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  1. Sydney says:

    Yea Twilight rocks bttr thewn like every other book in the woirld i hav like a happy attack whn io read thees they are like z drug i wish they would nvr end and the moviwe dont get me started but kno this ill be frst in line babeh

  2. Rachel says:

    Dudes TWILIGHT freaking rocks..!My brother got me to read it and now im obseed…..i cant stop reading it.Now im about to read BREAKING DAWN..wicj is gonna rock.Im so excited!Twilight is like the best book ever forget Harry Potter i never read those books anyways but now Twilight is like my life.It has taken over my body and now i cant wait for the movie.!!!!!!Its gonna freaking rock!well thats all!


  3. Maddie Heath says:

    ok Taylor Lautner is offially playing Jacob Black…he is perfect for it and Robert Pattison i sooooooooo HOT!!!

  4. alana says:

    Okay so i am hooked on this series and nothing i read now can even compare to Twilight…poor gossip girl… but as far as the characters go for the movie i think Bella should have been different, Kristen is an amazing actress for her age but i dont know it just doesnt work, maybe the voice i think, but Edward is right on πŸ™‚ also Rose i think that Nikki is an amazing actress as well but sorry hun blonde is not your colour but you will pull it off and make it work πŸ™‚ and as for Jacob, adorable πŸ™‚ but bella and edward all the way. I also cant wait for Midnight Sun to come out, i have read the chapter posted on her website but i want more! and if the books dont continue which i hope they do, i really want the movies too, its only fair if harry potter gets to.

    soo excited for the movie counting down the days since i read all the books superfast.

  5. okay talyor is really hot!! and edward is really cute but not as cute as jake black. in the breaking dawn book i can’t believe bella gets pregent to edward. sorry if i blew it for some of you but i just could not believe it. i really wish that bella stayed with jake. casue talyor aka jake is really hot. bella was a shock becasue she isn’t that pretty and i think that edward needs a better bella.

    i think that i am on both teams

    taylor is a total hottie!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh yah i forgot to say that i wish that i could meet taylor cause he is a total hottie. and i wish that i could see robert. i really don’t like his accent though. well thank you for listening to me

  7. kisskiss says:

    yeah. he is so sexy! oh. man. Cant wait to see the movie!!! i already put it on my calendar! Do you think that the tickets will sell out and there wont be enough???? I would just DIE if that happened! ahh! im gonna get them ahead of time then…..

  8. kisskiss says:

    Oh man… i just started breaking dawn today… and i must say, that i am a little disapointed. Im on page 133 and bella is aparently pregnat. this makes me very sad because how is she going to become a vampire with a human baby inside of her???
    oh man oh man… i have to stop reading for tonight… this is getting on my nerves. I hope it gets better. Say a prayer….

  9. kisskiss says:

    im gonna barf………..

  10. 14~CaPrEe~14 says:

    OMG!!! I am almost finished w/ breaking dawn, i won’t say too much so i don’t ruin it for anyone but…….OMG!!! You will NOT believe what Irina does!!!!!!!!!! Or what Jacob does!!!! WOW

    -Team Edward member

  11. kisskiss says:

    omg i kno! im almost finishd too! jacob imprints on…. omg i cant say! haha sorry : )

  12. mckenna says:

    i LOVE all the characters except for jasper and alice i pictured alice with more black shiny hair and that acctress has kinda frizzy brown hair and jasper looks to old, oh well. i LOVE the edward exacelly how i pictured him and i really like bella. i think the movie will be great

  13. maddie says:

    i love edward, but i think they should put a little makeup on bella and do her hair couter but other than that its great

  14. sydney says:

    i hated breaking dawn so hopefully the movie will be great it looks really cool. i love the guy who is playing jacob i dont like the wig. and edward is perfect love him. so excited for the movie

  15. icecream says:

    how cud u hate breaking dawn?

  16. kisskiss says:

    omg i know! i just finishd it! i was so sad its over. : (

    but i cant wait to see the movie!

