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This week we are bringing you some good stuff about Breaking Dawn!  We did discuss the upcoming movie at length, so there is more to come next week too!  We talked in this segment about how the series was going to only be three books!  It would have ended with Eclipse, and Stephenie even has an alternate ending!  There was also some talk about ‘Book-Characters’ vs. ‘Movie-Characters’, and all the spoilers that come with movie previews!  We hope you enjoy this weeks audio, and if you prefer you can read the transcript below… THANKS TO STEFANIE!


Matt: Okay, so Stephenie we were talking a little bit about how…like how in the tent scene Jacob the first initial scene he wasn’t even touching her because you know sometimes they have to censor it. What is your viewpoint…What is your opinion about how they censor some of the stuff to film from your books? Like some from the past books. Some from the present. Or the future books.

SM: Right. Right. Some of the future. I really want my kids to be able to watch these. Eclipse is a little bit for them…I mean, not that it’s like graphic in any way but just you know, when I read the kids Eclipse I did the chapter when the younger ones were asleep. And it was kind of a thing for me and my son like: “Do you understand what this is about? Let’s talk about it. Let’s have this conversation.” I think my younger ones are a little too young for you know: “What are they talking about, mommy?” And I’m like: “Okay, well when a man and a woman love each other very much…” And I just don’t really wanna go there yet till they’re ready for it! Um, and so I mean, there…I do want them to be something that…You know the fans who are nine? They’re gonna go see them anyway. And I don’t want to have their parents pissed at me you know? I’m okay with them because that’s what our imaginations are for. That’s what, you know,…we have our version of the scenes and if they did them exactly that way? Yeah, okay the rating would be prohibitive. And uh, not everybody could go and see it. And I think that we’ll…In the next one that we’ll have some nice steamy stuff. I think it’ll be good, but I think it’ll also be something that thirteen-year-olds can get into. Which is being true to your audience.

Elysa: There’s also the gory things to consider too, though.


SM: There are the gory things. And the birth scene’s gonna be tricky you know? Particularly because directors love that kind of stuff: “Alright! We were just talking about like: “We gotta have this and that!” I dunno. It’s so funny how people are so freaked out by the birth scene.

Fansite: I’m excited about it.


Matt: I wanna see Rob chewing on Bella!


SM: I’ve noticed a real difference…


Fansite: We need a director’s cut. An unrated version.


SM: I find a kind of mind with people who have had children or been around that and people who haven’t in how they receive that. Because if you’ve been through a birth scene you know this is a messy, freaky, screamy thing. And you kind of have to take that to the x power, right? You have to take it up a notch. And so for me it was really fun to write, and I didn’t even think that it was like: “Wow, this is cool! This is blood and gore! Come on let’s go!” And then like I sent it to Jodi, who’s never had children, and she’s like—

Jodi: Well no, it wasn’t that.

SM: But I think that there’s—

Jodi: I do not have children, that is true. But, it was, again I’m thinking that it’s a YA audience is what I was thinking. I was thinking with an agent’s perspective.

SM: But I was very proud I made her squeamish.

Jodi: I was just like: “This isn’t gonna make the cut. No, I’m sorry.” I was like—

SM: It got toned down.

Jodi: What were some of the other…Didn’t you say like some of the “ripping” and the bones cracking?

SM: Yeah, there were specific words like “shredding” that we had problems with.


Matt: Is there like a manuscript or something that we could…?

SM: I’m sure there’s an original version somewhere.


Kallie: That would be awesome to read.

SM: Well you know I actually have violence in my nature, although some people doubt it. But you know it comes out in different places.

(chatter and laughter)

SM: Unless you get into really horrific car accident you’re never gonna live through something like that. I mean it’s the most violent part of your life that you’ll ever have if you’re lucky, right? Well you know it’s also good birth control, right? Reading Breaking Dawn: “I don’t wanna do that!”

LT: How do you see it playing out in your mind?

SM: Um, it’s interesting. I think that it’ll be very like the book from Bella’s perspective. So you know it’ll be what she’s seeing of this scene and everything. Um, which is actually more like Forever Dawn because we have Jacob’s perspective in this. And I don’t think that the Jacob’s perspective will be nearly as pronounced in the movies. Um you know I think it’s gonna—

Fansite: Aw.

SM: Yeah. It made me a little bit sad. I mean I think we’re gonna get some good moments, but they feel like they have to keep it Bella and Edward centric so…I mean I can see that. I know how people respond to it.

?: He’s got some good stuff though.

SM: Yeah, he does. He has some good moments.

?: It’s alright guys.


SM: But the birth scene may be, I think that now the concept is, Bella’s perspective.

LT: You know in the first movie, Twilight, where they’re sucking the blood, the venom out of her, and it’s just like flashes. It feels like it should be something like that.

