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  1. serbiangirl says:

    hey..i’m form serbia..i need your help! I need adress of twilight shop in Paris!!!!Please! thank you !

  2. twilightgurl93 says:

    Hey, first I LOOOOOOVE your podcast I listen to it all the time. Second I think you should make a podcast about everyone’s favorite character is from the whole series and the person should give a reason why she or he likes him/her the most. Thanks for reading my comment. love your podcast.

  3. odi says:

    Hi Girls!

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you for using the song, ‘You Win But You Lose’ and for putting the link up too! I accidentally found your site and now I think Im hooked, look forward to the next installment!

    Odi x

  4. Ivy Cullen says:

    sorry guys…if you have read any of my earlier posts, then you would know that i just cant get over breaking dawn… and now, being at the same place that i was a the week breaking dawn came out, im getting all swept up in the de-ja-vu of last year; listening to the breaking dawn podcast like, mystery story, who will die, a midsummer-nights dream etc.

    I i told myself that i would never be mad at the twilight series, cause that’s just how dedicated i am. but, it just wasn’t the same for me, and yes, im still upset.

    II i had an epiphany a couple days ago, and i realized why it was different.

    Bella wasn’t the ultimate sacrifice anymore, it was renesmee. if you would be so inclined to join me in this review.

    twilight; James is after Bella
    new moon; Laurent and the volturi are after Bella.
    eclipse’ Victoria is after Bella.
    breaking dawn; yes yes, i understand that for at least half of the book, the volturi are still concerned with her mortality, but its not as pressuring as it was in the past books. perhaps it was because no one thought she going to need to be worried about the volturi because she would be dying because of the baby anyway. but in the end, everything works out a little too nicely, she gets turned anyway, and even has her baby.

    so now, all of the nomads are gone, and she is safe from the volturi. no one is after her

    and when bella changes, she is confident, grown up, and independent. now im not saying she wans’t like that before, because she was, she was just more of an independent damsel in distress that wont admit it that falls for her perfect prince while pretending she is strong but letting her weak side show through.

    that is my conclusions and i hope i warm up to it more!

    p.s. if you read this on your show, Kassie i love your supporters speculations singing voice! HAHA (:D

    love the show and keep up the good work! i feel so connected on your podcasts and i think its funny how different you both are; Kassie, you’re all opinionated and like, whatever! i don’t care!
    and Kallie, you think about things from every perspective. i love both of you but im more like Kassie. ha.

  5. Megan says:

    Hi gals,
    I’m addicted to your podcast – keep it up! I’m curious what y’all think about the fact that Rob Pattinson’s role in New Moon is being done primarily on green screen and by himself. Do you think this will kill the on-screen chemistry between him and Kristen? I personally enjoyed their interaction in the first film and will be interested to see how New Moon measures up in that department. However, since Bella is really just having hallucinations of Edward, I suppose a less passionate chemistry between them might also make sense. What do you think?

    San Fran, CA

  6. Abigail says:

    Hello yes I tried to enter the caption contest, but when I sent it to the address, it would’nt send, it kept failing… I’ll post it here so you can see my caption though..

  7. Megan says:

    How come I’m seeing all of this news on Stephenie Meyer being sued for plagiarism?

    I’ve seen on many news sites that she’s been accused by the lawyer of an author that goes by the name of Jordan Scott.
    Apparently, Jordan Scott wrote a novel in 2006 called “The Nocturne”. When I read the title of that book, it sounded familiar which makes me think that maybe this is somewhat old news to some people. I don’t remember if I heard you talking about it on one of your podcasts or not (when you were comparing “Twilight” to “Tru Blood”).

    ANYWAYS, when I read this I was saddened because Stephenie Meyer is such a sensational author and for her to be accused of something such as this, is just ridiculous to me.

    It said that the “sex scenes” in “Breaking Dawn” and “The Nocturne” are similar. They even compared the sentences:

    The Nocturne:
    “There was silence. It could have been no more perfect.”

    Breaking Dawn:
    “The moment was so perfect, there was no way to doubt it.”

    Here’s the link to the New York Times story on Stephenie Meyer:

    And here’s the link to Jordan Scott’s website:

    Have you heard anything else on this topic?

