Day #3: ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Give-a-Way!

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Congrats AMBER!

 Our winner for today’s give-a-way!  Make sure to come back and try to win this Wednesday, November 9, 2011.  Our prize will be perfect for all the Volturi fans out there!

Today we are hosting a prize package provided by Discount Party Supplies! This is an amazing opportunity for you to win all the Breaking Dawn party supplies you’ll need to celebrate the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1… I recently received my own party pack, and can’t wait to use it to celebrate the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I love the Party Favor Packs most!  There are bookmarks for Jacob and Edward fans, as well as Notebook Stickers featuring the happy couple, Edward and Bella.  When you order the entire Party Pack you get everything from a Breaking Dawn Banner to ‘forks’ and spoons!  LOL!

Today, Kallie is so thankful for the fandom and the friends she’s made because of The Twilight Saga!  To enter today’s contest just answer today’s question in the comments below:


What are you doing with your friends to celebrate the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?

Kallie~ I’m going to a midnight showing with my best-ees!

Kassie~Going to a pre-showing at a Movie Tavern with one of my Besties!

Krystal~ I’ll be at a midnight showing with my mom and sister (who love the series)!

Stefanie~I’m headed to a midnight show with friends as well—bonus points because it’s in Big-D! Yeehaw!

*To enter you must submit a Comment below, Tweet ( – Mention @TSTPodcast) or Share ( onTST Profile Page), answering the questions from above.  The contest is open INTERNATIONALLY, and a winner will be selected at random.  The contest will be open during the entire 24 hours of the day (November 7, 2011, Eastern Time).  Once the winner is selected they will be emailed, and given 7 days to respond to the email.

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87 Comments to “Day #3: ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Give-a-Way!”

  1. gaby says:

    i’m going to watch all the movies the day before and i’m going to make tshirts for the midnight showing with my friends!

  2. solesin says:

    I’m going to make a pre-Breaking Dawn party and then we’re going to Breaking Dawn movie!! @marysolsm

  3. Autumn M says:

    Well me and my mom are going to have a twilight marathon going to watch, twilight, new moon, and eclipse, then me and my friend are going to make team shirts last years mine was Edward hers was Alice, other friend was emment, other one was jacob and my grandma was jasper. Me and my mom are also going to play twilight scene it “she never even makes it of start” then we are going to see it at midnight “her first ever midnight movie” then were are going to see it again on the weekend.

  4. Courtney Polk says:

    I am so excited for the movie to be here. It cant come any sooner. But i made me and my boyfriend (who now loves twilight) t’shirts. His says Sick Masochistic Lion and mine says Stupid Lamb. but we are also going to the midnight showing at Clackamas Town Center!

  5. finemoka S says:

    Me and my besties will have a twilight marathon that day and watch all of twilight, new moon and eclipse then we will be attending the midnight screening later that night where I will be dressed as bella on her wedding day, julie will go as jacob and suni will go as edward and celebrate with heaps and heaps of food!

  6. Donna says:

    I will have a pre-party at my home for my girlfriends then we will hit the theater for the midnight showing! Can’t wait! I could use these party supplies for my party.

  7. katie b says:

    I’m going to be on vacation at disney world and me my mom and sister will be going to downtown disney and go to the midnight screening can’t wait

  8. Sheri says:

    I will be hosting an “after party” on 11/19 to celebrate the release of the movie & my birthday! 🙂

  9. Jess says:

    I am going to have friends over and enjoy a Twilight marathon with Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse the night before. On Thursday I am going to go to the movie theater around 3 and wait out until the premiere where I will be meeting up with my mom, brother and boy friend. So excited for the premiere!

  10. mar1ah says:

    my birthday is the 15th so im having a pre-breaking dawn get together, to watch the three first movies and enjoy some cullen/wolfpack action!!!

  11. Wantip Kunwanichaporn says:

    I will ask some friends to join my party that we all wear Twilight T-Shirts. In the party, original soundtrack from the three Twilight movies will play as we enjoy eating and discussing how we ‘re into Twilight , and we watch the three Twilight movies to revise the details before going to Breaking Dawn.

  12. me, my little brother & my sister are going to see breaking dawn together! we’re going on saturday & the day before i’m going to have a twlight movie marathon & re read breaking dawn!

  13. Becca says:

    My Bf and I might be going to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1 if there are tickets left and I don’t have to work.

  14. amanda jones says:

    I’m going for a girls night out. We are gonna watch the first 3 at my house, then head out for the midnight viewing…yay!

