/ vampire/ haman boy or girl and Bella and Edward as grandparents and all? What happens to the Volturi? Did they loose the power over evey vampire out there including the Cullens family. Do the Cullens and other vampires fight the Volturi again? And if they do what happens? Just like Edwards View in MS, you can do Jacobs, Alice, Jasper, Esme,Carlisle etc. I’m sorry steph but, there is NO the end! You have sssssssssoooooo many things you can do with this with every character’s point of view and all of us (twilight fans) will love every one of them. they’ll go nuts if you keep going because we are all wondering how everything is go afterwards. Even Edward and Bella! You can just write about of book about them and they’re happy married life. I even wondering about Bella Telant! How better is she at sheilding and UNsheilding now? I can go on! lol!

    But please don’t stop writting about them. I will buy every one of those books and everyone here will too! And you know this. If you stop writting them and you keep makeing fans wait on these projects, yes you will loose fans, you will also get money hungry so you can’t wait that long. Eventually your going to need money and you’ll get back to those plank pages sooner or later. You will not loose me as a fan tho. Like i said i can’t wait and its well worth it for every one of those books that i hope you planing on doing. So please keep up the good work. Thank you so much for sharring these stories to the world. Forks and the Cullen family is the Best place to go too.

    As far as the Haters go Hun, you really shouldn’t care about what they think of you to begin with. You have SO MUCH fans out there and your not even looking clearly. I’m the outside person looking in and your the inside person. U have way more people that love you more then anything. Haters, they’ll come around eventually if not who cares. They suck at everything in life who care about them anyways?! I know i don’t care and you shouldn’t either. You know what i tell them? Even the movies and how they will beat on Robert or Kisten. Ok… Try acting as Edward Cullen or Bella……… not easy huh? People should give them credit anyways eventhro there not fans of them , but they can atleast say hey great job and i respect for what u’ve done, but no they want to be ass#@$&*! ok, Try acting in front of a camera 247 in your face and doing it over and over again! It’s not easy work at all and some people just don’t have a clue! either they are jealous or they just like saying mean stuff just becasue they have nothing better to do in there life but B#@&* and there not actors because if they were and if they had the telant like Rob and Kisten or who ever, they’ll shut the mouths right now. The whole cast did AWESOME and you and the cast have your back covered 100% all the way! You keep doing what your doing and the cast of twilight as well, and leave the haters to us. Will take care of them gladly cuz they have no clue how big this fan crowd is and for sure they will not win with us! we would rip them to sherds! 🙂 Yay!! Team Twilight!! 😛

  22. kathryn says:

    I just read the incomplete one on your website (of course it’s awesome, exquisite and got me on some high) and I feel that it would be more complete for the Twilight Saga if Midnight Sun is completed. Edward’s point of view is like a new revelation on many, many things and hidden insights. There are many things we could not even fathom at, many that we had missed from human Bella’s point of view.

    Wouldn’t you try to complete the whole picture of this story, this saga for yourself and us the fans? ;]

    Inspiration are strange things, they look like they are just free will and not a choice at all, but if you push for it it does get going sometimes.

    I am trying not to get too hopeful, but I guess I’ll be always waiting for the chance that Midnight Sun will come out someday.

    Love you for introducing the whole absorbing dimension of Twilight to me, i can’t seem quite able to get over it.

  23. know it all says:

    Cowboy the f up!!!! U r suppose to b a professional writer…u get paid bigh bucks because people love what u write. Finish the f’ing book and cash in the final billion on this series..I know I wanna watch it..even if it sux.the others r really good..I really doubt it will suck

  24. RaeLynn says:

    Guys give her some credit i mean if you were working on something and didnt really want to. Would you honestly do something you didnt feel like doing? i mean if people kept bugging you to do it every day wouldn’t you get mad and be like i wanna do it when I feel ready. She is a professional writer and would you rather her be like “Ok since you keep on and on and on i’ll do it” and it turn out to be sucky because she didn’t feel like writing or would you rather her wait and do it when she’s ready and it come out like BAM amazing book. Give her some credit she is a human just like us, we don’t do something when we don’t feel like it , we do it when we want to and when we do and it turns out to be better than expected.

    Stephenie i just want to say you’re books are amazing and no matter what we do whether it be writing books, making movies, or playing sports there are going to be those handfull of people who say we suck, we stink, we should just stop while we’re at it. But there is going to be more than a handfull of people loving us for what we do. Yes i am anxious to find out “Is there going to be a Midnight Sun?” and “When is it going to come out?” but i’m going to be patient and let you do your thing and when it does come out i know it’s going to be amazing just like you.

