Supporter’s Speculations ~ Post-Breaking Dawn

This is a page for you to post all of your theories about what might happen in the Twilight Series after Breaking Dawn!  This would include speculations about the futures of any of the characters that have been introduced in the last four books.  We are ready to read about what you think is going to happen to them all!

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  1. TwilightGeekSam says:

    BREAKING DAWN DIDNT PROVE THAT WEREWOLFS CAN INPRINT ON VAMPIRES. ok ifyou remember carlisle said that vamps have 25 pairs of chromosomes werewolfs have 24 and humans have 23. because nessie was human and vamp her chromosomes where 24 the same as the same as jacob.thats is the only reason i think jacob could have imprinted. and bella said that nessie had a huge groth spurt that .reminded her of jacobs. so Vampire+Human=shapeshifter (without the ability to shape shift(uness nessie can do that and wh just avent heard anything about it lol))

  2. pauline says:

    i would like to read a book where they tell about Bella’s life as a vampire and Nessie and Jacobs life together and charlie and sue basically i would like to read more about all the characters after the battle

  3. Julia says:

    anything and everything could be possible. Pattison is the only actor that should EVER play Edward though, if anyone, liked myself saw the movie before reading the books, could never imagine another Edward but Pattison. One more thing New Moon spends too much time on Jacob, I know is essential for book 3 and 4 now but its the only book of the siries that I actually put down….All the other books I read in a spam of 3 days….I could NOT put them down….Mrs. Meyer has created the Romeo & Juliet, Love Story of the 2000’s!!!

    I am not a teenager, actually Im a mother of a 10 year old and a 17 year old and it was only because of my 10 year old daughter that got me to see the movie Twilight! The rest liked they say is history!!!

    An amazing love story will all the twist of evil, action, mystery, and ofcourse MORE LOVE!!!

  4. Julia says:

    COMMENT #93 I so agree with you! I would of love to hear more of what Edward did while away from Bella; thats the only part of the book I do not like…I hope the movie fills in the holes left by the book on this!

  5. Aubrey says:

    After Renesmee was born, and we found out she was half human, half vampire, iot got me thinking. Could there be a half vampire, half werewolf. The mother would have to have been a were-wolf, and the father a vampire. I think it would be very interesting to read about. Otherwise, I think that a book should be told from the point of view of one of the Cullen’s besides Edward. It would be cool to be in Alice’s mind because you would get to see future visions. I also would like to see a point of view from someone in the Volturi, especially Jane.

  6. Tori says:

    After Renesmee think it would be cool was born i started thinking what if another vampire bit her and she would become a super vampire. I also think Stephine should write a book from the point of view of one of the Cullens beside Edward. I liked how she wrote from Jacob’s point of view. I especially like the blonde jokes he told.

  7. Ashleigh Murtha says:

    I don’t know if someone has already said this or not, but I think it would be kind of cool if Rosalie had a book. Especially because she played such a huge part in Renesmee’s birth.

    Love the podcast! Keep up the good work!

  8. Ashleigh Murtha says:

    I don’t know if someone has already said this or not, but I think it would be kind of cool if Rosalie had a book. Especially because she played such a huge part in Renesmee’s birth.

    Love the podcast! Keep up the good work!

  9. Rose says:

    Hey Guys!
    I know that if Stephenie Meyer did in fact make another book, it would follow Renesmee and Jacob as they were some of the main characters of Breaking Dawn, and the fact that she left their story with a lot of loose ends in need of tying up. But i would think it would be really cool if she introduced a whole new character, a human that Carlisle would change somehow and that it would be from their point of view. In Breaking Dawn when Bella was over at Charlie’s at Christmas with all the werewolves and she was thinking of how they would looked to a stranger. I think it would be very interesting for Stephenie to introduce a whole new character and come in on the Cullen Family many years later and show how everything with Nessie and Jacob went.
    Thanks so much, Love the podcast!

  10. Angela Jerrell says:

    Stephenie Meyer…PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE ENDING AT BREAKING DAWN! I want to see the Volturi go down for their not so great rules. I would love to see one ENTIRE book devoted to Bella being a vampire and being with Edward like that. And to see alittle more play with the Volturi, especially for the interesting dynamic that goes on between the vampires and werewolves in Forks. It would also be nice to understand what exactly will happen with Nessie and Jacob. Jacob deserves some sort of finality too. PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER BOOK STEPHENIE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Ok well they said renesme’s age was accelerating so i think she is probably going to be stuck at the age bella gave birth to her and renesme was really close to jacob in breaking dawn so maybe renesme and jacob will start getting really close because jacob will feel like hes loving a different version of bella also this might be like twilight number two but with renesme and jacob. I think the relationship might cause bella and edward to either love the two being together or despise it causeing a peak in their relationship
    So what do you think of that i came up with that theory all by myself 🙂
    Please email back!! 🙂 i am a big fan of your podcasts

  12. James says:

    I noticed several unresolved issues that our kind author left hanging ever so carefully for us to ponder, keeping us awake nights, until such time as she gets around to tying things up for us.

    First, though, to continue the series, it seems to me that (while not essential) something that could keep the human and werewolf characters we know and love involved in the story would be to ensure the wonderful setting remains consistent — that the Cullens don’t have to leave Forks. I’ve toyed with this idea and my favorite solution is “Dr. Cullen’s Premium Skin Care Lotion.” The public story they could give is that he’s kept it secret for years, testing it out on himself and his family, and finally decided to offer it to the public. It rejuvenates the skin although it tends to lightens the complexion for a few days (a drop of “deactivated” venom is the secret ingredient). Alice (and Seth, naturally) can design a little web site, and Carlisle can pass around a few free samples to the nurses. Then they price it exorbitantly high so no one will actually buy it, and problem solved. And when sales for the lotion unfortunately take off beyond anyone’s expectations (like Twilight itself), the Quileutes can maybe get an economic stimulus on the reservation by *carefully* mixing up batches of lotion and shipping it out to suddenly-pale starlets and others around the world — and to Mike’s mom, who looks slightly younger (and paler) each week. Regardless, keeping the location and characters together would be wonderful, and our author could finally title a book, “Forks.”

    So, in random order, here are some things I’ve noticed were left hanging about various characters:

    – Nessie’s worldview as she grows has yet to be explored, along with answering the question Bella repeatedly asks — what is it that makes her so endearing to everyone she met? …including us readers? One word of advice for Bella and Edward: homeschool.

    – As mentioned elsewhere: the love triangle of Nessie and Nahuel vs. Jacob. Poor Jacob.

    – Nessie & Bella promised Zafrina they would visit the Amazon; Nessie *really* wants to go, so how can Bella (and our kind author) deny her any longer? And while they’re in the area, surely Edward & Bella would want to celebrate a second, less-stressed honeymoon…? We’ve also enjoyed a rushed trip through Tuscany, but how about elsewhere in Europe?