    And I have to add to the end of this sad e-mail that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PODCAST!!!!!


    (I sent you an e-mail, but sometimes my e-mails don’t go through, so I’m posting it on here just in case)

  8. Ava says:

    I was looking at videos on youtube and found two that would interest you and others.

  9. Amanda says:

    Just wondering what everybodys thoughts were on this plagiarism charge against Stephenia and her book Breaking Dawn. I read the documents filled in court and found it to be very disturbingly close. see story here I love Steph and my Twilight books this does not ruin it for me. Just a bit concerned about the future of our beloved writer. Im hungry, no thirsty for more books from her so much so that I have read the series over and over again.

  10. jasper's girl says:

    so i just thought i’d let you all know that instead of posting the 10 second clip of the trailer on wednesday, they are going to be posting a 14 second clip tomorrow morning!!!

  11. Gemma Thompson says:


    I live in oxford, england and today i read in Grazia magazine that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are definatly going out. I was so happy! It said that Gordon Rael (who is apparently a friend of the couple) said that “of course their together, it was inevitable,”.

    I knew it would happen before they started filming the third film, and im so happy because they make such a cute couple, but i was wondering do you know anything else???

    keep up the good work!


  12. Rose says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I really enjoy the podcast. I know y’all like YA so I thought this book signing tour would interest you: especially since some of the additional authors you’ve reviewed on the podcast will be there. You may also read up on the book tour at:

    Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  13. kayls says:

    hey !!!!!!!!!!!
    love the podcasts . you guys are soo funny . twilight is my fave book . i listen to ur podcasts when im bored or when i need a laugh . im going to tell all my friends about the podcasts over here in ireland .
    lol kayls .
    ps if u guys dont already no (which u probuly do) apparently victoria justice (lola in zoey 101) has something to do with a twilight spin off . but that could be just a rumour

  14. posaxx says:

    hiya guys
    love the podcasts and rob since he’s british like me woo the futer miz pattison
    ok In the film Twilight we see Edward back in the past with Carlisle biting him but then you see him with Esme biting her in the same hospital but later on in the books we find out that when he changes Esme when she jumped off the cliff her injures were so bad she wasn’t taken to a hospital and thats where Carlisle found her.
    again love the podcasts
    luv posa
    p.s sorry my spelling is rubbish also Kassie i love your supporters speculations song “supporters speculations ” i just sung it I’m a singer too

  15. Mike says:

    Hi from central Massachusetts. Just want to say that I love the podcast very much and you always have new and exciting things to view on your site.
    I am doing a pre-sell for the New Moon trading cards by NECA which are due out at the end of September and I gave your show a little plug.
    Hope you don’t mind?
    Any way love the show, love the Texas accents and wish you both the best.
    By the way, if Jasper was from Texas how come he doesn’t have an accent?

  16. Ivy Cullen says:


    go see it its so emotional it hurts to watch it. i think the world should watch it….

  17. Alysha says:

    Hey guys, hows it going?
    Love the podcast + site 🙂

    Found some new volturi pics with: Edward, Alice, Jane, Alec, Marcus, Aro and Caius. They look sick check them out 😀 ::


  18. Carly says:

    I wanted to let you know that I just found out about your podcast and I LOVE it!!!! You have so many old ones I want to listen to that I am having difficulty keeping up. Some of your topics are things I have thought about, but never had anyone to discuss with. Thanks for all the great stuff!!!!


  19. Jolinda says:

    I just bought my New Moon tickets on-line through AMC theatres! Can you guys post a count down for New Moon, please? There’s like 70 days left. Plleeaaasssseee?

  20. Courtney says:

    Kassie and Kallie,

    I love your show. One quick question, do you two have a twitter account?
    Keep up the good work.

  21. Amanda says:

    I absolutely love your podcasts but I was wondering if you have thought about doing one on songs that would work well for The Twilight Saga? There are so many of them I think it would be a great topic. Here are two links to two different videos on facebook. I have made these but Youtube won’t support the songs because they aren’t on the Audioswap list. 🙁

  22. Angela Henry says:

    OMG! I just found you guys on iTunes and downloaded all of your podcasts so far. I started at the beginning and though I’m not all the way through and caught up the current podcasts, I LOVE listening to you two!! You are hilarious!! Just two down to earth women that LOVE twilight!!! I listen to you at home and in the car and I laugh constantly!!! Thank you for doing what you do and keep it up!!!


