Congrats to TERI! Winner of TST’s Twilight Saga GIVEAWAY-A-DAY!

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Twilight Series Theories is giving away an AMAZING TWILIGHT SAGA PRIZE PACKAGE TODAY! You have 24 hours to leave your entry in the comments section below

We love our reader’s/listener’s Supporter Speculation!  So for your entry, you just need to include what you think should happen next in the Twilight Saga (after Breaking Dawn)!

To win you must be a US resident (sorry about that, but if you’re not a US resident you can enter any of the other contests linked below).  We’ll pick a random winner at 11:59pm (Central) January 8, 2011.

Here are the items that will be in the ECLIPSE duffel bag (we are including the duffel bag as part of the package – these are the same LIMITED EDITION bags that were given out to the cast & crew after THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE wrapped production):

ECLIPSE Duffle Bags Vancouver Black
ECLIPSE Basic Logo Men’s XL shirts
ECLIPSE Soundtrack CD
ECLIPSE Purse (Lion in Moon) or ECLIPSE Purse (Wolfpack Tatoo)
– you will receive only one randomly selected version of this purse
ECLIPSE Puzzle (Ravensburger 1000 Piece)
ECLIPSE Mini Poster
ECLIPSE Skin for iPhone
NEW MOON Mini Posters Signed by Stephenie Meyer
NEW MOON Soundtrack
NEW MOON Baseball Cap
TWILIGHT Ring (Carlisle’s Crest)
TWILIGHT Edward Keychain
(Please note the picture is a representation of what these items may look like. For example the stickers, hats, skins, and buttons come in multiple styles. Your prize pack will not match 100% of the graphic.)

Summit Entertainment, LLC is not a sponsor of the Sweepstakes.

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1,487 Comments to “Congrats to TERI! Winner of TST’s Twilight Saga GIVEAWAY-A-DAY!”

  1. Christine B says:

    I would really be interested in more like the Midnight Sun “view”. The view of Edward on Nessie growing and having been imprinted by Jacob, how Edward feels about that. After reading the few chapters of Midnight Sun, I had a totally different view of Twilight. I seemed to be more intrigued and I found myself wondering what he would be thinking during New Moon & Eclipse. More of Jacob’s thoughts about Nessie and how their lives will be as she grows and how she will feel about him. What their kids would be like, being part human, part shape shifter and part vampire. How does Jacob feel about Bella and the Cullens after she has been a vampire for awhile. It would be VERY interesting to see how Mrs Meyer’s would portray all of those views. I attribute my new found love of reading to her. Until I started reading the Twilight books last October 2010, I never read. Now I have a hard time finding books that really pull me into the story like these did. Keep up the great work Mrs. Meyer. 😀

  2. I would be so happy if Stephenie would finish Midnight Sun. I think it needs to be published in order to completely finish the Twilight series. I have so enjoyed all of the books and the movies and look forward greatly to seeing Breaking Dawn. Out of all the vampire material out there Twilight Saga is by far my favorite and the best. The Vampire Diaries only wish they could be Twilight. Go, Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Dr.and Mrs. Cullen and the rest of the cast.

  3. kathryn says:

    i love love love twilight so does my 2 year old daughter she has the dolls and watches the movies,i caint wait to see what happens in breaking dawn. in the next movie i think they should go on with the story with jacob and reneesme how they live there life and what they run into during there life im sure there will be alot of people who will disagree with them being together. more run ins with the vultori and bad vampires. show more of the love story between bella and edward and the rest of the cullens and how bella is adjusting to being a vampire and what her family thinks of her being one i def think charlie and renee should find out what there daughter is. i would love to find out what happend in alices before life and what she went through and how she became who she is. i would also love to have in edwards words and thoughts what goes on in his head how he feels his enemy is his daughters love. just please keep them coming i cant get enough i would love to win this i am the biggest fan

  4. Stephanie Dreyer says:

    I would love to finish reading Midnight Sun as I would love to read all the parts of the saga from Edwards point on view. It would be great to dive into Alices past as well. These books could be so successful in many spin off of the originals by delving into all the characters like Jasper or Esme and especially Carlisle. Stephenie Meyer could have my complete attention for years to come as I’ve already read all the of saga and Brees tale over two times. The next new story would be great to read about renessme growing up and Bella and Edwards years as parents and also how things work out with Jacob and their potential love story.