    – The love triangle of Sue and Billy vs. Charlie could play out, paralleling the the triangles of Bella/Edward/Jacob and Nessie/Nahuel/Jacob — albeit perhaps on lighter, more humorous storyline (speaking as one, whenever dads are involved, there’s a chance for humor.)

    – The relationship between Bella and enjoyably frightened and always polite underworld figure, J. Jenks would surely develop — all those pages spent getting to know him, seeing he’s a good guy, learning about the setting of his offices and employees, which undoubtedly would lead to…? Surely J.’s crimes won’t condemn him to a lifetime of “red herring” status?

    – We learn in the last few pages, surprisingly, that the werewolves are actually shape-shifters, so… does that mean they can change to other shapes as well?

    – Will the now-endangered Children of the Moon show up and request protection from the only ones who have successfully opposed the Volturi? How could Sam/Jacob deny them? How could the Cullens *not* oppose such dangerous characters near the good people of Forks?

    – We don’t know what will happen with the Forks locals — Angela, Jessica, Mike, etc., either? Also of course, we know all about Leah’s pain, so is she to be left in painful, “red herring” status forever? A true genetic dead-end? Or will she imprint on someone — say, Nahuel? What about Garrett & Kate?

    – Bella asked Jacob if he was going to finish high school — so is he? Will he (can he) keep up with Nessie? Or is he to be left off a symbol of the success of native American drop-outs everywhere?

    – And, of course, there evidently needs to be an explanation of how red-headed vampires sometimes change their appearance — almost as if they’re another person — even if their hair color stays the same?

    – Bella’s narration became a little omniscient in the final book, albeit for good reasons in furthering the character and narrative, but surely there is much that she doesn’t know, still feels self-conscious about, etc.? If Jacob knows she’s still just Bella, well then, of course she still is. What young adult doesn’t discover just how sophomoric they are, even when they finally get everything settled?

    – Over time, won’t Charlie eventually come across a crime — say, who is the drug dealer — he can’t solve in Forks? Wouldn’t Bella, Edward, Alice, &/or Jacob, the protector, want to help out? And what if that crime was tied to some kind of kingpin in Seattle? Couldn’t that draw the Cullens into additional casual crime fighting? Plus, wouldn’t J. Jenks be of some help as well?

    Some larger story arc issues, which I will try to touch on as briefly as I can:

    – Bella has grown up, gotten married, had a child — who will be fully grown in a few years… Shouldn’t she now look for some vocation? A career, of sorts? Some way to serve others? To find a larger purpose?

    The main problem here for me is that the regular vampires are themselves metaphors for impulses toward violence, lust, etc. — self-gratification — and reveal all that the kinder, gentler, vegetarian vampires have gained self-control over, a laudable achievement. Yet, despite the need for secrecy, if all Bella does with herself is say, build enormous houses of cards, then wouldn’t her life ultimately become a predominantly selfish pursuit of self-gratification? Granted, they don’t need to be super-heroes constantly, “running faster than they are able” so to speak, yet couldn’t the Cullens help the world in general with their talents and resources? Shouldn’t they? Compassion for mankind and altruism for others runs deep in Carlisle and Esme’s life, as a doctor and mother — how about Em & Rose, Jazz & Alice, Edward and Bella? Plus, if they did find some way(s) to serve mankind, wouldn’t that just irritate the Volturi no end (and underscore just how far the Volturi have gone to seed)?!

    – Of course, the human world is not the only one that needs help. A grand conspiracy has been uncovered by the end of the series — which hasn’t actually been resolved, only uncovered — with revenge toward all the Cullen’s supporters a likely outcome. The Cullens & friends are now all in mortal danger, which could strike at any time, yet their strengthened, extended friendships now have made them stronger than ever.

    Just as the Romanians heard about the upcoming confrontation, couldn’t we infer that all vampires, across the globe, will hear about the confrontation itself, the now-revealed motivation behind the Volturi’s rule/quest for power? And, the Cullen’s strangely compassionate (and happier) lives as vegetarians. This would strike a chord with many, and ultimately split the supernatural world between traditional vampire values, and these new compassionate revolutionaries. How will this division among them play out? Like Jasper, will they now learn that many of their assumptions about life — that self-gratifying behaviors are okay because it is simply “how you are” — was incorrect all along? And thus the purveyors of the “rules” for such living, the Volturi, revealed as the authors of evil after all?

    Meanwhile, Carlisle said he was open to reconciliation with the Volturi, but wouldn’t they try to use that to their advantage?

    In addition, vampire men — but not women — can now have children. What will that do to the relationships of vampires everywhere? How do you think Aro would handle this revelation? Will Aro try out fatherhood for himself, after keeping an immortal child before, after a much worse scenario?

    And of course, at least Nahuel’s father is currently having as many children as possible — for purposes of world domination, by creating a looming super race. That was certainly left hanging… and the Cullens are headed to the Amazon anyway. A confrontation looms…

    How can our dear author leave our world in such peril? Help! For Bella, for Nessie, for us all!

  13. Stella says:

    I absolutely love the twilight saga but i am glad stephanie stoped at breaking dawn, it is a good ending and we don’t need anymore. but midnight sun NEEDS to be written! i really really really hope she writes it! btw who is your favorite Cullen brother(not including edward)? i just can’t decide between the two, their both so amazing.

  14. Roger says:

    Ok … I’m only a recent addition to Twilight mania (read: saw the movie everyone was ranting about – on DVD! – 3 months ago for the 1st time … fell in love with the story, bought all the books and have read them 3 times each in a month and a half!) …

    So that said … have read most of the above with interest … and some possible story plots from my POV are:

    * Bella’s story is not over!!! … I know Stephanie alludes to this on her website … but really … her happily ever after is only just beginning … James (above) makes a couple of interesting plot suggestions here, but the crux is this: surely the Cullen family, now without Bella being the ‘weakest-link’, can find their way into some shenanigans around someplace?? … has Bella’s ‘luck’ (as a danger magnet) realy changed?? (lol)

    * maybe Jasper raises his performance expectation standard and overcomes his conflicting bloodlust (surely if Edward could manage it with Bella …. ???) … time to expand on the Cullen family as a complete unit now!!!! … in fact, the whole cast (including wolves and humans) has grown so huge it would be hard NOT to find parallel story lines to run into.

    * Doe’s the setting have to be in Forks??? … after all we have 2 wolf packs now … Jacob goes where Nessie goes, Jacobs pack would follow surely/maybe??? … Sam’s pack could always travel in order to jump in to help if any threat or problem arises …

    * Rosalie and Jacob have a crisis that brings them into a closer friendship??

    * Development of Jacob and Nessie (both as individuals and as a relationship) … is a must. Though following Stephanie’s rules, (via books and website-FAQ’s etc) imprinting is a one-time-forever concept … so no love triangle here … THOUGH, the whole Leah/Nahuel imprinting thing did occur to me as I was reading that last part of the book (would be truly HILARIOUS if that happened to Leah, eh, given her prejudices and all ????)

