Supporter’s Speculations ~ Post-Breaking Dawn

This is a page for you to post all of your theories about what might happen in the Twilight Series after Breaking Dawn!  This would include speculations about the futures of any of the characters that have been introduced in the last four books.  We are ready to read about what you think is going to happen to them all!

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  1. Laura S says:

    i have read all the books 3 times
    all of u hav to finish!!!!!!!
    I cant stop reading them over and over
    u just dont get bored of them!!!!!
    u know?

  2. Sami.Salvo says:

    I think it would be cool if Steph wrote some of the back stories of the Volturi. On her website she has posted about what happened to Marcus’ wife and how that affected Marcus (Breaking Dawn FAQ). I would like it if she wrote a book about that in more detail.

    I kind of want to know how Jane and Alec came to be vampires and what their backstory is. I don’t think that we ever hear much about them except their appearance and their superpowers. They (esp. Jane) plays a big-ish role in BD and such esp. because of Jane’s power.

    This may just be me being my strange-overthinking- over questioning self but I really want to know what happened with these vamppies (oops that’s my nickname for vampires)

  3. Sami.Salvo says:

    Okay, I know you find all of the subplots really boring Kassie but I’m one of those people that always wonders about the unimportant characters and how they got to where they are.

  4. Jenn B. says:

    The story of Angela and Ben after Breaking Dawn:

    Angela and Ben continue to date after graduation and eventually get engaged. They both graduate from college and decide to move back to Forks together and get married. Bella and Angela have become best friends over the last 4 years; writing back and forth and visiting occasionally. Now that Angela has moved back to Forks, she and Bella have been spending a lot of time together because, Bella figures, they were best friends before she became a vampire and since she never realized the Cullens were vampires, she won’t realize Bella is one too. Well, Bella is wrong. Edward tried to tell her to keep a safe distance from Angela but she didn’t listen and Angela, being the smart girl that she is, has figured it out. Now that Angela knows what the Cullens really are, Edward decides it would be best for him to start hanging out with Bella and Angela and Ben so he can listen to what Ben and Angela are thinking. Edward finds out that Ben too, knows their secret and wants to use it to his advantage.

    You see, Edward also finds out that, the reason they moved back to Forks isn’t because they were planning on getting married, but that Angela wanted to be close to her family and friends before she dies. Angela has terminal cancer and has only weeks left to live. Finding out that the Cullens are vampires who live forever and not wanting to lose Angela before they had a chance to live their life, Ben begs Edward to turn Angela and him into vampires too.

    Edward, of course, says no, which Angela accepts as his final answer but Ben has other plans. Ben manages to kidnap Renesmee and hold her hostage until Edward agrees to turn Angela. But while holding Renesmee hostage for a little over a week, she shows him how sad he is making Angela and how she doesn’t really want to live forever and also how hard it is for all the Cullens to live on while everyone else dies and Ben has a change of heart. He and Renesmee go back to Forks and he apologizes to everyone.

    Carlisle talks to Ben and Angela alone and tells them that, if Angela is willing, he will turn her since he turned Edward, Emse and Rosalie to prevent them from dying too. Angela again says no, that she knows it’s her time and she wasn’t meant to live forever.

    A few weeks later Angela dies and Ben leaves town, unable to be anywhere that reminds him of Angela, and life goes on like it had before. But now, Bella knows what it’s like to lose one of the human friends she knew as a human and begins to realize that, even though she loves her family with the Cullens, this eternal life thing is going to be harder than she ever imagined.

  5. Jen D says:

    Ok so, Jane gets so mad because no ones mental powers can touch Bella so she leaves the Volturi and tries to plan a strategic attack on Bella by 1) getting Nahuel to be her lover/partner so that Alice can’t see her, 2) Finding a way to keep Edward out of her head, 3)watching for when Bella lets her shield away from herself, and BAM!! She mentally attacks Bella!! But then after Bella has put her shield back around herself she discovers that if she moves it away from herself and puts it completely around someone else they feel their own powers so she waits until Jane is preoccupied and forces her shield around Jane. She then gets Janes attention and as Jane tries to mentally attack Bella, she gets the full feeling of her own powers attacking herself. And then Nahuel realiazes what Janes intentions were the entire time and tries to fight her only to be accidentally bitten by Bella who is trying to save him. He then becomes a full-fledged vampire and is happy because he knows that he will not become an incubus. In the mean time Jacob and Renesmee are as happy as can be until one of Sam and Emily’s sons imprints on her and no one knows what to do about it because two wolves imprinting on the same person has never happened before. Oh and they found Alastair hiding in Antartica with the penguins. Also Charlie and Sue find out that they are having a baby and Charlie is finally completely clued in on what is really going on because since the Cullens are not going anywhere any time soon, their child might become a vampire. You know what would be funny?? I Leah imprinted on Ben and then Angela went to go confront her and Seth imprinted on Angela.

  6. Christina Cullen says:

    Hey Frist I really wish you do finish Midnight Sun and Hope there’s more to come. Sorry I sooo Love the Twilight Saga and really don’t want it to end. So please write the book. Also can you write more on edward’s side of the store seeing that we know it from Jacob and Bella view it will be cool to know it from the vampire himself and also I would like to know More on Renesmee life and how she feels about Jacob and her family. Also I agree with everyone here I think we need to know what happens to Leah does she get imprinted and how does Sam react to that news. PLEASE DON”T STOP WRITING
    Big fan of Team Edward and the whole twilight life.

  7. Christina Cullen says:

    going back to my last post My friends and I are stomped on what actually what on when Bella some how heared edward voice in new moon was it just her thoughts or was it really Edward? and also what did edward do for that time period that he was away from Bella. Did he have some alone time with Tanya? This is why you can’t stop stephaine some many question so many non answer questions.