  5. Mary Tallman says:

    I would love to see what happens with Jacob/Renesemee. Also, I hope Stephanie continues with Midnight Sun.

  6. katrina ramey says:

    I think it would be great for Stephanie to write about life with Nessy id love to read about how she grows up her conflicts and trials being half human half vampire. And how Bella and Edward deal with it all. It can’t stop @ breaking dawn its left screaming for more… I would also love to read edwards view edwards thoughts and feelings from the very begining when he first saw/smelt bella. There are a lot of opertunities that can still carry on the saga. I’m extremely excited and hopeful there will be more to come.

  7. Lety says:

    The next saga should be about Jacob and Renessme!!!!!

  8. Candice says:

    I am a huge twilight fan. I would love to see the new Cullen family as renesseme grows up in Edwards version. I don’t want the saga to end I feel like there is so much that could be made after breaking dawn. I would like to know also what happened in alices before life too!

  9. Teondra says:

    I believe after Breaking dawn that, there should a group of humans who are onto the supernatural world and they are a threat, they want to expose both the werewolves and the vampires, and now the pack and the cullens must decide whether to kill them or not. It would be very hard to make that decision seeing that Edward will do anything for Bella and Jacob now has his Renesme and they both live to protect human life, so now they must come up with a plan on what they should do, but either way, the choice they make would be risky!!!!

  10. T.Moore says:

    Since I am a Team Jacob fan I would absolutely love to read another book about what happened to Jacob and Renesmee after Breaking Dawn. Just like Twilight is about Edward and Bellas True love and them meeting eachother and the things that they had to conquer to be together, meyers could also write a story about Nessie and Jake’s love! I would really enjoy reading that! 🙂

  11. More from nessie’s point of view

  12. Jade says:

    I would love to see some more witty family interaction between Bella and everyone. That means absolutely everyone in the family, especially Emmett. I would like to see how Jacob and Renesemee turned out, though I didn’t care for the whole pregnancy thing. Also maybe some more Volturi drama! I love some good drama in a great series.

  13. TAWANA J. says:

    I totally love The Twilight Sagas… I’m a huge fan!!!!! I can’t want for the next Twilight movie, it gives me chills (chills in a good way-LOL) just thinking about the next Twilight;-) BTW – I would love to see Midnight Sun as a Breaking Dawn followup…

  14. Julie says:

    I am a huge Twilight fan. Love all the books and movies. I have a huge collection of Twilight merchandise. I would love for Stephanie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun. I have read what has been written several times. It gave me more insight into Edwards way of thinking. I would love to have this prize pack to add to my ever growing collection. Looking forward to Breaking Dawn.

  15. Karilyn says:

    I think the story would show more of Nessie and Jacob and the way things change as she grows up…how that effects Charlie, having them around (B&E too)

  16. Katt13 says:

    I would really love to see Midnight Sun completed!

  17. Pat Orr says:

    I love the Twilight series .it put you into a different world.The life of a Vampire an a warwolf..To see how Nessy an Jacob handling their futrue. How Edward an Bella will accept the love that Jacob has for Nessy. Please make another twilight movie.
    These are the Best movies I’v ever seen..Please continue.It will be well worth it. Please pick me to win. Thank you

  18. Amber says:

    I would really love to see the next chapter of everyones life. How Renesemee lives as part vampire and part human. What Jacob and Renesemee end up comin of each other. I really hope that there will be something else after Breaking Dawn because I am not ready to give up the story. I loved reading the books and loved the movies. Hopefully there will be more to come.

  19. Sandy says:

    I think that the story ahould continue and something or someone evil should kidnap Renesmee because Jacob was careless and now Edward, Bella and Jacob have to have an adventure to save her.