    * And finally there is the unresolved Volturi issue … I had no real problems with them in New Moon and Eclipse … (even accounting for fiends like Jane and Alec!! – I mean, after all … they’re just doing their jobs!!) … but I’m sure that I’m not the only one on here who would view Aro in a VERY unfavorable light now, after his performance in Breaking Dawn!!!! … Stephanie says (on her website) that he killed his own sister (who was married to Marcus – room for a Volturi ‘split’ here wouldn’t you say???) … sorry … but Aro has just gotta be THE most intriguing (and deadly) villain here yet!!!!!! … First James … Then Laurent/Victoria … Now Aro???? mmmmm

    Rog 🙂

  15. Linzie Crystal says:

    i lov this book but i never read the last two words cuz i dont want it to end!!! wats cul is in every buk sumone dyes…ok not dat great but still..i feel baad for tanya and kate cuz irina’s gone…and bella did everything dat the cullens did before becomin a vampire..(girls only) like with alice (nearly got killed by james) and Rosalie (encounterd drunk men and ended up yu kno what [except edward saved bella] )and esme (jumped off a cliff and nearly killed herself[but jacob saved bella beforecompletely drowning] soo cool…hehe im soo glad she chose edward over jacob cuz falling in love with yur bff is soo harsh (well if yu don’t know yur bff as well as yu tot) cuz my bff became my bf and it didn’t go soo well…i just really hate him now hehe…its kinda sad cuz jacob’s gonna have competition again!!!

  16. James says:

    Awesome post, Roger. For me, it was taking my kids to the midnight DVD sale party at the supermarket. They won several life-sized cutouts – Bella and Edward/Bella. I wondered what all the fuss was about, and several re-reads later, here I am. FWIW, I recommend the audio books, so you can listen while you drive, work, cook, whatever…

    I agree the Cullen’s story doesn’t seem quite “over.” You’re right about Jasper — he kind of wimped out, never seeming to get over his past. And, you’re right about the packs splitting off, I just hate to lose Charlie. And, for sure, Leah imprinting on a (half) vampire would be classic!

    And, yes, the real issue is a stronger resolution is needed with the Volturi. I understand (and agree) that our dear author did tie things nicely (some critics thought *too* nicely), BUT (putting on my Y humanities degree hat), ever since Socrates, the best endings have been when the hero defeats the villain solving his/her outer struggle, and in the same action, overcomes their inner struggle as well. Which is why the cowardly-hero-hits-villain is such an extremely popular ending. And, no doubt, was why our dear author sought a (clever, compelling) alternative. But there is something anti-climactic about merely turning the Volturi aside.

    And also, the second-to-the-last scene leaves things a little off balance, for me at least… Almost like…

    — — — SNARKY SPOILER ALERT — — —

    Edward: “Wow.” (stares).
    Nahuel: (stares).
    Everone else: (stares).
    Bella: (ignores everyone).
    Bella: “BTW, Jazz, what’s up with J.?”
    Jasper: “Fear > $”
    Bella: “Oh.”
    Nessie: “Zzzzzz.”

    So, we conclude: Fear helps you discover your true powers. Fear helps with business deals. Fear makes you not need sunglasses, see the ghost of Robert Pattinson, get taken care of by vampires/werewolves, and julienne fries. So be afraid, be very afraid, and you’ll live happily ever after…?

    — — — snark end —

    Um, ok. I thought the theme of the series was not that “fear is the strongest thing in the world,” but rather that love is. The vegetarian Cullens represent that concept so ingeniously well, and yet everyone bails on them ASAP after the triumph, and then Edward has to explain what we didn’t see for ourselves — what we should have been able to see for ourselves.

    So, the ending left me wanting to see the theme(s) tied up more completely (even if the characters lives weren’t). And letting the Volturi walk away to fight again another day really irks me. If Chelsea’s “binding” power had only been disrupted, it could have underscored the theme more sufficiently for our needs. For example, Bella throws a piece of her shield over Chelsea, the Volturi look at each other, realize they’ve actually hated each other for years, Bella drops shield, *then* they walk away, revealed/knowing they’re phonies — *that* would have been a better finish for me.

    Unless of course, our dear author plans to continue the story later, in which case the ending — a set up for another day — was perfect. (But remember the Chelsea thing.)

  17. Kelly says:

    I am a new Twilighter fan. Started reading the books the first week in July and since then have read the books twice (Kassie – you REALLY get a lot more from the books the second time around), all the outtakes online and watched the movie over and over. Just finished all of your podcasts and you guys are wonderfully funny and entertaining! As a wife and mom myself in my mid 30s, it’s awesome listening to women like me who love this world so much!

    So, my speculation relates to a dream I had last night. It made me rethink everything I had originally thought I wanted Stephanie Meyer to do with this saga!!! I think it would be a very easy transition for the story to pick up after Breaking Dawn from Jacob or Renesmee’s pov. I don’t really care either way since Meyer proved herself fully capable to write from the female or male perspective – Jacob’s part in BD was hysterical!!

    Renesmee’s rapid aging would be very interesting to read about and how her relationship changes with Bella and Edward, the rest of the Cullens and with Jacob. But, here’s what I really didn’t think about and I have to say it has me thinking twice. Once Renesmee gets to an age where she can become Jacob’s ‘love interest’ but maybe not yet lover, I think it would just get too weird if they were still living with the Cullens. Can you IMAGINE (especially as parents) Edward having to overhear Jacob’s thoughts about his daughter who is 4 or 7 or however old she’ll be when that happens (even though she’s physically and mentally much older). OR hearing his daughter’s thoughts about Jacob? I’m sorry, but the imprinting on an infant or a two year old was already pretty strange even though I talked myself into that it wasn’t. This would just be more than I could handle.

    So, once that point came in the story I think they go back and live in La Push so we don’t have to see poor Edward lose his mind yet again with Jacob’s improper thoughts about someone he loves.

    I don’t want to be picky with what I want to happen next, I just want to read more of this world – Cullens, wolf pack, Volturi – bring it on!

  18. Olivia says:

    I think in other books it would be cool to read from the perspective of Nessie. Although she probably would talk about Jake the whole time I think it would be cool. Also it would be cool to read from a vampire that drinks human blood such as the Volturi. I think it would be interesting to read from them because you would learn the difference between drinking animals blood and human blood. I also would like to see a heart throb between Edward and Bella again. But if Stephine writes another book i would like Alice and Jasper to come back because it wasn’t the same without them.
    Thanks for listening, LOVE <3 the podcast, keep up the good work

  19. Katy says:

    Ooo, I did think of one crazy theory that would be really cool….I want to see one of the Cullens slip up and bite a human. Especially Edward…maybe to save Bella or Nessie or any other Cullen. Or to save Jake, that would be amazingg. I want to see how their new family deals with something like that. And would they adopt that vampire into the Cullen clad? How would they deal with the new vampire-ness? We never got to see Bella as a newborn, so maybe part of the book could be from this new vampire’s perspective. Would they rebel? Fall in love? Adapt? Kill a human Bella loves? And Bella and Edward would have to re-define their relationship in some way, and I love relationship tension (yesss, I’m on Team Jacob. Sorry Kassie!! I am happy with Jake and Nessie, though!). I would just love to see how the Cullens and the whole town of Forks deals with it. OH! And, I think it would be so amazing to have a Volturi kind of chase scene or suspense or something, where the perspective keeps switching between members of the Volturi and members of the Cullens – like one character from each group gets an alternating chapter. That would be so so so so awesome; but of course, Stephanie now has to get the rights from me to use that idea. =)