  8. Kiera says:

    Sorry, i dont have much, but i think that the Volturi will hear about Jacob’s imprinting on Renesmee and come back. Im not sure if there would be a fight, but i think that they would stay much longer than they did in BD. I hope the wolves are involved in the story a bit more next time! I think that renesmee will have grown up – since she grows so quickly anyway – and will be able to be more included when the volturi next come. though im team edward, id love to see more of Jacob. Kiera, Australia

  9. Roz says:

    Okay here what I think would happen. Renesmee and Jacob will have a great love but as Reneesme matures she starts to wonder what else is out there. When he asks her to marry him she starts wondering what else is out there to experience. Jacob seeing this will feel gulity for holding back and let her go. Reneesme goes on her own and visits her friends in the Amazon and bumbs into Nahuel who she does fall for because they are a lot alike and her father likes him(yes shes a daddy’s little girl) After being with Nahaul for a year, a battle begins in Forks,that involves the wolf pack as well as Jacob. At first there is some hostility and they fight. Reenesme is confused because she is in love with both men. But her heart is with Jacob especially after Jacob gets really hurt. After a long talk with Edward and her favorite Aunt Rosalie but Reenesme she follows her heart and She and Jacob have a big wedding and live happily ever after…..

  10. Julie says:

    I think whatever Stephenie writes will be phenomenal!! I also think that the Twilight Saga should be a TV Series, this way it goes on, and on, and on…of course, I would want all the characters from the Twilight Movies to be the SAME characters in the TV Series. I would love to see it go on for years!! Stephenie, you are awsome, PLEASE continue this Saga!!!

    Julie~~~A Twilight Saga Fanatic!!!

  11. bella (i know its weird) says:

    I had a weird idea. Here it is… there are 1 vamp.that know one new about(5 years after Breaking Dawn) .Their names are Anya(can move things with her mind). Edward finds Anya hunting one day and finds her hunting(he is by himself he had a fight with Bella).He knows exactly what she was and beggs Carilsle(sorry if i misspell)to adoped her(she lived in a orphanege).When Renessme and Anya meet they become best friends.But Rosalee is convinced that Anya is the worst thing that happend to the Cullens, because she is the popular one and is always with people and she thinks its to dangorus(and she is to dangorus).Anya gets a bo.(Parker) things workout when another new vamp. and tries to go after Parker and Renessme and the rest of the Cullens are gone Anya has to save both of them she is scared that she will lose both her love and her best friend she goes to the best place she can think of(Alaska).The girl that is chasing her follows at the end when lets call her Copper is about to kill Parker and Anya and Renessme are not in any condishon to help him.Rosalee come to the rescue and distroyes Copper and finds a whole new liking to Anya.and it will be written half and half Anya and Rosalee and Anya and Rensmee are both in the body of 15 year olds.

  12. Elisa says:

    I, really would like to see the series on tv. I think that a tv show will interest a lot of people. The movie has been making success…. so the serie on tv will have success too. But, I think that the actors have to be the same in all of 4 movies and in series. Because they are personified in the caracters. I just can`t see a Bella being another actress, and the same for Edward,It`s not possible think in one Edward in another actor. When I read the book, I imagine the caracters I saw in the movie. For this, it`s not so successful having others stars.
    Today, we can make a person look like younger on tv. We know that.

  13. Elisa says:

    Geee…. I can see that I`m not the only one who wants a tv show…. and, OF COURSE, with the same charaters. I really,really want all the characters from the Twilight Movies to be the SAME characters in the TV Series.
    Our friends Julia (Julie May 17th, 2009 10:22 am 🙂 and Elisa ( Elisa May 18th, 2009 1:39 pm 🙂 want all the same characters too and a stv series too.

    My friends said me they want a tv series… and with the same characters in the tv series.
    I refuse to watch to a movie or the series if the charaters of the movie aren`t the same.
    Mainly Kristen and Robert Pattinkson. I agree with our friend : Elisa.

    “I`ve never wanted a “tv series” so much in my life” (Edward)

  14. Lila says:

    Geee…. I can see that I`m not the only one who wants a tv show…. and, OF COURSE, with the same charaters. I really,really want all the characters from the Twilight Movies to be the SAME characters in the TV Series.
    Our friends Julia (Julie May 17th, 2009 10:22 am 🙂 and Elisa ( Elisa May 18th, 2009 1:39 pm 🙂 want all the same characters too and a stv series too.

    My friends said me they want a tv series… and with the same characters in the tv series.
    I refuse to watch to a movie or the series if the charaters of the movie aren`t the same.
    Mainly Kristen and Robert Pattinkson. I agree with our friend : Elisa.

    “I`ve never wanted a “tv series” so much in my life” (Edward)

  15. Lisiane says:

    I really don`t know what happens…. it`s like Edward said in the movie: “you are my life know”. Twilight is my life know.
    As I can`t get the DVD, I`ve already watched the trailer on the site a lot of times a day. I just can`t be away… I can`t help watching it…

    So… please… make a tv series..please…. I`m in love with these stories, books… movie. And also the cast..
    In my opinion, and I can see it`s not only mine, if it`s not the same cast, it won`t be the twilight saga. It`ll be strange. Edward IS Robert and Bella IS Kristen. and vice versa.

    I didn`t read the book yet.. but I want to. I know, when i`m reading it, I`ll make refence with the movie, place, scenes and of course, the cast. I`ll always remember Edward being Robert and also Bella as Kristen. They lent their “bodies”, let`s say that, to the character. So now… doesn`t exist Kristen Stewart and neither Robert Pattinson any more. People, am I wrong?

    Please… I`m suffering, anxious for the next movie… to see our Bella and the gorgeous Edward. I want an Edward in my life!!!!!

    Please..consider the tv series and the cast….

