Day 6: ‘Thankful For Twilight’ Give-A-Way! Bella & Edward Prize Pack

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Congratulations to Rachelle, who is the winner of the Bella & Edward prize pack!

It’s officially Saturday, and to celebrate the start of the weekend, we have a giveaway that is all about Bella and Edward!

Today Krystal is grateful that Jacob is out of the picture (literally and figuratively, like in posters and promos).

How do you feel about Jacob imprinting on Renesme?

Kallie~ At first I felt, Ewwwww… Now, I’m not so sure?!?!
Kassie~ It will always be weird, but just happy he’s laying off Bella…so go for it Jacob!
Krystal~It totally weirded me out, but at least it diverted his attention away from Bella.  But now he’s even more of a creeper in my book ;D
Stefanie~It is still so strange, but it made Breaking Dawn all the more interesting. The surprises are what made me love that book so much.
Here is today’s prize pack:
Wii Scene It
Bella’s Engagement Ring
Eclipse RING Puzzle
Edward Pillow Case
Tentation iPhone Cover
Team Cullen Earring set
Edward script heart necklace
Edward Jelly Bangles
Edward and bella new moon tee (M)
Edward Bookmark

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36 Comments to “Day 6: ‘Thankful For Twilight’ Give-A-Way! Bella & Edward Prize Pack”

  1. Karina says:

    I think its beautiful. Renesme has someone who will always be there for her other than Bella and Edward.

  2. Amber L says:

    It’s very weird but if she’s the one she wants to imprint on than more power to him I still think it’s a way to stay close to Bella

  3. Gaby says:

    I thinks it’s really weird but I’m happy for Jacob because even if he didn’t get Bella he still found his soul mate

  4. Jessica says:

    during the entire series Jacob has been trying to find his true love, in which he thought it was Bella. finally Renesme was born and he found his true love after all. it’s just sweet that FINALLY Jacob doesn’t have to worry his head about everything. his world just came full circle with Renesme

  5. Ashley K says:

    I like Jacob, so I’m glad he got a happy ending to his love story. And Bella loves him and always wanted a tie to him that was something other than being romantically tied to her, so this gave her the chance to still have Jacob in her life. And where would the Cullens be if they never had the help of the Jacob and the entire wolf pack??

  6. solesin says:

    I think is weird, because od hw

  7. tammye k says:

    I think it made the story even more interesting. I knew Jacob was not ment for Bella but to have him imprint with Renessme was classic. It made the bonds and connections even more important.

  8. solesin says:

    I think is weird because of the age difference @marysolsm

  9. Rachelle says:

    It creeped me out and I am not ashamed to admit that. I can wrap my head around a lot of the fantasy elements, but the way Jacob imprinted was the issue. He acted like more of the parent at times than Bella and Edward did and that annoyed me. He did not act like Quil acted with Claire and there is one line that I really hope they keep out of the film because it disgusted me……”I can share.” When Jacob said that about Renesmee, I was appalled and hopefully MR kept that out. I was relieved that Jacob was finally done pouting over Bella. It did not make it less creepy that Renesmee, her daughter, was his rebound though……ewwwww. I guess when you can’t get the girl, you settle for the daughter. SMH.

  10. Katherine Gibson-Cromer says:

    I was kind of blown away at first,but now I absolutely love it. I now think its a great idea. Now with Renesme Jacob can get over Bell in the romantic way but always still be part of her family like she wanted.

  11. Jennifer cloud says:

    I love that name if i would to have a 3rd abay and it was a girl i would have to use that name. I cant wait to go and see the breakin dawn i have all of the move

  12. Avinash says:

    Jacob’s love for Bella is all known but with him imprinting Renesme made his love for Bella eternal.

  13. Jessica S says:

    I always said I just wanted all the characters to be happy 🙂 To be honest I thought it just added more to the story, it wasn’t until after I finished the book and starting talking with others that I was kinda freaked out by it!

  14. Donna says:

    I think its great because imprinting isn’t sexual, it is more of a protective/nurturing role. Jacob will be great with Resnesme and be a part of their family but can still have a family of his own later. That would be another book/movie LOL!

  15. Lois J says:

    I don’t think it’s weird for him to love Renesmee, it wasn’t planned or force because in a way, Jacob’s always been a part of Bella and vice versa. That’s probably why he can’t let go of her because he’s tied to her no matter what, which in this case, through Renesmee.

  16. Dovile says:

    It’s weird, but that’s mostly because I don’t really like Renesmee. Other than that, it certainly adds new possibilities to the story,and i love imagining how Jacob will have to tell her parents that they’re dating:)

  17. Pernille Meldgaard Pedersen says:

    How did I feel? First I laughed, because it was so ridiculous. Got mad when I realised that he meant it for serious. Yelled a bit of him “FIND A GIRL OLD ENOUGH, AND SOMEONE OUTSIDE THE FAMILY!”. Cried because I was some sort of happy that he let Bella go (stopped making her and Edwards relationship difficult) but cheered on Bella, when she wanted to rip the head off him lol. If it wasn´t because Edward can assure that Jacob doesn´t look romantic on her…. I would not accept it.

