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  1. Tara Goosey says:

    Love the podcast by the way.

  2. Gina Cullen says:

    LOVE THE PODCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I live in Michigan and I have two things to say. And I started listening to you a little while ago but i am still catching up. The one on the warm and cold weather. i love it when it gets cold in the fall but by spring i am sick of the cold, so i agree with you both on that one. Also you guys were talking about haveing 1,000,000 dollars and a 1 month Vaction, well i was listening while grocery shopping with my mom and just after you guys were talking about it I saw a sign that said you can win a million and on our way out i saw a sign that read “A trip to Irenland or Scottland. HA HA!! By the way i am only 13.

    Thanks for doing this every week can’t wait for your next one,
    Gina Cullen

  3. booklvr/twilightspaz says:

    This morning I was listening to Evanesence and has anyone ever heard the song “Good Enough”? It is a totally awesome song that either can be played when Edward leaves Bella in New Moon or when she is comteplating Jacob as something more

  4. olivia says:

    hey first of all kallie, kassie, i love you guys and your show!!!!!!!!!
    any way i know i cant enter this song in the contest because it wasnt written by me but “haunted” by kelly clarkson would be a great song in the new moon movie either for when edward leaves bella or for when bella is feeling torn up about it here are the lyrics:

    Louder, louder
    The voices in my head
    Whispers taunting
    All the things you said
    Faster the days go by and I’m still
    Stuck in this moment of wanting you here
    In the blink of an eye
    You held my hand, you held me tight
    Now you’re gone
    And I’m still crying
    Shocked, broken
    I’m dying inside
    Where are you?
    I need you
    Don’t leave me here on my own
    Speak to me
    Be near me
    I can’t survive unless I know you’re with me
    Shadows linger
    Only to my eye
    I see you, I feel you
    Don’t leave my side
    It’s not fair
    Just when I found my world
    They took you, they broke you, they tore out your heart
    I miss you, you hurt me
    You left with a smile
    Mistaken, your sadness
    Was hiding inside
    Now all that’s left
    Are the pieces to find
    The mystery you kept
    The soul behind a guise
    Where are you
    I need you
    Don’t leave me here on my own
    Speak to me
    Be near me
    I can’t survive unless I know you’re with me
    Why did you go?
    All these questions run through my mind
    I wish I couldn’t feel at all
    Let me be numb
    I’m starting to fall
    Where are you?
    I need you
    Don’t leave me here on my own
    Speak to me
    Be near me
    I can’t survive unless I know you’re with me
    Where are you?
    Where are you?
    You were smiling

  5. brittany says:

    hey i just wanted to tell you guys that you should do some open casting calls in the mid-California area. i think that you would get some really good and talented actors or actress over there. think about it… thanks again. bye

  6. Graci says:

    Hey, I was just re-reading New Moon (“Grrrrr….where’s Edward!!!”) and I was wondering if anyone knew what the envelope that Bella cut her finger on at her birthday party contained (the pressie from Edward). Luv the podcast!!!
    keep going!!!
    ps. loads more peeps need to vote 4 you on podcast alley!!! (I have)

  7. Graci says:

    Kallie and Kassie,
    Gr8 podcast, luvin’ it!!!
    could you play ‘my heart will go on’ in the podcast, I know it is really cheesy but it reminds me of when Edward has left Bella and she can here him in her head; eg. Every night in my dreams, I see you I hear you, that is how I know you go on.
    keep going,
    graci X

  8. maddie b says:

    Kallie and Kassie,

    Now I first off i love both of you! Anyways I have a thing to point out, in the movie whenever the Cullens would run or do anything at vampire speed,there was a whooshing type noise. Now in the books, Bella is always saying how much she is startled by the Cullens because they are noiseless to her, to human ears. I was just wondering if you guys noticed this, and if you have any thoughts about it. Again I love you guys you are hilarious! keep up the great work. 🙂

    Maddie B.

  9. Ivy Cullen says:

    when are you guys gonna make a new podcast or question of the week?! lol take all the time you need guys. i love the podcast!!!! don’t take my comment to seriously. KEEP UP DA GOOD WORK!!!

  10. Ivy Cullen says:

    Ivy Cullen April 16th, 2009 6:42 pm :

    Okay so i just had an epiphany. i know that a lot of people didn’t think that breaking dawn went with the rest of the twilight series, and maybe i should just get over it and read it again to make it okay, but i KNOW some people were upset with it. but here we go:
    1) i didn’t have the nomads in it, and that was a big part of the series.