    Love the show girls, keep it up!!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Well, obviously Jake and Renesmee will be toghether, sorry no other alternative really since Jake is imprinted to her and gives her everything she wants. But I definitely see a possible branch off from that. To the previous poster, I don’t forsee a problem with Jake telling Renesmee about he and Bella since the only reason why Jake and Bella were attracted to one another was because of Renesmee. I’m sorry I just need to get this out because no one seems to understand so much that it was Renesmee all along, hence the attraction got stronger once Bella became further along in her pregnancy,. Jake even told this to Bella, because once Renesmee was born, the attraction on both sides was gone and Jake told Bella, “It was her all along”.

    Anyways, off that sidetrack, umm.. I definitely see Midnight sun!

  21. Alberta500 says:

    I think the Twilight Saga evolved from a simple love story to something much more. It not only became about Bella, Edward and Jacob. But, it was about the family that created Bella – Charlie’s family was so rooted in the area, he could not just leave and run off after Bella’s mom Rene when she left. He stayed behind become a protector of Forks.
    Edward’s family had a serious connection to the area; it was a part of the world where they could feel normal. They developed a treaty with the Quiluetes so they could exist there, it would have been easier to just move on. The Cullen’s were very protective of the area. They would always tell their non Vegetarian guest not to hunt in the area. They fought the battle in Eclipse not just to protect Bella, but also to protect the area near and around Forks. Jacob’s ancestry is in the magical Olympic Rainforest, La Push, and Forks.His family has protected the area for generation. Ultimately, it is everyone tolerance, love and willingness to work together that save them all along with the magical Olympic Rainforest, La Push, and Forks. Renesmee Carlie Cullen is the gift that they all share. She is Carlisle gift for daring to imagine and forging a different way of life for Vampires. She is the child Esme and Rosalie yearned for their entire Vampire existence. She is the thing that Edward secretly wished for and Bella died for. Renesmee was the little daring Alice lived to dress and Jasper and Emmet pledged their lives to protect. For Charlie, he is able to captures the childhood he missed with Bella. For the Quiluetes- she is the princess that healed the heart of their broken hearted prince- Jacob. To Jacob – Renesmee is the sun, the moon and his air.

    Renesmee and Jacob were bonded before she was born. He knew what she needed – blood while she was still in the womb. He started protecting her before she left the womb- remember the Rosalie situation during the delivery. Renesmee had touched Jacob with her hot little hand immediately after she was born. I believe Renesmee imprinted on Jacobs before he knew he imprinted on her. At 3 or 4 days old- she let her mother know that she was not happy about Bella trying to attack her Jacob- when Jacob was calling the baby Nessie.

    I think the next installment should be about Renesmee and Jacob. Renesmee would not be like Bella- she would never have any doubts about how she felt about how Jacob felt about her. There problems they would have is trying to merge to Cullen’s nomadic life still with the Quiluetes need to be in and around La push. This would result in the simi- nomadic life style- kind of like how a circus moves around. Jacob and his entire pack (put the imprinted ones-girl friends, wifes ect ) would move around with the Cullens- Quiluetes would go back to La Push a few times a year with Jacob and Nessie. Jacob would go to college with Edward and Bella. Jacob would develop a business with Alice- selling his art ( the little sculptures- like he made for Bella and something with the auto/mechanic thing- Alice would help invest his money so that he can become rich also- thus becoming an equal partner and benefactor of La Push. Carlisle would develope a travelling clinic and worldwide foundation- so He, Edward and Lean – who becomes a nurse could treat people anywhere in the world. That was Renesmee idea. Edward and Bella’s love affair continues – Edwards buys a jet – he has been a Pilot
    the Cullen had a few small planes already- Bella is constantly amazed. Edward says- I’ve learned how to do almost everything in the past 90 years, he smiles I still have not rule out space travell- I sure Renesmee will discover away that we can avoid thrist in space. Garrett and Kate gets married- Alice planned the wedding.

    The many major factor conspire to break Jacob and Renesmee bond. One iis Nahuel. He becomes a friend of the family and visits often with the Amazon Vampires. Who works on training the Cullens to enhance their abilities. Edward expands beyond merely reading people minds- he learns to telepathy communicate with people when chooses to do so. He also learns to like Aero secure any thoughts he wants in the same manner as he reads mind. Bella learns not only to focus her shield and raise it for Edward at will- but she also learns how to repel the gifts of other back at them- so in the case of Jane- she could repel the pain back at Jane- Jane would feel the pain she inflict on others. Bella learns how to continue, her dreams that she had as a human- remember they were almost as accurate Alice’s- but sometimes a little scary. That become a talent. Bella reluctantly become more powerful then the Volturi – no one realizes she can do this – she realizes this is a something she has to keep hidden- in case she need to use it as a wepon for her family. She knew the Volturi
    would one day come back.

    Jacob learns to block Edward when he chooses to do so. Edward and Jacob enjoys their two way mental communication via telepathy It comes in handy often. Renesme develops her talents- she learns how to transfer memories without touching people. She learns how to block both her parents, Edward can only read her mind if she wants him to, Bella can only use her talents on Renesmee if she wants her to. Renesmee learns to mentally and physically block everyone. Renesmee and Jacob learns to telepathy communicate – they keep this from everyone. Renesmee follows the path of being a musician and a doctor. She develops a process of using donated human blood
    To produce products that can be a blood subitute for humans and a food source for Vampires that chose not to hunt humans but still consume blood. It can be store and consumer anytime- Jacob is thrilled about this. Also she developed the same process with Animal blood- it can be used to treat animals are as a source of immediately food for vetarian vampires- it’s not as fun as hunting- but can help in a pinch. Space travel maybe possible for her father Edward.
    Nahuel and Leah develop a connect which they both try to fight- but give into. They learn that Vampires and Shapeshipers can have children. Carlisle is there to deliver that set of twins. A non venomous boy and girl. Next, the Volturi become interested in the Cullens and Marcus is sent to visit on a “peace mission” He is really there to spy using his ability to recognize relationships. Remember ,As a result of losing his mate – Didyme – he became extremely apathetic. He voted against destroying Renesmee in an ‘almost bored fashion’, not even looking at the Cullens and their allies while doing so. He finds an adult Renesmee and falls in love. As a guess of the Cullens, he tries the vegetarian diet and realizes that between the life still and his new diet it gives him a reason to live. Away from the Volturi he learns to truth of what happens to his mate – Didyme that her brother Aro killed her. Like he tried to do years ago he attempts to leave the Volturi- this sets a war between the Volturi and the Cullens. The volteri realizes that if the Cullen get Marcus – and they already have Alice, Edward, Kate, Eleazar plus all of the breaking dawn vampires alone with the with shap shifters they would be the strongest coven in the world and could easily overthrow the Volturi. All gather back in Forks for the war. Renesmee and Jacob get Tanya and Marcus together.

