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  1. marissa rodgers says:

    omg ppl did you here????? SHES NOT MAKING EDWARDS SIERES!!!!!! because she gave Midnight Sun roughdraphs and gaave them to some friends, one of them leaked out info and she feels betraided!!!!! im soooo sorry for you stephenie.

  2. Carelen says:

    I know!! I cant believe some one would do that and just totallyruin everything for her!! If you’re reading this, stephanie, we’re all sorry for you, but we would love to read them!!!

  3. natalie says:

    does anyone else feel like she should write new books about jacob??

  4. Jules says:

    Did you guys hear?? There is going to be a TwiCon! I am SOOOO going to be there. According to the website, they are going to make a video press release midnight, Oct 3 to make a big announcement. *does a happy dance* I can not WAIT for this convention! It’s going to be so much fun!

    Who else is going??

  5. leann says:

    i am so sorry stephinie i really am, i love your books and i was wanting to edwards piont of view, well i understand what happened upsets you and i say again i am sorry!

  6. KRYSTA says:

    i kinda liked jaccobs percpective but idk if i want a whole seris for him
    edwards veiw would be nice tho
    does anyone no when midnight sun comes out???

  7. Jackie Hiltz says:

    ohh my god! i was waiting a long time for the book of edwards point of view!!!
    i really want to read it , please stephanie reconsider

  8. fanpire4lif3 says:

    Random question, bu….
    does anything think she should do a spinoff series from renesme’s point of view???? i mean you’d still get all the original characterss like bella, edward, alice, ect. but them you’d also have her and jacobs relationship. the only thing you wouldnt have would be the relationship between bella and edward and how they feel for eachother but then aghian you’d have nessie and jake!!
    and stephenie is in a signed contract! she HAS to come out with midnight sun! there’s no exact date but she has to

  9. Maggie says:


  10. erica says:

    OME- Well when you read Breaking Dawn, did it seam finished? I don’t think it did. I have SO many questions! Like what happens to Renesmee’s and Jacob’s relationship? How does it work out when Edward and Bella go to college? Ect…ect…ect. I really think-if Stephenie is not going to write Midnight Sun- Stephenie should write like an epilogue, like book, of when Renesmee grows up. But that’s just a thought!

  11. Cloe says:

    OMFG I LOVE TWILIGHT I AM ON THE LAST BOOK :'( AND ITS LIKE SO FRIKEN GOOD but on the other side on breaking dawn ending didn’t seem like it was ended

  12. April says:

    I personally think that the best story would be one of Jacod and Renesmee’s relationship. That would be awesome. Jacob was my favorite character….and I am so sad to see him go! Not that I didn’t love Bella and everyone already knows that Edward is perfect. I would just love that, also I can’t wait for Midnight Sun. I actually had to wait for all the books to come out because I started reading them before this big hype came up, so I’ll be okay with the waiting. Anyways, Jacob is just extremely sexy, thought I’d throw that out there.

  13. Porchia 05 says:

    Stephenie, i love ur books so much and i hope that u do reconsider makin the other books and i also hope that u make a second movie. I never cry about anything but i cried twice in that one.

  14. Josephine says:

    For New Moon Soundtrack:
    1. Paolo Nutini’s “Rewind”
    2. Coldplay’s “Your Love Means Everything”

    They’re just suggesetions so listen to them and comment back, please and thank you.

    P.S. Is there an email address on the Stephenie Meyer website that can be used to contact the webmaster?

  15. anii kare says:

    I love the books ofstephenie meyer
    can you send me images ofedward cullen because i love him!!
    ok thenks

  16. naomi says:

    OMG i have read the book of new moon and my friend emma is reading breaking dawn to me aloud and so far it sounds good and i LOVE TWILIGHT

  17. Cayla Rae says:

    WoW! That’s just how i feel about the Twilight series…Seriously i can’t explain how amazing it is. Like, i honestly take the books everywhere w/ me! I’m on the 4th now and i am trying to go slow cuz i don’t want it to end, but it’s so good that i can’t stop reading it!!!! Stephenie, if you’re reading this and listening to all these ppl. you just HAVE to keep going with these books!!! I totally agree that it would be awesome to get into Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship and go into depth like you did with Bella and Edward!!! But don’t leave them out….the cullens and charlie and them should still be in there!
    It would be cool to see Renesmee grow up w/ Jacob and see how it all pans out!!!
    Twilight is awesome and it all started from a DrEaM! Keep the dreaming alive, you have no idea how much Twilight gives ppl. hope and helps them through each and every day!!!
    Please consider this idea!

  18. Callie says:

    I LOVE ROBERT HE IS THE CUTEST BEING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE HOTTEST PERSON LIKE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. adriana says:

    i really HEART edward cullen !!
    hmm not robert pattinson, but EDWARD CULLEN =)
    hot . sexy n romantic !

  20. Rhett Meeks says:

    for the soundtracks….

