Stephenie Meyer Talks Midnight Sun!

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We were amazed going through the interview with Stephenie Meyer, and wanted to bring you an answer to one of the MOST asked questions… The very first thing Stephenie addressed was Midnight Sun, and now you can hear it all straight from her!

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Midnight Sun Clip

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If for some reason you would rather read the interview…

Meghan: What we’ll do is just start here, you’ll do one question and keep going around…

Letters to Twilight: No pressure!


Meghan: So alright, go for it!

Stephenie: Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Do you all have your tape recorders on?

All: (Nodding and saying yes!)

Stephenie: First question, because we are going to deal with this right now, is Midnight Sun! Right? So we don’t have to…

All: (Lot’s of blabbering…)

Stephenie: I know that’s what everyone cares about.  I also know that the right answer would be for me to say “Oh yah, it’s done! And it’ll be out next month!”  But that’s not true.  It’s also not true that I’ve got a ton of work done on it, and that’s what I’m working on.  What’s true is that I’m really burned out on vampires.  And, I don’t want to write it badly.  So I want to wait until I’m excited about the material again, and I’m excited about Edward, and that it’s something that’s motivating.  You know, when a story is keeping me up at night, and I’m waking up at 4 am in the morning and thinking ‘Yes! That is what is what should happen in this moment!’  Then that is when I can write with happiness! So, right now it feels like homework… it really does.  And when things feel like homework they go very, very slowly for me.  So it’s still not a “It’s not gonna happen!” I want to do it when I can do it right.  You know, I have my share of human stubbornness, and I have to tell you, it’s a little bit hard when people are like “This is the only thing you can do, and it’s the only thing we care about!”  And, you’re kind of like a three year old, you want to be like “I’m gonna do what I wanna do!” Yah.  “You’re not the boss of me!”  So my mom has backed off a little bit.  Actually, I was at The Fray concert, and I was hanging out with the guys backstage.  They’re really cool, and I was talking to Isaac about it.  He was like, “I really want you to do that!”  And I was like “Oh my gosh!  Come on!”  You know I can’t get away from it anywhere.  And, we talked about stubbornness and reverse psychology.  I have this great thing he signed for me, it says “To Stephenie, Don’t work on that stupid book! Nobody wants it anyway!”  I have it by my computer.  That really is the right direction to go with me, because I’m like “Huh!  Maybe I should do it!  I’ll show you!”   Psychology!  Anyway, that’s Midnight Sun!  so, that should disappoint everyone!

Twilight Series Theories: I don’t think so!

Stephenie: Ok!  so now we’re done!  (Laughing) So, I’ll see you guys later!

All: (Laughing)

Letters to Twilight: That’s totally understandable.

Twilight Series Theories: I would rather wait.

Twilight Source: We’re not reading it until it’s done.

Twilight Series Theories: I haven’t read it!

Letters to Twilight: You haven’t!

Stephenie: The people I worry about are the haters. You know, that like to talk about what a horrible writer I am and all that stuff.  When I do write it they’re going to say “Oh, this was worse than the first half because now she did it badly!”  No matter what I do it’s going to be that way.  There’s a mental block there.  You know what people are going to say, so I have wait until it’s just me and the book again.  Then I can feel excited about it!  You know, sometimes I’ll sit and think about the car chase, that we don’t get to see from Bella’s perspective.  I have that one completely mapped out in my head.  That one wouldn’t be hard to get down. Stuff like that, it gets exciting. Cars.  Ya know!  The first car he steals I have picked out, and then the second one.  It get’s messy!  It’s gonna be great!  You have to get excited about things!  But, that’s Midnight Sun!

Twilight Series Theories: Check!

724 Comments to “Stephenie Meyer Talks Midnight Sun!”

  1. jean todd says:

    dear stephenie, I am in my 60’s and love your books. I have read all the TWILIGHT books 8 times each.I have all three movies and have seen all of them over 50 times.NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM A BIG FAN..i have read and reread your MIDNIGHT SUN, over and over..there are other versions out there but yours is so much better.You can really see the difference.PLEASE finish MIDNIGHT SUN ……please. The version on the internet is just a rough draft and I know the real book will be just wonderful….I love all your works but twilight really has me hooked.THANK YOU FOR WRITING ALL OF THEM.

