HQ Versions of EW & People Magazine ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills!

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Summit sent over the high quality versions of the Breaking Dawn stills that were released in Entertainment Weekly and People magazine last week! Right click on the pics to open them in a new window so you can see them in all their HQ glory.

Photos:  Andrew Cooper, Doane Gregory/Copyright © 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC., All Rights Reserved

Some things you’ll notice in the HQ versions:

–Alice getting Bella ready for the wedding!! Look at all those makeup brushes!

–Some of the vamp ladies have clip-on earrings! What’s cool is that it would make total sense for them to have to wear clip-ons because when they were changed their piercings would’ve closed up! In the Twi Guide it talked about the healing qualities of vamp venom. Hm…Carmen has pierced ears, so my logic is a little flawed.

–The Denali ladies have their own ice-inspired crest of sorts represented in their jewelry.

–Also, does this mean the Volturi lair is different in Breaking Dawn? No more marble floors and elaborate thrones?  Or is this another section of the Volturi’s fortress that we haven’t seen before? In all honesty, when I read the book this is how I pictured their lair to look, but the one in New Moon, the movie, was so magnificent that I didn’t really mind that it was different from what I imagined.

–In the picture of Bella and Edward in Rio, you can see Bella’s scar has changed colors. It now has the coloration of a bruise instead of being silvery blue like it was in New Moon and Eclipse.

Agh! When is the trailer getting here?! Is there anything cool you noticed in the pictures? Also, which pic is your favorite? While I, of course, love the ones of Edward and Bella, the one of Tanya, Kate and Irina is my favorite because their dresses are gorgeous! They coordinate without being matchy-matchy, and I wouldn’t mind wearing Tanya’s entire ensemble. Hehe 🙂

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8 Comments to “HQ Versions of EW & People Magazine ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills!”

  1. Chloe says:

    The only problem I had with this is Alice’s hair! I understand that that is what is in the guide but it really annoys me. And Michael Sheen looks a little chubby? LOL

  2. Chloe says:

    Wait! Maybe Alice’s hair is pinned back a little?!

  3. Stephanie G says:

    why Irina is there?

  4. zina says:

    does anyone know where i could find a replica of the earring alice wore at the b/d wedding. I like them.

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