    At some point during my story Renesmee and Jacob get married in a traditional Quiluete ceremony which Alice Pulls Off again. Renesmee and Jacob have their honey moon on the Isle Esme. She has her 3 week pregnancy- she gets as big as a house. She handles it beautiful, Jacob, Edward and Carlisle- deliver the 4 kids – 2 girls/ 2 boys all non venomous. Edward says of course you would have a litter . The war between the Cullens and the volteri breaks out immediately after Renesmee delivers.The volteri learns of Bella’s new powers of repelling – Jane, Alex, Felix and Calius are killed.
    Emmett is hurt- they have to put him back together. Carlisle offers Aero and the other a surrender- Aero is shocked- tries to kill Carisle but is killed by Marcus. Carisle, Edward and Bella are offer the opportunity to rule- turn it down – but put in place a Vampire democracy that Marcus and Eleazar will lead. They respect the rights of all Vampires – but encourage the use of
    blood subsitutes.The family could not wait to get back to the grand kids. Charlie, Billy, and Sue are at La Push with the kids.
    It’s been two days since the delivery so the grandkids are growing – the family can not wait to see gifts – pack telepathy is already the most apparent- but there are many more talents to discover.

    ~Alberta~Like everything in life, I just had to decide what to do with what I was given. Carlisle Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 2, p.35

  22. James says:

    I think everyone has noticed that Edward is not just a vampire, but is (often) an “angel.” He switches between acting either as a guardian angel — especially for Bella (in this sense, his watching over her while she slept without her knowing it isn’t “creepy,” as some say, but rather noble) — or as a destroying angel (just ask Victoria).

    And Edward’s “played” a variety of (relatively) mundane human roles: security guard, chauffeur, doctor, lawyer, tour guide, husband, father, etc.

    Meanwhile, Bella is one monster after another. Thus far, Bella has been — in some sense or another — a human, a siren, a zombie, a werewolf, a “monster,” a vampire… (others?).

    Just as Edward surely has other roles to play in the “future,” I am sure there are other monsters she could become…

    Stephenie, how about as a mermaid?

  23. Alyssa :) says:

    Wow these are some really interesting thoeries and in one way or another they all make sense.
    You know the one thing that really gets to me is the fact that Jake and Bells have a history. Uh HELLO renesmee?? God that would be something to read now wouldnt it!?
    I can just picture a whole book from Nessies, Bella’s, Edward’s, or Jacob’s point of view. Either or would be fantastic.
    Just picture it. Nessie knows Jake is the one for her. She never had a choice. But like Bella what if she is capable of loving more than one person (__?)>? What will her reaction be when she finds out about Jake and her mom? Will she stay in La Push with Jacob when the time has come for the Cullen family to leave forks because they aren’t aging?
    You wouldn’t believe how much these little seeds keep sprouting into my head like a wildfire.

    Anybody up for some brain storming cuz i could go on all day lol. 🙂
    Email / Aim – Myspace URL-

  24. peter says:

    i thinka post-breaking dawn book would be great.
    i think bella, edward, renesseme and everyone else will move but not before charlie finds out without even edward knowing
    when bella calls 3 months later somebody answers and they tell bella charlie is word comes into her head the voultori.she tells edward only to find that he already knew.she gets so angry she hits him and sends him flying out the window of a 4 story building.the cullens knew house. alice sees what bella is going to do all to late and bella is gone to italy to confront the volturi.alice tells everyone bellas plan but theirs nothing they can do bella has joined the VOULTOURI!!!1.
    crazy edward goes to jacob for help asking him to take nessie away who is only 8 in physical age 3 in real age. nessie overhears about her mother and goes to italy she is caught by alice and edward at the gates of volterra.but a volturi spots them
    aro and cauis suspect treachery so they go to the cullens new home to kill them all and theirs no stoping tis timeyou would think alice would see this but unfourtunatley when a voultouri comes to visit the cullens demitri to be exact leah imprints and demitri seems to love her too. with a cullen and a werewolf on their side nothing can stop the volturi.

    oh ya and just before the fight bella with her crazy warped mind asks edward to join the voulturi

    will he say yes youll just have to ask me

  25. Jessica says:

    Even though this isnt really post-breaking dawn, If stephinie myers DID come out w/a new book, i would love it to be like a what if book. what if bella chose jacob & decided not to forgive edward for leaving? & since im totally team jacob, itd be amazing for me.

  26. Jackie says:

    …. i think the book should not just be based on just nessie and jacob…but about everyone cause i mean you never really hear what Esme, jasper, alice, emmet, rosalie, or the wolves do in there spare time…it would be interesting to find out about that…i also think that Leah could imprint on Nahuel in Breaking Dawn but doesnt tell anybody due to her feeling ashamed at first for imprinting on the “enemy” but then in the next book when he comes to visit the cullens she happens to run into him BAM they both realise they cant live without each other… so then Leah begins to change her attitude towards the cullens … so everything is happily going along until some of the young vampires that victoria created (the ones that sayed behind) come thinking that everything went bad (not hearing from them of course) and seek revenge on the cullens…but when they reach forks they stop dead in their tracks for they cant smell the scent that they were suppose to hunt for in the first place, naturally they hadnt hunted in awhile and go in the city looking for their first meal…they come along charlies house not knowing that bella and edward are there for a visit …. of course alice didnt see this coming because it was undecided until now to go hunting … so there is a big fight and bella and edward end up wining…the bad thing is that charlie now knows there secret….
    then the book would end there and she would write another one…. hehehe well i guess that is a lot of “idea” to go into one book but awell…

    hope this gets posted … luv luv luv your podcast


  27. Jeanette says:

    Ok, so I’m such a huge fan! I religiously listen to your podcasts and have lots of **Supporter’s Speculaaationnns** but never submit any! So here I go.
    First of all, I really think that Nessie needs to be the main character for a post-Breaking Dawn. I’m thinking that she could be a new, refreshing voice to the series. In the book, I think that she won’t see Jacob quite the same way as he will, once she matures. She’ll still be thinking of him as “my brother” not “my lover.” So, I think it would be interesting for the beginning of the book to bring some drama by Jacob having to watch Nessie going out with other guys, and trying to win her over.
    I think that an interesting, new “battle” for the book could be a rivaling Native American shape-shifting clan. Although, I think that since the possibility of real werewolves was brought up in New Moon, that might be an interesting idea to bring into a fifth book. I think Leah also needs to imprint on somebody! That girl needs to get a break! A visit from the Amazon vamps might make a nice touch, and more “need-to-know-only” freak-outs from Charlie might be funny, too.
    I know Stephenie Meyer has been saying on her website and in interviews that she’s devastated by the leaked “Edward’s Perspective Twilight” and has qualms about writing another series, but I would love it if she could make a fifth book! Please Stephenie?

