‘Breaking Dawn’ Reaction Post

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So, now that Breaking Dawn is finally in theatres, we want to know what you all think.  What did you love, hate, laugh at, cry at?  Tell us your reactions in the comments section below!

This goes without saying, but SPOILERS ahead!

18 Comments to “‘Breaking Dawn’ Reaction Post”

  1. jody lynn says:

    i thought this movie was the best one ytet. The wedding was beautiful was love scene was beautiful the birth scene was awesome and the imprinting was tastefully done. I thought the wolf cgi was great and loved the score and if you stay for the credits there was a bonus scene and that was great too Kristen Stewart was right it was like the book come to life

  2. Ashley says:

    One word – AMAZING! I love it – loved everything about it…except for the fact that it ended and we have to wait another year before we see the finale. I thought the bedroom scenes were steamy, but tasteful to keep the movie PG-13; I loved the emotional battle you could say raging in Edward – love, but pain and anger all at the same time. I wasn’t super crazy about the “wolf-talk” but I also realize that there wasn’t any other way to allow the viewer to know what is going on inside the wolf-pack’s mind. Loved how the ended with Bella opening her eyes – and she was absolutely beautiful! I think I might just have to go see it again…tonight!

  3. Jessica S says:

    Spectacular film! I thought it was tastefully done loved everything. I thought the costumes were excellent in this film, except for Esme’s, Elizabeth always looks gorgeous but I think she looked most like Esme in Twilight and New Moon. I loved the entire film and I am so excited for part 2! Kristen did an awesome job, I loved the soundtrack and that Stephenie made a cameo. I am going again today and can’t wait to notice all the little details I didn’t catch the first time.

  4. Georgette says:

    I thought the film was awesome, but I had issues with a few things – I missed the soundtrack-ish music from the first three movies verses the much more film-score-ish music in this one. Plus, I found a few scenes entiredly over dramatic. Overall it was great, but the book is waaayy better.

  5. Crystal says:

    I gotta say without a doubt this is the best one yet! I can’t wait for part 2! Ok with that out of the way the only thing I didn’t like was what Renesme looked like when Jacob imprinted on her. I mean they could have made her look more real than that. But other than that Breaking Dawn was awesome!!

  6. Paty says:

    OMG! I totally loved it. The wedding was just a fairy tale. I think the honeymoon scenes could have been more “detailed”. The scene I liked the most was the birth one. It was just amazing and totally how I imagined it. I know everyone wishes for more action in the sex scenes but after it is PG-13, right? The ending was fantastic. Now we have to wait a whole year to actually see vampire Bella. 🙁 Oh well.. I’m definitively watching it again!

  7. Rachelle says:

    I loved this one but can admit there were parts that could have easily made the film Rated R instead of PG13. The birth scene was extremely graphic and intense. It stayed true to the book, but I am not it is something I would want my 13 year old cousin seeing. I also loved the sex scenes and how they gave us what we wanted, but I can definitely see why the film straddled the Rated R line. It was hot, sensual and Rob and Kristen’s chemistry was so palpable in those scenes!

    The Cullens played a much bigger role and had more lines which was something that I felt was lacking from NM and EC. The mate and family dynamics were very strong in this one and I loved that. The action was great and actually made a lot of sense. I was skeptical of MR adding scenes since some were ridiculous in the past but I think she did well with the added action and the imprinting.

    There were some scenes that I thought were over the top like the bloody dream sequence and them actually showing Bella vomiting. It was one of those things where you say….was that really necessary? Funny enough I did not feel that way with the birth scene. It was insane and graphic but so true to the book.

    Overall, I loved it and am very happy that Condon is a part of Part 2 as well. I hate that we have to wait a year but I know it will be worth it. Rob and Kristen did an amazing job with their acting in this one. Their range was so broad and it was nice to see them laugh, tease, cry, get angry, and all of the above. I cannot wait to see what they do with Part 2!

  8. Kate says:

    I LOVED this movie!!! It is easily the best one yet. I have walked out of the other three and thought, “well, that was okay, but I wish they had/hadn’t done this”. This movie was basically perfect. There is nothing major I would change.

