What is it about Bella?

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This week’s Question of the Week is one that I have been wondering about for quite some time… And we know you have too!

What is it about Bella?

Why do the boys like her so much… What makes her so special… Is it her scent… Is it her sparkling personality…

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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  1. Megan says:

    I think what’s so special about her is that she’s extremely mature for her age. Meaning, she doesn’t quite give in to the everyday teenage dramas going on around her school with people her age…Jessica is a perfect example of drama. I’m the same way as Bella and that’s why I love her so much!
    She realizes what’s really important in life, the REAL things. Love, family and friends, not necessarily school dances and fashion (although I love fashion!) she focuses on what is going to get her further in life… of course that quickly changes once she realizes she has the opportunity to live forever! haha
    She may not be the most beautiful girl in her own eyes, but she makes up for it through her personality. She’s witty and sarcastic, even though a lot of the time others don’t catch on. She can laugh at herself, and not many people can do that. Overall she is just different from your typical high school girl, and that it’s attractive.

    Another thing I thought of…she’s the daughter of Chief Swan, who wouldn’t want to get on his good side? haha


    -Megan 🙂

  2. LeeLee says:

    Can’t speak for the boys, but I love her because she reminds me of my 17-year-old, boy-crazy self!

  3. Todd says:

    Well, I’m a guy and saw the first Movie before reading any of the books. I liked Bella because she was real and interesting.

  4. Tasha says:

    really i think its because bella is quirky and different, not so self absorbed, she doesn’t want attention thats easy to see and there in lies the allure of bella and guess if ur a vamp or dog it is her scent lol

  5. Rebekah from Louisiana says:

    I’m guessing that a lot of people will have the same comments on this one, because Bella is so relatable. I think everyone sees some of themselves in her. For her age she’s mature and caring, but she’s not a pushover. She’s uncoordinated and clumsy (which I can totally relate to!) She has a temper and can be sarcastic (me again!). She’s not self-absorbed (which is why the guys like her). She’s herself. One of the things that makes me like Bella is that like everyone, she’s not perfect, but she gets the perfect guy.

    Thanks so much for the podcasts! They’re awesome!

  6. justdance! says:

    i have always have confused on why guys like bella sooo much! ive realized that theres a girl in every school whos not so popular that is really sweet and pretty and has alot of friends, although bella is a nice person shes not looked up to as being the sweetest girl in the school. i think when bella came to forks a bunch of guys liked her because they have grown up with all the other girls so its harder to like or go out with them because of the little population the bonds they all have had before might have made the guys and girls close to consider eachother brothers and sisters. when bella came none of the guys knew who she was growing up so they had no awkward feelings with her! love the podcast keep it up!!!:)

  7. Nathalie says:

    I can’t disagree with any of the previous comments, I agree with all of them, but I can add some of my own opinions. Bella is obviously a natural beauty.. she does not wear any makeup. Furthemore, personally, i’ve always thought of pale women with dark hair as beautiful.. It has something to do with she sharp contrasts.

    When she first arrives to Forks, she is someone fresh, and new. Of course the boys are interrested in her!

    Edward seems to, at first, think of her as pretty ordinary.. once he gets to know her, he really sees all of her incredible qualities (as mentiones above) and that is what makes him think of her as special.

  8. Karli says:

    Why is Bella so special? Mmmm…

    For Edward – destiny, true love… whatever you want to call it. For Jacob – Renesmae. My theory is that Nes had some kind of prescence in Eclipse, and thats why Jake was so in love with Bella. For every one else – well, Stephenie explained that one perfectly on her FAQ page for twilight… i’ll let you check that for yourself.


  9. Starr says:

    I think they like her because she’s different than all the other girls she has different interest,style and lots of other things

  10. jesse says:

    I think it is just Bella, I mean what makes her so accident prone, who know it’s just Bella!

  11. Megan says:

    Why we love Bella..let me count the ways…

    1. The boys from Forks like her because she is new to the school. Even though she is explained as being very normal/average looking. Boys always go for something new and mysterious. Bella keeps to herself which creates a sense of unknown about her which can be very intriguing. Also the boys at Forks have been in school with their current females probably since elementary school which with a town/school that small you get really close to the people your age and they become more like brother & sisters than boyfriend/girlfriend material.

    2. After about a week of being at Forks HS she has an almost near death experience but is saved by the most gorgeous guy in school. Hello!?! That makes everyone want her even more because the almost accident was probably the most interesting thing to happen at Forks HS since the cullens arrived and to have a cullen involved makes it more exciting.

    3. Just in the fact that Edward likes her/shows interest in her and Edward doesn’t give anyone else the time of day, makes her desirable. Think of it as when someone starts a new trend in fashion. The first time you see it on TV you wonder “what were they thinking wearing that?” then on Monday you go to school and see the most popular girls in your school wearing it. Jackpot! That night you are going shopping!

    Love the podcast!!
    Charleston SC

  12. Ali says:

    Whether you are team Edward or Jacob, you probably don’t like Bella. Everyone I have talked to about this says that they don’t care for her and it is hard to imagine sometimes, what they exactly see in each other. Compared to all the other girls in Forks, she is very mature. For Edward especially that is a good think because he is over 100 years old, he needs someone that he can talk to and what not. Jacob, I am not completely sure what he sees in her. In the books, Bella is supposedly pretty attractive, in the movies I don’t think she was portrayed that way. That is, I’m sure a big part in her appeal to people like Mike and Eric, and even Jacob.

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