SM: Yeah, something along those lines. I mean, yeah that was a good way…When Catherine did that it really did feel like Bella’s experience more than just an outside view. She was able to really personalize it which was nice. And even Edward personal too with that shot she came up with of Bella’s face kind of morphing over the days. I thought that was really beautiful.


Fansite: This is the only disruption in the…so far. The motorcycle clip, where Bella gets on the motorcycle with Jacob. Our members wanna know. They don’t think book Bella would’ve ever done that. Would’ve ever hurt Edward like that.

SM: I have read the comments and I said the exact same thing. I had…that was one of those days that I threw down. I’m like…The way that this…You know in the script I said the way that this is written, her getting on the back of the [motorcycle] is a direct response to her saying: “You lied to me. Well, I’m going with him.” And we were able the day of, and they cut down the clip that they played for MTV and stuff, we were able to soften it. We were able to get some lines in, and you’ve seen the whole thing so you know that there’s a breakaway. We tried to put in you know her response to Edward, and then now it becomes about Jacob. “Why haven’t you called me?” We switched…We tried as hard as we could to soften how that went down so it didn’t feel like something where: “Well, I’m gonna go get on the back of his motorcycle.” Because I felt like that was not Bella at all, and it’s not assertive. It’s rude. You know what I mean?

Matt: Yeah. It was like a slap in the face.

Fansite: Too reactionary.

SM: Yeah, it’s not like: “I’m a strong female character.” It’s like: “I’m a jerk.” And so yeah, that was…

Fansite: We were mad at movie Bella.

SM: Yeah, that was…

Fansite: Book Bella and I were okay, but movie Bella and I were like: “Ugh!”

SM: That was very much my same reaction. I think that it, in the form that it exists in the film, is better now. I think it works somewhat. I still think it’s kind of a stretch that she would do that. But you know you only have so much…that was one I lost. Early in I lost that one. You do what you can do.

Fansite: They’ll be happy that you agree!


LT: So true. Um, in the book Eclipse, we’ve kind of talked about it. We asked all the podcasts and we talked about it with some guys that have read it as well, and we talked about—

SM: The Font right?

LT: Yeah, The Font and White Yorkie.

SM: White Yorkie, that’s right.

LT: Those are our boys.

SM: Your unicorns.

LT: They all love talking about it. Um, so we were talking with them and we were talking about the character of Edward and kind of, it feels like in the end of New Moon, especially into Eclipse and especially in Breaking Dawn, it feels like his character changes a little bit. Or a lot maybe even. Um, how he goes from this strong, like as you said earlier, know-it-all to really almost a 180. Like simpering. Isn’t in control. Simpering is a bad word.

SM: There’s a lot of self-doubt that happens particularly after New Moon because this is someone who feels like he’s always had the answers and now he has screwed up worse than he’s ever screwed up in his entire life. And the one thing that he wanted more than anything else he destroyed her. And that was like so not what he was planning, so there is a lot of self-doubt. I feel like in Breaking Dawn the evolution completes where he goes from kind of like, not having hope or faith in himself, but faith in his ability to know everything. And he knows he’s right a lot. But he doesn’t have a lot of hope for anything and then he meets Bella and that throws everything into a mix and he screws up and he starts to doubt himself. In Breaking Dawn is the first time he really has faith and hope, like he comes around. He goes from being the worst pessimist to actually being an optimist, and for me that was a really big evolution. And it takes place a lot off screen in Breaking Dawn, because you know Bella is going through so much just here in her body it is very centered in her physically. And she has another battle, like she at this time has to say, “Edward, I can’t deal with you! I have something bigger to do here. Back off!” And so he becomes someone who believes at the end. Like the way she always has believed: “You and I are something special. This is gonna work out.” And he’s always felt like that she was wrong, and by the end he’s like: “You know what? I don’t even care what happens now ‘cause you’re right.” And see I always liked that about him, I liked that he was able to change. He’s one of those that changes. And Breaking Dawn for me was…on the surface there’s all this action, but for me it was all about Edward coming around. You know it’s hard for people though I think to watch the hot boy become the responsible dad because that’s not a sexy transition. Unless you have dated the hot boy and he has become the responsible dad to your children, and it’s really sexy. That’s not something that when you’re fourteen makes sense because dad is your father. But when it’s the father of your children it’s a whole other ballpark. A whole new level of sexy. You guys know. And that’s something that is not YA. It’s not a YA emotion and I always knew it was gonna go there.


SM: Oh my gosh it’s so sweet. It’s such a different level when you see them bond with their children. But I always knew this, that’s one of the reasons why it was hard to go YA because this was never gonna be…Remember Sweet Valley High? Okay, I’m really old.

Fansites: Yes!

SM: And those novels that like every…they’re still in high school. They’ve been there for 400 years and they’re still in high school. My books were theAnne of Green Gables where she grows up. She goes to college. She gets married. She has six kids. Her kids grow up. Her kids get married. I love the evolution. I love that they get to grow up and so for me the story was always…they were always gonna grow up.