  2. Stephanie mccamish says:

    Dear mrs Meyer

    I am a huge fan of the series and I have all the twilight books and movies I have read ur partial draft of ms and would love to read the end as you say ur burnt out on vampires I would be too after all those books I really hope u get ur vampire mojo back really I do I honestly think its stupid all these people talking bad about you about this book it’s not right and they should back off you and leave you to write it when your ready

    Cheers from Australia

  3. jasmyne artst says:

    dear mrs. meyer,
    i am a very huge fan of your works. i have read each book 13 times and i am still reading them! they never get boring. i have seen each movie at least 14-15 times and they always have me on the egde of my seat. here’s some adivce: if you dont feel like finishing midnight sun right now or you dont have the inspiration then dont do it im pretty sure your fans will understand, even if you never finish the book. writing a story is hard trust me i had to write a gothic short story for english class it was terrifyingly difficult. and it takes someone with a strong imagination to write a book and youre that person. dont worry about what others say about your work theyre just jealous because they probably cant do what you can which is write a book so good that people will want to read it over and over. just know that you are the coolest writer ive ever known and keep doing what makes you happy and ignore those who put down your masterful art works cause writing is just another form of art. plus i would absolutely love to meet the author ( you ) who wrote these hilarious and enthralling books! good luck on the rest of your works!!!!

    • RatuRina says:

      @ Jasmyne and Nikki, I absolutely agree with you both. If Stephenie cares about her fans (and not loosing her inspiration about midnight sun) she should finish it. What she said above only will validate the haters, because no matter what she writes, they will always say that Stephenie is not good writer, which is we, her fans don’t really care as we love what she writes. Hopefully she will finish it and publish it and get over it…..

  4. Nikki says:

    Stephenie, you’re not the first author to have been through this. Sure, it’s a pain but you wouldn’t be anywhere without the fans you’ve attained through your writing. All I have to say is suck it up and finish it and do something for your fans… said yourself this is the main thing they’re waiting for. I’m a fan of the series, but also I think you’re acting immature.

  5. caleb britton says:

    i think that you should continue the book because i belive that this will be a hit just like your twilight sagas that have inspired alot of books

  6. Katie says:

    Stephenie- PLEASE finish Midnight Sun- I’m completely hooked! I’m a mom of 3 and it is so nice to just get lost in your characters for awhile. I rarely have a moment to read, and it’s been a few years since I’ve found something worth my precious few free moments to sit and savor. Some co-workers kept talking about the Twilight series and now, here I am…. a Twilight convert! 🙂

    Totally hooked on Midnight Sun- I actually think I enjoy Edward’s perspectivie more than Bella’s- I would LOVE to hear his side of things in the forest when he reveals himself in the sun to Bella. And you could easily write an entire 2nd book just on what happened to him those months after he left Bella, referenced in New Moon. You are amazing at writing an interwining love story peppered with humor and keeping me guessing in suspense! I feel like a kid again reading your books because I remember how much fun it is to actually READ and get lost in one’s imagination.

    Keep going after it- Please oh please keep trying to finish Midnight Sun!!!

    • momof3too says:

      Totally agree! I am also a mom of 3 and feel a sense of inspiration from the twilight saga. I think there is a romantic child within all us gals and everyday life takes that away from us. Just this year did I get totally hooked on the saga and decided to also read the books. What I read of Midnight Sun was mesmerizing! I have to honestly say that if I do not get the opportunity to read the full published book, I will feel an incompleteness to the series. Edward’s perspective is awesome and so in depth!! Please continue writing and give us hopeless in love twi-hards something to look forward too! I almost don’t want to see the last breaking dawn because it will be sad for the end! So please keep us hanging on, Stephanie!!

  7. RJ says:

    The excitement is growing just over a week until Breaking dawn hits the screens. I have again re-read all the books, for what must be the hundreth time. I, like all you fans, wait with anticipation for Midnight sun or a sequal to breaking dawn. My wife hates the fact that i own hundreds of books and constantly asks me to get rid of some, with the exception of four, please please please make it five very soon. And if you don’t mind while you’re at it, a sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth would be very welcome.