  23. RunEdwardRun says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie,

    Kassie, I’m just like you very Random and I hate Jacob, I can’t get done with The Host, I do not understand it at all.. I only like new moon because Taylor is in it, may I say he is hot with his shirt off……MY……GOSH….CAN’T……BREATHE! LOL.

    Kallie, I just want to ask you I mean I heard you love Twilight fanfiction, I wanted to ask if you would read mine. It’s called
    MY LIFE TURNED AROUND. If you can find it look up my name it’s RUNEDWARDRUN. I’m going to be a writer when I’m older I’m right now working on a book. 🙂 I’ve been told it’s good so far. I had a dream about it. It’s funny thats how Stepheney made Twilight. 🙂 I hope my book is as good as her’s.

    P.S. I love y’all and always well. Oh funny fact about me, I moved from Tuscon, AZ to Spokane, WA. Tuscon is one hour away from where Bella really lived with Renee and Spokane is 40 minutes from Edward Cullen. To even think I could have met him. LOL (I’m not crazy, I know he’s not really, but I can dream) And I went to Forks before it turned into a Twilight crazy town. And before I even read twilight. =) My Dads in the Air force so I don’t live there any more! SAD!!!! I live all the way across America. Literally. Well thanks for reading this if you ever do.


  24. Lila Mary Stacy Maher says:

    BTW love the podcasts but just wondering how to write a book??????????????/ that good as stephanies hahaha

  25. Jess Reid says:

    What is the Official date for the London premiere of new moon?
    I can’t find it anywhere and i really don’t want to miss it!
    Please help me

  26. Rose says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Please check out this cover:

    You have to be a member to receive it but I thought it may be of interest to y’all. Thanks.

  27. Brneyes says:

    I would love to see you guys do an episode on the Anatomy of Twilight. Go into the DNA of a shapeshifter, renesmee, and vampire. Theories on why does renesmee and jacob have the same number of chromosomes? where did that come from since neither Edward or Bella do? Why does tearing and burning only kill vampires? not just burning? Why did Bella have such an easy time as a newborn physically? Was it due to the fact that she ingested so buch blood while being pregnant with renesmee or just by having renesmee helped her. I’m sure there are tons more topics to cover under Anatomy. Keep up the great work.

  28. Rose says:

    Hi Ladies,

    These clips from reelz channel may be of interest to you and the fans. There are a number of clips on the Quileute Nation. Check ’em out:—quileute-nation

  29. Lauren Nicole says:

    hey Kallie n Kassie!!!
    ok, i think ive found a plothole in the movie twilight.unless i just missed something.anyway here it is: at the end of the movie, at prom, when bella and edward are dancing, it shows victoria.wouldnt edward be able to read her thoughts?and like, recognise her “voice”?????????thanx lurve the podcast.

    lauren from NEW ZEALAND!!!

  30. Amber says:

    i am now going to answer your question for the week. 🙂
    I am most looking forward to seeing Dakota play Jane.
    I really like Dakota Fanning as an actress, and think she has played some very advanced roles in here young life. But, im not really sure about how she will play: innocent-precious looking-/-loves to watch people wither in horrible pain- Jane
    Lets hope she pulls it off. *fingers crossed*
    As for the Host being turned into a movie, well i havent read the book so i cant voice my opinions. But, i dont know if it would be a good idea to have too many twilight actor/actresses in that movie. At most 1 or 2… .?
    best wishes, love the podcast!

  31. Amber says:

    OMG!!! i just found this on !!!! its amazing im so excited! its from ‘seth’ stephenie’s brother :

    I received the following message from Atlantic Records today:

    Due to overwhelming and unprecedented demand, Chop Shop/Atlantic Records have announced a new release date for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK. By far the most anticipated soundtrack of the year, the compilation will now be released this Friday, October 16th, four days earlier than originally scheduled! If you have pre-ordered the album, you can expect it to arrive on that date or shortly afterwards.