Fansite: So it does change.

SM: And it does…It really changes. It’s not YA anymore in Breaking Dawn and that’s something that throws a lot of people.

Fansite: Totally.

SM: But I like letting them grow up. You feel bad when you make your characters stifle. They get to grow and change.

Elysa: Just back to Eclipse for a second. You mentioned on your website that there was an alternative ending to Eclipse.

SM: Yes.

Elysa: What can you tell us about that and will you ever write it or is it—

SM: See if I tell them, I can’t write. And so that becomes…’cause then you’ve destroyed it. But um, there was a certain point in time not as much faith in the series and I was told to end it at three. And I’d never planned to do…you know I was…There were three books right? There were supposed to be three books and there was no idea of it going on, and in my head it was this long series. And so it was like: “No, we should end this.” Because you know if you go on too long sometimes series lose their steam or whatever. And the story was just so wide open then. There was so much that wasn’t done and so to have ended it there, it would have had to be a radical ending. Um, radically different. There [were] some fantasy elements that I don’t think people would’ve seen coming. I don’t think they would have responded well. My mom hates it! Hates the ending. My sister was cool with it. And you know I could see that because there were things…Some people, the way they’re tied to the characters are dependent on certain aspects of those characters, and now I’m gonna sound really really bad but it messed with that for some people. But then once I started thinking about it I was really intrigued by that conversation. There was this really dramatic scene and Bella doesn’t know what’s going on and the visuals in it were really strong for me. And so then I wanted to write it. You know back when nobody cared about the books and I could do whatever I wanted, I was like Bree it was gonna be on the website. That was the plan all along. I would write up this alternate ending, but will people throw rocks at me if I write this? There’s a possibility! Oh and then people will think: “Oh this is the real ending and that’s the fake ending.” When it’s not you know…this is just an alternate. This is the way it could’ve gone. But it didn’t and I like it better how it is.

Matt: Are you leaving it open so—

SM: I’m leaving it open in case I decide some night I wake up and start typing and then I can put it on my website. Although you know I hate spoilers but then sometimes I wonder would Breaking Dawn have been an easier transition if people had had the spoilers? If I hadn’t thought: “Oh, I don’t want to ruin it.” And I just said, “Okay, hey guys, Bella’s gonna have a baby! Strap in!”

(chatter and laughter)

SM: Would people have been like: “Okay, I’m ready for it.” I don’t know. It’s a hard thing. Do you fight to keep it spoiler-free? Can you anymore? I was so disappointed, you know the last Harry Potter there was no way to avoid being spoiled. It was impossible. My friend took her little nieces and nephews and they went to go stand in line at the bookstore and some people drove by in a car with a megaphone shouting out the names of the people who died in the book.


Matt: Yeah, I got spoiled with the sixth book with Dumbledore.

SM: Yeah. I mean people just…there’s this desire people have to ruin the fun for other people.

Kassie: I don’t like that.

(chatter and laughter)

Kassie: I want to hunt them down!

(chatter and laughter)

Kassie: My vampire comes out!

SM: Why would you do that when you see little children? Like who can be that person who sees little kids there in line and wants to upset their fun? I don’t understand that.

Kassie: Oh it makes me mad! I wanna go talk to their mom.


Elysa: For Breaking Dawn my house was Fort Knox . I didn’t go anywhere. I was not online. Nothing. I mean I fell off the face of the earth. I did not want to be spoiled, and I wasn’t. I did not get spoiled—

Matt: You live in the middle of nowhere. I live in L.A.


Elysa: Fair enough. Fair enough.


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  1. […] Read the transcript at TST: breaking-dawn, motorcycles, alternate-endings and spoilers […]

  2. MeyerVampire says:

    This was such a delicious morsel. Thanks for transcribing that was so very thoughtful. Nice to listen to but even better to read. Would love, love, love to read that alternate ending or “Forever Dawn”. Glad to see SM’s thoughts on the movie version of the bike scene since there were so many views when the clip first came out and now that the movie has been released. GOOD JOB TST. XOXO

  3. Edward4ever says:

    I just love these! It is so cool to hear Stephanie’s thoughts on the movies, and what she was thinking when she was writing the books. I am glad she wrote Breaking Dawn the way she did,. Bella and Edward become a family with Renesmee, and I, for one, am glad for that!

    • smile says:

      this is the best movie out of the books and ive only read it once and ive memorized it almost all the i cant wait til the movie comes out

  4. Pam says:

    I love all of the Twilight Saga Books…… I am a grown woman, and I read the books which were meant for teenagers, and I’ve liked them from the beginning. The movies are good also, They are close to the books, which is very shocking because most books that are turned into movies, especially the Vampire Books, aren’t like the books. I hope Stephenie Meyer wrotes more books of Edward and Bella and everyone else, because I would love to know how they are doing in the future as well as how Renesmee and Jacob turn out, since Jacob Imprinted on Renesmee in Breaking Dawn

    • Maria says:

      i was thinking about the same thing, I dont want to see the story end, I would love to know about Jacob and Nessie! I am 49 yrs old and I read the 4 books twice, it is something about the story, I dont feel it is only for a younger generation, it shows what love is about without all the sex scenes we usually see in movies now, how they care for Bella, as gentlemen very rare now days and how she always thought about her family and friends, not selfish, I think it has a great message for kids.