  16. Miy (pronounced my) says:

    I’ve sent this to Kallie a few times but understanding that you are busy here is the base of the story that I’ve spent a year trying to write. When Nessie is 6 years old (but looks like a 17 year old) she know Jacob has imprinted on her,but she resists him because she loves being his best friend. Eventually, though Nessie can nopt resist the love she feels for Jacob. Then, another guy gets in the way. Alec comes to check on Nessie’s ‘progress’ and he falls in love with her beauty. The cullen’s see the potential threat in Alec’s visit, but they aren’t too eager to challenge one of the volturi. Nessie and Jacob spend sometime with the pack while the cullen’s are away on a hunting trip and Leah, acting devilishly (as usual), decides to get a rise out of Nessie by cutting her hand , Nessie can’t resist,but Jacob stops her. Nessie realizes she could of hurt Jacob and realizes how detrimental their relationship could be to Jacob. When he drops her off at home she tells him they can’t be together anymore and they break up, but Jacob has no idea why. After about a month of not talking to Jacob, Alec ,and an unknown affiliate show up in La Push. So in a plot to get Nessie and Jacob back together, the cullens send Nessie to help Jacob with patrol. After much arguing and Nessie telling Jacob about why she broke up with him they ‘kiss and makeup’ (literally). In the middle of their reconciliation Alec and Nessie’s ex-boyfriend, Nahuel, show up in La Push. They warn Nessie that if she doesn’t watch who she associates with

  17. Miy (pronounced my) says:

    ugh, didn’t get to finish! any way. … or Jane will have something to say about it because she wants to find a reason to kill Nessie because she is jealous of Aro liking Nessie better than her. Nessie pays no attention and Alec and Nahuel tell her that they have to tell Jane. They leave and Jacob and Nessie go to warn the pack and the cullens. Jane comes with an army and she and nessie fight. Jane tells her that Jacob was killed by Alec and Nessie is devastated. Before Jane gets to attack her at her most vulnerable point, the cullens step in and tell Nessie that Jane was lying about Jacob being dead,but he is really hurt (about as bad as before with the newborns if not worse). She leaves as Jane and the remainder of her army follows. Nessie comes to see Jacob laying on the ground with her mom and Esme trying to see if he is still alive. Nessie has a new power (that only Jacob knows about) where she can create her own world inside her head and let whoever she wants in it by putting her hand on their face. She uses this power to let Jacob in to see if he is alive (which he is). Later Nessie goes over to Jacobs’s house and they promise eachother that they will never part again. so there you go, hope you like it!
    Miy (pronounced “my”)

  18. Lizzie_ Cullen says:

    I’m really not sure.

    I obviously want to read more about the Cullens but maybe next it’d be cool to see it from the point of view of a different couple, maybe Rosalie and Emmet. I’m still intrigued by the romance between Kate and Garrett, i think it would be interesting to see how he adapted to living without human blood, and even the constant presence of other vampires.

    When Renesmee is fully grown, i think she’ll look about 16 or 17 and so it’s likely she’ll play along with the rest of the Cullens next time they move, by going to school and keeping her head down – that would be kind of cool to see what it’d be like acting like Edward and Bella are her siblings/cousins rather than her parents. I don’t think Renesmee and Jacob would split off from the rest of the Cullens unless there was some more danger from the Volturi.

    If Stephanie decides she is leaving the Cullens behind though, it would be pretty awesome to follow the Romanian vampires and maybe their attempt to take over Volterra, because with that we could learn more about the Romanian vampires, the Volturi and about what happened to Marcus’s wife Didyme.

    I would hate to lose the Cullens completely and especially Edward and Bella, but it’d be cool to find out more about the other vampires introduced in Breaking Dawn. So, if a great idea came to Stephanie which let her include them all, that’d be pretty much ideal for me 🙂

    I love the books so so much and i am desperate for Stephanie to finish and publish Midnight Sun, because i think it’s so well written and i love to read through Edwards perspective. What i really want most is for her to write all the books again from Edwards point of view – although i think i can accept that is never going to happen.

    Thankyou for your podcasts, they’re awesome and you’re so funny! Keep up the great work!

    xxxxxxxxxxx Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. ana-black-11 says:

    this theory is for if stephenie EVER writes another book in the twilight series.

    ok so i think it should/would be from renesme’s point of view, maybe when she is in high school? when she gets to be the size or whatever of a 16 or 17 year old. if she’s been raised her whole life with jacob by her side and eventually understanding that he was meant to be with her, then she would have kind of accepted that fact and maybe not really known if she ever really had a choice in it, even though it would seem that she would fall for him because he practically worships her and answers to her every need ever since she can remember. but maybe when she gets to a certain age, she kind of starts rebelling, like any other teenager. maybe she when she was around normal teenage boys she would see that practically every boy she ever came across was in love with her completely (based on her extreme, other-wordly beauty and her natural charm that comes with being half-vampire..yall already kind of talked about this on the episode where you just did supporter speculation back in like febuary but i had to talk about it to make this make sense…). She would see that she could have any boy she wanted, and she may try to find someone better than jacob (even though i would never pick ANYONE over jacob if he were real! no, not even edward!!!). so maybe she would find a human boy that she thought she “loved” or DUH DUH DUH….she falls for Nahuel, the only known half-vampire-half human male on the planet (he’s the one from south america that alice got to come to the almost battle at the end of breaking dawn). He’s already shown some interest in breaking dawn when bella notices and edward just kind of blows it off, but that could be the ultimate conflict; Nahuel may actually stand some what of a chance against Jacob, seeing that he has so much in common with renesme….. i think that jacob would still win in the end but i think that would be a very interesting struggle……….

  20. Monica Solis says:

    Hello 😛
    Well, I have had a lot of speculations after reading all the books twice now, first of all I have read Midnight Sun and I loved it, I have also read a fan fic from an awesome writer on the website the “Twilight” don’t know if you have ever been, but she is continuing the Midnight Sun and let me tell you it is awesome, you can’t even tell it’s not SM writting it, but any case, she has sparked my curiosity on Jasper and Alice and I think that there relartionship is very interesting, I would love to read about them and how they found each other, how Jasper reacted to Alice finding him and their lives before meeting the Cullens, I really love Alice, maybe because I feel I am most like her.
    Another story I would like to read is maybe a more adult book on the Honeymoon scences and their intimate realationship after she becomes a vampire, it would be interesting to read how he let loose and could finally give in to his feelings completely and submerge himself in her body, vavavom!!!!!, I think that being that they loved each other so much and just to cut the most intimate parts of a realtionship out, kinda left an empty space for me. I don’t mean nasty graphic scenes but something beautiful and tasteful would be nice. I hope you read this on you podcast, if you do, thank you, I would love to hear what you think.


