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  1. Lindsey says:

    And to all who are hating on who they picked, and sat they hate Twlight.
    Don’t bother to comment, and waste your time
    THEY ALL ARE GORGEOUSSS. I am going to see the movie 100000 times.

  2. Rachel says:

    luv the pics edward is so hot

  3. edward's girl (nicole) says:

    I wasn’t sure that Robert Pattinson was right for the part of Edward but I gotta say. I really don’t see anyone esle playing him. Now that I watch the trailers like a million times a day. Rob is gonna be great as Edward Cullen. I still think that Ali Larter( i think thats how you spell her name) would have been a way better choice for Rose then Nikki Reed. If you wanna go with looks and all. I would of like Cam to play Jasper instead of playing James. But I guess I gotta be happy with who they chose. I’m still gonna LOVE the movie, no matter what. I was kinda getting upset not knowing if they were gonna film all the books but my friend called me the other day and said it was confirmed that they will be filming for all four books. Now I gotta say that I’m really gonna go crazy waiting for all the movies. I gotta find something to do with my free time, besides reading the twilight saga over and over again. It took me two days to read all four books. I just couldn’t put them down. Now all I do is look at youtube videos and try and find as much as I can on Twilight.( for my myspace page) I guess I’m done for now. I mean I can keep going and going forever about twilight, Edward but I’m gonna stop for now. I wanna thank Cheryl for making read these books. LOVE YOU girl!!!! Ok bye

  4. kate101 says:

    OMJ (oh my jasper) I love it!!!!!!!!

  5. Jacob's Girl says:

    For some reason I got really excited when I saw Carlilse with somebody in the hospital and when he was going to bite Esme. I have a feeling that this is gonna be … well … ONLY THE BEST MOVIE EVER!

  6. the capricorn says:

    These pics are awsome! LUV IT! Love JAsper!!! how cute is the pic where bella comes down the stairs for prom and carlie & edward are there? SOO cute!

  7. Rachel says:

    Wow, I am impressed with the actor choices, but I am so disapointed. These actors are nothing compared to the Cullen family. The Cullens are perfect in so many ways, I wish the actors would have pulled that off. I am one of many people who hopes this movie is as great as the books and not another let down, like alot of movies based on bestselling books. T my surprise though, I love taylor lautner as Jacob! Man that boy is fine, lol.
    xoxo Another Twilight lover.
    Only 34 days left!!!

  8. alana says:

    omeomeomeomeome OME!!!!!! thse r amazing and now aftr seeeing the trailer AND thse im evn more stoked……god damn it nov 21st come faster!!!!!! im sooooooo excited =) =)

  9. Hannah says:


  10. aida r says:

    oh, i look forward to see the movie. =) I am so jeolous of kristen S. It’s her job to kiss Robert. I would looove to take over her job =) hahah.

  11. jessika says:

    I really love it. So inspiring and very heart warming.
    I cant wait to see the movie!!

  12. Chloe-An Australian Twilighter says:

    Lolz look at the one where bella is getting in the police car lolz i bet she wasn’t to happy lolz.

  13. Rachel says:

    omh i wonder if they are doing the flashbacks for esme and edward maybe for rose,emmet and jasper…. not alice cuz we dont kno about her till the end of the book but ahhhhhh i am sooo excited for the movie!!!!

  14. Rachel says:

    omg*** srrry cant type

  15. KP :) says:

    Rachel- Of course they aren’t EXACTLY like the characters in the book. they’re describes as perfect, and beautiful, and what-not. no one is perfect in that way, they’re bound to have some flaws. They’re only human. . . . . . . haha, get it HUMAN ahahahaha, i crack myself up. wow, ok that was retarted 🙂 i know what you mean though. i didn’t exactly approve of them at first either. ESPECIALLY who they chose to lay Edward. but they all grew on me. so now, i have no problem with the choice. and i am so excited to see the movie!!!!

  16. Asia says:

    Totally awesome can’t wait for the movie to come out on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Alice says:

    OMG OMG OMG i saw these picture, got a minor heart attack, and now i’m gasping for air looking at the amazingnness of these stills!

  18. Jennifer says:


  19. Jennifer says:

    she was mad! LOL

  20. jennifer says:

    There are pictures on here I’ve never seen before! I thought I had them all. Thank you for finding them.