    2) there wasn’t much fighting action (and im not talking about verbal here) but lets think back on it shall we? so book I, Bella: they get married, honeymoon, prego, and da da da da da. Book II Jacob, hes hangin wit quil, and gets mad and there is a hint of non-verbal fighting going on with the situation with him getting mad at Edward and deciding to try to kill everyone, and then another hint of fighting as he stands up to Sam, and then its on the edge of it getting into a treaty fight when Jacob is on the Cullen side. Then we experience the whole depression thing about ‘OMG Bella is dying, i love her, she’s an idiot’ deal, and then the deal with Jared, and then Bella giving birth to renesmee.(as much as i thought the whole pregnant thing was weird, i loved renesmee! its like parents when they find out their 16 year old daughter is pregnant and they are really upset, but after they get over it they are planning the shower, and the baby’s room colors like crazy!) but still, not much action to really make you think that there is something VITAL going on.

    3) it’s Jacobs point of view. and even if it would have been from Bella’s, she would have been so wrapped around the baby and making everyone feel better it would have been sickening. so it partly didn’t feel like home( i guess you would call it, (at least for me)) because it wasn’t from her pov.

    4) once she was a vampire, even then there wasn’t any fighting action (and no, i don’t count the mind fight, or the practicing fighting) and she was a totally different person and i felt like my friend had left. because you knew her so well, and she became grown up, and she just wasn’t BELLA for me anymore, e3xcept the love for Edward and her friendliness towards Jacob., and her love for the Cullens, and renesmee.

    5) the whole, a-whole-bunch-of-vampires-show-up-at-their-house-for-a-really-big-purpose-that-doesn’t-even-happen thing, and it being awkward.

    so thats what i think and you can like it, love it, or hate it, but i dont care!!!!!

    i wrote this on the speculations page too.

  11. Dilly says:

    Hi, i was listening to your podcast ‘A Bloomin’ Relationship’ #54 and i was listening to when you said who you would love to play in the movie and i just wanted to get mine out. HaHa. Well if i could play anyone i would love to be Rosalie and i have a whole heap of reasons. HaHa.
    #1: She gets to break the bowl in her hands.
    #2: She has the best shoes in that scene. I want them.
    #3: I love all of her clothes. Mostly when we first see her and the baseball scene.
    #4: Emmett is her ‘Monkey Man’ HaHa. Nah, i love Emmett
    #5: Nikki Reed is just awesome and i love he in all her movies. Lol.

    Well yeah. I just wanted to get that out there and love the show. 🙂

  12. Bianca says:

    How come you guys haven’t had a podcast with Lindsay for AGESSSS !
    i love her, i think shes so funny !!!

  13. Kat says:

    Hey. LOVE the website 🙂 writes that David Slade has signed up to direct Eclipse.

  14. Hope Lumbley says:

    HEY you guys i have a cool idea.. have you guys hhave heard of the mitch hansen band well i live in paradise and we all are in love with them they have the most amazing twilight songs i think you shopuld interview them and ask them why the started righting the songs and just talk to them about their music ok thanks!!!!

  15. Heather Boreham says:

    I found your site off of the twicon website. I think this is great!!! I love the twilight series! I have read the whole series 10 times, and I am still finishing breaking dawn for my 11th! Now, I can finally talk amongst other twilighters about the series!! This is great!! all my friends think that I am absolouty crazy, so now I can post my questions and comments here, without involving my friends!! They are just not as die hard as myself for this series!! Anyway, I wanted to find out, how I can post a comment for the weekly discussion questions. Please let me know!! I would love to get more involved with this!! Thanks a bunch!

    From a die hard twilighter from Toronto, Canada!

  16. Ivy Cullen says:

    where can i find a site to listen to You Don’t Need me by Royal Treatment Plant?????? it’s not on itunes and i listened to it on hte jella podcast. i really like that song but it not playing on rhapsody, i can’t find it on thesixtyone, on yahoo music you can just look at the album and i cant find where to listen to it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! have you seen the lincoln commercial? it sounds like them on it….

  17. Chloe says:

    New Moon cast films exterior theatre shots

    they are Awesome pictures here. I can’t wait until November!

    i am from the UK
    love the podcast.