    I thought they did a brilliant job with the wedding. It was beautiful. It was romantic. It was perfect (just wish Bella had smiled a little).

    The honeymoon was amazing. It really came out exactly right. The love scenes were gorgeous (I felt a little uncomfortable sitting next to my mother while watching). The books aren’t graphic, so I’m glad they didn’t make the love scenes any more graphic. I know it is hard to strike a balance between people wanting to see more because they have been waiting for years for this moment, but also keeping it true to the book and target audience and keeping it tasteful.

    I thought imprinting was done right. I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of imprinting on babies/toddlers, but I thought showing Renesme as a teenager/grown up was a great way to do it. I also loved that they played Jacob saying “You will be everything she needs. A brother. A protector. A best friend”. I thought it was great. (Kinda wish we could have seen a reaction from Edward when he realized Jacob had imprinted on his daughter).

    I was thrilled the way Kristen looked during the pregnancy. I was so worried they weren’t going to be able to make her look sick enough. That bothered me in New Moon (my second favorite movie) that she didn’t look sick enough while Edward is gone (it is specifically brought up in the books). She looked just right in this one. I thought Kristen’s acting was the best in this movie too. She managed to cry and make it feel real (unlike some past scenes). I really felt like the acting was stepped up to a whole new level.

    I thought the birth scene was right. I loved both Jacob and Edward in there they and thought they both got it right. I loved the way Kristen looked like she had really died. I loved the transformation. I thought it was amazing watching her becoming beautiful and healthy again and see her spine fix itself.

    I can not believe we have to wait a whole year. It seems ridiculous to me. I have no idea why they are doing that. They could have easily released it this summer. Totally bummed about that. I’m thrilled with Bill Conden and I think he is the only director who can make the last two movies great. He really took the Twilight movies to a whole new level.

  9. Tasha McPherson says:

    I loved BD part one…. tho i am a little disappointed i didn’t get to see the bonus scene after the credits can any one give details???
    I will say that i thought the wolf talk was done a little cheesy….. but again appreciated it as a good try…… I unlike most however was a little shocked at how close to the book it was… i do realize that there are certain lines that need to be the same in the movie as they r in the book however i didn’t feel that it needed to be that many…. i like some diffferences i found myself saying lines with the characters and it was the first time i saw it…. not that it was any less good because of it… i just would have liked some variation. That being said… I loved the wedding scene…. I loved the honeymoon scene…. i thought it was very tasteful it didn’t show too much and showed just enough to satisfy the adults, who have been impatiently waiting for this moment for what seems like forever.
    I loved loved loved the way jacob imprinted on nessie. I thought it was terrific. It really captured the fact that whatever nessie needed jacob would be it and the fact that they showed that all through jacob looking at nessie through out her life was beautiful. I thought that Edward seemed a lil grateful at the end but you could definitly tell that the reaction was pure shock.
    And on a side note I loved the wedding toasts…. especially charlie’s. I mean that was just hilarious. I love that Charlie is more talkative in the movies than in the books. Overall i will say ima bit sad that the end is soo near, but a bit anxious at it being not quite close enough.

    • It was the scene when the Italian girl brought the birth announcement to Aro and he said something about now there is something I want. I think that is about what he said. But it did not show the scene where Felix threw her against the wall.

      • Tasha McPherson says:

        thanks… i knew i should have stayed at the end but i figured they never did it before why would they do it for this one…. i already can’t wait for the directors cut dvd to come out

  10. Lee says:

    I have seen it twice already and all the changes/deletions grow on you after the first time. All in all it was a great and really serious movie with all the comic relief in the beginning mostly. I really wanted to see them telling Charlie about getting married and her in the new car…but I guess it wasn’t really needed. I agree with someone else who posted above that the wolves talking was way too cheesy. I think using their regular voice would have sounded okay, not the muffled voices they used, but it was a short scene anyway. It was great to see Leah and Seth more and Bella looked horrible, which was great. Edward wasn’t as crazy in the movie like he was in book during the pregnancy. I really like Edward/Rob when he is happy so it was nice to see him smiling more in this movie.