  21. danielle says:

    My supporter’s specualtion is that Sam and Emily have a kid, and he is obviously going to become a werewolf, but Sam doesn’t tell him because he will to freaked out and just worry like crazy. So one day, Jasper runs into him, and absolutely just control his thirst and goes to attack him. Alice, who wasn’t so far away from Jasper, goes and takes Jasper away from Sam and Emily’s child (who i don’t know what to call) forgetting the child and walk away. Then he turns into a vampire, and goes back to see Sam and Emily. Sam is absolutely furious, but doesn’t know who did it. After a few years, it is time for him to become a werewolf. He becomes a werewolf/vampire. Sam goes to tell Jacob about this, and Jacob tells Carlisle about it, and Carlisle comes to see him, and is absolutely amazed. This is more amazing then what happeneed with Reneesmee. After a while, Leah imprints on him, and they fall in love forever. She can truly relate to him because he is half werewolf/vampire.

    anyway, i love the podcast. keep up the good work. 🙂

  22. Alani says:

    I think that one day Reneesme will marry Jacob. One day she will mysteriously disappear and appear a week later. Suddenly she disappears again and leaves a note that says she has joined the Volturi. Bella and Edward, along with the rest of the Cullen family go to Italy to try and convince her to come back. It turns out that the Volturi had kidnapped her to lure the Cullen family to Italy. A war commences and the Cullens lose. The Volturi capture them and force them them to drink human blood instead of animal blood. They turn into mindless killing machines and the end.

    Hey, I love ure podcast. Keep up the terrific work! 😛

  23. Nikki says:

    You said that you’ve read midnight sun…do you mean the part of it thats on SM’s site, or did you find a full version? Also…I think that if everyone is getting a hold of the leaked version, SM would be less likely to finish and publish it. She herself said that if she did finish it, the final version would be much superior to the leaked version. I left Kallie and Kassie a question about this in “contact us”. I was wondering if they had any ideas about how to let SM know how badly we all want her to finish and publish it! But, if it has been read by millions already, why would she publish it, when nobody would be buying it because they already read it for free?!

  24. grace-twilightyoungreader!!! says:

    ok, i think that Stephenie Meyer will kepp writing the but she will NOT write about the same stuff that happened in the book already. i think they will be about some one else about something else. like edwards previous life before meeting bella. Love your podast,

  25. Peri says:

    Hi Kassie Hi Kallie! This is my very 1st supporter spectulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation (but ive been listening for a while)
    so i hope you like it!

    okay so what i want to see if Jacob and Renesmee be together forever but I don’t think it will that easy. I think Jacob will have to go somwhere for some reason(i havent thought of that yet) but when he leaves Renesmee she will find A NEW LOVE Kyle who is a werewolf nad imprints on her!!! But Nessie knows that her family won’t approve because they all want Jacob and Nessie together!!! So they sneek around at night going on moonlight strolls and making out!

    But when Jacob returns he and the Cullens have no idea what is going on but when Alice and Emmet go out to hunt they find Kyle and Renesmee walking and talking in the forest! They run home and tell everyone including Jacob what they saw and they are not happy! They ban her from seeing Kyle ever again! Nessie and Bella have an all out screaming fight, they typical “YOu don’t understand me Mom!” and “You don’t think I had this problem?”. But when Jacob finally meets the infamous Kyle they have an all out werewolf fight and Jacob KILLS KYLE!!!!!!!

    After the chaos they finally resolve everything and Nessie realises that she all along has loved Jacob and she along with her parents, will spend their lives together forever in love! 🙂

  26. Amanda and Holly says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie! My supporter speculation is an idea me and my friend, Holly came up with.

    We came up with the idea that someone has to stir up trouble with the Volturi because in my mind’s eye, the Cullens have got away with a lot. So we came up with a story behind that:

    Edward and Bella are out hunting and they happen across a detector. A detector is someone who looks for extremely gifted vampires with super strong powers. He had a friend that had the most prized gift of all for the Cullens- she had the power to turn a vampire back into a human. We thought that someone should get in big trouble which tips the Volturi over the edge and come flying back to Forks, after all, the Cullens have got away with a lot of things and the Volturi must be pretty tired of their excuses. Of course, in this situation, Rosalie would disappear and Emmett soon after. The Cullens race off to find them and get there too late. There is a patch of sunlight in the middle of the town and on the other side from Rosalie, in the shade, is the girl with the ability to change her into a mortal. Without thinking, Rosalie steps into the sunlight towards the girl. Behind her is Jane and Demitri and Felix with evil grins on their faces. The Cullens are too late… Dun Dun DUN!!!

    We left it at a cliff hanger because we’re in the midst of thinking out a resolution. Oh and if you’re thinking about where Jake and Renesmee are, they’re probably planning their wedding or something. Hmm.. maybe they can resolve this sticky situation somehow…

  27. Sugar says:

    I LOVE JACOB SOOOO MUCH! plus talyor lautner is a total hawtie times ten. i really truly hate edward and bella, very sorry to all the team edward people out there.i think edward is way to over protective and i dont really see how hes that romantic, except for telling bella that he exists for her. and bella is way selfpitying and selfish. but jacob is a rebel, in a way, totaly loyal, and i mean hes hot. like litteraly. werewolves are warm, and id rather cuddle with that then stone anyday. 😀 I really want a book from nessie and jacob’s point of veiw, to see how edward reacts. Id like to point out a flaw in the love triangle angle though. jake says that when you imprint on someone you become what ever they need you to be. so lets say nessie finds a different love, jake would still love and adore her but he would respect her and be happy for her. all he wants is for her to be happy. but i hope that SM bends this rule for the jacob/nessie/unknown love triangle becuase although i really want a book about them it might get a little boring if there wasnt a twist. the twist could be the voultri but then again thats kind of a been there done that thing… i think the plot should be something like this:

    jacobs point of veiw: nessies all grown up and he starts to think of her in ‘that way’ nessie seems to be returning the emotions, but toward the end she starts geting evasive. he confronts her, and she admits something… duuh duhh duhh

    nessies POV: nessie has been meeting with that halfhumanhalfvampire (i forgot his name) in secret. he taught her all sorts of things, but she hides this because she love jake and doesnt want to hurt him. but shes finding she loves nahuhal more. so she makes a descison to run away with nahual 🙁 it turns out though that he takes her captive with his crazy father. his father does all sorts of experiments, and then the voultri arrive. they were already on their way to take the father down, and now they have a bonus. they give nessie the offer to join them, and she does, seeing its her only way out. but right before she leaves she sends a message to jake begging for help.