  8. megan says:


    Dear Mrs. Meyer and all fans of Stephenie Meyer,
    I am a humongous fan and I too have read the rough draft of midnight sun about fifty times. As much as I am dying to read more, I completely agree with you that if you don’t want to write something, you shouldnt feel pressured to do it. All of the fans need to realize that she’s not some performing monkey that can write on cue. She started out writing because she wanted to, and she should only continue writing that specific thing if and when she wants to. Besides, does no one realize that if she sat down to complete midnight sun and it felt like a chore that it wouldn’t be as great as it would be when she feels really inspired to do it? We all want another Twilight fix, but Stephenie Meyer is not our slave, so back off!

  9. Dear Stephenie – 3 year i resisted the Twilight hype – lol, now im infected – i got all books and movies and as all the others worldwide i am addicted so much ^^
    what i want to say first is thank you so much to share all this with us out there 😉 and about midnight sun – i hope u will continue it one day – and i totaly agree that its better to wait motivation than do it as any “job” – this cant work with things like writing really good books … and for the patience – as long as it takes to write it and publish it – we fans have something to wait for – and the knowing that Twilight still have a story to go on …
    for me if i read a good book, and i know its just this one and after end of the story – i force myself to read slowly, enjoying every single page and stop after 2 chapters to make the ride longer – so hey, lets wait this end – and take all the time you feel to need for writing midnight sun :)))
    all my best wishes and thank you for every Twilight night we have,
    Stephanie / Germany

  10. Amy says:

    I have to say that the Twilight series are “The Best Books I Have Ever Read:” I love these books. I have read through them twice now and I never reread a book. I did read the clip from Midnight Sun and loved it more than the original. I was starved for more.

  11. Annie Mus says:

    Stephenie Meyer, your Twlight Saga is amazing. It’s inspired me to do the right things. PLEASE, I know I might’ve sounded dumb but PLEASE write Midnight Sun. And please write Edward’s version of all four books. PLEASE WRITE MORE BOOKS! BTW, I’m in love with a thousand years. I think that was the BEST song for Breaking Dawn. I can’t wait till it comes out! I’m really sad about it being the last one. Of course theres part 2, but still. Once the Twlight series is over, please write more books! I will buy them all. You’re the first writer whose books I have bought and I NEVER get tired of reading them again and again. New Moon makes me cry everytime! Oh and I’m excited to see who plays Renesmee! Please, never stop writing.

  12. Mary Thompson says:

    You guys have got it bad! I didn’t even know about the leak of 12 chapters, until moments ago, when I just read it on the internet. I guess I’m not a Twi-hard that bad, however, I’ve read all the books more than once and I own all the movies, in which I watch weekly, sometimes, daily. I can’t wait until Friday, to see Breaking Dawn Part 1. Give the lady a break. I want to read it too, but I’m a writer myself, and I know what she means when she says, (she wants to be waken up at 4am with visions of what to write). I do my best writing, when God wakes me up. So what ya’ll need to do is, lay off Stephanie and pray to God, to inspire her. He’ll give it to her, when it will no longer be a burden on her. Right now, God is telling her to take a break. And aren’t you busy enough, with all the movies, being created for your enjoyment. She’s busy, she needs to go to McDonalds, because Stephanie girl, “You deserve a break today”.

  13. Vivian says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I am from Singapore and me and my daughter (9 yrs old) are totally HOOKED on your your Twilight Saga. I am craze over the fantasy of the human and vampire love relationship. I just finish reading MIDNIGHT Sun and i think its wonderful! It retells the story from Edward’s perspective which will give us a better understanding of his character. I believe Robert Patison has read your version, but we are dying to read it too. Please finish wriitng and publish it…i am looking forward to Midnight Sun from SINGAPORE 🙂

  14. Rita Schiano says:

    dear stephanie,
    I’m 19 and I L O V E the twilight series! just the way you write…i love it! it puts me in the position to immagine myself there with the characters, and usually when i read the other books and then watch the movie, i always think the movie is better. but this is not your case! you r books are 10x better than the movie! I LOVE your writing and your storyline idea! keep on writing for your fans, and remember haters love to hate! whatever you will do in life, there will always be haters! so just think abut your fans!

