Carlisle & Rosalie

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This week we would love to know what you think of Carlisle and Rosalie’s relationship…  Rosalie and Carlisle were both dealt pretty horrible hands in life, and we want to know what you think about how they deal with those hands.  Feel free to comment about Rosalie’s anger issues, Carlisle’s hero complex, or how they might deal with each other from day to day!  So, here’s the Question of the Week…

What do you think about Carlisle and Rosalie’s relationship?

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  1. Kjyrsten (pronounced Keyrsten) says:

    I think that their relationship very complex. Carlilse saved Rosalie from death in a cold street and he died alone after being bitten. Carlilse, I think in a way keeps Rosealie grounded in a way, by keeping her anger in check. He is very much a father figure to everyone in the Cullen Family, and reminds them that they need to “play nice in the sandbox” and not pick fights with each other.

  2. Crystal says:

    I believe that Carlisle is a father figure to Rosalie, as well to rest of her adopted unique siblings; however I believe there is a more intense need for love that has to be directed to Rosalie. She is the only one that declares that maybe she would have rather died, than to have taken on a life that seems to give so much, but stops her from moving on. Carlisle provides advice and the right words to all of his “children” in a way that meets their direct needs. I believe that Carlisle is a father figure in which Rosalie actually trusts and understands. In addition, Carlisle keeps Rosalie calm in situations and provides her an understanding, or a better perspective of her long-lasting life.

  3. Rebekah says:

    This is such a good topic! Although Rosalie complains about not wanting to be a vampire, she’s still around. She must get enough pleasure out of her vampire life or she would have ended it a very long time ago (before meeting Emmet) by taking a trip to see the Volturri. I feel that her and Carlisle’s relationship is as close to father-daughter as you can get. I don’t feel that she blames Carlisle for her transformation as much as she does Edward. It was because of Edward afterall that Carlise changed her, thinking that she could be his companion. While Rosalie was changing into a vampire she could overhear Edward’s disgust at Carlisle choosing her to change. I think this along with the apparant fact that Edward is the favorite child has added to sibling rivalry that Rosalie feels toward Edward. But that’s a whole other can worms we can open up later.

  4. Georgia says:

    G’day Kallie and Kassie
    I think that Carlisle and Rosalie’s relationship is very complex. In some ways I think Rosalie is glad that Carlisle changed because if he didn’t, she would of never of met Emmett, again she really doesn’t like being a vampire mainly because then she can’t have any children. Carlisle loves Rosalie no matter what, but, when he sees her sad, he would regret it a lot, but he only changed her because she was on the verge of death. Again, she was brought in as a companion for Edward but that obviously didn’t work out.
    Rosalie like her vampire life enough to stay “alive” otherwise she would’ve provoked the Volturi to kill her.
    Well that’s my opinion, I hope you liked it.
    Love from Georgia
    PS. I am Australian, that’s why i said G’day!

  5. Carly says:

    Hi ladies!

    I would love to have Stephenie tell us more about Rosalie and Carlisle’s relationship. I am sure it did not start out good. We know Rosalie was pissed and I believe she was pissed for a while. I think having Emmett has made everything easier. I believe that Emmett helped repair Rosalie’s relationships with everyone, not just Carlisle’s. I don’t think Carlisle and Rosalie will ever have a perfect relationship, but the relationship they do have works for them and that’s what matters.

    Love the podcast!


  6. Jade :) says:

    I had never thought about how these characters felt about each other until i answered this question. As they’re not often linked in the books as the main couples are, eg rosalie and emmett, there is never a point where you are lead to think about how they feel about each other.

    It’s got to be a love hate kind of relationship.
    Rosalie makes it very, very clear she didn’t want to be changed into a vampire, as her main dream in life was to have children so this would put a strain on how Rosalie feels about Carlisle. Yet had Carlisle not changed her, she would never have met Emmett and been able to save his life from the bear attack

    I can’t imagine Carlisle having any negative feelings for anybody, especially Rosalie as he is described to be VERY empathetic. Rosalie tells Bella in Eclipse that Carlisle changed her with the intention of her becoming a partner for Edward, so he may have felt sorry for her when Edward showed no affection for her.

    Overall, I think the family-like bond between Rosalie and Carlisle would make their relationship like any average father and daughter, there is always going to be ups and downs, but family is family 🙂

    I really appreciate everything that everyone involved with the website and podcast does. Please don’t ever stop what you do for the twilight community!

    Much love,
    Jade – England
    x x x x

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