      • racquel says:

        I too would love to see the story continue on. I am 41 yrs old and have read the series twice, would love to see how Jacob and Reneesme ? come together, and all of the other characters storie. Thank you Steph for your books you got me started reading again!

      • Lynn says:

        So happy to read that there are other 49 year olds out there who love Twilight. I became obsessed and thought I was weird lol

    • Andrea says:

      I like the idea of a Renesmee and Jacob story too since it looks like Jacob might have to face yet more competition. Will monogomy even come into it because the competitor for Renesmee’s affections really does face a dilemma of his own? With Renesmee being the only female available for him, she would be aware of that,( unless he takes up with one of the Amazonion type sisters,). However, some people do believe in poligamy. As long as it doesn’t become a long, drawn out, eventually becoming boring series such as the Australian, ‘ Sons and Daughters’, which started off brilliantly..and ‘Neighbours’, again the same….I think it would be really nice. I’m also trying to find the rumoured Emmett’s back story and about Rosalie finding him. It would be nice to see how he responds to his new life and new family since they are complete strangers to him..and what of his own real family that he has to leave behind?

    • Carmen says:

      Thank you! the first thing i thought when i finnished the last book was “So what happens next?” Jacob & Nessie’s story is one that i could read over & over & over again

    • smile says:

      yah i want 2 read about how they turn out and if they live wthout the veltori in there way or anyone else and i really wnt 2 hear about jacob and “nessie”.i like the part in the book were bella trys 2 attack jacob

      • sunshine says:

        yeah!!!!! me too, it was kinda funny. at first jake loves bella n even begs her to return to him.But later on he imprinted on nessie.
        but still i like this twist more than any other twist from the book.

        I also wanted to know what happened to them. their life etc

  5. Pam says:

    They are close to the books, which is very shocking because most books that are turned into movies, especially the Vampire Books, aren’t like the books: I meant the Vampire Movies aren’t close to the books..sorry about the typo

  6. CC says:

    FYI…I can’t even read the article. It’s covered up by your ads & sponsors. For future reference, please make the “x” botton to get rid of them more obvious or see if there is something you can do to change settings or something.

    • Jeanne Pauls says:

      I was looking for the x button for the ads also – obscured the text on my screen. Makes me Kinda pissed at the ad sponsors…

  7. nicole says:

    I agree with pam. it would be nice to see how all of them are doing in the future. I think it would me great if there was a book coming from Alice’s point of view. How she first met the Cullens and how she saw things.

  8. Alisha Wagner says:

    I would like to know about the “forever dawn” or even if SM is planning on continueing “Midnight Sun” i was so upset when i heard that she was not going to publish it because i think that it would make some since into what is going on in Edwards head. I have not read the partial manuscript because i am waiting to see if it will ever be published. I was also woundering if SM was going to continue after “Breaking Dawn” I would like to know what happens later and what happens with Jacob and Renesmee. I love reading the books I always go back and read the series when i get the chance. The first time I read them i was wrapped up completely in the book i read the whole series in five days. They are great books and thanks goes to SM for writing them.

    • Heather M says:

      I totally agree. I am 34 and had first watched the first two movies just out of pure “hype curiosity”. I saw Eclipse less than a week after it came out in theatres. Though I have not read any of the books, I would love to see ‘everything come together on screen’. Take this saga as far as it truly goes. You have plenty of followers to keep up with you. I would think that those followers might be a little disappointed if you just left them hanging and wondering. Thanks to SM, I also now have something I can use as topic of conversation with my 12 year old daughter. And hopefully once the Breaking Dawn and Forever Dawn are done, there will be a full box set on DVD. I will definitely buy it and watch them for as long as I know how to work my DVD player (or whatever other video contraption they come out with next. Lol.)

  9. Nicole B says:

    I think the books are great! I read all of them back to back. Love the movie versions , can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. Not a teenager, but enjoyed every minute.

    It would be nice to have another book.

  10. lu says:

    I can’t believe they’re even talking about making the birth scene from Bellas perspective. How the hell are the viewers who haven’t read the books going to know how much the half vampire child affects her body physically if they don’t get to see the physical? I want a bit of honesty! Blood and guts is how it really is when a woman gives birth! OMG!

    Meh! I’m not happy at all. That was one of the most memorable parts of the book for me. The true Vampire side of the story. How no mother had ever survived the birth of a half immortal/mortal. How Jacob wants to kill the baby because the sheer size and growth of the child is killing Bella from the inside out.