    jakes POV: hes really upset that nessie left and has been tracking her, along with his pack and bella and edward. when he gets the message he goes off to rescue her, intentionaly leaving bella and edward with seth, and only taking leah, since nessie dosent want her parents involved. (natrualy he does what she asks) but he realizes he needs help, and sends leah back to get the cullens and the delanis along with the irish clan (i LOVED the irash coven) meanwhile jake battles it out with nahual

    leahs POV: shes p/o that jake is making her go on a goose chase but does what he asks. she sends the cullens on jakes way and then sends the delanis. (who also happen to be with benjiman and his mate, since i loved them to) and then goes to wherever she left jake. they arive at the place to find everyone gone, blood all over the ground, the house burned down, and three bodies. (im thinking nahuals and two others but im not sure)

    nessie again: nessie is being held captive by the voultri and she wanders around their palace, learning their history and sevral useful facts, all by doing some intense detective work ( she will tell every one later what she found out by just putting her hand on their skin, so that they know how to defeat the voultri) when she is in the main hall the gaurd comes in, leading the whole of the cullen family and the other covens. jacob is not there.

    jacob POV: we see the fight that happened when leah was away, and how the vampires were all beaten by the new voultri gaurd member, Kathey. Kathey can strip other people of their powers (annd give them back). so once she did that all the vampires were subduded quickly and taking hostage. jake managed to get away, and now he sneaks into the palace (fighting lots of vamps in the prossces) and meets leah and seth and all of werewolf pack they make a battle plan, and then the final battle begins.

    leah pov: the battle with the voultri is not going well at all. seth managed to get all the were wolves to voltorera to, so thats what, sixteen werewolves, twenty or so powerless vampires agains the might of the voultri, not good odds. but they fight alot. leah manages to take kathey hostage, and is about to shred her when she hears jacob howling in pain she turns for a split second to make sure jake is okay, and kathey breaks her whole left side. while kathey is gloating leah is dying.

    nessie POV: nessie grabs leah and passes her the information that she learns, since kathey never took nessies powers. leah tells the pack, and they tell everyone else, and the battle turns slightly. but benjimans mate is already dead, rose is injured, and esme is also very hurt. (maybe someone from delani is hurt to) so even as they fight harder they are losing. leah and nessie know that the only way to save them all is to get kathey, and they team up, even though leah is in intense pain from her broken bones. nessie keeps her hands on kathy, showing kathy pictures of the future that could be, how kathy could be loved not just bossed around. but then kathy takes away nessies power to, just as she was begining to seem as though she would turn good. nessie is hurled into a corner and about to be killed, jake is backed in by three vamps, and its up to leah.

    leah pov: leah sees what she has to do. while pretending to be dead, so that kathy dosent look at her, she gathers up her strenght and then leaps at kathy, ripping her head off in one huge effort. kathys flailng arms manage to break leahs spine, however, and leah dies.

    jacob pov: when kathy died all the powers came back, and the cullens start to have the upper hand. nessie burns kathys body, then keeps watch over leah, trying to bring her back. but she cant. jacob comes over and tries as well, and leah wakes up just enough to tell him and nessie that if they dont get married after what she did for them she’ll kill them a million times when she meets them in he!!. then she really dies. the battle is won, the voultri is defeated, but leah made the ultimiate sacrifice. we see leahs funeral and then nessie agreeing to get married, but not only because of what leah asked but because she realized she loved jake. they also burrie benjimans mate and the dead voultri, the cullens, who were planning to move anyway, become the leaders of the vamps. the gaurd of the voultri surenders to their side, though they have trouble being vegitarians. some other losses happened, but not many.

    hope you like my idea, please coment!!! i think its pretty good, i just came up with it now. sorry for the really really long post

  28. Sugar says:

    o um i wanted to enter this in fan fiction but my computer keeps not letting me on the fan fiction page (i have a semi parental control that blocks random websites unless i get my mom to unblock it… its complecated 😉 ) so i was wondering if someone could enter it for me? i dont really mind if it is entered under another name but i mean it is my idea 😀 thanks loads – Sugar (naomi)

  29. trackblack11 says:

    I like Seth alot and I, as many other people, am interested in what could happen with him in the next book, if there is one. And, of, course everyone wants to know what’ll happen with Renesme…well if she’s like other teenagers, she will probably go through a bit of a rebellious stage when she gets to be in her body stage of a teenager or whatever. SOOOO what if she kind of accidentally falls for Seth? Would seth have already imprinted? Would he love her back? Would he not because of Jacob? Would Jake flip out or would he be okay with it cuz it’s making Renesme happy??? I really wouldnt want that to happen cuz im really glad Jake finally found someone, but hey it could happen!