  15. Kaila says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I absolutely love your books! i have all the movies except Breaking Dawn and I went to the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn part one and it wasn’t as good as the book. It was still really good, but of course those are better. I hope you continue writing the series! Every book will be just as good! I hope you get inspiration to continue the series. Also, I hope to be reading Midnight Sun whenever you publish it!! Your book will be amazing like them all your such a great writer, please just don’t stop the series!!!

  16. laurie says:

    Dear Stephanie,

  17. laurie says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    I to am a big fan of the twilight saga i have seen all the movies and have read the books over and over again. You must know that you cant please everyone in the world no one can then you say you cant get back into the hole vampier thing right now but you have done thing with the whole bree tanner and stuff. i just dont understand your thinking if you want to keep your fans and you know that thats the one thing they want why not finsh it maybe you need to read the books for yourself again maybe that would help you get it back. and you left breaking dawn open for more books too. i just dont understand how someone has what it takes to write great books and changes its when everyone wants more i would think you would stay with what is making you money in this messed up world right now. you just need to finsh the books please dont get me wrong i do love the whole saga thanks

  18. Nancy says:

    Dear Mrs. Meyer,
    Why not hold a contest and allowing a fan to co-write Midnight sun with you?

  19. Ugne says:

    Deat Mrs. Meyer,
    Please write a book “Midnight Sun”. Please
    I can’t live without twilight

  20. jackie says:

    i am a mom of 3 kids the are soon to be 6, 4 and 2 my oldest daughter is a huge fan i watched the movies so maney times that twilight is one of her favorates all the big quaotes of the movie sha can say needlest to say that after my reading the books and dreaming at night of the caraters like if we were all in the book i tell you , to my eyes and my daugters your a god send!!!! you put imaginations in our hearts…. by the way my kids are natives. when we went to c brakeing dawn part 1 at the movie theator in my small town the natives and whites were so seperated the whites at the right part of the room and the natives on the left we laughed so much when we noticed it 🙂 continue midnight sun for us please!!!!

  21. Irene Paynter says:

    just want to say i have read all theTwilight series many times over & never get bored of them i also have all three films, Breaking Dawn part 1 was, i have to say, alot more like the book than the previous films and I cant wait till part 2 is available. I hope they keep most of the film parallel to the book without too many cuts in editing.

    I also read the rough draft of chapter 1 Midnight Sun and i could visualise everything from Edwards perspective. I hope you will finish/publish it. (but no pressure lol) It would also be awesome if you were to write about Jacob & Renesmee’s journey :o)

    As an avid reader i find that if a book can grab my imagination within the first two pages then i am onto a winner and know I’m going to want to re-read that book more than once. i have my favourite authors such as Deane Koontz, Stephen King, James Herbert, Richard Laymon (RIP),Terry Pratchett and a few select others, you are amongst them.

  22. Nita says:

    Dear “my favourite writer ” 🙂
    I Love your books. And i can say “Love” because while i was reading them, i didn’t eat all day, i stayed up all night to see what will happen in the next chapter (and this went on untill i finished the book), and the book was the only think i could think and speak of. I borrowed the books from the nearest library we have, it took me a lot of time to find the breaking down, but in the end i found it and enjoyed it :). Unfortunately i haven’t read the books 10 or 20 times because i don’t own them. in my country you can find only Twilight in English, others are translated in Albanian language (my language), and i want to read in the original language of the author. While i read them i listened song of the singer Enya and it gave to the books more beautiful effect. i suggest this to everybody :))) when i heard about midnight sun i was “infinitely” happy, and disappointed in the same time-because i didnt have the patient till it will be released. I didnt even read the pages that were publishet from the book, because then my impatient would grow.
    Please please finish Midnight sun …