    Thanks a ton! Love the show!

  28. Jenni B says:

    I saw Twilight for the first time about a month ago. Since then I’ve read the series four time (if I had a vampire speciality it would be speeding reading while comprehending every word). I hope that Stephenie Meyer finishes Midnight Sun because I want to know if Edward drinking Bella’s blood after James’s attack binds him even closer to her. I’m always bothered by Bella’s insightful, almost predictive dreams too.
    I’d like to know how the vamps cope when their youthful appearance means they have to find a new home away from Forks. And if Charlie and Sue live happily ever after (in a human sense); I can’t say a care that much for Renee and Phil.
    Oh, yes, and Seth – I really hope he finishes school.
    These books have become an obsession. Having closed BD for the fourth time, I simply must read something else or my partner and work colleagues will put me away in a padded cell.
    Australia, or as a friend puts it: “Vampires in the Sun-burnt Country”

  29. Ella says:

    This is a speculation about another book after breaking dawn , if she does . I think Sam andEemily will have a child and it will be werewolf ofcourse and it will be a boy , and leah will imprint on him just like jake did to nessi !! love you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. RochelleMyBelle says:

    I think if there is a sequel series it would most likely be about Jake and Renesme ( did I spell that right?) However, I can’t help thinking what would happen if Renesme fell for someone other than Jacob. We know he’s imprinted and totally devoted, but she’s not. For instance what if she fell for Seth instead. Or would it be possible for two wolves to imprint on the same person? I dont’ know, maybe in the end she would end up with Jacob anyway, but it’s interesting to think about.

  31. Sally says:

    First i’d like to say i love your podcast and i’ve hear them every week on my free time. Anyways after breaking dawn i think hte relation between Jacob and Renesmee wont change much until Nessie starts having feelings about jacob in another way then a brother or a best friend. Until then i think jacob will only act as a brother or best friends towards her. I think they made that clear in the book when Bella finds out about Jacob’s imprinting. (which by the way i though it was hilarious)


  32. dmnsqrl says:

    Is Aro going to start using female mortal servants who want to be turned to create human vampire half-breeds to study?

    Maybe Leah is destined to imprint on a male descendent of Renesmee and Jacob? Maybe once there’s enough werewolf in the mix you’d get a male with no venom? (Thus avoiding any passion-sourced oopses. Getting poisoned by your own mate’s fangs would, I imagine, be a big imprinting no-no)

    Could anyone conceive of Nahuel and Tanya having a romantic connection?

    Now that Bella is a vampire…. is the concept of prom no longer so bothersome? Next time she and Edward are in high school is she the one who is going to want to attend?

  33. Steph says:

    I would love to read a book from Emmett’s POV. He always cracks me up. If a book were written and it wasn’t in any of the Cullen’s POVs I would choose Quil or Seth… they were my favorite werewolves. I would also love to read a book from Renesmee’s POV when she’s done growing and the progession of her and Jacob’s relationship… and how Edward deals with it.

  34. Lisa T says:

    i think it should be about renesmee, but still about bella. her new life while going to college and the world around her.
    it’s funny reading about the reaction of humans who see bella, like max in breaking dawn.
    it should be like breaking dawn, part bella part renesmee, so we have both their views.
    renesmee and her jacob living together. but i think it’s complicated because what are they supposed to do the whole time, she obviously can’t go to school and sitting at home is not that funny i guess, maybe they will travel all around the world have some action (find the other half-vampires) and come back.
    i think it’s quite complicated to come up with something that’s good 😀

  35. lydz says:

    I think I might have already posted something, but oh well 🙂 I have a couple things I want to happen:
    okay #1: Renesmee HAS to be good at music. I want Edward and Rosalie to teach her how to play the piano, REALLY REALLY BAD. Also, Renesmee seems like a violin kind of girl, so maybe she could learn that too 🙂
    #2: I want more vampires to come and go. Like, the Denali clan could visit a couple times, and a few nomads. I like finding out about all the vampires because they’re all so interesting.
    #3: I kind of want Felix to quit the Volturi. Felix seems a bit too nice to be in the guard, I’m gonna be honest. And I think if he left the guard, he could be a really great guy lol.
    #4: Billy should try and get Jacob to go to engineering college. It would be interesting to see how he reacted about maybe leaving Renesmee. I know he would of course stay with Renesmee, but then Billy would probably get a bit mad, and I like it when Billy shows a bit of his ‘wolf’ side.
    #5: Alice gets a job as a wedding planner.
    #6: Esme should try and adopt another vampire into the coven. Probably wouldn’t work out, but you never know.
    #7: Felix leaving the guard has just inspired me! Maybe the Volturi Guard could go on strike because they feel they don’t have an opinion in the vampire regulations or something. Haha I would just love to see them parading around with signs and stuff lolz 😀
    #8: Renesmee needs friends her age, so I think she should become friends with Claire.
    #9: Charlie and Sue get MARRIED!!!!! <3

    luv the podcast, hope you like my ideas!
    Oh, and also, I have a Twilight story on fanfiction, it’s the continued story of Embry Call(becuz i LUV LUV LUV him. But I’m Team Switzerland, just to clarify). You can check it out if you want to.

  36. Sarah says:

    Gonna start by saying that you guys are awesome.
    my speculation about post breaking dawn is that the Volturi will end up trying to come after Rensemee, but I think the Cullen will stop and kill them, or at the very least defeat them. This would obviously mean that the Cullen’s would become the royalty of the vampire world. I think it would be fun to explore how they would use that kind of power, or if they would use it at all.
    Lastly, I was reading Eclipse the other day and this question popped into my head. Did Alice’s vision of Bella becoming a vampire ever change? If it didn’t surly Edward would always have known that he and Bella would end up together. What do you guys think??
    again, love you guys and love the podcast

  37. bella (i know its weird) says:

    I had a weird idea. Here it is… there are 1 vamp.that know one new about(5 years after Breaking Dawn) .Their name is Anya(can move things with her mind). Edward finds Anya hunting one day(he is by himself he had a fight with Bella, I know awwwwwwwww).He knows exactly what she was and beggs Carilsle(sorry if i misspell)to adoped her(she lived in a orphanege).When Renessme and Anya meet they become best friends.But Rosalee is convinced that Anya is the worst thing that happend to the Cullens, because she is the popular one and is always with people and she thinks its to dangorus(and she is to dangorus).Anya gets a bo.(Parker) things workout when another new vamp. and tries to go after Parker and Renessme and the rest of the Cullens are gone Anya has to save both of them she is scared that she will lose both her love and her best friend she goes to the best place she can think of(Alaska).The girl that is chasing her follows at the end when lets call her Copper is about to kill Parker and Anya and Renessme are not in any condishon to help him.Rosalee come to the rescue and distroyes Copper and finds a whole new liking to Anya.and it will be written half and half Anya and Rosalee and Anya and Rensmee are both in the body of 15 year olds.

