Been Wondering ’bout that Birth Scene in “Breaking Dawn”? Rob Says They’ve Filmed It Already!

Mar 22nd, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Rob gave a short quote to Total Film about the, rather gory, birth scene in Breaking Dawn:

Twihards, rejoice. Robert Pattinson tells Total Film that the scene where his character performs a caesarean with his teeth on wife, Bella (Kristen Stewart), has been filmed for the final part of the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn.

He’s currently juggling filming with promotion duties on his new non-vamp flick Water For Elephants, and chatted to TF while in LA.

“Yeah, I’ve done it,” RPattz laughed, “I’ve chewed it, spat it out!”

Though he’s not allowed to give much more away (joking with Ryan Seacrest recently that he gets ‘beaten’ for revealing details), Pattinson promises that Breaking Dawn will be “very different to the other films – more like a horror film.”

See the rest here.  Gotta say, that is probably the one part in the movie I’m looking forward to the most. WHY?!  It’s so nasty. I don’t know why I want to see it, but I do! haha  Maybe it’s because I’m curious about how they’ve handled it. Anybody else dying to see this scene?
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