  20. kate says:

    i think in the next book. It should be about nessie all grown up, so everyone can see if jacob and her actually get together. It should also have nessie almost killing someone.

  21. Darcy Brown says:

    I really wish Stephenie would finish Midnight Sun. I did what I shouldnt have & read what she put on website. I fell in love with Edwards character even more. I would love to read the whole saga from his point of view. You get so many more details from his mind reading. It would be so cool to hear what he is thinking throughout Mew Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn!!

  22. Amanda clark says:

    I think Steph should write more about Bella as a vampire,i mean my god we read through four books waiting for her to choose and she finally did but then it cuts us off! Wth? Plus we gotta see what happens with the baby! YOU JUST CAN’T LEAVE US HANGING DAMN IT! if she won’t give us that then at least finish Midnight Sun!

  23. Sharon says:

    I think that after Breaking Dawn there needs to be another book telling us all about how there life is now that all the threats are over… do they all live happily ever after or is there some new threat that puts them back in the heat of trouble?? Do the Cullen’s stay in forks or do they move on? Does Jacob and Nessie have a happy life or does something happen? We need more this cant be how the twilight saga ends… we need to know more about everything that happens after the Volteri let them all life and see what Nessie ends up being like…

    Love all the book and Please Please finish Midnight sun!! 🙂

  24. Elsa says:

    I agree with everyone else, I would love if Midnight son was finished. It would also be great to see an older Nessie with her relatonship with Jacob. And I would love to know more of the back stories! Just really anything related to the Twilight characters.

  25. Tammy Manning says:

    I would love to read Jacob and Renesme’s story.

  26. Cassie H says:

    I would love it if Stephine would keep going with the books and the next one being about Bella’s new life being a vampire, mother and wife. Learning about her struggles. I would also love to see where Jacob and Renesemee goes. I just wish these books keep going, because I love them so much. I would LOVE for MIDNIGHT SUN to be released aswell!!!!!!!

  27. Troy says:

    Midnight Sun needs to be released into a book instead of having to read a few chapters on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. JR says:

    Stephenie should write more books. Haha.

  29. heather dehart says:

    I would love to win all this great memorabilia.

  30. tina guinn says:

    i love watching twilight movies. I learn something new every time i watch them. the next movie should be about the cullens and the wolves. and bella and edward

  31. Tiffanie says:

    I thunk it would be really fun to explore Renesmee and Jacob’s story. I’d like to see where Stephanie takes them.

  32. laces says:

    I most want to see Midnight Sun of course–but if I were to pick a story to continue with, I would want the story of Jacob and Nessie and how their relationship evolves and grows. It would be interesting to see the challenges that they would face in their relationship.

  33. Rachel Robertson says:

    I would like to see more of midnight sun and more of jacob and renesmee story.

  34. I love the twilight saga Stephanie has a brilliant mind , and I just want to thank her for putting her dreams on paper and sharing them with the world

  35. Jackie says:

    Renesmee and Jacob’s story…NICE:)!!!

  36. Gregory Harris says:

    I think that it would be an honor for me to get this package this time.

  37. dirtydeeds99 says:

    Definitely, definitely, definitely Stephenie needs to finish Midnight Sun! She left us dangling at a pivotal moment and I absolutely love Edward’s perspective. She shows how completely vulnerable he is. Love your website and your podcast. You all are so much fun to listen to!

  38. Lisa Yates says:

    I think that Edward Cullen is one of the best characters since Shakespeare wrote about Romeo. I would love another book written from his point of view. We know he kept journals…and I would love to see what he wrote about love and Bella. We need more EDWARD!

  39. Robin says:

    What I think should happen next??? Hmmmm, well I think that Stephenie should finish Midnight Sun (I know it was leaked) but that’s okay. Go back, tweak some things, carry on. I would think that Midnight Sun would also need more than just one book. We need to see Edward’s view of EVERYTHING. I want to see what it was like for him to have to leave Bella in New Moon. I want to see how he dealt with it all. I want to know how he really felt about Bella and Jacob. I want to see Renesmee through his thoughts and his eyes. What his thoughts were about Jacob and his daughter.