  25. Taylor says:

    Your books are my escape. When I read your Twilight books, I don’t even want to watch the movies! You are so descriptive, and everything about them are perfect! I read Breaking Dawn in 2 days. I don’t think I ever got up for anything. These books (Twilight) that you write, to some people, are more than just books, or love stories, or fictional stories, they are an escape into another world. A place where someone can find everything they want. Humor, adventure, love, comedy, fiction, drama. Twilight has forever a spot in my heart and I will never grow tired of the books or movies. You are an amazing writer. I am very anxiously waiting for Midnight Sun, as I am an Edward fan. He is so mysterious, and this book would explain why and who he is. Although, I would love either Midnight Sun, or a continue of the regular Twilight series. See how everyone (doesn’t) grow. See how relationships work out in the long run. Basically, you have written the most popular series of books I think there ever will be, and you fans are so addicted that it is almost a sickness. I am one of them. So please, take some time to relax and let your mind wander off. Take time from writing and just have fun. When you go back and start writing you will feel fresh, and have many ideas from the experiences you just had with your time off. Thank you so much for writing something so incredibly amazing. I look forward to reading more from you.


    a fan

  26. alex says:

    what is mid night sun about?

    • Tam says:

      Midnight sun is Edwards point of veiw of Twilight. It’s wonderful, you can read the first 200 pages on her official website. For awhile, the movies made me fucking hate the books, but when I read part of Midnight Sun, i fell instantly back inlove with the books. 🙂 (the movies only sucked because of Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewert, they were terrible) Unfortunatly, due to a leak, It’s been 4 years sinced Steaphen Meyer post poned finishing and publishing Midnight sun. (heres a link: ) I understand she’s upset, but Peoples work gets leaked all the time, and it feels like she’s just punishing her fans. I’m not asking that she finishes the book anymore, though I want her to SO BAD, but that she quites making us wait. 4 years is long enouph. If shes not going to write it, she should atleast tell us so we’re not wasting our time waiting on something thats not going to happen. It’s insulting to me as a reader. But anyway, I hope you read part of Midnight sun, I don;t think you’ll be disapointed. And I’m sorry for my horrible grammer and spelling, I’m not an english teacher.

  27. Niecy says:

    I thought everyone was crazy for the way people seemed to carry on about the Twilight movie. I got divorce papers in the mail and that day, I watched Twilight video for the first time, I watched it 3 times in one day. I ran out, purchased New Moon and waited for Eclipse to come out. I have since purchased all of the movies and all 4 books. I have read the books 3 times each. I realize the books were like a life line for me during this very sad time in my life. I love the story line and I love your way of telling the story. I am so sorry for what happened to Midnight Sun but you can’t allow the thief to continue to steal from you. Who ever did this is stealing as long as you are silent. Midnight Sun is amazing and I love it. I know somethings are hard to get past but in life, we will always have heart breaks. Your writing allowed me to deal with my own bad fortune by living in Edward and Bella’s world of love and excitement. Midnight Sun is such a different view, it is almost a whole new story. I hope you can find peace thru this ordeal and maybe finishing Midnight Sun will steal from the one who stole from you because they would not have stopped a thing. I hope you find strength thru the different comments the way The Twilight Saga helped me.

  28. vanessa wolfe says:

    I love the twilight books and movies! I was so upset when I was done with them and I couldn’t wait to find more books. I found midnight sun online and only found 12 chapters. I was a little upset that it was unfinished. I cant wait for Stephanie to finish it! No rush though I totally understand hating homework. LOL!
    love you Stephanie!!!

  29. juliet says:

    ok so reverse psyc here…don’t write midnight sun….truth be told, i’ve read and watched the books and movies more than i can count and honestly midnight sun will just give my husband another reason to hate them even more as i can’t help being sooo absorbed there all just so good!!!

  30. Edswife says:

    All vampires out? She sounds a little ungrateful kind of like she’s throwing a fit.. This has taken the magic if the series away. I could care less if she writes the book or not. Who says that to her fans.

    • Tam says:

      I have to agree. I can understand if she wants to move on from Twilight, but she shouldn’t tell us that she’s going to finish and publish a book that she’s not, and then make us wait 4 years in anticipation, and giving us a peak at the first 12 chapters as a tease. It’s such a bitch move. 🙁 I actually like Midnight sun more then Twilight.

