Salt Lake Magazine Interview with Jodelle Ferland

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Over the weekend, Salt Lake Magazine got the chance to sit down with Jodelle before she headed off to the Eclipse signing at Best Buy:

I was a little nervous about interviewing the girl who had starred in many horror films, including Case 39, They and Silent Hill. I wasn’t nervous about the fact that she has over 50+ film and TV credits at only 16, but because some of her roles actually gave me nightmares. I told her this, and she replied “I have a mouth right now so it’s not that bad.”

I began the interview with questions pertaining to Twilight as she was in SLC promoting the DVD release of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse where she stars as Bree Tanner…

BH: ‘Do you have any memorable moments from being on Eclipse?’

JF: ‘Well, I think honestly the whole movie was pretty memorable. Actually, I did have my 15th birthday on set, so that was pretty cool.’

BH: ‘Did you get a cake?’”

JF: ‘Yeah I did. I had a birthday cake on set. And I mean that is pretty much every girls dream to have,’ she smiles and laughs, ‘a birthday party on the set of Twilight. I was so happy that I got to do that. That was really fun.’

To check out the rest of the interview, where Jodelle talks about The Hunger Games, her upcoming films, and more, visit Salt Lake Magazine’s site.

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