This is a page dedicated to the songs that remind us of Twilight! Also to see Stephenie Meyer’s playlist for Twilight, click here!

-As If, Sara Evans

-Oxygen, Colbie Caillat

-Hero/Heroin, Boys Like Girls

-Iris, Goo Goo Dolls

-Twilight, Vanessa Carlton

-In The Shadows, The Rasmus

-The Best Thing, Relient K

-You and Me, Lifehouse

-I’m Only Me When I’m With You, Taylor Swift

-You Found Me, Kelly Clarkson

-Obsession, David Crowder Band

-When The Day Met The Night, Panic! At The Disco

-Dirty Little Secret, All-American Rejects

-When The Stars Go Blue, Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz

-A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton-

Time Is Running Out, Muse

-Crashed, Daughtry

-Everytime We Touch, Cascada

-Stolen, Dashboard Confessional

-Everything’s Magic, Angels and Airwaves

-You’re All I Have, Snow Patrol

-Open Your Eyes, Snow Patrol

-Into The Night, Chad Kroeger


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  1. Phoenix says:

    Every time we touch by-cascada. It’s got a bella touch to it the way she she never what’s to leave him ,but when they touch, they or she never want’s to stop! that’s my point of view . = ]

    blood and kisse’s love ,Phoenix

  2. sarah says:

    “Vampires Will never hurt you” by My Chemical Romance this song sings about how people think vampires are, like a steriotype of a vampire. but it fits Edward cuz he would die for Bella, and the song kinda says that he would stop being a vampire if he could just to keep Bella safe.

    “Demolition lovers” by MCR it is about lovers who survive anything. it kinda explains Bella and Edward.

  3. rachel says:

    omg i was listening to iris the other day and i thought it would be perfect for this! and here it is already on the list!

  4. Elle! says:

    I’m obsessed with Edward Cullen.
    like its sad how obsessed i am.. but i love it. : D
    i have got half of my friends to go read twilight in the past 2 days.
    i finished twilight in about 4 days, new moon in 2 day, and now im reading eclipse.
    and i must say that twilight is the best book i have ever read in my entire life.
    and i literally cant wait till the movie comes out.
    ill probably go see it 5 times with different friends.
    then but it the day it comes out on dvd.
    anyways i have some good songs that fit with twilight and newmoon..

    “What If”
    by: Safetysuit

    by: breaking benjamin

    “The Special Two”
    by: missy higgins

    “After tonight”
    by: Justin Nozuka

    “breath me”
    By: Sia

    “hold you in my arms”
    By: Ray LaMontagne

    ^^ Those are for twilight

    “Falling Away”
    by: evermore

    “Sam’s Song”
    by: Dave Melillo

    ^ Those are for new moon. : )

    Please just take the time to go listen to them, they are perfect, and listen to the lyrics too.
    you’ll be surprised by how much they fit. its amazing.

    and then comment back and tell me what you think. : )

  5. Elle! says:

    Alright well i guess i have some more songs..
    tell me what you think..
    and they could fit in either twilight or new moon.. : D

    By: Yael Naim

    By: Old 97’s
    ^ that would prob fit in eclipse.

    “He’s hurting me”
    by: maria mena

    by: Amos lee

    “Passenger Seat”
    By: Death cab for cutie

    “you could be happy”
    By: Snow Patrol

    I have a bunchhh moree, but just listen to all these.
    : D Thank you everyone.

  6. paint pony says:

    dixie chicks have a song called lullaby would be great as edward and bellas song remade to a piano.
    natilie merchant – my how youve grown another great song.

  7. paint pony says:

    also kate vogels got alot of good songs just listen to the words.

  8. kaley says:

    oh, it is love-hellogoodbye

  9. Kim says:

    I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie. So seriously a Edward and Bella song, it is insane.

  10. Mimi says:

    Why – Secondhand Serenade (Edward)
    Good Enough – Evanescence (Bella)
    Twilight – Vanessa Carlton
    Collide – Howie Day

    All very good songs for the book…please check them out, especially the first two!