  31. dada says:

    steph, i think that you’re doing this on purpose and you’re just waiting for the right moment…when your bank account starts getting empty…then you will write all four of books in an extreme low time frame and people will be happy and your bank account will be full again. ..or maybe i am wrong. and i hope i am.
    and btw…if this is really going to be a movie you should make it happen soon because robert and kristen aren’t getting any younger!

  32. Person says:

    I think we all need to calm down, i’m really excited about midnight sun too, but how can we expect her to write it with everyone breathing down her neck.

  33. Elaine Surber says:

    when twilight first came out i thought it was the greatest thing ever, i did read the partial draft of the midnight sun and have since read it several more times. I always wondered if you were purposfully waiting for years to get to a new audience who would like midnight sun and then go back and buy the twilight books. I personally don’t care i would just like to finish midnight sun but I respect you wanting to wait too.

  34. amanda greer says:

    i just want to say for the record you make a valid point. it was disrespectful and a major betrayal for the person who went behind your back to put the unfinished manuscript on the internet and you have every reason to be upset. however i think that now four years later to not write the rest of it is disrespectful and a major betrayal to your fans. my cousin is a nine year old girl who is in elementary school but reads on a middle school level. she loved twilight and to this day it is all she talks about. she is in love with the idea of a guy like edward and has been waiting so long to read the finished copy of midnight sun. shes a very sick girl as she has had heart problems since she was a baby. she looks up to you for thinking up such beautiful stories and you have let her down. i think that you are acting like a melodramatic child in behaving this way. so someone betrayed you…either file a law suit or get over it. its not fair to my cousin danielle and all the other twihards that have been with you since the beginning. i can understand a year or two but four years is just rediculious. i love twilight but as time goes on my respect for the author dwindles by the minute. and who cares if some people hate on you? even the greatest authors of all time have people who say “what the heck is this crap?” but it isnt about who criticizes you, its about who you make happy with your work. its about the countless people who have hope in their lives because they see how the bedward couple, which should be an impossibility, make it through everything despite the bumps or rather moutains in the road. they see the love between those two and have hope that they can find a love like theirs. sometimes all people need is a little fantasy in their life to escape the harsh brutality that is reality. they wait patiently for the book that you PROMISED them but for how long. how long before they give up. people like you need to grow up and find a backbone. GET OVER YOURSELF if your going to do something then step up and do it. dont go into it half-assed and ready to quit at the slightest obstacle. i wish i could say i still admired you as an author but i dont. however you need to get your act together before you let down all the other people still waiting like my sweet cousin. they deserve better. all i want is to see her and other little girls like her happy and this isnt helping

  35. Vibha Kashyap says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    Im really very very crazy about your twilight series and even bigger a fan of Edward’s. When I heard about Midnight Sun I nearly went mad with happiness… I just wanted to know when exactly you will be completing the book..
    I’m eagerly waiting for it.. Please do complete it asap.

  36. alice says:

    stephenie …….please continue with this book …….. i m dying to read it and too exited for . i m too exited to know more about jasper,alice, rose and emmet and more. And please please rit it fast . i dont wanna preasure u but ur my favorait and u ll always be . but really dying to read it . edwards character is best of all . and his emotions are very exciting to read it leaves me curious . and to tell u that i m a curious person so please rit it fast.

  37. Amanda says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I love the Twilight Series and have read the books and watched the movies countless times. I really, really, seriously want you to finish Midnight Sun. I heard of it when I was looking at your website and I did NOT want to spoil it for myself. If you never finish writing it, I won’t read it on the internet it needs to be a perfect book. Edward is my favorite character, he fought for Bella no matter what it took, and I want to see that from his perspective. Please finish the book ASAP, there are still millions of fans who haven’t seen the uncompleted web version, especially me. I am DYING to read a good finished copy of Midnight Sun.