  18. Annelies Meijer says:

    At first I was like: huh? Ieuw! But than I realised that imprinting is all about love. Not only love between 2 adults, but a lifetime love. And I think it is beautiful that Jacob finally found the true meaning of his life. And that by imprinting on Bella’s daughter he brings the Cullens and the Wolfpack together 🙂

  19. Wantip Kunwanichaporn says:

    I feel good that there is a solution for a love triangle. When I finished reading Eclipse I didnt think it would end like this. I thought Jacob could be only a best friend to Bella and have to accept it. Imprinting to your best friend ‘s daughter sounds strange to me but not much.I think this solution makes the story go on without getting rid off any main characters or separate the two story between Bella-Edward and Jacob himself.

  20. Jennifer says:

    I just felt so bad for Jacob in the first three books and I was wondering how it was all going to work out for him. Imprinting is the only thing that would have saved Jacob. At first I was kind of hoping that Leah was going to win Jacob’s heart, but imprinting on Renesmee was shocking at first, but then I was totally excited. It is not a romantic love (Or Edward would have killed him) but a self sacrificial love. He would do anything for her. From Renesmee’s point of view, he is her Jacob!

  21. I was surprised at first, but I am okay with it now. I’m happy that Bella can just be happy with Edward and now Jacob can be happy too. It won’t be quite as creepy once Renesmee is older and they can be together as a couple. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  22. Wendi says:

    I was never bothered by it, it actually felt natural, after all Jacob doesn’t view Renesmee romantically. He only wants her happiness. So she could reject him in the future but he would still be her best friend. Then again Renesmee isn’t really “normal” either so she would need someone like Jacob to stand with her through all the craziness.

  23. Liz O says:

    I was very surprised when I first encountered it in the book. It was a litttle ewww. I was grateful to hear that Nessie was going to grow up fast 😉

  24. Diana says:

    Before I read the book, I did not much liked this. I found it weird. But when I read the book and I understood the kind of love between Bella and Jacob and that Renesmee is not grow up as other kids. I found it amazing. It was their fate.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. Sarah-Nicole says:

    Well, at first I thought it was kind of weird. But after really thinking about it, I realized that Jacob needed someone to love, after is love interest got married with his natural enemy. Ok, sure it’s a baby, but she is growing up very fast! If I was Renesmee, I’d surely like the fact that some (hot, nice and strong) guy would wait for me even if it had to be for the rest of his life! And it is a fantasy story, so it’s understandable! If it was in real life, with real people, it would be REALLY creepy!!! Something had to happen to Jacob, and that was it! Jacob was not in love WITH Bella, he was in love with what was INSIDE her (well, with what WOULD be inside her)!! That is how I see it. 🙂

  26. Terryl Levy says:

    It’s the perfect scenario to keep Jacob and the packs welcome in the Cullen scene. And true love is always a good thing!

  27. Symon says:

    it’s kinda good, at least Jacob accepted he’s not for Bella.

  28. Laura Lawson says:

    at first i thought it was a bit weird, but then i though about how it could fit into everything in the book; she wont take long to grow up, they both wont age, shes not a full vampire, the wolves wont kill her because she an imprint, she doesnt have to drink blood, she beautiful, powerful etc. she just fits into everything nicely (which is the way in which Stephenie would have planned everyhting out to be) and they really dont have any promblems in the end. But this type of situation also leaves us readers woundering about how the little awkward things in life will play out too; him telling her he used to be in live with her mother, the things edward will be able to hear in jacobs mind about nessie if bella isnt around, how they will be able to do things when she becomes of age, physically, and how the family will react… it just leaves you with a million different plays of events that just keep expanding.

  29. Luisa says:

    At first I thought it was creepy but then I was happy that Jacob found his perfect match and that he could still be friends with Bella and the rest of the cullens

  30. Megan DeLano says:

    i think it is nice, she will be well taken care of.

  31. Dabney says:

    I think it’s creepy, to put it bluntly. But I suppose it is similar to if Edward had met Bella younger and waited for her to grow up (Like how Angel followed Buffy in the beginning of her slayerdom to make sure she’d be ok.) But I think because I wasn’t able to read about Renesmee reaching teenage years, it seems creepy. Also Bella said she felt like Jacob was her brother so that would make him Nessie’s uncle. But I suppose with another book (Let’s all pray!), or some well written fanfiction I could learn to like the relationship.

  32. Haley says:

    I think it is very strange and I think Jacob is so child like. First he is convinced he loves Bella then moves on to her daughter. She isn’t even one day old and then when Bella first led Renemsee Jacob wouldn’t even let Bella hold her by herself. So rude its her daughter she doesn’t even belong to Jacob.

  33. Ashley Golubski says:

    At first when I read that he imprinted on her I was so disturbed and disgusted. He says he loved Bella so much and then next thing you know he’s in love with her daughter. Then as I read the book I realized how incredibly sweet and protective Jacob was being for Bella and Renesme. She’s his soul mate, his destiny, and his world. This way he will always be in Bella’s world has her friend like he should be, and he has his love.

  34. alecia mears says:

    I completely understood the reason as to WHY he did it… and it totaly shocked me that he would do something like that considering his and edwards past history…but that just proved that his love for bella was just as strong as edwards. i think it was a really amazing thing to do! team edward…but way to go jacob!

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