Eclipse Premiere & Movie Review ~ Week 82

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This week Kassie and I had so much fun discussing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!  Kassie didn’t get to join me (Kallie) at the premiere, so she had lots-o-questions.  I tried my best to describe everything from the ‘black’ carpet!  After the premiere, we move right into our likes and dislikes of the movie.  Y’all won’t want to miss our fight, I mean discussion!

A big “Thank Y’all” goes out to Eastern Conference Champions, for letting us use their song Bloody Bells on the podcast this week!  They are on the Eclipse Soundtrack, so go check ’em out!

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5 Comments to “Eclipse Premiere & Movie Review ~ Week 82”

  1. Sia says:

    Loved the show. But I have to disagree with the lighting in the movie. And I thought the battle was good and it wasn’t cheesy to me the problem I had with it was it was way too short and I think Victoria deserved a longer fight. I loved the movie and it is by far the best made out of the series. Thanks again girls !

  2. christina V says:

    Are you talking to Kristen??

  3. Mary says:

    Love the podcast best over other fan sites, because you speak with appreciation for both adult and teen audiences. Music took awhile to appreciate and got better when I saw the movie three times and identified the placement. BTW….music played when Bella & Edward climbed the staircase to the proposal scene was Clair De Lune by Debussy. Agreed on best scenes. Though I loved the variation of color (not too bright at all …..definitely best to view movie at eye level); though New Moon looked to colorized (fake) just didn’t look realistic for me (I felt New Moon looked like I was watching a 70’s James Bond film).

    Loved that that adapted a lot of the dialog from book into the movie. Agreed with Stephanie, I did not like the bike scene….if they needed to keep it, it would of best played out if they did it according to the book with her ditching schools while Alice was in charge of watching out for her…more in Bella’s nature.

    I’m a romantic…..loved the refreshing & yet funny innocence exchanged between the Bella, Edward and Jacob as well as the rest of the cast. Younger fan sites didn’t particular get why there were so much romantic scenes, because they may of overlooked the correlation of Bella’s intrigue with Romeo & Juliet, W.Heights, and British literature. Something to be said about holding back and not “giving it all away” on the first date.

    Glad we got to see more of classmates, the pack and family……visually appealing to see the Cullen’s, Billy’s and Sam’s houses No cheesy moments for me this time….Best of the 3 films for me, though I’m sure Breaking Dawn 1&2 will top this film; BD tops my list…..can’t wait to see how they play out the wedding, honeymoon Esme Isle & the final Volturi confrontation with international cast of vampires.

  4. Sophia Smith says:

    I loved Eclipse. I think that Eclipse will beat New Moon because there are a lot more charactors like Bree Tanner, Leah, Seth, and Riley. You see a lot more of the werewolves, and they are practically always shirtless! I know that Kassie perticularly like the werewloves…but you have to admit…they are smokin’ hot!!! It is by far the best movie yet. I loved the part in with the fight! It was so sweet when Edward proposed to Bella. But it made me sssooo mad because Kassie or Kallie deserves Edward. Though I hated Jane at the end for killing Bree, she didn’t even know what was going on in the first place, she was just found in the streets for cryin’ out load!! But I think Breaking Dawn will be better than Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse. Because of all the new hot vampires, Reneesme, the wedding, Esme Isle, and Bella as a vampire.

  5. Lori says:

    Hi Girls — I think you two are crazy! I loved the movie from beginning to end. I thought it was well-paced, well-scripted, and enjoyable even for those who had not read the book. I LOVED that so much of the dialogue was true to the book. My husband and I went and saw it one later afternoon and immediately ducked into another theater and watched it again — enjoyed it even more the second time.
    I do agree with your favorite moments — doesn’t it seem that Billy Burke is always stealing the show????
    I also agree that the music was very disappointing. The soundtrack was much more orchestrated and like something you would expect with a movie like Gone with the Wind. I always so look forward to how the music in the past has propelled the story forward — this time the music was a dud.
    Can’t wait to see it again!

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