  38. You seriously outdid yourself this post. Color me impressed.

  39. Cybil Bernadotte says:

    Hi Stephanie! First I want to say is that i’m so so sorry that Midnight Sun got leaked out without your permission. I can’t imagine how you felt about that . Even though I felt guilty that someone invaded your privacy, i couldn’t help myself. My sister first told me about midnight sun about few years ago ,and i never thought of reading it back then. But lately, I’ve been obsessed over the movies and books. Like every week i watch at least 2 of the twilight saga movies , and I’ve been constantly rereading breaking dawn. Then i remembered about midnight sun. I read it ,and i’,m absolutely love it. I knew even before i read it that it wasn’t complete ,and i will be sad that it just cuts off in the middle ,but my curiosity got over me. I really hope Midnight Sun will be published soon ,and you don’t make a lot of changes in the rough draft that you posted on your website page. You’re a fantastic author ,and not matter what you write you’ll always have haters.But haters comes with fans,and trust me you have more fans than haters. Thank you so much for the Twilight Saga. It’ll never be forgotten

  40. Chloe... Cullen says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I think that if waiting is what you need to do to make the book really and truly amazing, than thats what you’ll do! We, the true twi-hards will completely understand, and we will wait. No matter what the haters might say, you and your impeccable writing has completely changed my life. It is honestly one of the most important things in my life. So if I have to wait 10 years for the amazing Midnight Sun to come out, I’ll wait, because I’d rather have more to look forward to then have it all right now, then be done forever. Either way, finished or not, I will love it. Always, so thank you for changing my life in such a huge way. No matter what the haters might say, Twilight is my life now. They can deal with it. Thanks to you I have a retreat from the worst days, and a second life where I can live happily dreaming forever.
    -Chloe Cullen

  41. Jenny says:

    Im 15 and I just read midnight sun. I lived it and can’t wait for more buy I do think she should wait, although I do hope it is published soon. Stephenie I know you said you are tired of vampires buy if you decide to finish midnight sun I would live it if you continued to write it in Edwards view throughout the other series. Even before I knew of midnight sun I had been wondering what it really was like for Edward when he left Bella in the second book and how he felt during bellas pregnancy. I am really looking forward to any books you publish. Your an awesome writer and we live you stephenie!!!

  42. Hannah says:

    PLease, Stephanie publish d book & ill b ur bffe- best friend 4 eternity! 🙂

  43. Louise says:

    stephanie please publish midnight sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to read it all I’m super twihard 😀 I can’t wait to read it please please PLEASE publish it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Louise says:

    I’m sorry but how can you be burned out of vampires I can never get enough of them (probably cuz twilight made me crazy 😀 ) Steph your amazing I love you thaank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the twilight saga I love it and I love you you wrote it perfectly and nobody could say anything negitive about it it’s absolutely epic in everyway I love all the characters Espacially Edward 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 And Bella

  45. Louise says:

    Twilight is the best damn movie and book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :$ 😀 :)) 🙂 😉 😀

  46. Morgan says:

    While Twilight wasn’t exactly my type of book, I DID in fact read Midnight Sun, and it’s lovely. I do believe you would have a wider fanbase and most likely, less “haters” if you had published this book. Anyway, good luck to you Mrs. Meyer if you read this. 🙂

  47. margie sexton says:

    my husband is a kidney dialysis patient. has lost both of his hands. these books and movies of yours have really helped me. i have gone through depression periods and your books have helped me through this trying time. i have read the books numerous times. my daughter has bought me your series of cds. where i have watched them so much, i have worn them out. you have kept me going, please get midnight sun out.

  48. GummyBear122 says:

    Your books are my favorite books that I have read so far… they amaze me in the craziest ways. Every page I read encourages me to want to read more. I stay up all night reading YOUR books. Please keep making Twilight books, it would be nice if there was a book based on Bella, Edward, and Ressemee’s lives after what happens in breaking dawn. I agree that you shouldn’t be rushed to write Midnight Sun, and when it does cone out in stores, I’ll be one of the first ones to buy it.

  49. Sana akram says:

    I know what u r saying Bt plz finish it as v r going nuts waiting for it plz v beg u ……

  50. Matti & Karsyn says:

    please please please finish this book! i love it so much and i feel dead inside cuz i only got to read 1/2 of it and i’m basically having to sedate my friend karsyn because she wants to read it 2 but i wont let her because she will be disappointed in the end…. i need to read this book i’ve read your series a million times over and probably will read it again. i’m the kind of person who reads and reads and reads and if there is nothing on my todo list of books i also go back to your series. i have all your books and i really hope you finish this next one so i can add it to my shelf. i’m really sorry that person did that to you but honestly your just punishing everyone else and not that person. i write some to and i know how that can feel but don’t do this! we love you and your work! so please finish! because my imagination is getting the best of me and i keep thinking about the book and finishing it in my own head which sadly is not a good camparison to yours. so please do this for us! your twihard fans! because it has been 4 years and i am dying inside.:(

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