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  1. Linda K. says:

    Stephenie Meyers your books are just breath taking. I enjoyed every one of them.
    After seeing the “cold ones” side of the story, I hope you might extend it in reverse one day and show the life of “Quilettes”.
    After reading your illustrated guide, and outlines of your stories I just can’t help but visualize Jacob’s past history with his ancestors and the vampire vs wolf existance, war, and possible future love story for Jacob. I can’t help but compare this extended saga to what Star Wars has by going back and forth in a scattered outline.

  2. BellaForStar says:

    I actually would’ve preferred this…also would’ve liked a deeper delve into Edward & Thee Cullens’ backstory. There was so much that could’ve been done…That’s why I’m SO disappointed w/ the films. A lot of the love story is being commercialized & UN-FUN! Like that wedding was WAY LAME!! And why was Stephenie Meyers’ film character had no business attending…it was just weird! Anyhow, give me the Quiluettes any day…oh yeah, & Jacob (preferably shirtless)…

  3. Jaqueline noyale souza dos santos says:


  4. Jaqueline noyale souza dos santos says:


  5. Tori says:

    Your podcast is AMAZING and I was just wondering when you two were going to make a new one.

  6. Belal Farooqi says:

    I love all twilight books… read all of them in 6 days… waitng for midnight sun complete version… i have read the official partial draft… the author should certainly be furious if sm1 leaks her work… but hopefully waiting for complete version n further books too… the story should not finish here…. Renesmee Cullen should should grow up and her love story with jacob should also be mentioned….

  7. Elli says:

    Ok so I love all the books and movies so much! I could read and watch all of them over and over again. But one thing keeps coming to my mind in the end of breaking dawn. Can Renesmee and Jacob have a kid? I know Renesmee is half vampire but she is also human. And Jacob imprinted meaning he has to pass on the werwolf genes

  8. yosira santos says:

    I still to this day watch the movies back and forth beginning till end and then again i am 26 yrs and have a 11 year old and were both super twilight fans every so often i hope and truly wish you didn’t care what anyone said and made another film bellas daughter and Jacob or bella and Edward again !! Ni loved the wedding i love everything okay were a huge family all my cousins all my nieces and sisters would so ooooo go watch it !!! Come on dont leave us opeping and wishing 🙂

  9. Liselle Assing says:

    I watched the movies first and fell in love. When I read the books it sealed the deal for me. But I also became a little disappointed in the movies because they left out somethings that I thought were important to the story line.
    I really hope she writes another one. There are so many places she can come from.
    Like with Volturi coming to get revenge or showing Renesse relationship with Jacob.
    She could even do both and give us two more books.
    It would even be great if they could get the original cast to do the movies.

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