  18. Jo says:

    Hey guys,

    Michael Sheen (Aro) is headed to Vancouver…I am a big fan of work and this is from his Twitter account:
    “packing for Vancouver! toothbrush, shampoo, fangs…”

  19. Jill says:

    Hi there,

    Check out the Happiness Blog today (url below). Gretchen talks about how Twilight inspired happiness in her daily life. Thought some people might want to read it.

  20. S says:

    It has nothing to do with the Twilight Saga but at Orange Julius they have a smoothie called Berry-Pom Twilight. I just found it funny 🙂

  21. Jaimee says:

    I am so glad to see New Zealand on the radar. My Little Old Homeland! We are not that prehistoric!! We are actually normal!! Not all farm girls!!! LOVE YOU XXXXXX

  22. Karen Wightman says:

    Has there been a set date for “New Moon” Yet, i just cant get enough of watching Twilight over and over again!

  23. Serene says:

    ummmm I know this is gossip but i have a little news i just found out.(im sure everyone already knows) but… Taylor Launtner and Selena Gomez are dating? is this true?
    love the podcast.

  24. Ivy Cullen says:

    this has nothing to do with twilight either, but i just thought that you might want to listen to some different music becasue here are my favs.

    1) Absolutely Barking Stars, Maria McKee.
    2) Twisted, Carrie Underwood.– that goes with twilight REALLY well.
    3) Y Control, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
    4) (basically all of Kingsfoil)
    5)Asking For Flowers, Kathleen Edwards.
    6) They, Jem.
    7) Will You Remember, The Cranberries
    8) Banquet, Bloc Party.
    9) Citizen of the Planet, Alanis Morissette.
    10) Madness(bonus track), Alanis Morossette.
    11) the Heart asks Pleasure First/The Promise/The sSifice, Michael Nyman.

  25. Nikki says:

    Hey ladies….I was just wondering if you have heard anything more about Midnight Sun!??!! I know that there is a partial draft available on SM’s website, but I would really rather wait to read it when/if it gets published. This is such a shame that it was leaked because Im sure it would be published by now!!!

  26. Nikki says:

    This is to answer gracies question, in case she hasnt found an answer yet…Im pretty sure that the envelope contained airplane tickets to florida so bella could visit her mom!?! Correct me if Im wrong!

  27. Nikki says:

    anyone whos heard about midnight sun can email me at….thx!!!

  28. Becky says:

    just to let you know if you didnt already, there is a twlight game out!!!! I got mine at Spencers!!!

  29. Aliceyn says:

    heyy!! i have a really good book recomendation. the book is called unwind by neal shusterman. it is kinda like sci-fi thriller. you should check it out it is ah-mazing!

  30. kristin says:

    Could you please not print the paparazzi picutres! Please respect the privacy of these people and be responsible.

  31. Monica Solis says:

    Hello, Hello, love love love your podcats!!!!! :o)
    First off let me say that I had been thinking that it would be great if there was a radio station that talked about Twilight and last night I was on Stephanies website and some how came across yours, looked around and found the podcasts, I was soooo excited, you can’t even imagine, (just what I was thinking of) closest thing to radio, I subscribed to your itunes podcasts and downloaded them all up to week 57, I have been listening to them at work today and you two are hilarious I love it, food for my Twilight soul. So, ok I have confirmed I love your show and I will be definatly keeping up with the questions and leaving comments as well as “Supporters Speculations” AAAAAAAAAAAA.
    Thank you for making my day, Monica

  32. Bridgette says:

    First off, I LOVE THIS SITE! This is my new favorite Twilight site ever! I love all the pages on the site like the list of quotes from all the books, and the list of songs that remind everyone of the books. I aslo love the podcasts!!! Thank you guys so much!

  33. Nikki says:

    I have been wanting to write stephanie meyer about the midnight sun book. I know that this is probably a touch and go subject for her, but I wish that there was a way to let her know how badly fans want her to finish and publish it! I was hoping that maybe you guys (well…gals) might have an idea. Nobody wants to push anyone into doing anything, I just think that if she had an idea of how badly we wll want to read it, maybe that would help in her decision making process. (For the record…I havent even read the bits of it on SM’s site, hoping for a published version!!) We all know that she is a very busy woman, and that midnight sun is very near and dear to her heart, but I think that it would mean the same to all of us twilighters if she published it!