  30. Ashley H. says:

    Hey girls, just a thought,
    wouldnt it be odd if in a later book an opportunity arose for the Vampires to chose to gain their mortality back? What do you think would result from this? Which if any vampires would choose to leave their vampire lifestyle? Im sure that Rosalie would and so would Nessie, so that it would be easier for her to have a relationship with jacob. But wouldnt it be interesting to see the lives of our beloved vampires as humans again?

    love love

  31. Kim says:

    hey hey hey!
    okay, i had a thought. you know bella’s vampire powers? that awesome shield thing and her self control and all that confusion? well, breaking dawn never does specify which is her prime power, and i find it kind of awkward that she would have two and the others have one or none. so i have a little theory for you guys.
    i might sound a little crazy, but please bear with me.
    alright. i think that shielding is her dominant power. and i think that her self control comes from edward. you see, he’s had tolerance for her human smell for awhile now, and it’s bearable for him to be around blood. so i think that when he bit her, he might have transferred some of that self control, if such a thing is possible.
    do you think i’m going mad? because i do.
    but just wanted to throw that up in the air. love the podcast. you girls are amazing.
    kim stevens
    p.s. kassie, i want to hear you sing. and not just the little supporter speculaaatiooooooooooons thing. lol.

    ~music is soul, friends are love, twilight is life.~

  32. lydz says:

    well, after breaking dawn, I think Bella and Edward will decide not to go to Dartmouth, so Renesmee and Jacob aren’t seperated. They’ll probably go to a community college. Then I think Jasper and Alice will get remarried, and will have the ceremony somewhere like the Plaza.
    They’ll enroll Renesmee in school eventually(everyone adores her of course) and Jacob, like the sweetheart he is, picks her up from school, goes to her plays, etc.
    Rosalie adopts a baby boy, and names him Henry, like Vera’s(her old human friend) son.
    Emmett gets a job at a fitness center.
    Jasper takes classes to become a therapist.
    Alice and Esme take a job as wedding planners. Esme gets a mini cooper.

    Also, I have a story on fanfiction about Embry, who’s my favorite wolf member, so if you wanted to look for that, go on the website, type in: The Untold Story of Embry. The author(me)’s name is garthluvr96.

    Luv the podcasts,

  33. Abbey says:

    Hi Gals!!!!
    think that to actually make another great Twilight Saga book, we need some action put in. Of corse, the Volturi cant just be forgotten about. I think that they should come back and kidnap Edward, Bella and Renesmee from their little cottage while the other Cullens are out hunting, and Jacob is visiting Billy or just not there. Then, Edward, Bella and Renesmee are not killed, because that would be such a waste for the Volturi. They would be kept, and all the while, they would try to escape. They get halfway there when the rest of the Cullens and Jacob get there and have a big battle. Since the battle is in Volterra, the Volturi will be exposed and have to move somewhere else (sucks for them). Edward, Bella and Renesmee will be rescued. When they are about to leave, Jane and Alec realize that they want something more fulfilling in life, and join the cullens, bringing the Volturi’s biggest power with them!!!! But whats a good book without a little drama?? The book will have different books within it, like breaking dawn, and in the middle, it will go to La Push and Forks. It would be interesting to see maybe Leah imprint on Seth —- BUT NOT IN THAT WAY!!!! My mind isnt that wrong…. it would just show the other side of imprinting, not the romantic, “Ohhh i luv ya honey”, mushy imprinting. Instead it would show the strong love like a brother/sister – like a protecting bond. Kind of like the love Quil has for Claire when she is a toddler. I think that would be a very cool way to view imprinting.
    Love the podcast, keep on doing a great job!!

  34. Hey it’s TaylorLautnersSexy AKA Kari (Car-ee) just because everybody always says it wrong
    After Breaking Dawn I think that Renesmee will be the main character and her POV just because she’s Bella’s daughter and I think that even though SM says she isn’t going to write in Bella’s POV she’ll stay close to that and Renesmee is her daughter. So I think that it should be called Dark of the Moon (aka-New Moon) because New Moon is where Bella and Jacob connect which kind of connects to Renesmee and Jacob. So the storyline would be: So in the beginning Renesmee and Jacob move out I mean they do love the rock houses but they just want to be alone. Renesmee and her parents might fight at first but they’ll eventually give in. So a little while away or a lot The Volturi are planning a surprise attack. Meanwhile R+J move to Echo, OR Population 652 including them. In Voltera, Demetri is tracking Renesmee assuming she’s with The rest of the Cullens and Hales. Eventually the Volturi attack R+J. Jacob gets hurt. The Volturi leave and rethink there plan. R+J go back to Forks for Carlisle. Meanwhile Demetri Tracks Bella this time. Jacob healed the Volturi attack. Although it is the biggest fight of there life There’s no contact. That’a what I think will happen in the 4th book.
    Sorry it’s so long would love if you read it on one of your podcasts.
    Love you and your show
    Oh and another way to say goodbye, guten Tag

  35. Twilight Fan!@Malaysia Aric says:

    Heyyy galllsss
    Let me see, everyone is totally going on with Renesmee, Jacob and their future, Well, stop, what i wanna know is actually ALL OF THEIR PERSPECTIVE and their pass life!

    Maybe after Breaking Dawn, of course, i HOPE that there are at least more than one books. In those books, they are seperated into different mini books(confusing i know) like in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn where there are like book one and book two in one book.
    Each of them will be starting from each Cullen to another, and slowly, they will each give their own pespective on Renesmee’s growth and how their current, past and future like were or will be. This i think will let the readers have a more vivid understanding of each single character.
    Or maybe a sudden twist. The Volturi suddenly felt that they got humiliated enough and decided to “get rid” of the Cullens and anybody who has a connection with them(including the werewolves) Alice actually did not saw it coming until the night before the attack. So, immidiately they contacted Jacob and the others warning them. But this angered Sam and they decided to not help them and protect themselves and went their own way instead but Jacob stayed.
    When the Volturi arrived and busted into the Cullens mansion, the cullens were gone. They left for Japan in their “private jet” learnt Japanese and live the rest of their never ending life there….eating sushi and dancing to Japanese Anime songs…….