  23. nicole says:

    hey stephenie,
    i just wanted to say that i absolutley adore your books. and while i agree with something from all of the comments above i think that you should do what you think is best. though, don’t get me wrong, i would still love (actually i think more than love :P) you to finish writing Midnight Sun!! i do disagree with all of the comments above that say you should just suck it up and finish it because if that is not were your heart is at the moment i, including all of your fans, will understand. i am currently in yr 9 and you have inspired me to do my best in everything, including english. and now, though it seems like forever away to me, i am inspireing to become a writer, like you. I have read the twilight serise too many times to count and each time i find myself even more engrossed than the last.
    i hope you find the enthusiasm in your heart again to continue Midnight Sun because like you i believe edward deseverves his say.

    A thounsand thanks, nicole

  24. India says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have to say, the Twilight books have really, really touched me. I think they are a true work of art, and exceptional pieces of literature. I can’t wait for Midnight sun to come out.The books made me feel inspired to write and made me feel as if I could do anything and belong..

    I know it must have been a HUGE shock for some one to publish the un finish draft, however, I really feel you should finish the book and publish Midnight sun, of course take your time so you feel completley satified with the product. But please, I love the saga and can’t wait for it’s release as I don’t feel ready for the saga to come to a close, just yet. It has inspired me more than I can explain.

    Thank you, so much.
    And I’ll be waiting for the new release immensley.
    I’m looking forward to it. . .

    Yours thankfully,

    India Gort, Manchester , UK.

  25. Mackenzie M says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    Hi! My name is Mackenzie and im the biggest twilight fan. I realy love it, I can never put the books down. You dont even want to know how many times i have seen twilight, new moon , and eclipse i also saw breaking dawn at midnight on thursday. Now I am “the biggest” Edward fan ever he is amazing and i just love him. My friend told me about this MidnightSun and i was so excited to hear it was from Edwards point of veiw. Needless to say I looked at you website and saw that some jerks linked the story. Now i know you have the rough draft but I can’t let my self read it because i know i will want to keep reading. So i have no read it. From me and it look like millions of fans FINISH MIDINGHT SUN!!! i know that you burned out on vampires and want to waite for that rush and i understand just remeber you have millions of fans and me wanting to read this whole book and know the true love that Edward feels for Bella. Bella always says she wants to know what edward feels and i do to….. please take the letter into notice.
    On the other hand thank you so much for writing the books and giving us entertainment. Your the best

    Mackenzie, M

  26. Mackenzie M says:

    Dear Stephanie (agian)

    This is Mackenzie again and last thing im going to say not to be mean but you gave bella a point of veiw and you gave Jake a point of veiw to. one things for shure edward is a more important charater that jacob even though i like jake (edward more) he has a right for a story. now i know edward is a made up charater and everything but please finish midight sun forget the haters there making you not write the book do you want them to win? you already have a good start it dosent have to be as long as breaking dawn maybe a little longer than the bree book……………… oh ya i forgot you made a point of veiw from bree… i like bree but she has like 5 lines in eclispe but you wont finish midingt sun. the part of homework is to finish were not tringy to make you mad at us but please finish the book you would make many people happy as can be!
    mackenzie m
    age 13

  27. Rita says:

    Dear Stephenie Meyer,

    The Twilight series was a wonderful read. The Host was amazing! I can’t wait to see where you’ll take me next. Thanks for the adventures!

    Your truly,

  28. Kaylee says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I usually don’t read but my cousin showed me your books and I fell in love with them. They are the best things I’ve ever read! I read the draft for Midnight Sun because I just couldn’t help myself. I understand you need time, but I just want you to know that your book will be AMAZING no matter what other people say. I’ve read your other books like 3 times and if I had the time I’d read them even more. I went and stayed up to watch Breaking Dawn the first day it came out, it was absolutely amazing. If you read these comments please take the time to read mine because I really want you to finish the book. Everyone will love it, please at least think about it because it will turn out to be even more interesting to hear the stories in Edward’s point of view.