    In addition, we would like to exclusively announce that in the physical CDs, the booklet folds out into a poster! The image is below. Make sure to head out on Friday to get your copy of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON Soundtrack!

    OMG! i have to go get it! bye…. love the podcast- amber

  32. Jolinda says:

    AMC Theatres is showing Twilight a few hours before New Moon on November 19 in some areas. I have twilight & New Moon tickets. The Twilight tickets are only $5 plus a $1 online fee.

  33. Lauren Nicole says:

    hey girlies!lurve ur podcast!
    ok,q of da week answer:my fave NEW newmoon cast member is def Bronson Pelletier(jared) cos i have watched lots of his interviews and he is SOOOO down to earth.he is also perfect as a wolf pack member.thanx guys!

    lauren nicole from NZ

  34. Natalie says:

    Hey! I have just found you guys and love, love love your podcasts! I’m an older Twi fan… 32 years old with kids and love listening to 2 women chat about their obsession with this series ( i have the same obsession myself)! Anyhoo, just wanted to say i loved listening to you both and wanted to bring something up about the volturi from an old podcast of yours…
    I love the look of the Volturi in general. Loved when the pictures were realsed… but i it just me, or does Aro look like a Pimp!?!?!?! He was nothing like i pictured him in my mind. I think Michael Sheen is a fabulous choice, his acting ability is fantastic… but the overall costuming and design of his appearance looks so dodgey! It’s my understanding that all vampires are quite beautiful and intriguing to entice you in, ready for the kill. Ii just feel that Aro, and Marcus i might add, look weird and offputting. I think Jaime Campbell Bower is perfect. He looks beautiful but evil… Aro and Marcus look weird and evil… hmmm. What are your thoughts??
    Love listening to you guys! Look forward to the next podcast, which i am downloading as i type!

  35. Gemma Thompson says:

    did you know that Kellen Lutz and AnnaLyne McCord are back together there are pictures of them kissing everywhere, though you’d like to know. xxx

  36. Ivy Cullen says:

    i just wanted to let you ladies know, that i come to your website just to feel more at home. when im feeling out of place, or having a bad day, i can just come to the site, and waste time looking at twilight merch, or just being a swept up fan! 😀 thank you sooooooooooooooo much!

  37. Bhavini says:

    The best news twilight is now releasing in india!!!!!!!!!!yippy u cnt imaging how happy im well we hav a site too now but its not as gud as the others!!!!!!!!!! i love ur podcasts n u guys rock i swear i have so much of fun listining to u guys!!!!!!! i wish there was sum way to knw bout the midnight sun!!!!!!!!!! please tell me any other way to be in touch with u guys coz im really losing it trying to guess wat next!!!!!!!!! LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Hey ladies,

    I’m new to the postcast listener world and I’m loving your show. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy hearing from a fellow Jacob/Taylor fan because we are a minority compared to all the Edward fans.

    I know that you’ve already done your interviews, but I wanted to tell you what my question would be for Taylor Lautner just because I’m wondering if everyone else has been wondering about this too. Taylor has really great style and I’m wondering if he has a stylist (if so, who?), how much input he has on what he wears, or is it completely his own? I’m so impressed with how fashionable he is for a 17 year old guy! I read that he was at some fashion event in New York and wonder if he’s really into it. I love his signature skinny tie and the suede jacket and boots he wore on Leno. Plus those looks, no wonder he was on the cover of GQ. I’m 26 and I’m so embarrassed, but this boy a total guilty pleasure of mine.

    I would love to hear back from you on this or even if you mention it on the show to get listener feedback…I just want to know what others are thinking about this!

  39. Laura Hale says:

    I help run Fan History Wiki, a project dedicated to documenting the history of fandom. I was wondering if you could mention on a post and ask your readers to help document the history of the Twilight fandom. You’re one of the bigger fansites and it would be fantastic to get people active in your community documenting what was happening so activities taking place in the fandom could be placed in better context. The community is just so huge that getting any sort of real understanding is pretty difficult unless a lot of people are involved in the process. Thanks!