  21. […] You can see this picture plus many more in our gallery!  […]

  22. Allie says:

    I love twilight and the pics Rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. veronica dooley says:

    like i said earlier OMG!!!!
    cant wait till the movie comes out its going to be amazing!!!
    i luv these books i love them soooo much my moma had to ground me off them!!!

    cant wait til move come out!!!!

  24. roisin says:

    omg amazing TOTALLY LOVE IT!

  25. Jasmine says:

    I think that the dude that plays Jacob in the movie is totally butt ugly I think they could hav done waaaaaaaaaay better.

  26. Team Switerland! says:

    ok….Jasmine….the “dude that plays jacob….it not “butt ugly”…..well, with the freaking wig yes….but without hes totally cute…. and I think that he’s GREAT for the part….im sorry but when it comes to jacob i need to stand up for him

  27. osbessed twilighter.....aka...TWERD..:] says:

    OMG!!! LOV THEM!!! i really can’t wait for the movie. so excited. SO EXCITED!

  28. this is the most best movie and book series in the world. I mean the romance and suspense in the movie is so dazzling I beat there is millions of people who can’t wait for this movie just like me and plus these photos are amazing exspeically the ones of Edward and Bella. I beat that everyone wishes for romance like these two people or in this case two dazzling magnificent vampires. These photos are breath takingly wounerful.

  29. Robertn Paterson is soooooooooooooooooooo freakennnnnnnnnnnnnnn hot those photosare so perfect and hot and sexy

  30. Oh my goth I want that love and the way they look into each others eyes the pictures of them are so sexy and makes you want the same thing

  31. so osbessed twilighter……….aka………..TWERD] I so totally agree with you and I love your enthusiasm.I of course this is the sane with many other people too I can not wait for that movie to come out and I will scream like heck when it come out

  32. shelby says:

    loved it!!!!!!!!
    edward is soooo hottt!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jasmine says:

    Omg i cant wait for this movie every time a new still comes out i just start hyperventalating im so stinkin excited and i Love every picture and of course Robert Pattinson makes everything better. I Just cant wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!

  34. CarleneMarie says:

    Thoose pictures are waay to perfect!
    They’re corrupting my youthfull innosence. J/K
    And that chick down there is not the #1 Twilight fan.
    I’m probally not the #1, but at least in the top ten.
    For sure.
    Can’t wait for the freakin’ movie to get here already!!!!

    *Dies dramaticaly from Twilight being too insanely Perfectly perfect, Having to wait on the movie, and pictures that are waay to sexy for their own good.*

  35. edward lover says:

    you must be REALLY REALLY retarted to thing edward is ugly!!!!! edward is the sexiest thing alive!!! 😀

  36. edward lover says:

    im right up there with CarleneMarie

  37. Jennifer says:

    oh my god absoulutley amazing… im speechless, other than the fact that i can’t wait for the movie! 🙂

  38. Robert aka Edward says:

    Hey everyone! thnx for your great support! i want to give a shout out to my bella… love you! you guys are the BEST fans in the world! thnx for your support, Robert aka Edward

  39. edward lover says:

    OMG i freakin’ love you Robert

  40. Maja says:

    omfg!i cant wait to see the so excited!edward and bella are amazing.i love in love with the book &+ i know im gonna be in love w/ the movie too.

  41. Kami says:

    OME!! there amazing!!

  42. Charlotte says:

    I think that it is awsome how edward if offering her the apple, it’s kinda like on the cover of tiwlight like he’s offering bella the forbidden fruit

  43. beth says:

    is that pic of carlisle the flash back thing that they r doing?

  44. lariza says:

    OMG is all i can say

  45. weronika says:

    omg…loving tilight
    i soo wanna c it

  46. Jenn says:

    omg! these are so amazing!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!! MIDNIGHT SHOW!!!!!!

  47. Taylor says:

    OMG!! i have seen these before my friend and she has seen everthing that has to do with twilight. hehe

  48. lyndalya cain says:

    love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(;))

  49. lea says:

    didn’t like books that much..friends told me twighlight is a drug:P..didn’t believe..but that is right. ahhhhh what a wonderful story. wish to feel edward=)

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