  29. kerra says:

    Dear Stephenie Meyer,

    My name is Kerra and I am a huge Twihard! I have read all your books 12 times each and I am in love with them. Who cares what the haters say? They only put others down to feel better about themselves. I have read the leaked draft of Midnight Sun and I thought it was really great. I understand you need time and all that but please keep writing it. I was thinking, no preasure, that maby, when your ready, you coul write part 1 and 3 of Breaking Dawn in Edwards perspective and have part 2 be in Bellas perspective. I think it would be really great like that, to be honest I wish the real Breaking Dawn was like that, not that I don’t love it already because I do, it’s my favorite of the series. Please consider this when you are ready.
    Kerra Stock

    p.s I’m not looking for my Romeo in life I’m looking for my Edward! <3

  30. Sydney says:

    Dear Stephanie Meyer,

    I am totally obsessed with the twilight books! I read them all through several times and have watched the movies a lot too. Every time I read these books I can feel the characters emotions…. except Edward b/c his emotions aren’t really talked about. This is why I feel that you should finish Midnight Sun. I really want to get to know Edward as a character more than just the vampire lover/ husband in Bella’s life. I completely understand that by know you’ve had a LOT of vampires, but if you continue the book and get back into your characters you will be inspired to keep writing and get towards the exciting stuff. Obviously all of your crazy fans (me included 🙂 ) would be ecstatic is Midnight Sun gets completed. I began reading the draft of MS on your website, but then I felt that I was being illegal or something and I just felt that reading it was wrong. I am EXTREMELY sorry that your draft was leaked… trust me that’s happened to me with an article I was writing for my school newspaper, so I can relate. Please take this into consideration– I really miss the Twilight characters and need something new to “sink my teeth into ;)”

    Sydney Haller

  31. Rachel says:


    This may sound wierd— but I DREAM about Edward and Bella and Jacob at night. I think that it would be good for you and your fans if you finished MS. Its amazing so far, even with typos and all. I want to meet Edward in this book more than I did in the various sex scenes and romance between he and Bella.

    Good Luck

  32. Julia says:

    Dearest Stephanie,

    I’m a 89 great great grandmother and a recent fan of yours. It’s 2011 and only June this year my grand daughter left her twilight book at my house and I started to read it (my eyes aren’t what they use to be so it’s taken me a while to read through everything.) Your style of writing has given me such a youthful excitement, optimism & imagination that I thought was long dead. You’ll never meet me nor will you never know just how grateful I am to have that in my life again but I want to say thank you so very much.

    I’m truly sorry that your Midnight Sun draft was leaked like it was and that put such a damper on your enthusiasm to continue. I just hope you find that spark you once had and finish it, would be a shame to never reading this book (I read that you didn’t want fans reading the draft so I’ve been working very hard to distract my thoughts that a partial copy is out there.) That’s all I wanted to say about Midnight Sun.

    Thank you again for injecting this old chooks life with a bit of thrill.

    God bless you.


  33. Mortresh says:

    Please please please write midnight sun. i love this storie you just dont understand. i have read each twilight book over and over, i keep wondering what was edward thinking and now its here at my finger tips and its not done.. I need this book. I need to know what he felt when he left her in new moon, how he felt when she had to lay under the covers with jacob in the tent, how he felt when she was walking down the alse to him for thier wedding. please write the books please. please please please…

  34. Lexie says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I can’t tell you how pumped I am for Midnight Sun to come out!
    I know it will be great because you are such a talented writer, and all I can say is take your time! Of course I’m dying to read it but you know whats best for your books and your fans. The Twilight books make you feel like your right there, like your whichever character the point of view is from. I have read and re-read the Twilight books a gazillion times and each time I find something I didn’t notice before. Twilight is my get-away, I love just laying on the couch indulging in these awesome books! The movies I can’t say I’m quite as fond of, I just have it all pictured in my head and I don’t need my images to be shattered by the directors point of view. I just extremely dislike it when the cut things out of the film, and to tell you the truth, Robert Pattinson is gorgeous and all but hes just not my Edward Cullen (: . Please don’t take offense to my opinions. I just wanted to thank you for writing such a breath taking series and no pressure for Midnight Sun! Though I do hope you change your mind about only writing one book from Edward’s point of view. Your an amazing writer and I have no doubt that Midnight Sun will be just as stunning as all the others. But one thing about Breaking Dawn, I have always been curious to what will happen to Leah, will she find someone other than Sam? And if Renesmee is frozen forever at a certain age, what will happen when Jacob eventually dies? Sorry for the twenty questions!