    Well I guess it’s all about the 13yr olds. Who knew that 13yr olds all thought vampires were sparkly and cute. Pfft. I want the darkness before the dawn! It’s no wonder my partner always tells me he’ll stick to the Necroscope series. I would like to see ONE of these movies with him. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

    • BOBBIE LEE says:


      • shandi says:

        i totally agree…stephanie please please write more books to go with the twilight saga! it doesnt have to end here, i want to know more about edward and bellas life after she has been a vampire, and about jacob and reneseme. and all of them living with jacob being in love with a vampire, how that must change the packs out look on the cullens. i need more! i am 27 and begging! lol also i pray they give us some good stuff in breaking dawn! my favorite scene in eclipse was the romantic bedroom scene! need more of those, it’s what the fans who have read the books and are in love with these characters are anticipating! Go Team Edward!

      • lu says:

        Thank you Bobbie.

        What about all the 13yr olds who are expecting the powerfully gruesome horror in that birth scene? 13yr olds have read the book, too! Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 13yr old readers are disappointed about them turning a good read into a: “PG13 soft vampire love triangle story”

        It’s so typical of the book to be WAY better than the movie these days.

        • Carmen says:

          I totally agree i mean they’ve read the book the’re forwarned. it’s fair game, if they don’t want to see it they don’t HAVE to go. heck if they don’t want to see that part they could use the time to go to the bathroom, get some pocorn, they could sit in their seats and cover their eyes for all i care. but it is an important scene!

    • Andrea says:

      I’ve got to agree with this, I know it would be a lot of hard work, and perhaps money, (budgets! Tch!), but maybe if they filmed the two versions and put two different age censures to the films and show the more ‘gruesome’ one at later times in the cinemas it would work…..I think it is needed as I feel the softer versions make it a little harder for adults to watch because it’s too romanticised. Yes, there is the romance in all of Stephanie’s four books which is nice, but there is also the gutsy, gritty fantasy/reality of a vampire/ werewolf world. Some of it has to get a little nasty.

    • Laura says:

      I also agree, but it seems no matter how loud we all are, no matter how many petitions are out for a more mature BD, SM and Summit will not go there, I dont know why, I really dont, these movies need to go darker and more sexier in each one to keep people wanting more. Get other people to watch besides fans of the books. Its honestly been a disappointment so far, I honestly think SM cant write a sex scene or a dark scene its just not in her and she is worried about “parents’ what?? These parents let there 10 year old read the books didn’t they? and what about an older fan base who is tired of the kids being catered to. Many are tired of it, its all over blogs every day. They might really be taking a chance once again catering to the tweens, there are other Vamp series out there adults can watch. As much as I love this story it can get boring on screen with out an edge.

      • lu says:

        I agree Laura. The films have lost me. I find myself going back to the books because they’ve completely changed the story in the movies. The part in Eclipse where Bella gets on Jacobs bike and leaves Edward standing there? Rubbish. Bella loves Edward and would never do something like that. The movie makes out like there’s some chance for Jacob when in fact Bella knows in her heart the only person for her is Edward. And what about the tent scene? They butchered it in my opinion.

        It’s a kids movie now. Vampire stories are horror stories. They should focus more on creating that horrifying feel instead of focussing so much on the romance. In BD the birth of Renesmee is seen from Jacobs perspective. They should keep it that way.

        • EdenC says:

          The Twilight Saga is a love story. It’s deals with issues like what is love, devotion, sacrifice, choices, family, morality and so much more more. The fact that one of the characters is a vampire, albeit a “vegetarian” vampire and another of the characters is a shapeshifting wolf just kicks it up a notch.

        • Nancy says:

          I totally agree. Eclipse was a dissapointment. I went to see the midnight premier and by the end of the movie I was saying what was that? That is nothing like the book I read. A newborn and Victoria have Edward ready to kill him??????? Then they cut Jacobs roll, edward, bella, almost cut out charlie, I was like omg what is going on with this and where in the book did bella cut herself to save edward? she didn’t she had a rock and was planning too. I could go on and on. Plus the motorcycle scene really did it for me. I refuse to even buy the dvd for that movie. It was like someone wrote a completely different movie but threw in a few pieces of the book to make it look like the series.

      • EdenC says:

        When Stephenie Meyer and Summit first discussed making her books into movies, one thing she was absolutely adamant about was that all the movies be no more than PG-13. Mrs. Meyer is a Mormon and they do not go to see movies rated any higher than PG-13, and she has said that there’s no way she’s going to make a movie that she and her children would not be able to go see. If you want to see blood and gore, maybe you would prefer fanged Vampires who are shown drinking blood and killing their victims. The Twilight Saga is not that kind of vampire story.

        • lu says:

          She wrote the book and she should stick to the way it was written. You should read breaking dawn and then maybe come back and post something here.