    Lulluby (Goodnight, My Angel) – Billy Joel
    Dreams – The Cranberries

    New Moon:
    The Reason – Hoobastank

    Kiss the Rain – Billie Meyers

    Breaking Dawn:
    Wouldn’t it Be Nice – Beach Boys
    1, 2, 3, 4 – Plain White T’s
    I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

  21. Carlene says:

    I had heard some friends talking about the books and wasn’t completely sold, then my sister brought the books! So of course I had to read them 😀 I started off saying “ill only read one chapter” but that never happened. Like eveyone else, I couldnt put the book down. I was supposed to be doing assignments but all i could think about were these books! My sister told me i wasnt allowed to read the second one cause i needed to study, so i snuck around the house reading it and then the next and the next. I was and still am obsessed!
    So Stephenie Meyer has to release Midnight sun? Im a little behind *hangs head in shame*

  22. Hedgey101 says:

    Steph, you gotta finish midnight sun! Oh,and if anyone readin this is deciding
    wether or not they should read the twi series- read it…..NOW!!! Best books ever!
    (and movie is pretty good) I don’t say that about a lot of books.

  23. Hedgey101 says:

    Steph, you gotta finish midnight sun! Oh,and if anyone readin this is deciding
    wether or not they should read the twi series- read it…..NOW!!! Best books ever!
    (and movie is pretty good) I don’t say that about a lot of books. I’ll have to admit, I’m a tad obssed..

  24. Tanya Cottingham says:

    I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of these books, but went and saw the film on boxing day…… amazing , went home and bought the 4 books, finished 1&2 in 2 days and am currently on the third – amazing books so well written cant wait til I get home to read some more!!! When is the next film out dont know how long I can wait!!!!!!

  25. Brittany Dowdy says:

    OMG!! if she wrote a book about jacob, im sorry, but i would not read it! Jacob first needs to grow up and move on. Bella is with Edward! now i know that he imprinted on Nessy ( and WOOT WOOT for him) but i still feel that he has A LOT of feelings left over from Bella that has not been takin care of yet… i think steph sould write about like Alice and Jasper: the Before story. like on how they meet, their adventures together, and the people they have met along the way!!! now that would be a good book!

  26. sydney cullen says:

    I think she is because I read it on her web site that she was doing to anyway.

  27. sydney cullen says:

    I’m doing you all a big thing I’m Writing a book about twilight I’m it’s going to be with in the law. Just for us fans. I will go to steph and do what she tells me. I know I’m not she but I mean well.

  28. sydney cullen says:

    *her sorry bout that.

  29. AbbyBlack says:

    i really truely am sorry for steph but she DOES have a contract. and i hope she just keeps writing and writing becuase the twilight books are the only ones that i will willingly read these days. of course i have to read for school and all that but i cant stop. i have them all in hard cover and a book about the movie and a very many posters and so much stuff about twilight its crazy!! i cant imagine steph stoping writing. i want to know what edward does when he leaves bella. of course i know he tried tracking victoria but he cant track her every second of the day.(even tho he has forever:p) and why should edward care if bella dies (or goes cliff diving) after he left her, he didnt have to be a big baby and run to the volturri. i know im just babbling to you guys but i actually have stuff to say. sydney cullen, i think its pretty cool you are writing , but do you really think yu are gonna get the aproval to publish it. but i am glad you are trying. and i started reading MIDNIGHT SUN on and i cant really feel like im acctually in the book like i could with the others. i believe its for two resons. steph probably tried to make bella sound as plain as possible because she wanted to make it feel like bella could really be anybody, but edward is described as perfect. because of that people feel as if they could never possibly be like him. also, we can relate to bella more because she is human, so we understand what she feels. but edward is not human, he has all those powers that we dont have. plus steph tries to describe the awful burning in his throat but we dont know that feels becuase we do not thirst for blood. i am not trying to say stephenie’s writing is bad but humans cannot really feel that close to what a vampire feels.even though twilight vampires do have emotions. i am ot sure if you guys have talked about that on your podcasts or not but i just needed to that out there. do you guys think they will make movies for all of them? even breaking dawn? i am not really sure. i didnt really like the happily ever after ending. i cant really be sure why though. maybe because because of the forever part. because now there is really no more of the story to go on end to the happiness. that bothers me. before she became a vampire i pretty much knew that she would get to spend forever with edward. but i still always thought that she would still be an accident prone vampire. but no. now she’s perfect edward is perfect. what more do you have to write about. a flawless endless life with the one she loves. now of course thats sweet but its really boring to read about. sorry i am taking up so much space but i had a lot to say.


  30. AbbyBlack says:

    SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY FOR WRITING AGAIN. stephenie meyer, if yu are reading these messages and you acctually read my incredably long comment just know that you are my favorite author of all time.after i started rereading twilight i got this idea. i was one fourth of the way throu the book when i got this awesome idea. what if i could write my own vampire book while i wait for you to finish midnight sun. i decided to call it thirst for blood. about a vampire who tries not to be evil.