  38. Farrah says:

    After breaking dawn…
    Renesmee will realize that she doesnt love Jacob! Jacob will be furious and he’ll phase in front of her. its too bad Alice couldnt forsee was going to happen. Edwaard comes in and sees what jacob did. renesmee was dead. edward and jacob fight.meanwhile bella is talking charlie. she arrives and sees her edward completly lifeless. her life from new moon comes back again but since theirs no way to fix it, it is her turn to go to the volturi…

  39. Carly says:

    Mine isn’t really a speculation, but what I would love to read or see. I would love to have another book from Bella’s POV. Since I know its not going to happen, I want to read from Renesmee’s POV. I want to know what has happened 30 years down the road. I would like to see the Cullen’s going to college. I think it would be cool if while they were at college they would have an old classmate as a professor. It would be interesting to see how they would deal with it and what drama it would cause. I also would like to see Renesmee’s reaction when she finds out that Jacob has imprinted on her. Would she understand, be mad, or hate the idea?

    I do have a speculation about Leah. I think she will imprint. I think it will be someone we have never met. The guy she imprints on has to be strong, confident, and on her level. This would help her with her anger and dealing with everything that happens to her.

    Thanks for the podcast!!!!

  40. bedward;) says:

    First time poster to this site. I have just started to reading your podcastes and have started from the beginning to get a sense of your style and where you are coming from. I like them (even though for a guy, they are girlie, but that is cools and expected) and please keep it up. With that said…

    I have read the books about 4 times and each time digging for more information that I might have missed before. Of the 4 books, books 1 and 4 are my favs and #2 is my least.

    For post-BD, I would like to have written is the following:
    Have a 3 book series from the POV of Nessie and her internal monolog. This series would need to cover her first view years (up to ‘adult’ age which from the timelines indicated about 7 yrs. During this time, we should have covered the imprinting of Jacob on her and how she takes this. I have heard on the podcastes and read in the forum here, that many think this is going to be an issue. I do not believe this is going to be a case. I think other characters will have issue with it, but not her. If you noticed with Sam’s case, Emily is totally in love with Sam. I am guessing that part of the ‘magic’ of the imprinting this is a bidirection link and not just one directional. So issues with the other characters will be Bella and Edward on how to deal with this relationship with Jacob and the implications of the teenager drive… I also think we will have new characters to come in that will fall in love with Nessie. Can you say love triangle duex?

    I would like to have the Voltury (sp?) come back into the picture. They willnot be away long and will still want to aquire a few of the cullens. I think this may entail them going on a quite rampage looking for others to use against the cullens. The issue is that many of those that stood by the cullens are small groups spread far and could easily be taken down and or aquired into the guard.

    I see a segway for Jasper to find his better side to overcome his ‘thirst’ having seen Bella doing this. This segway could be tied into the Nessie story in some way.

    I think like some others she may be musical, but would be a sideline topic as filler. There should for a part of the series, include Charlie and Renee and having a granddaughter and just being partially in the ‘know’ about it all. I would end with a BD like book with Nessie and Jacob getting married and getting pregnent and the possible complications that may follow for the baby and or Nessie and then a glimps into what the baby is and will be able to do given with will part human, Vamp, WW. If you wanted to continue down this path, then a follow on to the babies series on what it is and the difficulties that go along with it. At some point Edward and Bella have to drop out of the book or at least become minor characters so that the focus can be on the kids.

    I will leave there for now. Please keep up thegood work ladies!

  41. Chessie! says:

    I think that the beginning will be about Renesmee and Jacob, about their relationship, which like Bella and Edwards was, is a little bit complicated – i mean, technically, she is Jakes half enemie.. – the two of them go travelling (when she is older obviously) and run across another pack like Jacobs old one.. because there cannot be just them, and the otehr pack doesnt understand the whole ‘imprinting thing’ and try to destroy Renesmee and the rest of the cullens, and join forces with the Volturi, and the whole book could be about that!

    i dont know though, i just think that that could be interesting!
    LOVE the podcasts btw!


  42. Anna says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that “Nahual” is Aztec for werewolf?

    “The werewolf is basically a universal myth. In Mexico, the most widely spread version of the werewolf is the one called “nahual”, which comes from the Nahuatl (the ancient language of the Aztecs, becoming thus, the universal language in the pre-Hispanic world)word “Nuahualli”, meaning warlock. Since the Spaniards did not bring much on werewolves after colonizing Mexico, the ancient local legends on the subject became predominant. The nahual was a warlock who had the capability to shape-shift at will into an animal, preferably a black or dark coyote. It was believed in the pre-Hispanic times, that people were constantly threatened by these evil beings. ”

    Could his name be a hint to the reader that Jake’s Imprinting was because the human/vampire hybrids roots are essentially weres? This could be why the imprinting took, Nessie could be be the best candidate for breeding. Then again, SM could have just liked the name, but I think not.

    Anyone else find it fishy?

  43. Ravyn Hale (Jazzy's new wife Alice was cheating on him with Seth) says:

    that is interesting anna and that also makes me wonder if Nahuel could ever be a mate for leah??? unusual but possible and then another idea food for thought Jasper struggles well edward has his bloodlust when he reads his mind but that is avoidable well jasper cant really switch off the emotion reader and so just imagine anytime pre-bella transformation he might have been having Edward, Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett at school and other places/hunting add Carlisle and Esme and Eventually newborn Bella so couldnt their bloodlust be what is keeping jasper weak and hard to resist blood also couple with Jaspers early years SM also kinds of sets it up for him to fail and SM keeps saying even if she does do Midnight Sun she probably wont do New Moon from his perspective but I think that would be the best book to do from his perspective since we dont know what went on with him then did he ever hit rock bottom and kill anyone or come close go to long without feeding or what but I think even if that couldnt get published she should post something on her site for the fans and i think that something bad will happen because there really is no happily ever after what happens will bella ever slip up is there anything we dont know about Carlisle and his past or anything what if carlisle wasnt as decent as we are led to believe and Alice what about her pre-cullen years we know she doesnt have a clean slate but just how many could that be??? So those are just some questions they may not all be about post breaking dawn but they all relate to it because without the past the future would be totally different the same mistakes made and bella may have good control but will she ever slip up she still hasnt been exposed to spilt blood or could she join Carlisle in the Doctor path as his younger sister??? And will Jasper slip up again and renesmee we all know she doesnt want to kill humans but she likes human blood over animals and she is only half currently and drinking human right now (when she can) so if she currently switches to animal will that make it easier or will she be ruthless and closer to an edward (killing bad guys) or a jasper (killing whoever admitedly he didnt know another way) we all know they both killed into the hundreds after she becomes full??? Esme we dont know much about her early vampire years how bad could she have been??? These are my ideas please reply back with what you think

  44. Dabney says:

    ok well not to be mean but i dont like most of these speculations I HATE the idea of having it from Renesmee’s point of view her character needs to be more developed first we dont know enough about her to know her thoughts we need more of bella or edwards point of view of her and also i find renesmee beign w/ jacob really disturbing its creepy and its abnormal maybe if i read more of her being older it’d be normal. i also always thought of esme and carlisle as seeming older so the fact that they had “kids” seemed normal but Renesmee might end up looking older than bella or as old as. it weird.