  11. Sydney says:

    vulnerable – second hand serenade
    animal i hav become- three days grace

  12. paint pony says:

    here are the actual lyrics to the dixie chicks song lullaby

    they didnt have you where i come form
    never knew the best was yet to come
    life began when i saw your face
    and i hear your laugh like a serenade

    how long do you want to be loved
    is forever enough, is forever enough
    how long do you want to be loved
    is forever enough
    cause im never, never giving you u

    I slip in bed when youre asleep
    to hold you close and feel your breath on me
    tomorrow there’ll be so much to do
    so tonight ill drift ina a dream with you


    as you wander throught this troubled workd
    in search of all things beautiful
    you can close your eyes when youre miles away
    and hear my voice like a serenade


  13. Angela says:

    Oooh i think “No Air” by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown should be up here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Aly says:

    Everything – Lifehouse

    it fits for bella and edwards relationship. and its an amazing song!!

  15. Amy says:

    What about

    Staind: Everything Changes or Falling

    Amazing songs that work on so many levels for any or all of the books!

  16. rachel says:

    I’ve been listening to a lot of The Spill Canvas latley and a lot of their songs remind me of twilight. I was listening to “this is for keeps” on my friends ipod and i swear, my heart stopped. i almost died. i looked up a lot of their other stuff and noticed that they almost all remind me of Twilight. that song is actually about a vampire:
    “my pulse is flat-lined…my FANGS acheing as im pondering you and i forever…i hope that my pale complection wont blow my cover…”
    does anyone know if they are a twilight inspired band? but my recommendations are:
    “Lullaby” – The Spill Canvas (the lyrics are like her lullaby)
    “The Night Will Go As Follows” – The Spill Canvas (edwards POV planning the honeymoon for BD)
    “Fingernails” – Skillet (rosalie kind of)
    “Invincible” – Skillet (emmett)
    …Almost all the Skillet songs fit somehow. Especially “Better Than Drugs” OME that song is so edwardish its scary.

    BTW – I’ve read EVERY comment on the TwiTunes pages and some people are really good at this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Kaylee says:

    The song “Fall For You” sounds like it was wrote for twilight!

  18. jen says:

    i love every single song its all so perfect for twilight
    i love every song for twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn
    great choices love love them i love the books too ….
    they are just so perfect they were like the only books i ever read
    !!!! love this website …..

  19. MaggieMay says:

    Strange and Beautiful – Aqualung
    Jesus Christ – Brand New
    Dice – Finley Quaye
    I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) – John Mayer
    Lovebug – Jonas Brothers

  20. erica says:

    by Lifehouse, it needs to be on this list

    find me here
    and speak to me
    I want to feel you
    I need to hear you
    you are the light
    that’s leading me
    to the place
    where I find peace again

    you are the strength
    that keeps me walking
    you are the hope
    that keeps me trusting
    you are the life
    to my soul
    you are my purpose
    you’re everything

    and how can I
    stand here with you
    and not be moved by you
    would you tell me
    how could it be
    any better than this yeah

    you calm the storms
    and you give me rest
    you hold me in your hands
    you won’t let me fall
    you still my heart
    and you take my breath away
    would you take me in
    take me deeper now

    and how can I
    stand here with you
    and not be moved by you
    would you tell me
    how could it be
    any better than this

    and how can I
    stand here with you
    and not be moved by you
    would you tell me
    how could it be
    any better than this

    cause you’re all I want
    you’re all I need
    you’re everything

    you’re all I want
    you’re all I need
    you’re everything

    you’re all I want
    you’re all I need
    you’re everything

    you’re all I want
    you’re all I need
    you’re everything

    and how can I
    stand here with you
    and not be moved by you
    would you tell me
    how could it be
    any better than this

    and how can I
    stand here with you
    and not be moved by you
    would you tell me
    how could it be
    any better than this
    would you tell me
    how could it be
    any better than this

  21. Gillian says:

    Collide-Howie Day from edwards point of you

  22. Blair says:

    Shadow of the day- Linking Park
    This song suits TWILIGHT!!

  23. Brittany says:

    You should definitley put in Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold that song suits Twilight sooooooooooo well I listen to their whole album every time I read the books and another amazing song is Your Beautiful by James Blunt .

  24. Brittany says:

    amimal i have become- three days grace

  25. Brittany says:

    under pressure by my chemical romance and the used would be amazing because Edward is under so much pressure to tell Bella what he is and to be together but on the other hand he knows he cant give their secret away.