  34. andrea says:

    So Dakota Fanning is playing Jane in New Moon? In the 1st edition:Sept 2006 ed of New Moon hardback, pg 456 fifth paragraph states “At first I thought it was a young boy. The newcomer was as tiny as Alice, with lank, pale brown hair trimmed short. The body under the cloak-which was darker, almost black-was slim and androgynous. But the face was too pretty for a boy. The wide-eyed, full lipped face would make a Botticelli angel look like a Gargoyle. Even allowing for the dull crimson irises.” Jane is supposed to be dark complected according to that passage so why then is Dakota playing her I wonder??

    I realize you are very busy but if you have any insight please let me know!


    Andrea (the future Mrs Cullen, it was just Edward’s imagination that Bella survived the transformation, she died and I am going to be the new Mrs Cullen!)

    PS I am unsure how often you check your emails/comments so I sent this as both, and keep up the good work!! I love you guys!

  35. Kristin Neuin says:

    I just found your podcasts on Itunes and I love it! You guys are great! I’ve downloaded them and listen to them all day at work. I’m only on the 5th episode, which is so funny since it was before the movie came out and Breaking Dawn was released. Keep up the good work!

  36. caro says:

    Hey 🙂
    first: I love your podcast! I have two sisters, so it reminds me of them, when I listen to you. It is sooo funny 😀 Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to you podcast since Christmas, because I had to focus on the university and stuff, but now the academic year is over and I am on my summer break… consequently I have enough time to catch up. Just so you know why my comment might me a little bit outdated. I just bought the dvd today (it comes out kind of late in the Netherlands – in August; so I had to go to Germany to get it because it just came out there) and it was the first time I could really watch the movie and just form an opinion.
    I have to say that I am little bit disappointed. When I read the books… (I feel like I am the only one who thinks so) but Edward was so funny. That’s one of the main reasons why I liked the books so much. Bella made him laugh and most of the times you could still see his sense of humor. He is constantly laughing, smiling, chuckling and so on. That lacked in the movie. I feel that laughing is a sign of carefreeness (is that a real word? … I hope you know what I mean) so that for a second he can just enjoy being.
    The second thing that annoyed me was that Bella was kind of weird, not in the geek way but rather that she said things linke “oh my gosh” or “your hands are like so cold” or “you have so much music”. those were the lines that hit me the most. I felt that in the books real Bella would never say things like that. It is just not like her to be such a chick. I don’t mind that they had to change some of the timeline that some events take place earlier or … but they changed a the very essence of what these characters and the books are about, and that is what makes the movie a disappointment.
    However, I love the enthusiasm they had. And for the sake of Catherine Hardwick’s passion I enjoyed it. Because I know how much she wanted to make a great movie. I am hoping that the new director is going to capture a little bit of that humor portraied in the books we all love so much.
    Hope you enjoyed my comment. I really enjoy listening to you. Sorry for any errors (English is not a native language for me; I am actually from Germany, only studying and living in Maastricht (The Netherlands) in English).

  37. Ivy Cullen says:

    hey you guys!!!!!!!!i just wanted to say that i can’t go three days without looking at your site or ill get physically sick! LOL. i feels so bad because i haven’t listened to a podcast since the twilight movie review:( i will get one soon though. you have THE BEST podcast out there! keep up the good work!

  38. Ivy Cullen says:

    hey so i got podcasts yesterday! omg kallie, when you laugh, it sounds like your choking on popcorn or something lol. ( im talking about the twilight commentary). and when bella sees edward for the first time, in the cafeteria, it looks like shes yawning when she turns! and then, in biology, it was the cheesiest hello i have ever heard. he sounded like he was some spaced out high little kid with brain problems. did you notice that bella has two shades in her hair becasue she came to the set with red and black streaks so they dyed them reddish brown and dark brown. how stupid,,,,anyway, love the show!

    oh an di just wanted to say that i feel out of tough with reality when im not on the site:-3

  39. Ivy Cullen says:


  40. Ivy Cullen says:

    its bad enough that they put Dakota fanning in for Jane. maybe its because they wanted some more i guess you would call it more known people, but still…i pictured like a six year old little petite blonde girl with big blue eyes that can glare really good, but looks innocent around Aro.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I just discovered your podcast on iTunes about a month ago. I downloaded them all and I am slowly making my way through them. I love your podcast! I discovered the Twilight series through my mother who works in a bookstore. She read them and then told me I should read them. I teach English to 7th and 8th graders so she thought I would be interested in them for my students. I was excited for my students after I read them, but I was even more excited for me. I LOVE THEM!! I can’t wait for the New Moon movie. Thank you for all you do…

