“My True Love Gave To Me…” Contest With TST!

Dec 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Contests, Featured Articles, Site News

“On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”

There is only 1 day left until Eclipse comes out on DVD!  Woo-hoo!  In honor of the release, we here at Twilight Series Theories will be hosting a special holiday-themed countdown and contest.

Here’s how to enter:

Just reTweet this post on Twitter (@TSTPodcast) OR share the link on Facebook (and be sure to post the link below in the comments).  You will need to do this every day for the 7 days we are promoting the contest!

If you reTweet/Share ALL 7 days you may win an autographed picture of Peter Facinelli, Eclipse DVD and some other Twilight goodies… 7 Prizes total!  The winner will be picked at random Sunday, December 5th!

And, just for fun, some of the TST staff will be answering a special holiday question-of-the-day, so be sure to play along with us in the comments section!  :)

Question #7: What is your favorite cartoon love triangle?

Krystal: Uh…I guess maybe Archie, Betty and Veronica.  Or maybe Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinkerbell.

Stefanie: I don’t know of any….oh wait! Gaston, the beast and Belle! That movie is one of the few animated ones I like. 🙂

Kallie: Well, this is tough!  I wanted to go with Zack, Kelly and AC (Saved by the Bell), but that’s not a cartoon… So, I will have to go with Smurfette and all of the boy-Smurfs!  It’s more of a love-octagon… but you know they were all in love with her!

3 Comments to ““My True Love Gave To Me…” Contest With TST!”

  1. Carrie Marie says:

    I don’t know any! : |


  2. Mary says:

    Shrek2…Princess Fiona, Shrek and Prince Charming.

  3. Arianne says:

    Clarke Kent, Superman and Lois Lane? The Little Mermaid, The Prince and that other little wench who ruined everything in the Hans Christian Anderson version!
    …and …Eclipse was released here in Australia on Dec 1st and I have m y copy and it is FAB!

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