    • mimi says:

      I completely agree! Blood and Guts it how women do it in real life and in the book. Everyone is so worried about the 13 yr olds but wake up people do you know what 13 year olds are watching these days! I have a 10 year old who lives to watch horror movies and blood and guts lets face it kids these days are different from when we were kids! I am only 27 and the first movie i ever remember watching was a horror movie! so a little blood and guts from a horrible painful birth never hurt nobody!

  11. Amber says:

    I would totally love SM to keep this story going.
    I love it .I am a 35 year old .And I relax by reading these books
    Over and over .I would really to read more about their story

    • Donna says:

      I have to agree, I’m 34 & keep re-reading these.

      I am curious about what happens after their happily ever after. Also, though I was always a fan of Edward, without the brief bit of Midnight Sun I didn’t get him, it was like he hated her then was madly in love & kind of a door mat, that gave me a perspective on him. It also made me love Emmet & the other Cullens a whole lot more. We don’t get enough of them in other books.

      And while I’m on a roll, I am so glad Stephenie addressed the book vs movie Bella, I really hate what they’ve done to that character on the silver screen. (she NEVER would have left Edward behind like that!!) The book Bella is shy & delicate and she grows into a woman who takes control and goes from the weakest link to saving the whole family and the wolf pack! They’ve played her too tough all through the movies & she loses her vulnerability & femininity as well as the contrast from weak to strong. I love Bella in the book (actually love her more after Midnight Sun because through Edward’s eyes we learn of his list of qualities he sees in her – the series is so much stronger with that book, though I totally get how betrayal would make Stephenie not want to pick it back up!)

      Thanks, Stephenie for a great series, please do more series with the characters you’ve introduced and with whom we’ve fallen in love!!

  12. Martha says:

    please don’t change it to much from the book love the way it’s written! can’t wait to see what you’ll do to make it a fantasy just be real and rember make it worth talking about because them nobody will rember it you only get one chance at this put ur everything to it live twilight can’t wait to see it

  13. michelle says:

    I loved all four books,i read them back to back,and have seen all the movies on opening night. Iwoud love to see Breaking Dawn as close to the book as possible,the love scene,when they’re on the island,and the birth scene, are going to be the show stealers i think so please don’t sugar coat it. I ‘m a middle aged woman and a firm beleiver that teens today are more mature than some give them credit,so stick to what SM wrote, it was fantastic,don’t change a thing.Just put the right rating on the movie(movies) breaking dawn) and the people will love it……………would love to see what happens with Jacob and Renesmee,as well as the others!

  14. Kathy says:

    A few things make so much sense now. I was so upset when I saw the motorcycle exit scene in the trailer. But seeing it in the movie, and realzing how they had to tie things together, and leave out less important things for flow and time issues. Bella wouldn’t really do that, but it is belevable. Plus, it left room for things we really neded to see, like the leg hitch.

    Stephenie just changed my entire view of book 3 of Breakng Dawn. Reading it (several times) I was disappointed that there was no battle. But reading Stephenies perspective, and thinking of Bella and Edward and how their lives evolved during the series, especially in BD, and cncentrating on the intense relationships in the final chapters ( seeing Edward as a father from Bella’s perspective), it makes me not miss the battle at all.

    Oh, and as far as spoilers… I wrecked it for myself. I was so mad! I read the appendices first, including the vampire roll list. Ugh, I saw Renesmee on there, and that name would only be B/E’s child.

    Thanks to all who participated in that interview and esp to SM for sharing some of your more intimate thoughts and insights. So many of us can’t wait to read anymore that you might write about our beloved characters.

  15. BOBBIE LEE says:


    • Donna says:

      About leaving us hanging, what happens with Renee? Does she get to be part of the magic world or not?

    • EdenC says:

      I think fans may not understand that when Stephenie Meyer and Summit contracted to make her books into movies, that she was not given total control over what would or would not be in the movies. In the beginning with Twilight, she was so happy that her book was being made into a movie that she has said that if they even got one scene right she would be satisfied. Certainly, no one at that time realized what kind of phenonomen the Twilight Saga would become. Even so, Stephenie’s influence was still limited. Seems to me like ppl think that whatever Stephenie said would rule the day, but that is not what happened for the first 3 movies. I have some hope that Breaking Dawn will finally fulfill our expectations that the movies be as close to the books as possible…because now Stephenie will be one of the 3 producers and will therefore have influence and her views and visions will finally be respected. She has said that she will be on set every day during filming and will be involved in the post-production editing. She has said that she will devote a year of her life to the project. Let’s give her some respect and support.

  16. Elaaine says:

    As a Huge Fan of the Series i expect to see what I’ve read in the books. I think that with each book it became a little more graphic but it’s not at all provocative SM writes in the most tasteful way when dealing with a pg-13 subject. I’m Twenty years old and the no book has ever really made me this excited I’m a freak when it come to the twilight saga! I would like to see Bella on the couch drinking blood through a straw and the scene where Edward can read Renesmes’ thoughts in the womb that’s way too awesome of a scene to not show in theaters.