    I LOVE EDWARD! ! ! !

  17. i dream about edward all the time. my heart longs for him. im so sad that the series is over. i could cry. nothing else matters anymore but the twilight series. i have lost interest in everything i loved. im falling apart. i need edward.
    drink to all that we have lost. mistakes we have made. everything will change. but love remains the same.

  18. KP :) says:

    U HATED BREAKING DAWN!?!?!?!?!?! How could you lol! haha im kidding, i loved it, especially how it ended, Happy! lol! yay, now we have to wait for the movie!!

  19. no name please says:

    after breaking dawn, im team edward and jacob!

  20. michelle says:

    hey i love Twilight!!!!! i can’t wait until the movie comes out!!!!! i am team Edward!!!!

  21. hey- the guy playing jacob– ever recognize him? i have this talent of recognizing actors frm other movies… the cutie playing jacob was in cheaper by the dozen 2… he also was a jake! oh yeah.. im good πŸ™‚

  22. have any of you seen the twilight spoof on youtube? its funny but kind of offensive… : /

  23. I L O V E R O B E R T P A T T I S O N ! ! ! !

  24. KP :) says:

    he was in cheaper by the dozen 2??? im sooo going to buy that mivie now lolz! and i have seen a couple of spoofs on twilight, and i too love Robert Pattinson haha lol! there is this funny spoof on you tube, where at the end Rob screams , ” WHAT, WHAT?” like a girl, haha soooo fricken funny.

    click here to see it:

  25. haha thats so funny !!!
    when ur on youtube look up eviliguana productions and in their webpage theres the twilight spoof. its so funny KP! yep hes in cheaper by the dozen 2. i dont realy like jacob- but this guy is hott!! omg there was this great pic of robert pattison on this website but i cant find it anymore!!! : ( its too bad cause i was gonna put it in my locker if i printed it…. : )
    OMG im sooo gonna buy one of those posters for 6.99!!! ahh! so xcited for the movie!!! yay! : )

  26. KP :) says:

    haha me too! i need more twilight stuff in my room! too much harry potter! lolz!

  27. HEYHO. says:

    I think the Twilight movie will turn out great! I really can’t wait for the movie! and theres really nothing wrong w/ wearing a wig or having long hair! D: < hes going to crop it in new moon anyway, haha(:

    I CANT WAIT ! πŸ˜€

  28. KP :) says:

    haha ya, guys are totally hot with that kinda hair! haha lolz!

  29. KP :) says:

    Visit my site at for my opinion on the cast, books, movie and more!

  30. Roya Dinbali says:

    How do we reach an email address to speak with Stephanie Meyers?? I want her to finish Edwards side of book 1… It’s not fair. People will buy it, so cares it was leaked. It’s a great book.

  31. Roya Dinbali says:

    I love this series… i’ve read the books many many ttimes, i can’t get enough of it. I’m sad it’s over, but glad b/c the ending is perfect!! Can’t wait until the movies to see if i picture them the same way as the author. YEA!!! Its nice to know that people are as crazy as I am about the series. Thanks πŸ™‚

  32. i agree. i want to finish edwards version of twilight as well. i would also like to have stephanie meyers email address, so if anyone here knows it pls tell me! thanks! : )

  33. Jill says:

    OMG!!!!! i love,love,love the twilight series!!!!!! but it really stinks that you arent writing anymore. I wish you would!!!! If you e mail, i have a really good idea for the next book!!!! You said yourself that every good story needs a conflict!!!!! And I have one!!!! it might not be the best, but its good enough, i guess! so please,please,please e mail me!!!!!!!