    LOL! jkjk,

    Ok, the Volturi got furious and sent troops of trackers looking for them but WEIRDLY, no matter how they tried, NO CULLENS. Turns out, they retreated to La Push and the werewolves stinkay(but sweet smell to Kassie) scent hided the Cullens Vampire smell. Sam did not know about this and so they started plan B.
    All they knew was the Volturi got giant troops of vampire soldier(only God knows where they got them from) and so they needed help
    Finally, Sam stubbornly agreed because the Vampire stench was bothering him and so they plotted, and were on their way to fight the Volturi
    The Volturi was waiting, Alice knew and so, they met. This time there was not even a single uttering of words. They charged at each other, Bella and Renesmee was finally taken down and hog tied (they can escape but if they do, they will be killed instantly) They used this against Edward and the others.
    The retreated but Alice came back again, with a threat that will scare the volturi away for good
    Turns out, the “large troop of soldiers were NEWBORNS, that the Volturi “secretly” created.
    They refuse at first and finally retreated under condition that this secret be kept but some of the Volturi was furious at Aro’s act and backstabbed him and thus the Volturi cult was destroyed and all some of them decided to join in with Cullens

    And so they lived happily ever after

    p/s LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcast you guys!! Kalie Kassie you guys kickarrrrsssss, LOL!

    Aric, your fan from Malaysia

  36. daniellee, says:

    heey, my name is danielle, i lovee your podcast, i don’t think i have ever listened to anoher one that comes out with episodes faster then you guys and goes in to as muchh detail as you guyss.

    my supporter’s speculation is that sam and emily have a child, i can’t think of a good name, umm let’s sayy dylan, and he will become a werewolf one day, but sam doesn’t tell him because he will freak out, and i don’t think that your supposed to know before-hand ypu will become a werewolf.

    so when dylan has beome older, let’s say about 12 years old, he is waking in the forest and jasper is there, and absolutely just control his thirst and goes to attack him.

    but if you guys are think king, ‘ oh well doesn’t he stink to jasper??’ , well i’m not sure if they do before they become a werewolf, but we’ll just say they don’t stink.

    alice, who wasn’t so far away from jasper, comes and takes jasper away from dylan, forgetting him and walking away. then he turns into a vampire, and goes back to see his parents. sam is absolutely furious, because HELLO!!? he’s a vampire and what does sam hate? VAMPIRESS.
    so, he goes to the cullens and accuse them of everything and demands a fight to who ever did it, but japer is away, so sam never finds out who did it. ☺
    after a few years, it is time for him to become a werewolf. since he was a vampire, sam never thought he would become a werewolf. but from what he least expected, BAMM! he become a super vampire/werewolf.
    sam goes to tells jacob about this, and jacob tells carlisle about it, and carlisle comes to see him, and is absolutely amazed. This is more amazing then what happeneed with reneesmee. after a while, leah imprints on him, and they fall in love forever. she can truly relate to him because he is half werewolf/vampire.

    anyway, i love the podcast! keep up the GREAT work ladiess, 😀
    daniellee, ♥

  37. Molly J. says:

    ok… so post breaking dawn. Renessme grows up as the center of the Cullen/Jake’s world. As time goes on, she starts to grow at a less “rapid speed”. After about 13 years or something, she matures completely and her feelings with Jake are slowly changing from Love to Lust ; ). So while Renesme is in a state of confusion/ anger concerning her feelings towards Jake, she discovers that while she is immortal, she is not indestructible. After a getting behind the wheel in an angry mood she gets in a horrible car crash, and ends up in critical condition, almost dying. After almost losing Renesme, Carlisle is able to save her. Although the Cullens are all overjoyed for Renesme’s recovery, this had changed many things in the Cullen household, because now everyone is now being overly cautious/ overprotective of her. This is because they now realize that while being half vampire enables her to never age, her human attributes allow her to die. Jake is also at Renesme’s side 24/7 now…. but Renesme doesn’t really mind that.

    Meanwhile… back on the “Rez”, Sam and Emily get married and have twins, a boy and a girl. Immediately after seeing Sam’s son, Leah imprints on him. While this makes Emily uneasy because technically Leah and “Sam J.r.” are second cousins, Sam realizes that Leah really deserves happiness. So after 20 years or so, Leah and “Sam j.r.” fall in love, and become soul mates/ extended family. And “Sam j.r.” grows up to look “identical” to Sam, and also joins the pack.

    How scandalous is that!! 😛

    p.s. Love the podcast, and the theme song of “supporter speculation”!

  38. Jessica Martin says:

    Right well firstoff I think that Leah is going to go somewhere and find her imprint which will make her hapy bc she completely got shorthanded in the romance . Bella is going to become and author writing ficional books that will actually be more like what happen post bd. Nessie and Jake well at least now quil isn’t the only loser imprinted on a youngin. Edward fiercely over protective polishing his piano from em and rose’s latest series of escapades. CArlisle and Esme attempting to fix the island. Alice is lsowly taking over the world one fashion victim at a time with Jaspers help to make them compliant. The rest of the wolves will be chilling with their imprints and Sam and Emily will have a beautiful wedding (planned by alice in her take over the world scheme) and have a son, named johnathan (jace for short) and seth will imprint on someone completely unexpected. The Denali will be in mourning and the volturi will be being dumb butts in volturi. Charlie and Sue will get married and Billy will get a motor scooter. ( my Son of Sam/ Leah imprinting thing similiar concept to ^^^^^’s idea)

  39. Tiffany says:

    Hey ladies! You guys are awesome and you always make me laugh! I love your podcast! Anyway, I just finished reading Breaking Dawn for the 5th time (see Cassie, it is good to read the books more that once. 🙂 ) and I thought of a good “future” plot. OK…so here I go.
    The Volturi return to Volterra and are so intrigued by Renesseme, they decide to create the “super race” that Nahuel spoke of. They use Felix and Demetri to “make” all the babies. So Garrett and Kate get married and decide to go to Europe for their honeymoon, and they find out about the super race the Volturi is making. So the tell the Cullen’s and end up getting all of the witnesses back together to go and finally get rid of the Volturi all together. The wolves end up going to Europe to fight as well (since Jacob cannot leave Renesseme) and they defeat the Volturi. On the way, Leah meets someone, I am thinking a strapping young Italian man, and falls in love (not imprints, just falls in love the old fashioned way) and she stays in Europe with him, stops phasing and lives happily ever after. And of course, the Cullen’s live happily ever after too. 🙂
    Love you girls and keep up the good work!

