Day 5: ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Give-A-Way! Wolf ‘Prize’ Pack

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Congratulations to Diana, who is the winner of our wolf pack prize!


It’s Friday, and a great day to win an entire prize pack dedicated to the wolf pack!
Today Stefanie is thankful that we have a legit Twihard (Christina Perri) on the Part 1 soundtrack!
Which soundtrack is your favorite? Why?
Kallie~ Twilight… Nostalgia Kassie~ Eclipse….Love Bon Iver! <—he’s on New Moon! LOL

Krystal~This is a hard one.  I really love the new Breaking Dawn one (that was streamed live), but I think it would have to be New Moon.
Stefanie~New Moon. New Moon. New Moon. Oh, did I mention New Moon? The mellow (re: melancholy) tempo is more my style. I agree with Kassie about Bon Iver. Anytime “Rosalyn” comes on I have to sit and listen.

The Prize Pack Includes:
Jacob lunch box with thermos
Bella’s wolf an heart bracelet
Jacob iPhone skin
Eclipse wolf pack beach towel
Team Wolf Pack Tee (XS)
Team Jacob Tee (XS)
Wolf Girl Tee (L)
Wolf Girl Pj’s (S)
Wolf Pack Tattoo Tee (M)
New Moon Hoodie (S)
2 Wolf Pack greeting cards

*To enter you must submit a Comment below, Tweet ( – Mention @TSTPodcast) or Share ( onTST Profile Page), answering the questions from above.  The contest is open INTERNATIONALLY, and a winner will be selected at random.  The contest will be open during the entire 24 hours of the day (November 11, 2011, Eastern Time).  Once the winner is selected they will be emailed, and given 7 days to respond to the email.

26 Comments to “Day 5: ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Give-A-Way! Wolf ‘Prize’ Pack”

  1. Heather Winters says:

    I have to pick just one???? Hmmm…I’m going to go with New Moon, just so guy wrenching!

  2. MridulaMadugula says:

    I liked New Moon songs…For beautiful things you will not have reason why you like it or love it..

  3. Donna says:

    I love the first soundtrack – Twilight – nothing like your “first!”

  4. Gaby says:

    My favorite is the new moon the songs they’re so soft and beautiful

  5. ashley k says:

    Omgosh just one?? I love the New Moon and Twilight soundtracks, but I think I have to go with the new Breaking Dawn soundtrack. It’s so romantic and mellow. Annnd I’m literally obsessed with the songs I didn’t mean it and Turning page.

  6. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    This is a tough one. I’ll have to say ‘Twilight’ is my favorite. even though i love ‘New Moon,’ the first one is the best soundtrack.

  7. Jessica S says:

    I would have to pick the new Breaking Dawn cd because I think all the music is so beautiful and it truly fits with the story. I remember a long time ago Stephanie said even though she liked all the soundtracks none of them really fit with the story, and I think this soundtrack fits beautifully. Plus, on every cd I have a favorite song, on Twilight it was Flightless bird and something about having it on the breaking dawn soundtrack as well is absolutely beautiful and makes it come full circle.

  8. Faith says:

    New Moon Soundtrack. Because each song explains the feelings being felt in every scene in the movie. When I listened to the songs in the soundtrack, some of it made me cry and some made me happy, it made me feel what Bella felt. Like when Edward left her, I felt Bella’s pain through the songs used and when she began hanging out with Jacob, I felt like my heart is being healed by Jake when I hear Shooting The Moon by OK Go 😀

  9. Symon says:

    ECLIPSE! Metric’s Eclipse (All Yours) got me LSS! EVEN NOW! haha. :>

  10. Diana says:

    I love all Twilight soundtracks but I think Eclipse has the best songs. Heavy in your arms by Florence and the machine, All yours by Metric are amazing songs and My love by Sia is the best love songs for me. Breaking Dawn, I hadn’t the oportunity to hear it yet but It will rain is great song.
    Thank you for the great giveaeay!

  11. I love them all, but Twilight is my favorite. I tend to gravitate towards “firsts” being my favorites in most books and movies, so why not soundtracks, too. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Dovile says:

    My favorite is Twilight, just more to my taste. I haven’t heard Breaking Dawn ST yet though.

  13. Wantip Kunwanichaporn says:

    I have the soundtrack of all three Twilight .I love listening to all of them and sing along when I get home. My favorite songs are Eyes on fire (Twilight), Satellite heart and A White Demon Love song (New moon), My love (Eclipse), and A Thousand years. So sad that the release of Breaking Dawn OST.has been postponed to Nov.31 due to the flooding situation in my country.

  14. Brooke says:

    My favorite soundtrack is whichever one I happen to be listening to !

  15. Liz O says:

    My favorite is probably New Moon. It is so dark and heart wrenching. I still need to listen to the new soundtrack!

  16. Pernille Meldgaard Pedersen says:

    uhhh…. I could´t decide before I checked my most played list 😉 It´s the new moon soundtrack I like the best. I like the indie/rock music, and this album is full of all my favorite artist. It´s a combination of sad songs, but also songs about how to be strong… I listen to it daily 🙂

  17. Ashley Golubski says:

    The Twilight soundtrack is defiantly my favorite with it’s indie rock and soft classy sound mixed with a touch of Paramore 🙂

  18. Crystal says:

    They’re all amazing! But I’d have to pick Twilight because I love Rob so much!! He’s an amazing actor and singer. He’s just perfect <3

  19. Crystal says:

    Where can you get vampire pajamas??

  20. mar1ah says:

    my favorite soundtrack is the one for eclipse, well, because i love everything about that book! the book rocks, the movie rocked and the soundtrack did also!

  21. Lina says:

    My favorite soundtrack is definitely New Moon. I loved almost every single song on the soundtrack. It created an amazing atmosphere when I would play it in my parent’s car or something, and it made me so emotional. I love that the soundtrack was made up of singers and bands that I had never known before so it introduced me to new music. I do really love the Eclipse soundtrack, but New Moon is always going to be my favorite.

  22. Amber L says:

    I have to say I love all of them but if I have to pick just one it would be New Moon the song All I Be leave In is my favorite along with Let Me Sigh by Rob from twilight soundtrack

  23. Megan DeLano says:

    i like twilight sound track and the reason why is cause rob patterson sings on it and i really like his voice and his style of music

  24. luisa says:

    i cant choose!!!….. but if i had to pick i would pick the twilight one because i love robert’s song!

  25. KathrynG says:

    All of them 🙂

  26. Laura Lawson says:

    Its got to be New Moon, they are just so powerful and have such meaning, love, heartache, heartbreak, suspence etc. they could go on forever, like the love they are trying to get across in their music should…

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