  34. Jesse says:

    OMG i LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!
    Robert Pattison is sooo cute!!!! all me friends say that they could have used a better actor for him. i completley disagree!!!!!!!!
    the only actor(ess) i think they could have had a better one for was bella. no offense Kristen Stewart. And i just finished breaking dawn this morning, i really hope that there will be a next book. it would be really sad if the Saga ended. it is hard to find a good book for me to read and Stephanie Meyers books are my types of books. i dont like any other type of books but action, fantasy(ish), love/romance ect… Stephanie Meyer Hit my types of books right on!!! i love her books!!!!!! -GO TEAM EDWARD-

  35. katie says:

    omg i luv jacob and edward

  36. KP :) says:

    y friend is totally obsessed with Jacob!!!! lolz!

  37. i absolutley love TAYLOR LAUTNER! such a friggin cutie. i devote my life to him :]. ill never be able to compare anyone guy to him ever. loved him since he was in shark boy and lava girl! made my mad when they held hands at the end, grr! lawl.

  38. MrsCullen says:

    Omgoshh im sooooooooooooooooooo happy about the ENTIRE cast [:<3 love them all
    1 thing im upset about….omgg Rob tried getting a 6 pack but couldnt? OH NO ]: <3 Edwards sexy 6 pack will be missing….so sad xD

  39. Erica says:

    I agree whole-heartedly with Mary Alice Brandon!!!!!! TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!! For the Team Jacob fans sorry but sexy vampires are better than flee-containing dogs. But Taylor is kinda cute. Robert Pattinson is SOOOOO much better!!

  40. the edward lover 1918 says:

    That is the most adorable picture of Jackson Rathbone that I have ever seen! Wasn’t Justin Chun in Wendy Wu homecoming warrior? And, if I’m right, Justin does have a tattoo on his left pectoral. LOL!

  41. Tasha says:

    oh my god i LOVE ADORE edward and jacob. i LOVE taylor and robert too! but i dont know who to choose!!!! :s i love them both so much i am torn between them and its driving me insane!!

  42. emily says:

    oh my god i cant wait for this movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think Robert Pattinson is the perfect guy to play Edward because he is SO HANSOM!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
    i am such a big fan!! XD

  43. jennifer says:

    first of all i want to say that the books were really great! i loved each one from start to finish and each book was really intense and full with a lot of imagery writing!!! I’m thrilled that the first movie is coming out because i can’t wait to see all the characters. The cast chosen were all perfect and i think that they will do a great job in helping creat each fantastic and amazing movie. twilight is a very romantic and fantasy like movie full of intense emotions between the character of edward cullen and bella swan. well, i can’t wait to see the movie in theaters!! xoxo J.G.

  44. mariam says:

    EDWARD IS HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. courtney says:

    OMG I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k sorry i had to get that out has anyone heard paramore is singing TWO of the songs in the twilight soundtrack? the one thats out is sooo good if u have never heard them U NEED TO GO TO YOUTUBE AND LOOK THEM UP THEY ARE BOMB!!!!!!!!!! i swear they are so good hayley’s awesome!!! m(ocd= obseseive cullen disorder)

  46. IIII . says:

    I really can’t wait to see the movie, it’s a pitty but in january it wil play in the Netherlands, I have to wait, but I know it’s worth it πŸ˜€
    Edward is sΓ³ sexy :’$
    and he’s the perfect Edward, I really like him :’$
    & Renesmee is so cute πŸ˜€

    can’t wait to see how the movie wil look like

    xoxo <33

  47. Jasmine says:


  48. ashley maylfower says:

    Cant wait for Twilight the movie to come out.
    Wondering if there will be sequels to the movie.
    Does anyone know?

    They did a good job with casting;
    Especially Cam. ;]
    But I think that Gaspard Ulliel would have made a better Edward.

  49. Kaelin Timberland says:

    !The Twilight Series is the best books I’ve ever read! I can’t wait till the movie comes out! November 21 !!!! They did a good job with casting. I hope that they make more movies!
    Robert Pattinson is a good Edward
    The Twilight trailers are really exciting to watch and makes me even more excited to see the movie!!!!!!!

  50. Jill Bill says:


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