  42. Jodie says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie – love your work! Wish I had of found you-all earlier – BUT!!! I was way too busy with my head in the Twilight Series to come up for air! I’ve been listening to your podcasts over the weekend and love them. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to take part in your discussions as they went – but I really wanted to share some of the theories I came up with whilst reading my favourite fantasy series EVAAAA – don’t know how useful this will be to you – but here goes…

    My Main Theory relates to a vampire’s ability to pass on traits through creation – much like biological parents pass on traits to their children. So it occured to me that the “Carlisle created” Cullens have a greater sense of self control around humans because they inherited this control from Carlisle when he created them. This would explain Jasper’s inability to adjust to the vegetarian way as he was created by Maria who held no regard for human life – whereas Alice was created by compassionate old vampire who had kept her human and cared for her as a human until he “made her strong” when he thought James was going to kill her anyway.

    Edward’s self control is very strong (far more so than Carlisle as he proved by being able to with Bella) and so when Edward created Bella, she inherited his amazing self control and was thus able to by-pass the bloodthirsty “newborn” stage altogether. I don’t think her self control was an “extra vampire talent” at all – only an inherited trait. This was also true for Renesmee although she inherited hers via her parentage rather than creation.

    My second main theory relates to the strength of Edward’s love for Bella and her’s for him.

    I think that the FIRST time that a heart is touched by (romantic/sensual) LOVE and releases love in return – the affect etched into those hearts never disappears. This is the case for both Bella and Edward.

    In Bella’s case, she comes to Forks and is immediately drawn into Edward’s world. All her experiences with Edward are highly sensory stimulated (because of the vampire lures) and are accompanied by extraordinary levels of emotions including anxiety and attraction. She willfully overcomes fear and faces death on at least two occasions that we know of prior to the break-up – the first when she goes to the meadow with him and they declare their love and the second when she goes to face James in the ballet studio. I don’t know about you-all but I can only imagine that with that strength of intense passion alive in you – the bindings of love would become very strong indeed. To further compound the intensity, Edward saves Bella’s life many times as well. Now again, I have no first hand experience with this but I’ve heard many times that this kind of experience can have a profound affect upon the way people feel toward eachother. Given these things alone, I think Bella’s moping after the breakup is highly justifiable – in fact I don’t think we give nearly ENOUGH credit given the intensity of the love she would have had for Edward at that point. We also must remember she could not confide in anyone about the Cullens – not with her school friends – the friendships were not strong enough at that point and none would have believed her, they would just have thought she was crazy!

    When she began her friendship with Jacob – she finally found someone she could confide in – afterall – his tribe already knew about the Cullens anyway. She did not betray Edward – this was not something he had confided in Bella but something she guessed herself in the restaurant at Port Angeles. So I say CHEERS to Bella – here was a girl who knew how to love deeply and passionately!

    In Edward’s case, when he falls in love with Bella I think its a bit like imprinting only stronger. He talks to Jacob about this in Eclipse the night before the fight with the newborns – he says “we are set the way we are, and it is very rare for us to experience a real change. When that happens, as when Bella entered my life, it is a permanent change. There’s no going back….” Like imprinting – I don’t think Edward had a choice about falling in love with Bella.

    I want to be Very Clear that I do not condone suicide in any way. I also think it is important to remember that Edward is a VAMPIRE who has been alive/existing for a very long time with no hope for a peaceful end to his existence. We, (from our purely human standpoint) can be very firm and strong in our conviction that to purposefully end a life is as wrong as could be – but what if we could think about that from a vampire’s perspective? He is a Vampire afterall – not a human – and he was not THINKING as a human – nor was thinking about taking a human life! Firstly, his Life has already been taken – he now only exists and considers himself a monster! Then Bella came along and brought hope to his existence – she brought him a form of life – he imagined he could feel alive with this “feeling of love” inside him. When Edward thought Bella was dead he also died again – the depth of his despair is beyond our ability to imagine – as Bella says of her ability to feel love as a vampire – “My old mind hadn’t been capable of holding this much love. My old heart had not been strong enough to bear it”. This being the case, I don’t think it was unreasonable in the slightest that Edward went to the Volturi. I believe that Edward held “Life” in the highest regard of course, which was why he suffered so much to keep Bella alive – to NOT destroy her “Soul” – but he didn’t believe he had a soul any longer! He believed it was sacrificed during the transformationed into a vampire – so certainly at that point – yes it was entirely reasonable that the went to the Volturi. As he said to Jacob, change comes rarely to a vampire, it is permanent. While humans are capable of healing – it seems vampires are not. We see this further demonstrated in Tanya, Kate and Irina’s still intense mourning for their mother.