  31. abby black says:

    sorry i dont really know if she has a contract or not i heard it from one of my frends.and steph, plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz tell me you are gonna wrrite more. 😉

  32. Tony says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any Twilight fan films? I’m sure they are out there, I just can’t find them. Thanks.

  33. ALLIE says:


  34. Tatiana Diaz says:

    ong i can’t beleve you are not printing that edwards point of view book stephanie OMG i am so dissapointed i still think edward AKA robert is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Tatiana Diaz says:

    NO OTHER BOOK !!!!!!!!
    I AM MAD!!!!!!!

  36. ASHTON LEARY says:

    I LOVE ROBERT!!!!!!!1

  37. Madison Taff says:

    i dont care what or who she writes them about, just KEEP ON WRITING!
    i love stephanies books! all of them are woderful!

  38. Lauren says:

    Just wanted to say THANK you ladies for the movie release experience last night at Borders. You guys really really kept things fun and entertaining and I’ve heard a large number of reports of very bored dissapointed people at other locations

    My husband and a group of Twilightmoms and myself were all there (we were the Vamp Baseball team Muse) and then my husband later got a poster signed all because of you guys– you ROCK!!

    How can I subscribe to all your stuff?

  39. Nicole says:

    O.M.G! I can’t beleave She’s not Writing Edward’s Side Of The Book! That’s is sooooooooooooooooo Uncool For Some One To Betray Her Like That! I’m Soooooooooo MAD! Shephenie, If You’re Out There, We All Feel Soooo Bad For U. I mean, I Would Feel The Same Way If Some One Did That to Me.It’s Like Sooooo Mean Of Them. But U Know What, I Think U Should Keep Writing That Book.. * You Are A Strong & Indipdent Woman.* U Can Do Anything That You Want To Do. So Keep Writing!Live The Way U Want To Live. Have Fun With You’re Life,U’ve Only Got 1, & Write That Damn Book! I Am The Biggest Twilight Fan. I Own All 4 Books, The 2 Disk Special Edition Movie (I Got It At 8:00 AM, When The Store Opened, The day That It Came Out) The Offical Hand Bag, The Sound Track, An Edward Wall, & I’m Also Saving Up For About Evrything else that Comes Out.SO Please, For Me, Write That Book!

  40. Nicole says:

    p.s. I’m Soooooooo Maried To Edward Cullen. Yup. I Know. He’s Totally HOT.

    Nicole Cullen,
    Team Edward.

  41. Nicole says:

    OMG. I Have To Tell You Guyes This. After We Watched Twilight, Agen, My Mom Sayed That Jacob Was Cutalishous. My 50 Year Old Mom Thinks That He’ Hot.That’s Soooooooooooo Wrong. What is he , like 19! Write Back! I Want To Know How U Guyes Feel About This! Is This Wered Or Not!


  42. Mozza says:

    Twilight best film ever!!!!!!!!!!! I luv Robert Pattinson as Edward Anthony Masan Cullen

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  43. fonnyBABY says:

    Has any ov you actually read thaa leaked versions of midnight sun.???
    Yeea yea so she got betrayed and thats reaaly saad and all.
    But if you havn’t.
    honestly its SOOO good, and its cool, coz in twilight you no edward can read minds and all that but you dont actually hear it in the movie.
    (which sucks) coz what they are all thinking puts a LOT more meaning into his actions and all that.
    So good.
    It’d be a MEAN movie too =]

  44. fonnyBABY says:

    Dude if Your moms 50.
    Yea thaats weird. But how old are you?

  45. Amanda says:

    Has anyone thought about this? Going back to the podcast about BD’s cover, do u think that the queen represents Alice and the pawn represents Edward, because Alice is always right and when her and Edward play chess she can forsee what he’s going to do before she does it.

  46. Hannah says:

    OMG I could not put BD down I finished it in one day Stephenie is seriously talented I think she should get loads of awards, a lot of people think it would be great if there was another book about Nessie and jake, I totally agree. I read midnight sun thinking that steph put it on the Internet , the so -called friend that let it leak out was either jealous or thinking that someone would read it and published it. Still I don’t think they should have gone against stephenie’s wishes. I’m sure that if stephenie doesn’t write a jake and Nessie series someone else will want to, but they will probably be to scared because of the expectations of billions of fans all around the world. People are putting stephenie under pressure to write more but writing is supposed to be something you love not something you are pressured in to doing. It’s stephenie’s choice whether she writes not anybody else. Even if it would be great. TEAM TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Hannah says:

    I googled what the cover to BD meant and it said that it represents Bella going from the weakest player on the board to the queen, the strongest.

  48. Hannah says:

    Nicole it is kinda weird cuz taylor is 17. But i’m only 13.

  49. Andrew says:

    Stephenie meyer is a very beautiful and talented writer.
    My favorite book was Eclipse.
    Also I heard Stephenie Meyer is producing Breaking Dawn the motion picture.

  50. Katt says:

    I just got married to Jacob Black. Im so happy ,he is so hot and nice and super hot. i couldnt stop staring at his gorgous body at the beach. Thank you Stephanie Meyer for creating him.

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