  17. Shawkiya says:

    I just loved the story and romantic views of the movie….Twilight, The new moon, Eclipse…in one word AWESOME….

  18. Julia says:

    Hello Stephenie,
    I am also a writer and have only recently finfished the Twilight-Saga,I wish you the best for the fourth movie. And i encourage you to keep writing. Many fans are to thank you for the books, and now the movies. I am still finishing my 1st book off,and i have to say it’s pretty “cool” itself. Whenever i get stuck i just think that if i get lucky i could one day i might be proud of myself, not being able to give up. You didn’t and now look how far you’ve got! Really your like my idol, in a childish way.
    Best of luck,

  19. Kelz Bellz says:

    That was fun to listen to! Thanx you guys.. By the way I’m 15 and I LOVED the way Edward turned into such a great dad! 🙂

  20. Kat says:

    I love these interviews! Getting to hear Stephenie’s view on all of these subjects is great! It feels good to know that she felt the same way as I did about some of the scenes in the movie, especially the motorcycle scene. When I saw that clip on MTV, I’m not gonna lie, I started to freak out a little about the movie. That seemed so far out of the realm of Bella’s personality that it made me worried about what other changes were made to the storyline. Seeing it all played out, it did fit better but…I still just can’t see Bella hurting Edward like that. The movie, other than that, filled all of my expectations, as did the others. I’m 28 and I LOVE the Saga, as does my mom, my aunt, my friends…It was wonderfully written. I bought Twilight a few months before the movie came out, before I even knew there was a movie. I started reading one afternoon and couldn’t put it down. I finished it at 1 am and immediately hopped in my car and went to Wal-Mart to buy the rest of the Saga. I’ve been devouring books since I was 12, mostly romaces, and never have I been so enthralled with a series. I’ve read all four 6 times and am on my 7th series read now and they never get old; I’m always just as engrossed as I was the first time. And it’s not just the Saga. The Host was excellent, too. I was skeptical-couldn’t see myself getting into a story about aliens, but since it was Stephenie Meyer I really should have known I wouldn’t be able to put it down. Thank you, Stephenie, for giving us these amazing stories!!!

  21. Bunny Y says:

    I am a grown woman who voraciously read all four books, finding I couldn’t put them down. I buy everything Twilight,have gone through the tour of Forks,and am proud to say one of the Twilight Saga’s biggest fans. I am a grandmother who converses with my older grands about the virtues of Edward virsus Jacob. They are split, half loving Edward and half loving Jacob. I am a team Edward junkie and admire SM so much. I enjoyed them all but must say “Breaking Dawn” was my very favorite because I felt the pain Bella felt wanting to be immortal with Edward for eternity. I don’t quite understand the dynamic of Jacob and Renesmee but in a sense it fits. I would really love to see “Midnight Sun” and would buy it in a heartbeat. Thanks SM for giving me something to look forward to with the movies just as she did with the books. I am with everyone else …. please write another book for the saga!!

  22. Gelai says:

    Wow.. I love it 🙂 Though, I’m done with the Edward/Bella craze… Right now, all I’m thinking is all about Emmett and Rosalie.. Don’t know why but I love the two of them.. I want to see that KISS scene in BD..haha.. I wish there is SEX…wahaha..
    And I hope Stephenie did continue Midnight Sun.. It’s going to be a really great story.. well it’s my opinion.. 😀

  23. Yvonne Brown says:

    It would be my dream come TRUE if Step continues with another couple of books for Twilight. I too want to see Jacob and Nessie grow up, fall in love and get marriage. I would think that there can be another battle with the Volturi being that they might still want to steal Nessie because she is so special. There are so many other angles Step could take, so many more stories and tales that were left untold (I have some great ideas). Stephenie I know this would be more sleepless night and less time from family to continue the Twilight story but please think about the joy it will bring to this world and the opportunity it will give you to provide a safety zone for teenagers. So many teens life has been change for the better because of your books, and so many older fans like my self hearts has been touch in a special way. Love your books Step.

  24. brookie says:

    when does eclipes come out on dvd

  25. Crepusculina forever says:

    Ey very good To dawn very prettily for edward. beautiful and reneesme
    Stephenie is very good
    Me encantaria q edward’s book but version goes out to dawn

  26. Anum says:

    i am a huge fan of the series reading breaking dawn for third time…and its gr8…and i really do hope that the series does not end here…I WANT TO KNOW MORE…!!!! ABOUT BELLA N EDWARD 😛

    • Janine says:

      OMG!! I’am a 44 year old and have only read before the Twilight series that is 2 books,,,,and now thanks to SM I have read 6 ,,,and i will not be so happy if they sugar coat the love scene on Isle Esme!!! and yeah I think that if the rating is gonna have to be for older audiences then that will just have to be and the younger crowd will have to wait till they are older or their parents give them permission ,,like one other person had stated before ,,that our teenagers today know alot more than we give them credit for ,,,,they teach it in schools nowadays !!! so come on !!! please don’t ,,,Im begging u to make it how the book is and we will not well at least I will Not judge u for doing what you are inspired to do write! Love u SM and your books ,,,and input!!! Im a cougar with a young heart and open mind,,,but real!!! Thanks…..