  40. emma says:

    After Breaking Dawn I think Leah will imprint on one of her best girlfriends, yes i am saying i think Leah will be GAY!!!!!!!! I don’t know who will be imprinted on but it would be cool. Also, i think Jacob will be asked to be turned into a vampire to be with nessie for a longer time bbut something will go terribly wrong and Jacob will have to stay a werewolf FOREVER. Also i think Seth will imprint on the girl Leah will imprint on. Some sibling rivilary going on. That would be funny!!!!!!

    LOVE the show!!! 🙂

  41. Alice says:

    There are so many unanswered questions I have from reading the books that only Edward’s point of view could answer. I am terribly disappointed that Midnight Sun may never be finished. Edward is the main character and didnt have his say. Even Jacob had his pov told in BD.
    Hearing Edward’s thoughts, only fair since he hears everyone else’s (one exception), almost feels necessary to me. Knowing what he went through during the separation, etc.,
    Would also love to read Jacob and Renesme’s story. I think Edward could be hilarious in the role of an over protective father. Especially since he knows the thoughts of Jacob. 🙂

  42. Jorja says:

    Hey guys,
    So, i thought this speculation was kind of random and weird, but for some reason it just came to me….
    But i think it would be cool if all the Cullens turned out to be amazing singers! (after all, theyre supposed to be good at everything!) And they started to celebrate everyones birthday again. And they would write theyre own songs and perform mini concerts at birthdays and gatherings. hmmmm…. i dont know its kind of weird… but ya!
    love the podcast!

  43. Brandon says:

    Alice i 100% agree with you as a guy it was kind of weird reading the books from a girls point of view but the books being AMAZING made it not so bad but wen i read the portion of midnight sun it was amazing and i wood honestly love to read all the twilight books from edwards perspective, new moon especially becuz brlla and edward wer seperated for most of the book so it wood be intereesting to hear from edwards point of view and what he wnt thru when he thought bella was dead.

    love the site guys

  44. OCACD says:

    Okay, so this is an alternative to a part of BD:
    Jake has imprinted on Renesmee, and he runs off. Bella can’t believe it, because they were so attached. Eventually he comes back, with Leah of all people. They are madly in love, and it turns out that she imprinted on him a long time ago. But why is he in love with her? The Volturi stepped in and made them fall in love, but Jake is still imprinted on Renesmee, so he’s feeling really weird as far as love goes. Then something happens to Renesmee, and Jake can’t figure out what he wats to do. Leah doesn’t want him to save her, since she’s just a stupid vampire. But Jake still feels attached to her, and he wants to save her. There’s a huge conflict in him, since he wants to save Renesmee, but he also wants to make Leah happy.

    P.S.: I’m there with you Kassie, Jake really needs a girlfriend. I just wrote this out cause I thought it would make you happy and put him in extreme pain!!!
    LOVE the pod cast, keep up the great work!!!

  45. Lizbith says:

    Hello all! I just found the podcast a week or two ago and have since been listening to the list of 60 episodes i downloaded! LOVE IT!!!

    I believe that there should def be more to the series. We def need more elaboration into Jacob and Renessme’s relationship, It would be awesome to see something through Jaspers eyes. Some drama there would be welcome, he could have a hard time like others have said with Bella’s easy transition. And the Voulturi need to come back, there should be an “epic battle” The two guys from Romania could involve the Cullens in a power struggle. There are any number of reasons why SM could cause a fight. It would be awesome to have the Cullens become the “Leaders” they are a strong responsible competent family, they are fair and would be good leaders… Over all i believe that I personally dont want a thing to do with the stories, I want them to come completely from Stephenie’s mind, She is an amazing author and even if i guessed what she would write in the future id be upset…. LOL, I wanna be suprised! I just dont want it to be over,

    Dont leave us guessing Stephenie! Give us more!! 🙂

  46. Kate says:

    okay this doesn’t have to do with future stuff but i have a theory when people die an electric shock goes through their body so what if that actually stimulates something in their brain that would normally do nothing except when vampires die they don’t die exactly so maybe the “powers” that they have come from that shock because it heightens the persons senses and other traits so yeah that’s what i think.

  47. Camilla says:

    I think that Jacob will stay a werewolf. Some people were saying that Jake would turn into a vampire. Jacob can’t because vampire venom is poison he would have died. ( This is said after Bella attacks Seth in Breaking Dawn.) I think that Nessie will fall in love with Jacob because he will treat her like a princess. I also think that the Cullens will stay mostly together because they are a family.
    Love the show.

  48. Kate says:

    okay so this is my speculation a female vampire of Spanish descent (turned in 1353 which makes her older than Carlise) has the power to copy other vampires abilities(her mother was a theater performer) . because of her age she has accumulated many powers. this vampire eventually in her travels moves to forks she enrolls her self in school at which point Renesmee is going to high school. Renesmee is curious of this new vampire and takes her home to see Carlisle. The Cullens don’t believe that she is a threat so they let her stay with them. she is nice and kind to the Cullens and they begin to accept her in to their coven. however this vampire has a secret shes not who she says she is and if the Cullens don’t figure it out the results cold be disastrous…

  49. Jensy says:

    I would love to re-read the entire series from Edward’s perspective. It would develop the other vampire characters better and bring the readers closer to that side of the story. I think her idea to write it from Edward’s perspective was brilliant and I am hoping that she will move forward with it.

  50. Delaney says:

    ok…. this is gonna sound a little crazy. so we know jacob loved bella, but then imprinted on renesmee who was bella’s baby. and leah who we all thought was gonna end up with jacob was left out in the cold. what if leah ran away to try to find natural un-imprintish love and was away for a really long time and she keeps phasing so she doesn’t age and by the time she got back, nessie and jacob had a baby boy, and leah imprinted on HIM! so she would be imprinted on somebody with vampire blood in him! turns the tables a bit, eh? love the podcast! thanks for listening!

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