Full-Length ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast Poster Revealed!

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We FINALLY have a photo of a full-length Breaking Dawn cast poster to show you!  The poster seems to be the first mass-produced poster that will most likely be sold in stores.  For now, you can buy the poster from Play.com (hopefully we will see it on sale in stores soon).  (Click on the pic to enlarge).  Please note that this is not the official theatrical poster!

Via Robert Pattinson News

What do you think of the full-length version of the cast poster?  What would you like to see on other Breaking Dawn posters?

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3 Comments to “Full-Length ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast Poster Revealed!”

  1. H.D says:


  2. Rachelle says:

    This poster has caused quite a stir in the fandom today, a lot of negative comments about it like why is Jacob still in the front, since when has he been as tall as Edward, why are the Cullens especially Esme and Carlisle looking so tiny, and when will Edward and Bella get to have a poster alone together without Jacob and with them actually smiling. It has been so buzzworthy that Bill Condon’s partner, Jack Morrissey, even weighed in and calmed down fans on his twitter account. He explained that the poster is NOT a theatrical poster that Condon did, but is something Summit threw together. He also teased that Edward and Bella would get their moment in the spotlight again….soon!

    I cannot wait for more posters with actually some depth because this is pretty much the same format they use over….and over….and over again. At some point, it would be nice to see Edward and Bella as a happy couple with Jacob not being so dominant. I know Taycob has fans, but it would be nice to let the main characters and the couple that the whole story is based on have their chance to stand out without the love triangle being hyped.

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