  35. Carlie says:

    I too agree that you should write more than just midnight sun, do all the books from Edward’s point of view!!!

  36. Team Twilight ♥ says:

    Hello Ms. Stephenie Meyer,

    Like many of your fans I to have read and seen all of the twilight movies and books more than three times =)
    I would just like to give you some encouragement. Understanding everyone is ready to read Midnight Sun completed copy , while also understanding the hurt that its got linked when it was not ready in the first place, and you have people judging, commenting and ridiculing you when it was not for them to see in the first place! and for the ones who says your not a good writer in the first place, you have hundreds of thousands of fans who would like to know them by name! 😉 I hope that no matter what “haters” come at you with; you know you are a wonderful writer, talented with a great imagination. they can say a lot of hateful things, but your books are going to make history, its good for every age group, and people that don’t usually read is reading YOUR BOOKS! I for one need a book full of wonder that pulls me in effortlessly, and i have read your books a number of times and still have the same fire as the first time. I’m just saying it going to be the ones who doubt you and your talent but let it roll off of your shoulders, because the books and movies are doing well, and I’m Team Twilight forever but 1st Team Stephenie =D creator and master of all things twilight. I can’t wait until Midnight sun is done, and i’ll wait as long as forever, “As If Forever is long enough” 😉 (just saying i’m not a vampire so please don’t take forever) i just thought it would be cute to add something Edward said…. Thank you for bring twilight to the world. Keep up the good work and i wish all your other books/projects as much success and more!

  37. Alicia says:

    Stephenie, you are by far the best author I have found. I am so addicted, like everyone else, and starving for more. I have been desperately searching for other series to read that are similar and I cant find any thing that comes close. Everything else just seems so weak in comparrison. I am beginning to think I should start wrighting my own vampire series just to help with my obsession and hopefully everyone elses…lol! I am looking forward to more books from you, hopefully additions to the Twilight saga:) I am, however, all supportive in you taking all the time you need before continuing. Your fan, Alicia

  38. Ray Ray says:

    Hey stephanie, I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on the books. I love them im so addicted like everyone else. I have lost my inspiration to read and write my self but now I can ! . Thanks again 🙂 I would love to read the midnight sun. but I can wait it out. iIhave read part of the rought draft then I stopped to think it would be great to see the entire saga through his eyes. there are so much to understand from edwards point of view just by reading it through bellas. I know you will finish it and until ill be waiting in line again at midnight hopefully to get one of the books.

  39. Tabbie says:

    I am really looking forward to whenever Stephenie Meyer gets Midnight Sun out. I have already been patiently waiting, as I draw and I have tried to draw when the passion just isnt there and it doesnt work out too well. I do believe that Stephenie will eventually get the book done though. Especially since she said on her website that she thought Edward deserved a chance and wants to be heard. That he wants to have his side told. So it will happen, Edward will “Dazzle” her again, I’m sure!

    “But when a story demands to be written, there’s no way to resist. And the more I wrote, the more I became convinced that Edward deserved to have his story told. At first I was planning to post it all here on my website, but I changed my mind for two reasons, the most important being that Edward’s version is much longer than Bella’s—Edward over-thinks everything. I’m not even half way done, and the page count is near three hundred. The second reason that I changed my mind is a little bit silly—I just would really love to have a pretty, matching, bound version of Midnight Sun to put beside Twilight on top of my desk. So I’m going to try to have it published as a complementary novel to Twilight. It will take a while, because I can only work on it between editing stints, but I hope that someday I’ll be able to see Midnight Sun on the bookstore shelves next to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and etc… (Fueling my belief that Midnight Sun is worthy of publishing is my mother’s about face—after reading the first eleven chapters, she thinks it’s magic and says I should go for it.)” ~Stephenie Meyer (

  40. yue cullen says:

    please I really want to read edward’s thought!