  27. cheryl thesen says:

    Addicted to the books and movies. Have read the books several times and have both movies so far. Would love to know what happens with Reneesme and Jacob…and what about Bella and Edwards happily ever after….for ever. Stephanie Meyer you r a brilliant writer and hope u will do more.

  28. Paulina says:

    A pretty common thought, is that a movie is never as good as a book. The reason we feel that way is because our imagination takes over and there are no boundaries as to what will come into your head, given an idea. An Author plants a seed with their words, and each person takes it from there. With that in mind. any young person, who has read the books, has seen a version in their head, that would be impossible to duplicate in a movie. So if they’ve had permission to read the books, what happens in the books would be no surprise to anyone. They just have to make the movie tasteful, and then AGAIN, leave it to our imaginations!! I am a huge fan, and have read many great works of literature. I find that a book that spreads to much excitement, renews a love for reading, not to mention, generates so much passion, is undoubtedly a Classic. I would encourage people to have an open mind and enjoy!!

  29. Paulina says:

    Make that …what happens in the MOVIE should be no surprise. Proof reading before sending, is a good thing

  30. Marina Moll says:

    I know probably thousands of people have said the same thing but I really enjoyed this discussion. I have always said that the strengths of the characters were the details but now after thinking about it, how many of those details were in the books and how many in my own imagination. The books are written in such a manner that one’s imagination is almost on auto drive. I would find myself seeing an entire scene in my head with my own accessories such as the exact way things were accomplished. The “facts” of the book were intact but the method by which they were accomplished allowed “wiggle room”.

  31. Stephanie says:

    I am 48 and love the books – saw the films first and then read the books back to back twice. I really think that Breaking Dawn should stick closely to the book. It will be so disappointing if it is sugar coated down for 13 year olds. They will be old enough to watch when it comes out on dvd later. The physical love and the birth are critical to the story so no sugar coating please. I love the characters. A little of Jacobs point of view would be good too as he is so funny.

  32. Dabney says:

    I had a problem like that with Breaking Dawn. I’m 15 and I was thingkin well I can’t imagine myself married with kids so it was hard to grasp Bella like that. Maybe if I reread the books in 20 or 30 years I’ll feel more of that understanding that I’m missing.

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  35. Laura says:

    Why does the “older” audience always get the shaft? we get no credit. Ya know we are 55% percent of this fan base, Why not cater to us some? we get no credit. I get SM wants her kids to be able to see BD, but come on, The Vampire Diary’s is on regular TV and we see more sex/passion there than with these movies, I was really hoping for a mature BD, if SM think Eclipse was “a bit much” than we are in for a disappointment of getting any real passion in BD. E had no blood at all, and the “love” scene was literally 16 sec of a camera rolling angles. The Saga is made fun of for these issues.

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  37. Trina says:

    First and foremost, I would like to say that I am extremely excited about the movie Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn is by far, my favorite book of the series, and I hope the director of the movie keeps it as close to the books as possible. Stephenie wants to keep the movie Breaking Dawn, appropriate for all ages, but what she fails to realize is that Breaking Dawn is not, and will never be apropriate for all ages. She wants her kids to be able to see the movie…no, this movie, and the book is NOT for kids. If they sensor Breaking Dawn, the movie, too much, it will be a let down for me, and i’m sure it will be a let down for other adult fans. My expectations for the movie is, I want it to be exactly like the book, or at least similar. I wan all the gory details, all the steamy moments, no cut offs. I fell in love with the book, I want to fall in love with the movie too. I was extremely impressed with the movie Eclipse. I love how the director didnt go too far off range from the book. Stephenie, please do all you can to make the movie as close to the book as possible. I don’t want to be disappointed, and neither do your other loyal fans. Please…for us.

  38. indranee says:

    In this new Jacob/Renesme story, is Renesme ever going to ask Bella how it was to kiss Jacob? If that happens, I’m there… all ears.

  39. Marie Nunn says:

    I love listening to these! Thanks for putting them on! The books are amazing and I know this is gonna sound corny but they helped me out of a really bad time in my life. I had postnatal depression and had lost the will to do anything I used to love, especially reading. I watched the first film and was so drawn to the story that I read all four books in a week. They gave me hope that things would get better and started me back on the path of my fave hobby! So Stephanie if you read these, thank you from one mum to another!

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  41. Jenny Astor says:

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by google search

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