  11. Lee says:

    I have to add one more thing…I totally called the ending! My friend asked me how and when I thought it would end and I called it exactly:) Yeah me!

  12. April says:

    It was amazing. I really loved how they showed the wolves talking to each other and how it is through their point of view. I also loved how they showed the vampire transformation that bella went through from being dead to a vampire. I was amazed with everything, it felt emotional, the actors portrayed how emotional this movie is so well. It was true to the book. I wish I had stayed after the end credits to watch that extra scene but I didn’t. I’m going to go back and watch it again and this time i’ll stay to watch the extra scene.

  13. Christi says:

    I loved the movie! I thought they did a great job on all the important parts. The Honeymoon scene was exactly like i imagined it. I loved how they included her mini- breakdown before she goes out onto the beach when they arrive at Isle Esme. It was super cute and followed the book perfectly. I felt like the acting was so much better in this one, Kristen Stewart really stepped it up, especially in the scene when she is talking to charlie on the phone and the scene when Edward finally hears Renesmee from Bella’s tummy. They did such a good job on that scene, It made me cry! I think my favorite part was the scene where we actually get to see the pack communicating and Sam and Jake are fighting for alpha. That is one of my favorite things out of the books and i didnt think they would ever work it into the movies. I was so excited that they put it in!! (though i do admit a few of Jake’s lines were a little cheesy) I still loved it! Even though i thought there was a very slim chance of it, i am disapointed that they didnt include the part when Leah yells at Bella for the way she’s treating Jacob. I think that part really showed how much Bella is hurting Jake by being in love with both of them. Overall the movie was great and better than i expected it to be, especially the way they ended it! I will definitley be going to see it again quite soon.

  14. Lavon says:

    I thought the movie for the most part was spot on but there were some additions that weren’t necessary and some parts that shouldn’t have been left out. For starters the bachelor party scene in Bella’s room there was alot of extra dialogue and they didn’t show the stress bella felt and Jasper calming her down. Also it seems like they messed alot of the wolf scenes up. They never attacked the Cullens when they went to go feed, they were was never any animosity between Jacobs pack and Paul and the others when they met in the woods, and I felt like when Jacob broke apart it was more significant than what they made it. The scene in the movie felt fuzzy and really rushed I felt like they could have made that better. Jacob’s agony wasn’t properly portrayed either, he was so distraught in the book that he had to take Edward’s car and leave. Other than that I feel they did an awesome job with the movie and though the end fight scene wasnt true to the book I felt was necessary to give the movie some action when there really wasn’t that much in the book.

  15. iza trinie says:

    The most disturbing movie I have ever seen. “Breaking Dawn”! The movie that supposedly targets the “twihard” followers who are preteens.
    I would NEVER let me preteen daughter go to see such horror. A ghastly wedding with a sad and sulky bride in an equally ghastly wedding dress, on the arm of a totally confused Dad, a honeymoon that should be in a rated “R” horror movie, a vampire biting open a pregnant woman’s belly to retrieve a baby with his mouth dripping with blood then handing the infant to another vampire who looks at it as if it is the next convenient Meal! Horrendous fights between men turned wolves and vampires pretending to be human. I could go on. But Why?
    What in hell was Summit Entertainment thinking?
    If your preteen has not seen this movie please see it before taking her/him to such a dreadful and unpleasant (to say the least!) movie. The only same person was Jacob!
    My daughter who is an adult in her twenties was equally disturbed!

  16. Janna says:

    I loved it. I just got back from seeing it again. I really think that they got it right in this movie. I didn’t like the wolf scene when they converse in their minds and I also didn’t like the end battle between the Cullens and wolf pack. I do think the wedding and honeymoon were great. I was afraid it would be too much and I really wanted them to keep some innocence about it. I loved the desperation in Robs voice as Edward was trying to save Bella. So sad that we have to wait a year for the next film. 🙂

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