  45. Katie says:

    this isnt really a theory, but i always wondered what would happen if a werewolf imprinted on a vampire. I have only just started listening to the podcasts so i do not know if someone has already brought this topic up and im sorry if they have. i was wondering how all the main werewolves had imprinted, expet from leah as she is a girl and would maybe have to stop phasing to imprint, Seth, but he is still quite young and Embry.i was wondering that maybe in Breaking Dawn he would imprint on one of the Denalis or Volturi but obviously he hasnt. Stephanie Meyer (as far as i know) has never said anything about this so maybe she was saving this for another book? In Eclipse we find out that Sam and Billy both have Theories like : To Carry on the werewolves and to make better and stronger wolves, but its never been confirmed and that may be for a reason.It would make an intersesting twist to the story, espicially if the vampire he imprints on is evil or a newborn.
    This probably wouldnt happen but its just my theory and i hope you like it!
    (sorry about the horrible spelling and grammer, i was trying to type as fast as i could :))
    and also i LOVE the podcast!!!! my favourite part is Supportes Speculation where Kassie sings! its reallly funny!
    Keep up the good work

  46. Chris W says:

    I am a late comer to the twilight books but HOLY COW I couldn’t stop. I love them all & can’t wait for more!!!!!!!!! I will not read Midnight sun until it is officially out as a published book.
    I think there is a HUGE!!! story in the fact that nessie has a 24 count just like Jake & the others. Can anyone else see the possibilities? She is already compared to Jake in BD what else could she do like him???? & have all her vamp powers too…..
    I see the voltori coming for her again because you know there more she can do……WOW!!!!! The Romanians just may get their wish yet

    & Bella, I think her “shield” is just the icing on the cake. Her dreams & powers of perception….I think there’s more there, not like Alice but more than just intuitive leaps

  47. James says:

    Chris, In case you haven’t already — be sure to read Stephenie’s outtakes that are posted on her website, — especially Midnight Sun. You. Will. Be. Thrilled.

  48. sarah says:

    I’m sure this is quite common but I thought i would post it anyway. I think the Voulturi will use the idea of the half human half vampire children to build up there forces. I know they are not meant to be evil, or i don’t think they are, but I think they see the Cullen’s as a threat and will do anything they can to get rid of that threat. In my mind, that is when the epic battle will take place. Of course the cullens would win but i think someone would die, maybe Rosalie or maybe even someone from the packs. I had to create a sinario in my mind in which the battle took place. I wanted it so much in breaking dawn and was a little dissapointed when there was no fight.
    Also, I really want Leah to imprint on some. I was really hoping for a little Leah and Jacob action, or any Jake action that excluded Bella. I feel really sorry for Leah, and hopes she finds happiness. Sorry, if that sounded cheesy but it’s true.
    A finally I just wanted to say that Seth is the best. He’s so cute and he’s like my second fave character. I hope he ‘grows up’ to be a great wolf and to imprint on someone.
    Love the podcast, keep up the good work

  49. Alice (real name Abbison Allyson so weird!) says:

    I had a weird idea. Here it is… there are 1 vamp.that know one new about(5 years after Breaking Dawn) .Her name is Anya(can move things with her mind). Edward finds Anya hunting one day and finds her hunting(he is by himself he had a fight with Bella , I know awwwww).He knows exactly what she was and beggs Carilsle(sorry if i misspell)to adoped her(she lived in a orphanege).When Renessme and Anya meet they become best friends.But Rosalee is convinced that Anya is the worst thing that happend to the Cullens, because she is the popular one and is always with people and she thinks its to dangorus(and she is to dangorus).Anya gets a bo.(Drew) things workout when another new vamp. and tries to go after Drew and Renessme and the rest of the Cullens are gone Anya has to save both of them she is scared that she will lose both her love and her best friend she goes to the best place she can think of (Greenland).The girl that is chasing her follows at the end when lets call her Copper is about to kill Drew (Anya and Renessme are not in any condishon to help him(ripped apart)so sad, so sad).Rosalee annoyes Copper to death (by talkin about how pirty she is) and finds a whole new liking to Anya.and it will be written half and half Anya and Rosalee and Anya and Rensmee are both in the bodys of 15 year olds.

  50. Elena says:

    OK, so my speculation is a little crazy and insane, but i just think its kind of funny, so bear with me here. 🙂
    After thee Cullen’s have to leave Forks, Jessica starts to get suspicious of Bella and the rest of the Cullen’s. So after much trouble and housing searches, she tracks down one of their recent homes just outside of Denali. So she boards a plane to Denali and once she gets there she asks many people about a strange family who are exceedingly beautiful and pale. Of course everyone will be able to tell them where they are because who couldn’t forget the Cullen’s? So she gets to their house and sees that only Rosalie, Jacob and Renesmee are home, because the rest of the Cullen’s are gone hunting. So Rosalie invites Jessica in because she knows she suspicious. Jessica is still confused about why Jacob is there. She knows hes Bella’s old friend, and she doesn’t like him very much though. So she and Rosalie get talking and they both start talking about Jacob and how weird he is. So they both gang up on him and start making fun of him. This rather unkind hobby they both have draws them together and they become best friends because they both have a lot in common. They’re both nasty bitter people 🙂 . After the rest of the Cullen’s get back, everyone isn’t surprised Jessica is there because Alice was with them on their hunting trip and saw her and Rosalie as friends. But Jessica doesn’t even recognize Bella. She demands to know whats up with the Cullen’s, and Rosalie wants to tell Jessica the truth, but she cant because her love Emmet forbids her not to. So she decides to tell her best friend a few small little clues about their existence. In the end though, Jessica puts all the peices together and realizes what the Cullen’s really are. Rosalie is glad Jessica knows, but nooone else is. Well, Jessica begs Rosalie to turn her into a vampire. Its all a scheme of Jessica’s to be able to make Mike fall in love with her because shes so beautiful. But Rosalie says no because she doesn’t want Jessica to have ti deal with the things she has had to deal with. Jessica gets mad and decides to go to the Volturi and asks them if they can turn her instead. They think they could use her because they think shes gonna have a great power to predict what people are gonna say before they say it(because Jessica’s so good with the gossip). So they turn Jessica into a vampire. Then once Jessica really is a vampire she does have that special power, but she decides to leave the Volturi. Then she returns to Denali to meet up with the Cullen’s again. They’re all mad about it though, but Jessica knows they’ll all say thet they’ll accept her because of her power. Jessica is still in love with Mike, and so she asks Jasper to come with her back to Forks so he can work his special power on Mike so he can fall madly in love with Jessica. So just to get Jessica off his back, Jasper goes with Jessica. Turns out Jessica didn’t even need Jasper. Mike and Jessica fall madly in loveand they lived happily ever after 🙂

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