  26. nicole ( edward luvr ) says:

    i love that remind of edward and bella!
    – x&y by coldplay
    -i’m yours by jason mraz
    *** -honey by the hush sound***
    -a little bit longer by the jonas brothers
    -Break the sky by the hush sound
    – ( this song is for new moon! ) ** the scientist by coldplay**

  27. Yadira says:

    umm Shade of Poison trees by Dashboard Confessional fits
    (Edward’s perspective)

    here are the lyrics

    If you knew,
    What I know,
    Would you try?
    Before your time
    Has run on you
    And worn you down

    Would you know,
    What you desire,
    In your heart?

    If you knew,
    What I know,
    Would you try?

    Is there time?
    Is there time?
    To follow just one desire?

    Is there time?
    Is there time,
    To follow your heart?

    Dress your wounds
    Test your strength
    Face the night

    Crave the touch
    Feel the pain
    Know the signs

    Is there truth,
    In your pain?
    You decide

    If you knew,
    What I know,
    Would you try?

    Is there time?
    Is there time?
    To follow just one desire?

    Is there time?
    Is there time,
    To follow your heart?

    As we lie
    In the shade
    Of poison trees

    Are we as safe
    As we let
    Ourselves believe?

  28. Franceska says:

    I have the perfect songs lol I’ soo into this whole movie coming out ๐Ÿ™‚

    *Motorcycle-As the rush comes(chill out mix has to be that particular mix)

    *Avril Lavigne-Fall to pieces

    *Avril Lavigne-How does it feel?

    *Goo goo dolls-Iris

    *Love spit love-How soon is now?


    *Roysopp-only this moment

    *Natasha Bedingfield-Soulmate

    *AFI-prelude 1221

    *Sade-No ordinary love

    *Aqualung-strange and beautiful


    *The cranberries-linger

  29. Rachel says:

    i love hero/ heroine! if you listen to it the song sounds like it was made especially just for twilight! it is AM-AZING!! (=

  30. Renee Swan says:

    All you ladies of a certain age will remember a song called “Twilight World” by Swing Out Sister. I couldn’t get it out of my head while I was reading the books.

  31. Don'tBetAgainstMe-I'mFreakingAlice says:

    omg there are so many
    lemme see

    -Be My Escape (New Moon- Bella)
    -Let It All Out (New Moon-Edward)
    -I So Hate the Consequences (New Moon-Edward)

    -The Good Left Undone (New Moon-Edward)
    -Blood to Bleed (New Moon-Bella)

    -Bleeding Love (New Moon-Bella)

    (God all my songs are for NM T_T oh well) um…

    -Haunted (New Moon-Bella)

    -Going Under (New Moon-Bella)
    -Bring Me to Life (New Moon-Bella to Jake)
    -My Immortal (New Moon-Bella)
    -Haunted (New Moon-Bella)
    -My Last Breath (New Moon-Edward)
    -Taking Over Me (New Moon-Bella)

    -The Truth About Heaven (New Moon-Bella)
    -Very Invisible (New Moon- Bella)
    -I Have Been Right All Along (New Moon-Bella)

    -Misery Business (End New Moon/Eclipse – Jake (if you replace the “her”s with “him”s and “girl”s with “guy”s)

    -Sing for Absolution (New Moon-Edward)
    -Time is Running Out (1st Three Books, both Edward and Bella)

    crap i cnt think right now.
    eh, i’ll probly list more later. ^_^

  32. Emily says:

    When it Rains, Paramore
    Fall for you, Secondhand Serenade
    Better Days, Goo Goo Dolls

    and i can’t think of any others but these are actually the songs i listened when i read

  33. Bella says:

    How to save a life by the Fray
    i think that this song really reminds me of Twilight

  34. Sydney says:

    tsss you kno vulnerable by second hand serenade is exactly wat bells is thinking whn edward is like your so breakable

  35. SHYANN says:

    i love, i mean love the idea of haveing ” IRIS, BY THE GOO GOO DOLLS” IN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!! ITS PERFECT FOR EDWARD TO BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. miranda says:

    *Jacob Black

    (Edward doesn’t really care much for Jacob Black)

    Jacob Black
    She’s not coming back
    La Push has come to shove
    And she’s through with you
    Can’t you see
    You’re just a dog to me
    If you come near her again
    I’ll eat you too