  41. Anne Switzerland says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    Please finish “Midnight sun” ! I would like to know Edward’s thought ! If you finish the book, it will be translated in french. I hope so…
    Thank you

  42. Carlisileandesme says:

    Dear mrs.myer

    I am14 years old and love every one of your books
    They are amazing and no one should tell you different
    I heard midnight sun was posted illegally on the Internet and I was so furious!!!!
    The person who did had no right and I am so sorry
    It was a book I was so looking forward to ( Edward fan )
    Even if you don’t finish it you will still be my most favorite author

    Stay strong

  43. louise simpson says:

    Dear Stephenie,

    I am a massive fan of all your books. i have read them i dont no how many times because i have lost track and when im home alone i watch the films while the kids are in bed, im that much of a fan that i even named my only daughter Renesmee Alice from the novel. i read breaking dawn before i feel pregnant and i new that, that is what i was going to call her. So i would like to start with a thank you for choosing such a beautiful and unique name, everybody loves it but most of all i do i fell in love with it straight away! :).
    And i also think that if all the press and every1 else want to critise you let them. Because you no that the majority of people love your work and they love the novels. It is most likely because all the press and blah blah blah are jelous of ur sucess and because they cant come up with any thing better themselves! i now it sounds like im talking rubbish but see that side of life, i do and it works for me.
    Also i now you must be sick of this by now, but i don think you should give up on midnight sun! i am itching to read it from Edwards point of view and i litrally cant wait but i understand you need to do the book in your own time! 🙂 and dont let anyone tell you any diffrent. its not something you sould rush.

    your sincerly,
    louise 🙂 x

    • louise simpson says:

      Sorry Stephenie.
      I meant that u SOULD NOT give up on midnight sun and i agree with other fans that it would be nice to read the other books, in Edwards perpective. I am so sorry for the mistake im my last comment!!! i feel utterly horrible now like i’m some sort of bad person for writining that wrong.
      Please forgive me,
      louise. xxx

  44. Jenn says:

    I get that you’re burned out on vampires with helping with all of the movies and all but what about your fans who have been waiting YEARS for this book? It leaked in 2008, that was 3 almost 4 years ago. I read that you’ve gotten death threats over not finishing the book but you have some hard core fans. People who have stood in every line to get every book and see every movie, be there at every signing and viewing of anything Twilight. The whole point of Midnight Sun is to get Edwards prospection on the first book. We’re in Breaking Dawn Pt 1 now and still no book.

  45. Twinks says:

    i don’t know what to say. i do totally understand what she means but i am so looking forward to it. to say otherwise would be a lie. but yes, if she wants it that way, hell, i don’t care! 😀

  46. Tasha says:


  47. Tasha says:

    Setphenie you renewed my love for books with the twilight saga. I love them so much that i have the lines down by page number. I hope that you finish midnight sun. I can understand that you need to write when the heart says to. So please just don’t give up. I love your work and look forward to more of your writings. .

  48. ivana says:

    dear stephany……..
    im totaly crazy with twilight,,,,and i’ve read it over and over,,,,and love it so much,,,
    but seeing in edward’s mine it’s a different way,,,
    Please,,,please,,please,,,,,finish MIDNIGHT SUN……

  49. alnitak says:


    Have to admit I have read the series a million times, and it is a great book. It is not a masterpiece but very easy and enjoyable read…. There is a connection with the story immadietly clumsy girl (typical teeneger) and the prince… I love the books but it is so much senless suffering going on…..

    But Midnight Sun is complately different, so much to discover and not only in Edward ‘s life but in the whole Cullens family. It was so much fun to read the pages when Emett or Alice was involved. This part of the story is more original and much funnier. Even Jacob’s story in Breaking dawn gave us some insight and his sarcastic humor is so refreshing…
    It would be great to read the stories again in the vampaires or wolfs point of views… I think it would be a much bigger hit and finally the guys could enjoy the story as well…..

    Hope the day coming when the Midnight sun will be relaised and maybe you will enjoy it enough to write more books (movie) about the Cullens Family


  50. amanda says:

    i really love the twilght books i have read them all but i dont think there is much left to do with them is there??

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