    Oh! I have so many more theories…. But I this is already way too long and you probably don’t mention them anymore anyway. I’ll be listening out for more of your brilliant podcasts though – can’t wait for New Moon movie. I think the “Pack” will be the new heart-throb sensation of the movie – but Edward lovers will get their fill via Bella’s hallucinations.

    I have a great supporter speculAAAAAASHUUUUN to work on so hopefully you will hear from me again soon!

    Cheers for now ….. Jodie

  43. Debbie says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful podcasts. I just finished the Twilight series and have no one to discuss them with so it’s great to be able to listen to the two of you! I have downloaded your podcasts to my itouch and listen to them throughout the day while doing laundry, etc. Thank you!

  44. Caressa says:

    just thought i would let yall know…that peter Facenelli will be at the charelston town center mall in charelston wv tomorrow saturday at 12 he will be signing autographs and taking pictures…

  45. pauline says:

    i have a question do you know if there making breaking dawn in to a movie

  46. Brittany says:

    Hey ladies,
    omg! on the next podcast (knowing kalli she was going to do it anyway) ya’ll so should talk about the HP movie. i’m not a fan of the books (just never read them) but the movie was so good! except for the end, but whatever. and Q! i peronally thought the twilight movie sucked and i really loved the books, but do you think the upcoming movies for twilight will ever be atleast in the same ballpark as the HP movies. i know thats comparing a big studio vs. a little studio, but i need hope!
    love love,

  47. Jorja says:

    Hey girls!

    So maybe a month or two ago, I was sat at home, and I saw an ad for a new york book fair, so I thought to myself, Why not go, and check it out? So I got myself and my dad on a flight to new york. At this book fair, they had some copys of books that havnt been relesed yet. One of them being, “Eternal Kiss”, I saw it was about vampires, and brought it for the heck of it. Its been on my book shelf ever since. Then I heared you talking about it in your last podcast, and you said you wanted to read it, I started reading it this morning, so i havnt gotten very far. But its great! I highly reccomend it. So far anyways. Just thought I should let you know!
    love the podcast!
    Jorja 😀

  48. Megan in FL says:

    I’m reading New Moon for the third time and was just watching the movie as well and I noticed something. In the movie when Bella and Edward find out that Weiland was killed, Bella asks Carlisle if it was the same animal that killed the security officer down in Mason county. Well, reading New Moon again I just finished the part where Carlisle tells Bella of Edwards parents Elizabeth and Edward Mason. Mason, Coincidence?

  49. Ivy Cullen says:

    read Jodie’s it really good..

    okay so i just wanted to let you girls realize, that the BREAKING DAWN 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is coming up?!?!?!?! im so sad… i remember my breaking dawn obsession and my speculations about what would happen it could have too. here was my speculation

    the volturi would come looking for her, and find that she was not a vampire, so they would steal her. now, Bella’s mind had that glitch remember, and she had a way of suppressing bad memories, so a fight would break out amongst the Cullen family, and the volturi, and Esme and some of the minor wolf pack would be killed, but Bella takes it so hard, she tries to forget when the volturi take her. she forgets all of her human life, and is now a volturi member and they have already found out about the shield. so when ( all of the vampires that came to the Cullen house in breaking dawn to witness and the remaining wolves) come into volterra to save Bella, she is now thoroughly confused. zafrina teaches her how to pull back her shield and Edward reads her mind and they help her remember

    pretty freaky huh??!

    so in the podcast about the new moon trailer, that girl has inspired me to use a word…fursploded. becaseu they do have fur, and they do explode…:D

    just wanted you girls to acknowledge the anniversary

  50. Ivy Cullen says:

    Megan, Edwards last name is spelled Masen, not Mason.

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