  15. Karina E says:

    I will be going to the midnight showing a group 10, best friends and family all decked out in Twilight gear of course!! We will be heading to the theater around 6 hours ahead to get in line early and watch Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse and play our Twilight games while waiting!!

  16. Melissa Braunberger says:

    Going to the midnight showing and will be dressing up as Rose cause there going be best dress and i going out for tea first then to the movie and going with my husband. that on next Thursday then going to go see it again Sunday night with one of my good friends and will have my breaking dawn clothes on so cant wait

  17. rowena says:

    It will be a double celebration…!!! my cousin bought our premiere night ticket!!! woot woot! it’s our date with my mom! this is my first time here in California that’s why we’re not only celebrating the most awaited movie release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn! it’s a double celebration!!!! yay! and we already have our Breaking Dawn t-shirt.! hihihi ;)) CAN’T WAIT!

  18. Dezirae says:

    Me my dad and three other friends are going to 10pm showing because they are starting at the beginning with the twilight trailer the. Twilight then new moon trailer then new moon movie then eclipse trailer then eclipse then breaking dawn trailer(s) then breaking dawn

  19. ashlea says:

    well my birthday in the 27th and my hubby is taking me to see the movie as an early birthday gift…..

  20. ashlea says:

    well my birthday in the 27th and my hubby is taking me to see the movie as an early birthday gift…..

  21. Rebecca says:

    I will be going to my home town movie cinema to watch with a group of die hard twi-hards at midnight!

  22. Stephanie says:

    Wow!this is the first year we are making a huge deal of the release. Although my daughter and I go on opening night that’s just it. This year there’s 8 of us goung. All different ages. Based on that my awesome artist daughter drew up beautiful pictures and bd wording that we got printed on black shirts. We all will be one of the gals. From Bella, esme, Alice, Rosalie, Renee, Leah, Victoria and Jane. After the movie we will all come back to my house where I’ll have some bd desserts and finger foods ( get it? Finger…) and this awesome nlood

  23. Stephanie says:

    Blood Punch. My daughters friends are sleeping over and her roim will be in Twilight decor. I also ordered several different Twilight quilts for the night for everyone to remember such an awesome movie, sagas and evening. No clue next year how we’ll top this!!!

  24. gaby says:

    ill be going to the midnight showing with my besties but first we will watch the first 3 movies and make t shirts

  25. gaby says:

    my besties and i are going to the midnight showing but first we will make t shirts and watch the first 3 movies!!!

  26. McGenn says:

    To celebrate with my friends I have attended one and organized a second Breaking Dawn pre-party the weekend before it comes out to; make t-shirts, watch the movies, play Twilight games and eat Twilight food like Mushroom Ravioli (from Edward and Bella’s first date), munch on wolf/puppy kibble snack mix and enjoy Jacob Black Forest Cake. I am attending Twilight Tuesdays to see the first three movies. Last week I got a day off from work to wait in line all day with a friend to see Taylor Lautner on the Tonight Show. And finally, I organized a group of 14 people from my work to go watch the movie the opening night so we can celebrate together.

  27. Amber says:

    For the midnight release, I’m flying across the country to spend a few days with some good friends I made at a Twilight convention two years ago. We have kept in touch all this time and visited once since the convention. We plan to spend the day watching the first 3 movies, getting vamped up, going out for some mushroom ravioli, and then heading to the theater for the midnight show. I can’t wait!

  28. mayra meza says:

    me and my two sister are going to trow a party for the 3 of us and see all the 3 movies and see the Breaking Dawn the next day well that about it =D

  29. Maria says:

    I’m going to the midnight showing with my friends and family

  30. Daisy Perez says:

    i am dressing up in my breaking dawh apperal & heading out to the midnight show with 10 of my friends! 😀

  31. Mary Grace says:

    Can’t wait to see breaking dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Pamela Kay says:

    Watching all previous Twilight movies and then attending Breaking Dawn. Let the party begin!!!

  33. brenda hickey says:

    I have been having a twi marathon every single day since last month, checking all the updates online and am now re reading the books and getting my outfit ready so I will be all twi decked when im first in line to see breaking dawn!!!

  34. Chanel says:

    I’m going to watch Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse the three nights before Breaking Dawn comes out and then I will see it with my friend!!!

  35. Tammy Stephenson says:

    Outdoor movie theater with friends

  36. aarron murrain says:

    im at the all day event right now with my wife and mom her mom has cancer so we wanted to make this a special day for her

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