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There are tons of swoon-worthy characters in literature.  Admit it, you know you’ve called dibs on a fictional character from time to time!  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to play a little game with everyone.  This all started a while back, when my good friends Laura (Sisterspooky), Andrew (Pewterwolf), Leanne (District YA) and I used to fight over our picks for Fictional Husbands.  We would have Twitter fights laying claim to our literary loves, and arguing why they were OURS.  We wanted to play along here at Bookshelf Banter, so, this weekend, each of us ladies will be posting our own top picks.

We want to know, who is your fictional husband (or wife)?

Krystal:  Today is my day to argue for my top two choices for fictional husband.  This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and it’s a list that is constantly evolving with each new book I read.  I’m probably totally forgetting a ton of great literary guys, but these are my current loves (call me fickle):

1.  Cricket Bell from Lola and the Boy Next Door:

I finally read Stephanie Perkin’s latest novel and I completely fell in love with Cricket.  Yes, it’s a silly name, but I like silly.  Cricket is the epitome of the sweet boy next door.  He is thoughtful, nerdy, awkward, yet hot.  He’s also very tall (I secretly picture Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss as tall, even though I know he’s closer to Napoleon in that department).  He is so endearing, and loves Lola with every fiber of his being.  That’s why I’m ripping him away from her clutches, mwahahaha!  But really, dibs.

2. Michael Olson from the Final Friends series (now called Until the End):

The Final Friends series by Christopher Pike is one of my favorite series of all time.  I don’t know what it is about it, but the characters in that series have remained so vivid in my mind throughout the years.  I first read them in junior high, and my books have fallen apart from too much use.  While the character of Russ actually intrigues me more, Michael is the sweet guy, the one I’d rather have for my fictional husband.  He is super sweet, has a sense of humor, and is a genius.  His loved ones are the most important things to him, and he goes to incredible lengths to clear a good friends’ name.  He’s pretty perfect, actually.  So, step aside, Jessica Hart.  Dibs!

Honorable mentions: Jay from The Body Finder (Kimberly Derting), Russ Desmond from the Final Friends series (Christopher Pike), Seth from the Succubus series (Richelle Mead), Dimitri from Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead).  I’m sure there are more that I am forgetting, but this is a start.

I guess I forgot to mention Edward Cullen, but I figured it went without saying 😉

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4 Comments to “Who Is YOUR Fictional Spouse? ~ Krystal’s Picks”

  1. Leslie says:

    I would pick EDWARD CULLEN from the twilight series cuz he sweet and romantic. <3

  2. FuzzyWolfLuvJBJ says:

    The first fictional character I loved was from these horse books I read when I was younger (and still do) called Phantom Stallion series. And one of the characters was the the main characters best friend named Jake. A 16 year old quiet shy indian boy that was good with horses. Described as tall, dark features, strong jaw, heavy eyebrows, long shiny black hair, and dark brown eyes that the main character called mustang eyes. He was the first fictional character I fell in love with and through the whole series I was waiting for the main character (Samantha) to kiss him. The perfect moment would come and I would be reading saying out loud kiss him kiss him!!!

  3. K says:

    Well Edward Cullen does go without saying but my first literary boyfriend was Rhett Butler. He would still rank pretty high: handsome, experienced, sensitive under the hard shell and doesn’t give a damn (somehow I like that attitude).

  4. Rachelle says:

    It is actually a tie between Edward and Emmett Cullen. Before I read the Twilight books I really could not even fathom being in love with a fictional character, now I am in love with two. Thank you SM!

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