  40. Fiona says:

    Hey girls,
    Over the last few months I’ve gone back and listened to all of them (on itunes) and I seemed to notice, before breaking dawn was released both of you were very sure there would be no vampire babies… I think its kinda funny.
    Anyway, the main reason I was coming here was to ask a question I’ve been thinking about the whole time I’ve been reading the books….

    What happens when Bella gets her period?
    We obviously know she is extremely fertile, (I mean, she got pregnant of 90 year old sperm, frozen in Edwards reproductive tract for oz sake!) but I’m thinking, if jasper would react that way to a single drop of blood in new moon, what would happen when she’s on the rag? Surely that would even have to drive Edward mad too don’t ya think?

    Anyway, Love the Podcast, It’s been keeping me sane while I’m travelling. thanks

  41. amanda h. says:

    kassie, i would just like to say that when you said the part that bothers you about robert pattinson is his nipple and i laughed when you said that, not because it was funny (even though it was) i thought that same thing when i saw at….. i love both of you guys and i just thought that it wass really funny how we had the same thought 🙂 love you once again, amanda

  42. Rachel says:

    Hey ladies! I am a new Twilight fan, I actually read the books after seeing all the New Moon movie hype and fell in love with Edward! I love your website, because none of my friends or family understand the appeal, so its been nice to have the online community! Also, I’ve been listening to your podcasts, and you guys do such a great job! I was born in Dallas but moved to Ohio when I was in middle school and then stayed for college and fell in love with an Ohio guy; anyway, listening to your accents reminds me of all the great people I knew when I was younger, and you two have such a nice dynamic! I was wondering why you decided to do the podcasts, and if you have any experience with journalism, because I think you ask really good questions when you do interviews. Thanks for being such a fun, positive place to escape after a day of caring for a teething baby and a wild toddler 🙂 Love ya!

  43. Sonia says:

    hello just started listening to ur podcast and love it…
    u probably forgot this one since it was over a year ago that u did it, but on podcast 42 or 41 or 40 there was an email about the quote ‘it’s your face’. you thought it to mean facial expressions.
    it was after jacob kissed bella, and when edward said ‘it’s your face’ it was after he threatened to bash jacobs face in. I think it’s your face’ means that its his face theyll be bashing as in ‘it’s your face, so you can do whatever and act stupid but you know the consequences, and they involve having your face being bashed in by edward’. because everytime they said ‘it’s your face’ it was always after jacob made some cocky comment on kissing bella or trying to hit on her. i HATE JACOB THOUGH so i dont care if his face is bashed in. but poor renesmee if it does.

  44. Brneyes says:

    You guys need to check this out. Funny

  45. Jordan says:


    I’ve just started listening to your podcasts and I love them. I’m only on the 8th podcast (Will Bella Be a Vampire?) but I love all the ideas that y’all come up with. The one thing that I think that is funny is that you’re talking about what you want to happen in Breaking Dawn and I’m sat listening to your theories and I agree with some of them but because I’ve read all 4 books more than once, I’ll admit, some of them are so far out there that they’re not true. (But that’s oncly because I’ve read the books.)

    Like I said before, I LOVE your podcasts. Please keep going!!!!!!
    Jordan 😉
    United Kingdom (yeah!!!!)

  46. Kay says:

    You all should choose Outlander by Diana Gabaldon as the novel for March. It is awesome. It fits all the categories in this week’s poll. It is long enough to keep discussion going for ages.

    If you don’t choose it as your novel for March, then read it anyway!

    Love ya’ll,

  47. Lynn says:

    Love your site! I just wanted to suggest that you both read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It is a historical novel with some scifi thrown in!

  48. Eva says:

    Hola! I have just heard the podcast where you discussed the Breaking Dawn movie split or not… I agree with maybe 2 movies… although things can be summarized for one… but my comment on this topic is…. everyone is talking about the imprinting (Jacob’s) but I don’t think they’ll be doing that part, it will be kind of creepy to non-readers and maybe get criticized… if that is to be made into the BD movie Summit must do a skit on Eclipse about imprinting so everybody is clear in how imprinting occurs so if they show it people will undertstand… keep up the good work, love the show!!

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