    First you missed her
    Then you kissed her
    I’m just watching
    You think you’re fine
    I’m waiting
    Don’t you screw up
    Or you’re mine

    You’re nothing but a dog
    Its time for you to face the truth
    You’re nothing but a dog
    And she’s still way too good for you
    Watch your back cause who knows what I’ll do
    Jacob Black I’ve got my eye on you

    The other day
    I thought I heard you say
    May the best man win
    But I see through your ploy
    You might think
    That you are on the brink
    Of winning her love
    But you are just a boy

    You were there to save her life
    When I was far away
    Differences aside and
    I’ll say thank you anyway
    The bigger man will shake your hand
    And pretty soon you’ll see
    In your mind you’re kissing her
    In life she’s kissing me


    * She is Brighter (Alice Cullen)

    Diamonds come and Diamonds go
    There’s one thing I’m sure I know
    She will last forever
    Her past is sketchy but that’s alright
    Just try to ruin her delight
    Its a difficult endeavour
    She doesn’t walk she’s always prancing
    Only when she isn’t dancing

    You don’t even know the things she can see
    It’d be clearer if you made up your mind
    Any chance she gets she’ll throw a party
    As ostentatious as you’ll ever find
    Share your woes she’ll make them lighter
    The future’s bright, but she is brighter

    She’s not trapped in Wonderland
    Its not hard to understand
    They’re more than premonitions
    I’m not waiting for news reports
    Forecasts are a last resort
    What a wonderful condition

    When she zones out its time for you to zone in
    Because something big is going down

    * The Last Thing ( Edward to Bella)
    Every decade I’ve lived
    I didn’t know that I was waiting for you
    Then out of nowhere you were there
    Disrupting all I knew
    I’m down on one knee
    With one thing to ask
    I’m begging you please to say “yes.”

    Welcome to something new
    When two lives are joined to make one
    She said “yes” and the best of
    My endless life is to come

    Hey, listen to the sound of my feet
    Leaving the ground
    Hey, love is the last thing
    That I thought I would have found

    Every breath that I take
    I want to breathe you in
    Your smile is so bright that
    It feels like the sun
    Shining on my skin

  37. miranda says:

    oh they are by The Mitch Hansen Band

  38. Michelle says:

    I can’t believe that Flaming Lips “Do You Realize?” is not on this list! Listen to it and it screams Edward.

  39. MVT says:

    Everything by Lifehouse – Edward

  40. Taylor says:

    my friends finally got me to read it and i love it so far Edward sounds so sexy

  41. mania says:

    i song that reminds me twilight is kiss my eyes-AFI

  42. Lindsay says:

    “Your Arms Feel Like Home”- 3 Doors Down

    Reminds me of Edward holding Bella as she sleeps.

  43. Megan J says:

    deffinately All Around Me- Flyleaf.
    in Edward AND Bella’s point of view

  44. Jessica says:

    Not sure if this song has already been listed, but it’s just magical:

    “Half a Week Before the Winter,” Vanessa Carlton

  45. Kirsty says:

    In case you guys don’t know, for the ones saying Lion should be in the movie – Rebecca St James only sings Christian songs. That song is inspired by the lion, the witch and the wardrobe but it is about Aslan (God)

    I highly doubt Rebecca would ever give the rights of the song for a movie about a vampire romance when the song is about something so deep.

    I do love Twilight and I do think the song goes with it, from a non-Christian point of view, but just saying I don’t think it would ever be able to make it in the movie.

  46. alice.cullen :] says:

    i love whoever said iris by the goo goo dolls.
    its is PERFECT!
    the lyrics explain their life so good.
    sorry i have no suggestions.
    this playlist is allready perfect.

  47. shetby says:

    i think the new song by katy perry-hot n cold is perfect for pretty much everything

  48. melissa says:

    “Speechless” by the Veronica’s is the perfect song. It is totally how bella feels about edward.

  49. Hannah Glazier says:

    ‘It Doesn’t matter’ – by Alison Krauss & Union Station is prefect for New Moon when Edward has left Bella. Its like it was made for that book!

  50. Annika says:

    “Under the Influence” by James Morrison
    It reminds me of the “my brand of heroine” quote!

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