    I also would like to see Stephenie continue Breaking Dawn with the story of Renesmee, Jacob and all the Cullen’s. What happens in the future? Where do they go? What happens with the wolf pack and all the imprinting? There is just so much more to the story, I wish Stephenie would continue the Saga, her fans love her so much.

  40. Sheri Callander says:

    The story that follows Breaking Dawn should be focused on Bella and Edwards relationship now that she’s a vampire, of course how Renesmee and Jacob are doing, and maybe some new drama with the Voluturi. Cause you know, that Aro is not satisfied that he doesn’t have Edward and Alice yet.

  41. Kristin S. says:

    I really hope Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg not only capture Bella’s adventure on Isle Esme and walk through her pregnancy but really get into detail with Jacob’s struggle with himself and also his struggle to accept Bella as Mrs. Cullen and Bella as a vampire.

  42. Carmen Clark says:

    I would like to see Stephanie Meyer write a book about Dr. Cullen and how he came to be the vampire with a heart. The story would go back to the time just prior to his joining the Volturi and follow him through Edward’s rescue.

  43. Stephanie1266 says:

    My 12yr old daughter just loves, loves, loves the “Twilight Saga”. She is torn between Edward and Jacob. She has seen the first being Twilight a least 25 times and New Moon abouth 20 times. Unfortunately, she has not been able to see Eclipse as of yet and can’t wait til Breaking Dawn comes out. She doesn’t want the saga to end.

    Thank you

  44. T.Moore says:

    Since I am a Team Jacob fan I would absolutely love to read another book about what happened to Renesmee and Jacob after Breaking Dawn. Just like Twilight is about Edward and Bellas True love and them meeting eachother and the the things that they had to conquer to be together, meyers could also write a story about Nessie and Jake’s love! I would really enjoy reading that over and over again! 🙂

  45. Dahly M. says:

    After Breaking Dawn the saga should fast forward several years and be told from Renesmee’s point of view talking about her relationship with Jacob, her parents and the Cullens, and Charlie

  46. Kimberly says:

    Continue the relationship of Renesmee and Jacob, and whatever is the fruit of that union, it’ll be completely unique ’cause there has never been an union between a human-vampire and a werewolf… That creature will have a little trouble trying to cope with all the Vampire-Werewolf thing. He/She will probably have a gift, such as read minds, or predict the future.. and of course, will imprint on someone. In the middle of all this the Volturi learn about him/her, and they’ll have to do something. Maybe because the creature is so unique, they’ll try to convince him/her to join them so that will lead Renesmee and Jacob to prevent such a thing.

  47. Tammy Owens says:

    I would like to have the story in the series to be based on jacob and renessmee and his imprinting on her and how Bella reacts, She was the one that explodes, Not Edward. Also, to continue Bella and Edwards lovestory and Bella learning to live as a vampire. The Cullens and Bella’s dad would have to be entwined along with the wolfpack. It has the potential to be the best story yet.

  48. Andrea Hartmann says:

    Midnight Sun, or a story from Renesmee’s perspective.

  49. Mandi says:

    Wow, there are so many great directions things could take after Breaking Dawn. I would love to see how Jacob, Edward and Bella are all destined to be part of the same dysfunctional family forever (thank you, Nessy) and how that odd dynamic plays out. I’d also be curious to see, just because Jacob imprinted on Nessy, would she necessarily end up mated with him or choose her own permanent partner? Although I love and adore the whole Twilight series, the thing I have found the most compelling is seeing the world through Edward’s eyes, a la Midnight Sun. The completion of that novel, to me, would mark the true completion of the Twilight series.

  50. Jennifer Demarais says:

    I would just love to see a continuation of the story. I’d love to see more on Bella dealing with being a vamp and her new abilities and of course see how the whole Nessie and Jacob thing plays out!

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